The NutShot Stuntman – Mini-Mocks

– [Rick] Guy getting
hit in the nuts is a classic moment in any film, but it takes a real
pro to get it right. I’m Rick Daniels. I’m a nut shot stuntman. The nut shot is a unique craft. Any stuntman can
take a nut shot, but if David Fincher needs
56 takes, you need me. Some people make fun of my job, but nut shots convey
a certain truth: life is random, unforgiving,
and often nauseating. The subtext of nut
shots is clear: existence is suffering. The most common question
I get is, does it hurt? My answer is always the same. Yes, stupid; I’m getting
rammed in the plums. Well, I have certain
techniques to minimize pain. I’ve actually trained myself
to retract my testicles on command and to
get them back down, I just cough.
(coughs) For a while, I
thought this job meant that I could never have kids,
but if anything, it’s helped. Job’s like S.E.A.L.
training for my sperm. My boys can fight
through anything. Plus, I’m a pretty
big hit on career day. I don’t do this for
the recognition. I have won the Clacker
eight years in a row, basically the Oscars of
getting hit in the nuts. At the end of the
day, I’m the best, but it’s because
I’m not complacent. When I’m not
working, I’m training everyday at the batting cages. That’s one, 99 to go. (grungy electronic music)

60 thoughts on “The NutShot Stuntman – Mini-Mocks

  1. Why do I feel that this is true. That Ryan Beck actually goes through this, except for the trophies. I think the trophies are fake. However, Ryan Beck being hit in the balls multiple of times made my day, because it could be me, but it's not.:)

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