THE NEW MEMBER – The Lyosacks Ep. 1

Stop. Hey! Stop! Come on! Hey, what’s up!? Dude, that hurts! Oh, hi Mr. Gonzalez! We were practicing for a concert we’re having tomorrow! Who cares! Shut up! What’s his problem? We suck. That’s the problem. We need a new guy in our band. If only
someone could show up and join us. I’ll get it! No way! Noooo!! Ouch! It’s just a stupid guy who plays the
piano. You idiot! Sorry, he’s retarded. No I’m not, dad! Well, who are you? I’m Vince, Vince Ackerman, and he’s my
dad. For the last time, I’m not your dad! I’m Ray Osbourne, his friend. You were playing something… You’re right! We’re going to play a
concert tomorrow. The problem is that… we suck. We need someone to join our band and… You know what I mean right? Really? Don’t forget to clean up my room too! Shh! Run!

100 thoughts on “THE NEW MEMBER – The Lyosacks Ep. 1

  1. did anyone else notice that he was cutting rays dad's hair, I don't think that they had that in mind because I think his dad died

  2. I remember finding this channel back in 2011 when there where only 15 or so episodes, which I watched before completely forgetting about this channel. Years later today, I found them again, and I've never been so glad to think to myself, "I got a lot of catching up to do."

  3. Hey Lyosacks, Your Vidios are Hilarious, Asome and sad in the story, My vave is A.L GameZone Ep 2 Epeshely at the End.

  4. Tell you what Lyosacks, if you bring me your anme Lyosacks packs for anime studio pro, tomorrow I'll download it and create animation with your anme Lyosacks packs for anime studio pro, it's that okay?

  5. Hello Lyosacks! nice making animation on anime studio in 2010. I should give it a try to use yours?

  6. Lyosacks, It's almost my Birthday, my birthday is April 23, 2018. You can give me a gift

  7. I was 9 when I started watching this. Now I'm 17, and it's really weird to watch this again. The old animation style and the sub-par voice acting makes if feel a little cringey. But this still has a special place in my childhood.

  8. I love this episode I remember the day I watch this the whole serie and next the movie is gotta be epic thank lyosack you made me happy of the series and next can I have a shout I am making a movie but is in FlipaClip comment down below of my video and I waiting for you to hit 100,000 subscribe because everybody love watching your channel for the past year and keep up the good work.

  9. Holy shizzle nizzles, you guys have honestly improved a lot. I’m hoping your able to finish up the film soon! I’m a real big fan and I actually first came to the channel when the first episode came out. I honestly can’t believe how much you guys grew. I wish I was able to help out with the videos and the film but I’m pretty broke. I just hope for best wishes and REALLY REALLY hope the movie will (maybe) be coming around my birthday, August 24th. That would honestly be a D R E A M come true

  10. Well time to watch the whole series again 15th time this channel really inspired me to do my own animated film.

  11. Watching these older episodes and seeing how the series changed over time is so nice. I don’t think theres any episode I dislike, they are all really good.

  12. Cant believe that 5 year old when I found it in 2012 and now that I'm grown up a little bit the series stuck with me and I'm glad because it a good story and is funny.

  13. Just going to leave this comment here for my future self to see when I rewatch this again years from now.

    And let me just say I hope this movie is hella long.

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