The National Popular Vote Compact could spell trouble | IN 60 SECONDS

Imagine this scenario: In 2024, there are
seven candidates for president — a Democrat, a Republican, and the nominees
of fringe parties favoring right to life, choice, gun control, and the green New
Deal… and a billionaire who says he’s a socialist. On election day, the
billionaire gets only 23% of the vote, but becomes president. “Impossible!” you say,
because no one can win 270 electoral votes with only 23% of the popular vote.
But under the National Popular Vote Compact, an agreement among many states
that their electoral votes will go to the candidate who has the most popular
votes, it can happen! States with 189 electoral votes have
approved the plan, and it goes into effect when states with 270 electoral
votes have joined. So a fringe candidate who gets a small fraction of the total
vote, but still the highest percentage of the group, will get all 270 electoral
votes of the participating states and will become president. Do you think the
winner of the popular vote should become president, even though he or she only has
a small minority of the popular vote? Let us know in our poll. Also let us know
what other topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be
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24 thoughts on “The National Popular Vote Compact could spell trouble | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. The only party trying to destroy our “institutions” are the democrats. I do not know how we will continue to share a country with these people.

  2. Look at the map. AEI is taking a stance against the increasingly far left! Thank you for this honesty!
    Dem party shifted out from under me. I'm old enough to have seen that this isn't just Democrats, it is the Democratic party being hijacked by far left extremists, making the left the new center, and anything right of that extreme, and everything extreme left now being called just left.
    Of course they'll all tell you that you're just shifting to the right, and that now you're a far-right extremist if you support the Constitution. 🤔

  3. If one party gets more votes than the others, how does that make them a "fringe candidate?" Sounds like you're asserting that democrats and republicans are the only legitimate parties, regardless of how many people vote for them.

  4. Tyranny of the majority is real. Do these people want all legislature to be decided via voter referendum as well?

  5. In addition to being highly unlikely, this argument also makes a great case for the ranked-choice voting system they've been using in Australia for 100 years.

  6. Sounds like a first past the post problem, not a popular vote problem. Fix that first, and you fix your scenario.

  7. Is it likely a candidate could win by scraping together enough votes from California that the other 49 states would be undervalued?

  8. um if one candidate gets 23% and the other "mainstream candidates" get even less. Then yes that socialist billionaire in your silly example should win. Who else should? One of the dems or republicans who each got under 23%? In your silly example a republican could win with 20% and that's fine.

  9. The NPVIC means that every vote everywhere matters. Under our current system, if you’re a Republican living in a blue state or a Dem living in a solid red state, you might as well chuck your votes in the trash during presidential elections. We need the NPVIC to fix that.

  10. Actually a person can become president in a two-way race with only 22% of the popular vote in the current system by only getting half plus one in the smallest states. This video is misinformation.

  11. Founding Father John Adams called the idea of two parties dividing the country the "greatest political evil". So fuck off, if anything this is doing what the Constitution wants us to do. I swear these protectionist, original Constitutionalists can't actually fucking read or listen to the people that created the country once they say something outside of their bubble. YOU are un-American. Hillary, no matter your position her, won 2.1% MORE of the vote. That's fucking huge if you know even the slightest bit about elections. That cannot be repeated.

  12. This is the most dangerous political act perpetrated on the people of this nation since the South seceded from the Union.

  13. That would not be good for Rump. He is so despised, he has to depend on the Electoral College to be reelected. He knows he is not going to win the popular vote.

  14. The Many States matter any one who says they don't is lying to you.
    This video may have used an odd scenario but the fact remains: the NPVIC is the unraveling of the the fabric that holds The United States together.
    There are videos you could watch to get a better understanding of the American Republic and what it means to be a patriot.
    Hillsdale College is a good place to start.

  15. 0:30 – "Because no one can win 270 electoral votes with only 23% of the popular vote."

    Fun fact… yes, they can. Using the electoral college, the candidate can win with 22% of vote, by winning just more than half of the vote in each of the smallest states.

    Unlikely? Yes, but so is this video's scenario of an America with six or seven evenly split parties.

    By the way… the Electoral College's "solution" to this video's six-party scenario isn't any better. How would handing the decision over to delegates improve this scenario, except that they could chose a candidate with even less support among voters?

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