The National Benefit Authority

We are an advocate for disable Canadians in
getting what really belonged to them in the first place
It’s the largest company of it’s kind in Canada, and it’s the longest running
company of it’s kind in Canada and it’s for a reason We have a lot of experience in this field
and we extend this experience to our clients and we help them to collect
the benefits that they’re entitled to We know what the program is about, how it
works and we help people to get it I’ve spent about 12 years with the Canada
Revenue Agency, and unfortunately in the instance of
government agencies, often times what you find is private sector organizations who
pick up the slack and fill the void of service for the consumer who may not be able
to get easy answers We are going to work together in ensuring
that people with disabilities are not forgotten we don’t give up, we are here to help from
the beginning of the process to the end We are here in this multinational country
with different languages, our clients can talk
in their language and they feel so comfortable with that I have the opportunity to change somebody’s
day, life, week or month it’s just amazing, the ability to have that
opportunity every day it’s something that I can’t get anywhere
else There are over 150 employees at The National
Benefit Authority an they are committed to making a difference for us with
disabilities NBA I want to thank you, I hope you find other
people to help out as much as you’ve helped me I’m at the end of the company when they
actually receive their money so a lot of the reactions when
you say hey you’re getting twenty two thousand dollars, there’s nothing you can do when
you hear people crying on the phone it makes you feel really

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  1. thank you so much for calling me back so quickly and having the patience to help me get my process started with my disability tax credit.

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