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you're listening to escaping the rat race I'm your host Emilio a singer-songwriter and mental health educator and our show is all about questioning the status quo and pushing the boundaries into what's possible for human beings and not probable so tune in and get ready to escape the rat race not only the monotonous nine-to-five work grind but also that incessant internal mental chatter that prevents most of us humans from experiencing more joy peace clarity and freedom good morning good afternoon or good evening and actually I guess it's best wish everyone a very happy new year my name is Emilio and I'm honored to have special guest dr. dick and Bettinger on today and before we started today's show we were kind of going back and forth with some ideas of what might be helpful to talk about and one of that is certainly this idea of a new year a new me and I'd love to hear dr. dick adventures views on that you know dick and how do you see goal-setting and new year's resolutions and let's just go from there thank you Amy for talking with me today and I'm sitting here about an hour north of Seattle right on the ocean daga island beautiful beautiful spot in the country well anyways Amy and I were talking about how easy it is when people aren't feeling as good as they think they could to start working on themselves in one way or another and there are countless numbers of ways in which people can work to improve themselves and it reached the point for me where if I went into a bookstore it was almost hard to find any book that wasn't about self-improvement certainly if he went to the psychology section or the business section or the education section you would find book after book after book telling you here's all the things you need to do to become a better person and a happier person a wisest person and I've been very fortunate I've been a psychologist for forty years and thirty years ago I came across an understanding that was so helpful for me to access well-being and myself and my clients without working hard on yourself and that may sound funny but the premise has always been in self-improvement the premises you're missing something like you're not loving enough you're not happy enough you're not creative enough you don't communicate as well as you could so the premise is you're missing something and that if you work hard you can develop that's the promise there's way of understanding human beings which is actually based on something that's much more factual about humans is that human beings already have everything they need to be happy and loving in the ones and its built-in to us already and the only thing that covers up our capacity to be happy loving and wise is our own thinking now this is true that we all are innately healthy already you have a perfect psychological well-being at your core then it's not a matter of developing your well-being because you already have it it's a matter of recognizing the thinking that's in the way of it and that thinking when people's heads clear there you'll see universally no matter who I'm talking to anywhere in the world when people's heads clear and quiet down you always see them feeling more peaceful more joyful more lovin so that's what I've been doing for the last 30 years is exploring this new way of understanding the human mind and how it really operates and then traveling around the world sharing this understanding in seminars yes just the jumping I it has also had a profound impact on my own life this kind of understanding but just to play a little bit of I guess I'll say devil's advocate I come across folks and then they'll say oh that makes sense for some people but you know there's some people that are really messed up you know how could you say that that they're healthy can you speak to that dicken yeah I can it's pretty evident that a lot of us suffer and all of us at time who suffer psychologically myself included so we're not saying that you can't suffer but the suffering that takes place takes place within our own thinking so we say well how can we say that people that everybody has built into them the capacity for well being well the fundamental discoveries that allowed us to have hope for any human being is what I would call the principle of thought every human being no matter who you are lives in the world of their own thinking that's true it's always been true and that always will be true but for the moment were born and until we die we live in the world of thought and thought is the key to happiness and thought is the key to misery because every thought that a human being has is brought to life and we feel when they experience it we cannot have a feeling independent of our thinking there's nothing you can feel during your life that's not created from cloth and as simple as that is and there's scientific as it is and as factual as that is we haven't been caught the simple truth so I've asked thousands and thousands of people what are you feeling and it doesn't matter whether they say they're sad or anxious or happy or joyful if I then ask where do you think that feeling comes from what's the source of that feeling I've asked tens of thousands of people I've never had anybody say well that's obvious it's just what I'm thinking my feeling is but and because people don't understand that the instant people don't understand the instant any of us all of us the instant we don't recognize that what our feeling is being created from within via thought we link our feeling into something in the world like my kids are making me upset this job is stressing me out the weather is really bumming me out today you make me happy walking in the woods makes me happy so very innocently this misunderstanding very innocently has existed in human beings for hundreds of years there's been a misunderstanding about where experience especially feelings come from because of that misunderstanding it leads to all kinds of psychological suffering that leads people to do all kinds of thinking about life that only tends to lower people's spirits and as people begin to understand better the role that thought plays in carrying their experience they start to wake up to how much of their thinking during the day is not helpful or useful because it is just generating tension or stress or upset and that as people become aware of that they begin to without even working on it they begin to drop away a lot of the thinking that's creating they're upset or unhappy and as people have less on their minds they will always always always start to feel better and the quality of their thinking improves I think in this training into some of the largest corporations in the United States and I've done executive coaching with some of the presidents of some of the top companies in our country and there is a direct connection between state of mind and performance in business and as people's state of mind improves which means they just have less and less thinking on their minds that creates tension stress static preoccupation upset that when people have less on their minds they perform better across the board they feel better and they perform better across the board we've known this in sports forever and now we're beginning to discover this that's true at any point anywhere for it you can be so it's very exciting it's a really it's a breakthrough discovery about the source of human experience that's very scientific I would love to then move into this question so I come across people in in my life that are on to the idea of side and there are books that do mention thought you know in the personal development section of Barnes & Noble you know so why why wouldn't you recommend then that someone would need to try to have better thinking if you're thinking creates you're feeling experienced why wouldn't someone try to control that or attempt to have again a bit well I did that myself for years and years and I tell you number one that's a lot of work there's no question that if you think in a more positive way you're going to feel better but it takes so much work and that's unnecessary to do all that work and I'll tell you why if you watch little kids when they fall out of their personal thinking into the present moment they enjoy the heck out of life they really enjoy if I have three younger grandkids and no one taught them positive thinking and if he tried to keep a little kid positive thinking they would then spend a lot of time thinking about their thinking which would take them out of the present moment which would be an added thought burden for them in their life and after a while they would be begging us adults to give them permission to stop trying so hard to think positive when they could just go and enjoy themself see it's built into us to feel positive when our heads clear you don't have to try and think positive it's very interesting when people drop thoughts that create stress tension and upset they as their head clears they will always start to feel better when people are trying really hard to think positive that takes them out of the present moment and when they let go of that effort to think positive the paradox is when they're had clear that they start to feel better so it's built into us to feel good yeah I've also had this strange experience over the past maybe a couple of years since I started learning about this understanding and it's that even when I'm in a quote/unquote low mood or low state of mind there's been this undertone of kindness now or peace now even amidst the autumnal truest emotion yes yes Oh Amy this is my favorite topic very few people very few people understand that in a sense you can be at peace when you're not feeling good you can have well-being even when you're down you can be kind of loving even when you're in the lower room and here's what I've seen about that I have a new grandson who's seven weeks old and I've spent hours just holding him and looking at him and he is just fully present in life without the interference of any ideas or beliefs or concepts he hasn't he's in what I would call the pre conceptual stage because it doesn't have any concepts he doesn't have any thoughts that he shouldn't be feeling what he's feeling he doesn't have any thoughts that are ideas that he should be feeling better than each feeling he doesn't have any judgments about himself and other people because those are concepts he doesn't have any shoulds so he's just continually having different experiences but he's free of the influence of this conceptual mood now every adult has moments when they fall out of their conceptual mind into the now you could call that being fully present you can call that listening you can call that being in the zone you can call that being in pure awareness awareness free of the contamination of our conceptual money in those moments there's no psychological problem issue or struggle because problems issues and struggles are created from our own ideas that things should be different than they are and then we start working and trying and efforting and have all these shoulds about how things should be and that kind of thinking creates feelings of dissatisfaction we were back to fajn again you can't escape it you can't not experience whatever you're thinking I have a great example of I have actually been in contact with people that are more in a traditional coaching role so you know what they talk about in sales conversations are enrolling new clients if you have kind of a heart base coaching business is that you need to take people into the pain and you ask them questions like if this doesn't change for you now you know how will life be in the next three months or six months and when I was the person on the other end of that question dickin I actually for the first time in years woke up in the middle of the night with anxiety because I forgot that anything I'm thinking in a moment rather anything I'm feeling in a moment it actually has no relevance about what may happen in the future anything that I think in a moment I'm making up I'm guessing so if I'm guessing I might as well not maybe you know catastrophe or just leave it a lot I just think it's fastening and I just keep hearing this theme from people that you and I have as well done a lot of seeking a lot of reading are interested in the self and and I keep hearing this theme of well I need to get and you know reach my highest self and get into the right state of mind and and from what you're saying that's just more of the same yes well it's really quite interesting we have been trained since we're very little to believe that the outside world causes us to feel what we feel we've heard over and over again people around the saying you hurt my feelings you make me feel good that traffic is bothering me we hear that over and over again and it's an innocent misunderstanding like I said it and now there's a more scientific realization that everything people think creates an experience and you can't not participate in that process that's how we're all wired up to work and as you begin to realize that you begin to wonder why am I thinking about this since I'm a free thinker I can think about I can think about something or not why am I thinking about this if it's making me anxious why am I thinking about this if it makes me angry why am I thinking about this if it just keeps me feeling uncomfortable and then more and more as you realize that you begin to drop away more and more and more of your thinking and the discovery is very immediate and obvious if you know what you're looking for is that when your head clears of that kind of thinking you feel calmer you feel more peaceful you begin to feel happier and as you feel better you will notice that the quality of your thinking improves you get more and more helpful ideas you get more and more your thinking has a lot more clarity and common sense and that's what everybody is looking for in other words it's given to us frequently when our minds are open and receptive you can't sink your way to happiness and well-being but URIs thought away from happiness we won't be in you're far away from sadness and unhappiness is available to every human being and at every moment because we're living in the now it's just our engagement in the conceptual mind that makes it appear as if we have the difficulties that were experiencing so that in any situation no matter who we are as my clients have become more aware of the role thought plays in creating a hundred percent of the feeling experience and they begin to realize that just like is happening for you Amy just like is happening for thousands and thousands of people around the world beginning to wake up to the fact of not examining the content of their thinking but just waking up to the fact that in every moment I'm feeling my thinking and every moment I'm a thinking being as my thinking changes my feelings free as my head clears as I return to the present moment the thinking on my mind begins to dissipate and fall away naturally without any effort or any work and then I will begin to feel better and think better which allows me to deal with difficult circumstances more effectively that's why they say in case of an emergency stay calm they don't say in case of emergencies thank you for self into a frenzy right it has one more time we have more common sense when our heads that we think better and feel better I'm just so excited to to keep sharing this understanding and having it bubble up and grow in myself as well it's just so practical I just want to you know hit that home again further for the listeners how practical this really is you know I myself used to be someone that had a lot of what we'd call type a you know patterns of thinking no and again this belief that something an event in the future for instance being a famous singer that that would mean that I'm worthy as a human being and I've seen really clearly that that is not the case because what you're talking about is universal to every human being and there's things that we share on this radio show called Amy's real stories and what's so exciting about that and I like to do that is because there are people from all over the world different periods of time so there's nothing in circumstance that you can point to as the reason why that person over came for instance very difficult circumstances so it's just it's just exciting well Amy I've always been intrigued by the fact that you can take any difficult circumstance in life then you'll find somewhere people that are in that circumstance and they thrive in other words they become selflessly compassionate or loving or respond to situations in a way that's helpful and it was always hard to explain how it was that sometimes any one of us could rise to the occasion and do well in difficult circumstance and now we understand why it is now we understand that every one of us has the capacity to do well in difficult circumstance because the circumstance itself doesn't determine our experience as we've always thought what we're thinking determines our experience so even if I'm very fearful and then it in a certain experience even if I have a fearful response to something horrible happening if I understand that that fear is created from my own people that experience can pass quicker than if I think the circumstances causing you to be afraid and as it passes quicker I can access my own best things to respond and deal with that circumstance or that situation so it's very hopeful it's it's incredibly practical because the practical nature is that all human beings have common sons and in a moment when our heads are clear we have access to that common sense and that will help us deal with anything that's going on you know it's very hopeful can I get just like a really simple practical illustration yeah please let's let's say with my wife and she's and our mood and she opens her mouth and she starts being critical about something and I start thinking about that in a way that I feel bothered or upset now it used to be that I thought well my wife is the problem if only she would change I would feel good right or I thought it was a relationship problem and we wouldn't talk about it now very often when I feel bothered during the way if I understand that it's in my own thinking if it's not in my thinking I wouldn't feel that way I can step away for a moment nothing I need to do I could just wait for a little bit fall back into the present moment when people are just resting in the present moment their thinking begins to quiet down them and show them it's built into us for that to happen and as soon as I would feel better I would go back and be with my wife and you know what she looked like a different person anyhow that happens I know funny how that happens and so therefore I could bring love and understanding back to her rather than bringing my upset and bothered and it's just a human thing if you bring your upset to another person rarely do they go oh thank you that feels so much better yeah okay I will I will immediately change my ways and become what you would like me to be I just don't see it happen and so the more that I realized that I have well-being within the in the night access that well-being if that's when I bring to the other person our relationship will get better it's not going to deteriorate it's going to improve when I work with couples and they're having difficulty in their relationship there each person is innocently getting the caught up in their thinking not feeling good and thinking their feeling has something to do with each other or the relationship rather than is just a hundred percent created from their own thinking and so very innocently they blame their feelings on each other and they bring their negative feelings to each other and I don't see relationships improve when that happens and I think that's that's the primary reason why the divorce rate is so high at least in the United States judges why it's like 50% of people end up getting divorce so this is really I can't tell you the number of couples who have woken up to the fact of thought we discovered the beauty and power of resting in the present moment and then access their own deeper feelings of well-being and common sense that allows them to create beautiful beautiful relationships very it's very hopeful and encouraging because it's the most direct route to well-being God is the key I can't I can't say that enough Jimmy thought has been the missing link for Humanity people have bad understood the role hot this creative power that's what fathers it's a creative power that allows human beings to think inexperienced thought is the most understood fundamental principle in life because of that misunderstanding very innocently people get caught up in all kinds of thinking and feelings that are painful and and then live in those feelings in a way that is not helpful for them very innocent very innocent this is so beautifully where I have colleagues and friends that are teaching this to kindergarten kids elementary school kids middle school kids high school kids college kids and they'll pick up on that very quickly very very quickly because there's a logic to it that's compelling whatever you think you will feel when you thinking changes you'll feel different if your thinking doesn't change you'll keep feeling exactly what you're feeling if you don't understand where your feelings come from it's inevitable that we will each then blame something in life other than thinking for what we're feeling that when we wake up to fog and our heads clear we will always feel better and we have something more to offer each other in the world this is being taught in prisons it's being taught and communities that have been rife with violence and drug use and and abused thought is missing link thought is to keep the power of thought to create any experiments that a human being is having any experience and when people realize that that's where experience comes from it really sorts that it sorts things out for them that settles them down it makes life more understandable it allows us to relax into life rather than struggle against it and that really resonated with me and you just said it makes life more understandable and you know seeing that also just keeps coming up is that you know we're meaning we have meeting making bills into our system so it's just the knowledge of fact and that when we have a misunderstanding that that creative power of thought will disguise and it will look like something else that we're creating the meaning from but it's sourced from the energy running through our own biochemistry I love that we're all lovers and don't know that I've never met a client anywhere in the world who when they're when they wake up to fought and fall into the now that they don't become kinder warmer more understanding it's built into us to be in love with life the only thing that gets in the way of us moving life or enjoying life or being at peace in life is our own senses there's not other people it's not the traffic it's not the weather it's not our biochemistry nothing in the world determine our feeling and experience every feeling and experience is created from this Universal power of and realizing that helps us wake up to the thinking's it's in the way of us feeling more connected to life if you and I were walking in the woods on a beautiful day if we were caught up in worry thinking I guarantee we would experience our thinking and we wouldn't have an experience of the beauty that surrounds us I also guarantee that if our head clears of all that worried thinking we'd fall in love with the woods we go oh so beautiful oh wow is it oh look at that bird we'd be wide open to being more fully connected to life I'm only interested in learning about the power of cloud of if it's on a practical level helps us to fall back in love with people in life again so I can see someone who is extremely unhappy and and even acting unloving and have compassion for them because they're just innocently caught up in their thinking and they don't realize that their unhappiness is created from within its innocent now this doesn't excuse their behavior but allows me to be wonder standing on people we become more understanding of people the more we see the universal principles that govern their experience it's almost like you can look at any person say no wonder they're feeling the way they do given what they're thinking no wonder of course our feeling men will find it's understandable it's understandable that inside of them is this beautiful caring warm loving person is just being covered over by the thinking that they're caught of them but for that thinking you'd see a lover standing in front of you see the principle simplify life as their true human beings are thinkers human beings can be aware of the fact of thought because awareness is fundamental to human beings and as we become aware of the fact of thought and our heads begin to clear more you'll see that it's in Natick for us to enjoy life and to love life it's innate it's built into people I've seen no exceptions to this anyone in the hold no exceptions whether somebody is healthy or whether somebody is struggling and suffering they're just like you and I they live in the world applaud they have this capacity to be aware built into them and they have this innate capacity for love and understanding built in business no exceptions it's a very a hopeful understanding to see humanity this way to see the beauty in people and that take personally other people's low moves that just because someone else is in the low moon it doesn't mean we automatically have to join them in a moment if it's not in our thinking it won't be in our experience and I just love how the system is built that way individuals see it at different times you know they have their own ability every individual has the ability for fresh thinking and what I've what's been really helpful to see is that it has nothing to do with me both with myself and with others because I can definitely see that when you were talking about you know the tendency of all of us as a culture to think in relationships I've been talking you know with my sweetheart for months and months months about this understanding and you know sometimes he gets frustrated and then we were sitting on the couch and he said oh my gosh this is true thought creates feeling yeah I know you know it didn't take him making a resolution or a goal to change or reading lots of books and his culture personal development world in psychology is not as mainstream as it is you know for us in the States and what's been so neat is to watch him step into different roles and experience this flow of life and even being known now as the guy at work that's the calm level-headed guy he says that's never been what people call me so it's just come to me you know it's just it's just so cool and what was really great again and practical for me personally in that experience is that it didn't matter to me honestly whether he got the principles or not there was no forcing there and that's the freedom that's available is to not have an agenda with yourself other people and it's incredibly freeing it is very free and I love that everybody has built into them already what they need to wake up to the fact that they're a thinker they bill to them already to wake up to the fact that our fundamental nature is well-being and you can just observe that in yourself and others you can see you can start to catch yourself thinking about something in a way that makes you more stressed or anxious and when you realize that you're creating your experience from 5:00 you'll notice it's built into us to let go of whatever creates their unhappiness or something so if you don't realize this font you don't tend to let go of the thoughts that create it if you do realize that it's but you begin to let go more and more of your thinking and as you do that thinking falls away it's also a if you don't give your attention to your thinking and hold on to it it just you come back to the now and when you're in the now there's no holding you're like a little baby again you're just like my little baby 7 week old baby grandson you're just suddenly no longer being influenced by all of your own worries and judgments and students and half tunes and dissatisfactions and expectations and all of that thinking falls away and all just then you come back to well-being presence aliveness in the moment see I knew that when I was playing sports that I could fall out of my personal thinking and enjoy the heck out of playing sports I just didn't understand the role thought played across the board in one life so when I wasn't playing sports I was very very insecure very shy quiet and anxious worried a lot yeah I got the visual of sorry tikka digest what's kinda like what to share by this room but I got the official is yes you're speaking you know for rollercoaster and then the innocence is it gets scary as you're going down that the tendency we've been taught is to put the brakes by either doing something or to make nip Y elated or run away from it but if you just really let it be that you've continued on the ride and then you you know loop and then you go back up and you go through all these turns and I don't know why that just came up well it's a beautiful it's a beautiful metaphor because it's natural for us to go up and down and have moons and the only thing that complicates that is zone into but it's very very natural to go up and down so to have the freedom to have a low mood and not do a lot of thinking about it allows you to go through your low mood gracefully most adults that I see when they have a low mood or are feeling unhappy are feeling stressed leaned into their thinking and think even harder about things as you begin to understand the role of fog the opposite happens if you don't feel good you tend to let go of all everything you're thinking everything because you'll see very quickly thinking why you're feeling upset or in the low mood tends to keep it alive and they and even make it worse so it's very powerful if you can go through a low mood when you're not feeling well and you're not doing a lot of thinking you'll be just like a little baby you'll be upset and then you'll be over it yes in Psychological terms we call that being resilient that people who are healthy are very resilient they get upset they get over it very quickly they get over it very quickly because they don't do a lot of thinking to keep it alive period that's why little kids get over things quickly and adults can sometimes it takes hours and hours to get over enough so that their resilience is compromised because of this misunderstanding but as people begin to realize directly like your boyfriend did as he began to realize more directly that his feeling is connected to his thinking all of a sudden by falling out of that thinking you get over things quickly much quicker when my daughter was 13 she caught on to this and she to be upset for days at a time about things and after she realized the nature of thought and she was one of those people that Amy that had a huge realization about this that really hit her like a ton of bricks oh my god that is just my own thinking that's keeping this alive she would say dead I still get upset but I can't keep it going for longer than 10 minutes so here's a thirteen-year-old who's who used to be upset for days at a time she was what you might call a drama queen because she was so sensitive and emotional and reactive and and suddenly she's just like before his confident 30 40 year old woman every one of our friends said oh my god what has happened to muna he just became happy and she'd get upset and just not interfere with it and not heed II think unto it and judge it and that label it and just go about her day and it would pass just like it would for a little kid if your lives filling for us as parents to see our kids begin to catch on to this he that happiness and key to living a life of enjoyment and love even with all the ups and downs we go through because I still have ups and downs I get upset I get stressed I get angry I get hurt if I know it's thought I'm at least I'm not blaming the world or other people if I know it's thought I'm not inclined to keep thinking about things and keep it alive I know it's fun I'm interested in just letting it be like you said and just let it be it'll pass it's just a little thought storm it's normal to have little fraud storms it's normal to have weather nothing wrong with weather just part of nature we're part of nature we're connected to this beautiful intelligence of life it's like one thing to explore in 30 years I've never fun anything that's so helpful to explore because it leads to greater love and understanding yeah Wow well talk about the passage of time and now there are a couple things I want to ask before we wrap up today but I've learned that I should ask them one at a time sort of back to back so my first question is you know I hear a lot of folks say that it's biochemistry or that if they have a drug addiction or a loved one has a drug addiction that there's no hope can you just kind of again package that a little bit for folks even though I feel you have answered that in the interview yeah just specifically that I hear that a lot again well I'm not exempt renovation if someone is diabetic for them to take insulin just make sense doesn't it and there are medications that can help people that can be helpful for people in terms of helping to quiet their mind stones so that they can function better in life but no medication to give people the understanding necessary to realize the power of thought and the role of thought in one and as people understand that they do less and less thinking that hopeless and negative and every thought affects our biochemistry so as you do the lesson was stressful thinking lesson was negative thinking it's literally changing your biochemistry and making it healthier and that's something that's not often recognized people think they have a certain set biochemistry a biochemistry is changing moment to moment based on what we're thinking and that's very scientific so medications can be helpful in the same way if you have a headache you can pick something if you have a migraine you take something and it helps relieve the pressure but as you begin to get out from underneath stressful thinking it will always lead to greater well-being so ultimately understanding is more powerful than biochemistry so that people who have suffered from a lot of psychological difficulties that have been labeled as a biochemical problem begin to realize ultimately in primarily it's a fat problem and as people begin to realize that there's great hope great hope that they can take an axe they're in a well being I've never met anybody no matter how troubled that when their head clears they don't become more loving and understanding I haven't seen any exceptions to them and so it's very hopeful for people that you already have well-being even though it's covered over by years of negative conditioned thinking very hopeful that you can get out from underneath the burden of your negative conditioned thinking you can get out from underneath the influence of that thinking and you will be able to access well-being regardless of what your biochemistry is and as you access well-being more and more fully you have your biochemistry changes in a very healthy positive direction I'm so struck by the fact that we're all just human beings doing the best that we can so whatever has occurred you know whether it was the diction to legal drugs or biochemistry and you have a diagnosis or you had a hard upbringing you know circumstantially we are all human beings yes and we all work the same way that's how principles work and that's why this understanding in particular I think is so exciting for for myself and as you've stated for yourself to thicken awesome great great well yeah Oh much for coming on and I would love if you could share where can people find out more about you to get in contact again if they'd like to have a longer conversation or a more personalized conversation with you well I have a website three principles mentoring there are tons of materials available now for people that are interested in learning more about this understanding I would suggest that people check out the works of a man named Sidney banks who had a profound enlightenment experience or awakening and discovered the truth of these principles if people are interested I wrote a book about the principles called coming home you can get on Amazon there are websites 3pg see that org has a lot of free podcast blogs videos there's a website three principles that has a lot of free videos with people talking about the principles in their application that'd be the best way to find out about this fantastic and I will also post all that in the show notes for people to just visually click and they can also get taken to the site for the book and things like that well thank you very much taken for coming on the show it's been a pleasure getting to know you this understanding has profoundly impacted my life so I really just think you know the the pioneers of the understanding thanks Amy it's been it's been great being with you again thank you so much happy holidays everybody I sincerely hope that you heard something from dr. ventures interview today that piqued your curiosity what we've been talking about to test out how the role of thought affects your daily life and instead of sharing an individual Amy's real story today I want to share the real story of humanity and how we've continued to evolve in helpful ways look at people like Copernicus who challenged the predominant ideology of his time that the earth was the center of the universe he demonstrated that in fact the Sun was the center of the universe look at people like Joseph Lister who was at the front of germ theory which purported that invisible micro organisms were actually the cause of disease and not things like bad blood or bad air the Wright brothers who challenged all of what we thought was possible when they actually were able to put a machine in the air with human beings and land it safely or roger bannister who proved that the belief a human being could not run a mile in under four minutes was not true because he actually did that my point in sharing this is that we are at a crossroads now in our understanding of what it is to be human and what Dickon and I have shared today does go against our cultural norms and beliefs but that doesn't mean that what we're saying isn't true I invite you to look into this for your own life reach out to Dickon or of course you can reach out to me as well again my name was Emilio if you want to speak with me personally you can reach me at rat race at Emilio calm again that email address is rat race at Emilio calm next week we have an amazing guest Julie gray who is going to be talking about an end to procrastination and self-sabotage thank you so much for listening until next time keep Rocking

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