The menace of Pandals in Pune

So the Ganesh Festival is right around the
corner, and Pandals like these have been constructed around Pune city; we can see how the roads
have been encroached and new parking spaces have been created temporarily. and now we can see how the traffic is passing
but/yet this is not the peak hour; yet it still disturbs and also disturbs the condition
of roads; and the traffic passing along. here is a passer by coming in lets ask him
about what he thinks about it. Sir what do you feel about the Pandals being
constructed? Well, with all due respect to the religious
sentiments of the people, I personally feel that the organizers/ the civic body should
be more constructive towards safety rather than organizing this, it could have been a littler smaller (yes)
that’s what I feel. But what about the traffic conditions when
you pass by? I have driven down to the wherever my place
of work is, it is difficult as you can see behind you, there are three places from where
traffic is merging onto this road (yes), and there is a cross section here, people coming from
the Bank of Maharashtra side and cross over and cause of these on road pandals there is
quite a chance of having a mishap. The safety has certainly not been considered. So this the actual scenario of what pandals
are doing to Pune.

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