The many challenges of providing care in the world’s third-largest refugee settlement.

As Tanzania Red Cross in Nyarugusu camp the main objective is to provide health services to the refugees and the host communities surrounding the camp. Per day in this main hospital we see 200-300 patients. But in all the facilities 700-800 per day. In the camp there are 600 babies born per month. We have 5 doctors and three assistant medical officers. We face an inconsistent supply of essential drugs and medical equipment. This year we are facing this problem a lot. Some of the health facilities are built with plastic sheets. And during the rainy season, it leaks inside, it’s not in good condition. I feel bad because sometimes you want to write a prescription for the patients but you are told it is not available. There are alternative drugs but as a doctor, you limit me to using the resources which are available instead of using what I want to use, according to my knowledge, what I am supposed to use. According to my ambition it is to help the patient. If I receive what I need to be able to provide to the patient, I will be happy. I am happy to help people with concern…

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