The Lion King: Meet its Māori cast members

The Lion King musical has just celebrated its first run
in Brisbane, Australia. The cast feature a number of Kiwis,
including Maori. Rapaera Tawhai went over to meet
and greet cast members. A world renowned production. And its cast include
a handful of Maori. The Australian production
of the Lion King boasts five talented Maori
in their ensemble, some of them have over 10 years
under their belt. But there are new faces. – How did you get involved? I auditioned. That’s it. It was a long process
to get a role in the production – about six, seven months? There were a lot of auditions. They say their Maori heritage played a big part
in achieving this dream. Every night they perform on stage
in front of over 2000 people. It’s a passion. They’ve just celebrated
their first run in Brisbane. But living apart from family
can be tough. The dream is to take the musical
back home. Even though they’re stars
on the stage, they have their eyes on my job
at Te Karere! Lee Morunga and Toni Ann Stewart in Brisbane, for Te Karere! I don’t think so, ladies! In February the production
moves on to Melbourne. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

2 thoughts on “The Lion King: Meet its Māori cast members

  1. Great to see Kiwi's and Maori singers and performer's involved with the Lion King Musical, we are a very talented Country and have many Artist's Tour with Oversea Shows,  just keep them coming.

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