The LEGO® Civic Type R

23 thoughts on “The LEGO® Civic Type R

  1. やべぇこのシビックを原寸大で作るとは今にも動かせそうなくらいクオリティが高過ぎ!

  2. That music is enough for someone to commit suicide like holy fuck that was fucking annoying as fuck like seriously fuck off with the gay ass music

  3. 0:17 Where can I find BROMBO brakes like the ones on this Type R!? Pretty sure that's supposed to say BREMBO unless I've been living under a rock for the past decade…

  4. The 268th block behind the right front light on the drivers door panel, 49 blocks from the bottom looks slightly out of place.

  5. Oh my gosh I already love this Lego version
    This needs to be at car shows along with the production Civic Type R

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