THE LAST MILE: Making Finance Work for the Poor

globally were experiencing some of the biggest gains in human wellbeing in history the real question now is how do we make sure no one is left behind oh no cannot drown work me let the people looking inside not multi-team night at me and unsub Tapatio poor our economy day my donkey keepo rocman rockman young man why you got away we used to be a long time centralized system so that's why everything is a top-down we want to have the decision on the service delivery to be close to the people so every scene need to be changed at the inform that have young men bring me and rally the property and puma virgin crap intact and Pumbaa Joon tau so the lower the lobe and that kind of accountability first is the downward of Carnival it's to the people if it can be sure that it has been performed very well by local government then I hope that there will be much more money to be allocated from the national level and also from the other partners as well clap no that have your promise and here I'll open the kitchen boom know that had a bell no hi chuckling mortification danta oh hi Jabbar cake me a song Katie but you can cut up a bad clam some random man pay you mean leaf we plumage Auto Club Anna's no I can't valid point alone Oh too harshly and jam yumjong like Charla Nigel be undetermined aramta a lot of jumpers and of Rome for German club Bayern crown to control van Basten Jung soo-jung type in a pompom me outline pro pro programs of top-tier karate on the gamma welcome home looking am ppand up and forgive me and Sam support group I'm the baby cheer for us some can't avoid jungle with youth Union the enemy flag – rule mean don't oppress mean book on prayer group clip come out where to buy art out and then chop me a guitar when we implement with un CDF we just select just only a few target district to test it when it brought out and both I agree that this has been successfully the government will have to introduce this those kind of mechanism into its own system and then at the same time this way allows our the big Devon Connor for example the barbed and the Asian Development Bank to scale it up ah young soup with a mere bad apple Bank are you flown on my junk – mum I can change my cat um that's how your pantomime Newton order come in from our San Jose who laugh at your the signal there's a lot of potential personal side us as Spanish institutions is a business case for us Paris on undecided clients in terms of access on unions safety they can manage their money better the amount of coffee I harvest depends on the maintenance of the coffee previously using cash I was looking over a lot of losses I already shattered your finance the previous year the others was not very good so due to school fees of children it was hard for me to to purchase the inputs I started using mobile money last year I feel am in control because when I get that money's mine so I'm the one to budget how to use the money MTN should be taking this lesson that we've learned from the coffee and running with it to other projects the partnership with un CDF funding MTN to de-risk the value proposition to come to such rural areas and invest here has of course opened our eyes as MTN to see that there's a lot of potential in the rural areas because the money is there curtains in when America is in Louisville KY Nebula tangivelu Indian Basilica and aluminum I saw saga locals and environment saving eccentric since it occurred when Djokovic Saturday finance Trastevere argon dude where girl commando st. reversal is ecosystem can take off mobile money anger then men serving up a county angry Yahoo Finance trustee named bérenger Sonia would the Guang Ambani no good job coca-cola me time command if you have un CDF who able to bring in the chicken corn financial aspect we were able to reach out truth to another segment of youth that they have financial goals they have they want to go to school their youth who who are buying their own scholastic materials they are girls who who are single mothers so they are able to to put more money into their businesses to us if you and ZDF are not coming it wouldn't even make a business case it helped us a lot to understand that is that market segment that we're we're not thinking about even I feel proud that anything that that you invest in youth I mean you're going to trip big because these are the future generation finger of Aqaba to fatigue and open gray uganda mass God to save Inga it's a little finger Abubakar to solo cause it's a true vision as if at one day they I'd make guidance divert order finance trust and several saving a saint in it took his arrow to be a Fabian amass if farmers all get involved in using mobile America to really help us a lot when farmers lose that money next year the production is not there and their family kind of stuff when I started using mobile money everything became easy on my side I don't still wear it my future is bright and we are working doing through with the other farmers to see that we come up together as a community you you

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