The LaBrant Family Braves The Worlds Largest Indoor Waterpark!!!

Oh our car is so disgusting I need a day where I can just clean out my entire car because it's gonna take that long everybody back there she got lost under some of the garbage yeah we can't even find her she's lost under all this separately he had to like say call 9-1-1 on the back we have to have the best day ever guys this is literally almost favorite place ignore that okay look look this is a hotel but inside the hotel is our water the world's largest into a water park we've been here before you guys have seen that I'm watching here for two years ago but now I really can go out on the big kid water side I'm so excited I've never been so excited for a waterpark okay here's our room guys whoa whoa then babes on the Wolf Den I'll be seeing you girls later I get a bunk bed all to myself and ETV can't fire can't fire theme okay it's crazy to see myself oh my goodness huh believe me she's human so guys this big was like he's sponsored by the railroad and I'm so excited because I'm by the surprise Savannah and every right now over there playing with the baby braum surprising them with these really nice new shoes new jacket denim jacket forever Lee another pair of shoes for Savannah so I want to go surprise him they're really nice really good brands they're gonna be excited yeah I know the nice where did you guess and that's a Chloe jacket one of your favorite brands forever look I know like super expensive stuff but I got him on the reel reel and if you guys don't know what the real real is there a website app and shop and they have like so many brands Gucci Valentina like this pledge Iago Louis Vuitton so much stuff and more and they sell it off like up to 90% off also the real real has a team of experts who authenticates every item stole so you can shop with confidence so there are two ways to consign on the rail rail you can either ship it directly or you can use the white glove service and have a luxury manager come to your house and set side this jacket is super cute I have she loves it she lives in jean jackets the only stuff that I've ever that I ever have in designer is from the real bro and I'm being real real so all of you guys right now should click the link in our description box down below because you get $25 off your first order on the rail real you do have to create an account it takes a few seconds so yeah go shopping and we're about to go water park in right close you what do you think and we are about to transition to the GoPro GoPro time waterslide time and then what you do the right one neck down good hey guys we are going up to the big slide the big one everything scares how do you feel right now you get if there's only like the medium big one and then we'll work our way up to the really big one all the way up I'll go spread over I don't know so everybody failed for yard and it's all good with first time for just giving it a second try here she goes he's got a long way to go can she make it American Ninja Warrior Uruguay Great Wolf Lodge photo come on up no American into water Go Go Go redness in the road be careful dude [Applause] Wow [Applause] Emily got her legs stuck he was writing it longer all the way back so bad that her leg stuck under the back of it so she won't go on it anymore everything go on it you are you're gonna do it I love this right it thank my favorite one we'll see if everybody does it all right so we brought a little bubble gun over to see how Posey likes it Oh what the heck Joseph illustrator doesn't say they secured an exciting hi guys so we're at this miniature bowling alley pretty cute where is your bowling balls no you said bowling balls all right whoever wins this whole bowling think it's ten million dollars you know what are you spend million dollars oh hey that's pretty good for small candy that's fair oh no here we go guys are you kidding me ready for this come on duty separate realize them dude am I gonna live that wasn't your best that wasn't your best not too bad not too bad so right now me and mom or type first we'll keep you guys updated on the scores so worried about halfway through and Savannah's and last I'm in first everybody's at second as closes bowl posing it ball you guys I'm beating Everly by not a lot if she gets is fair she beat me bad got it mom though she got 119 all right guys that's the end of the vlog that's all we got um we're chillin we're about to head out because we've got another super fun video we're about to film so beyond the looking for that the like this big if you enjoyed it subscribe so that you're notified when that new video is posted turn on post notifications all that stuff follow us on Instagram right down here cuz we give shout outs on every single blog – huh oh yeah oh she hasn't because we cash outs that every single vlog – new followers and old foes you like our pictures and every pose so Savannah's gonna tell you who the shadows are so the shout outs for this video are Isabel Volsky sorry if I say last thing wrong the next one is amber make one is actually after the last ones I'm just gonna I'm just gonna show you oh this Isabella's liking all of our photos so another shout out to you is about that you are going there's no hole screw you deserve it Fisher family lebrandt Sam page Bella I just go through the whole post yeah baby no yes that's good most of you guys Rock everybody shadow falls all right oh yeah we're good yeah P oh the brick frame and we're 40 below Mississippi

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