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out of here and go where even if you could get past
the guards the stumpers will pick you up again as soon as you hit the streets
I got some friends on the outside who could help us you just don’t get it do
you you’re not outside so what are you gonna
do huh just gonna let them deport you look
you’re an American too man this isn’t my America not anymore
I’ll just go where they send me to try to start over you just come to the
chicken or restive they deserve it on your feet migrants there’s twelve oh one
two twelve twenty let’s go starting to move out deport time come on welcome everyone it is Thursday March
21st, 2019 I’m Bob Metz and I’m Paul McKeever and this is Just Right
broadcasting around the world and online join us for an hour of discussion that’s
not right wing it’s Just Right well Paul no sooner had we demonstrated on our
most recent past broadcasts the power and influence that an individual can
command thanks to the internet and social media then we got a powerful
example of that very principle in action via the terrorist attack that occurred
in Christchurch New Zealand (indeed) last last week Friday (yes) and that’s just one of
the issues that we’ll be talking about on the show today (right) but not until we
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people as possible and that’s a form of taking action that again speaks directly
to our theme and topic today and we got a very interesting comment that feeds
right into this current issue a posting which someone made to our YouTube page
online and he identified himself as Mr. T quote “I take this show for what
it is I do enjoy it and wish the creators and fellow listeners well that
said Greg Johnson described Dinesh D’Souza’s book as one of the stupidest
books he’s ever read telling me that Hitler and Marx were basically the same
people whose political ideas had the same results and that sloganeering Dems
are the real racist as a winning strategy is laughable the very
freedoms and individualism that made this country great are the same
arguments being used for its destruction I’m not sure what we need but muh
freedoms ain’t it we got those already and we’re still staring into the abyss
regardless it’s time to move on and adapt for survival at any cost.”
end quote. Now I didn’t know what to make of this comment at first I wasn’t even
sure where it was coming from and I had never heard of this guy named Greg
Johnson who he has cited as his source for calling Dinesh D’Souza stupid so I
did look it up and I wrote back to him and you can see this posted on our
YouTube page quote “For the record your sighted source Greg Johnson holds views
diametrically opposed to those of Just Right if even one of the ideas
attributed to Johnson on Wikipedia is true then it is self-evident that
Johnson is both a racist and a fascist his views sit squarely on the left
yet as we repeatedly remind our listeners he’s among the many others on
the left who continued to be incorrectly associated with the right
this again is caused by a false association of fascism with the right
side of the polarity moreover the perspective expressed by D’Souza is
perfectly consistent with our own views that we established and placed on the
record long before we were aware of D’Souza and long before his own thesis
was publicized calling the Souza’s book stupid is stupid in itself it says
nothing about why both in theory and in practice we’ve spent many hours on this
another past broadcast demonstrating how D’Souza’s conclusions are right on the
mark Hitler and Marx were both on the left
both tyrannical both totalitarian both statist and the same in every essential
relative to this discussion their ideologies do indeed lead to the same
results tyranny an elimination of individual rights and freedom and yes
the Democratic Party is and always was a party of racism to point to the truth of
this fact both historically and theoretically has nothing to do with
sloganeering it has to do simply with telling the truth finally for Humanity
to adapt to survival the philosophy of individual and freedom are essential to
just that this is just about muh freedoms is to confess to an ignorance and contempt for
both freedom and individualism sadly many share this attitude thanks for the
comment and for presenting us with a friendly opportunity to share our mutual
disagreement with others.” End quote. He sent me another respond back and he
wrote “I reread my comment after you responded and realized how snarky I
sounded that was not my intention so for that I apologize
although my opinions are still the same I thank you for the response.” I
said well we’ll take your comments for what they are right and I don’t know how
this second response is any less snarky than the first because it’s not about
attitude it’s about the ideas expressed and perhaps even some of the ideas not
expressed in the defense of anything that he said I mean it’s okay to have an
opinion could you give us a little bit of a why I’d like to know why you’re
saying these things your advocacy to move on and adapt for survival at any
cost is particularly disturbing like move on move how blank out move to where
blank out for whose survival blank out and at any cost if the cost is greater
than the benefit then what purposes can be attached to that (right) and it strikes
me that this posted comment at this particular time seemed a little ominous
so given that the only hint of what ideas Mr. T is siding with I checked out
this Greg Johnson guy right the one he referred to it and here’s what I found
Greg Johnson is an American white nationalist an advocate for a white
ethno-state he’s a white supremacist an anti-semite opposed to immigration
and a self-confessed transphobic and of course he has written for the
anti-semitic far-right okay and his views are the creation of an ethnically
specific white ethno states in which only white people would live he’s
written a book called the new right versus the old right again adjectives in
front of the word right that are not necessary so it’s not right vs. not
right right and he said he’s found that blacks don’t find white civilization
comfortable though that doesn’t serve relate to any of the black people I have
in my family personally I don’t know what a guy like this would think about
me because I got so much interracial marriages going on in my immediate family yeah it’s utter nonsense same in my family I mean this is so screwed up but what does this
all sound like doesn’t this sound like the guy from New Zealand well we’ll get
into that coming up yeah so coming up next here Paul is one of the earliest
coverages of this event from the CBC News, The national talking about how this
was more of a social media event than it was a shooting event the way they were
talking and coming back on the other side what I thought was a bit of a
disappointment in terms of the spin that Ben Shapiro took on his Daily Wire you know he said don’t pay any attention to this terrorist we shouldn’t give him
any attention and I don’t think that’s the right approach to take
in either case both of these audio bytes are taken from their respective March
15th broadcasts the attack began at least 30 minutes before the first bullet
was fired part of a carefully planned social media salvo posting first these
pictures on Twitter announcing his intentions then live-streaming the
carnage for 17 minutes until Facebook stopped it and if the goal of the attack
or any terrorist attack is to promote an ideology it’s clearly been successful in
getting these ideas out into the public sphere since the attack James Rubik has
tracked an 1,100 percent increase in terms used by the shooter on social
media like white genocide it’s a disgusting theory that it’s as no basis
in fact but it looks like it works it’s certain they’re certainly getting their
ideas out there Facebook is pulling copies of the attackers video and says
it’s removing messages that support the crime but there’s still plenty out there
just look at the Facebook groups for yellow vest Canada and Canadians first
movement just after the attack I watch the video I’ve seen worse hundreds more
like this hard to feel sorry when you look at how they have disrupted Western
lifestyles I have zero sympathy they kill rape and dismember other humans
they what was coming globally there were
thousands more like this and worse I think right now we’re really seeing in
the Canadian context in particular is a coalescence around anti-immigrant fervor
and Islamophobic fervor to pretend this doesn’t exist in Canada says Barbra
Perry is to be naive she argues after the attacks in New Zealand Quebec City
Pittsburgh and more social media companies must do better at restricting
hate speech online and she says it’s time law enforcement deal with dangerous
online in statement as fervently for the far right as they have for violent
Islamic extremists there is plenty of language online that does cross the
legal thresholds regard almost regardless of what the jurisdiction is
around incitement to violence incitement to hatred incitement to a to genocide
and yet they remain up but there is just so much out there and those who know how
to maximize their message are doing so it just happened
David comment CBC News Toronto a gunman streamed a live video of the
attack on Facebook he appeared to have posted a manifesto online we have a rule
at daily where this is established about a year and a half ago two years ago
saying that we will not name any mass shooter will not name terrorists we will
not name the people who who murder innocents in the name of their politics
we’re not going to do that we’re also not going to read the terrorist
manifesto today we’re not going to give credence to his thoughts we will mention
his politics only to the extent that it is necessary to discuss the overarching
political issues that affect the world and affect our nation but we are not
going to quote his manifesto we are not going to go out of our way to to lend
any sort of support or credence to not only his manifesto but to the notion
that his manifesto should be used as a guidebook for others what these folks
want what evil terrorists want is attention that’s why they commit
terrorist attacks that’s why this guy livestream a video of his attack on
Facebook and it shows you that in our two connected world we’ve got a real
problem because if you are seeking fame if you are seeking notoriety then you
all you have to do is commit an act of evil with a camera in your hand we’ve
seen this over and over and over again now well there were some of the earliest
accounts of the of the massacre that occurred in New Zealand and CBC News was
talking about this being a part of a carefully planned social media salvo and
of course live streamed until Facebook stopped it and they’re still busy trying
to censor this thing and prevent it from being shared by people and they are I
think you know what I think they mean by social media phenomenon is that unlike
in the past where you had for example the Unabomber who said look I’ll
surrender but first you have to read my manifesto out over the airwaves I think
what they’re saying is at this point in time somebody’s going to carry out some
kind of terrorist act like this can can distribute their manifesto of the
worldwide right beforehand and and so it’s a different game exactly and they
don’t like it of course I mean there’s good reasons to be concerned about at
the same time we don’t know what’s motivating these guys it
it open to the media and and other people to just fill in the blanks and
that’s where the real problems begin right and of course they’re saying
Facebook is pulling copies and removing messages that support the crime I’m
amazed there are any such messages or they just interpreting a lot of messages
that way and then of course we had Barbara Perry who’s a an anti-racist
specialist and she was talking about how social media companies must do better at
restricting hate speech online and it’s time law enforcement deal with dangerous
online incitement as fervently for the far right there’s a far-right again as
they have with violent Islamic extremists you ever notice there’s no
such thing as a far left there’s no such thing as a left leftist extremist I’ve
never known oh that’s that’s also known is the speech of the Angels yeah
consider who the New Zealand terrorists cited as his key influencer if you’re
talking about dangerous online incitement that has to be policed
against what we’re talking about candice Owens in this case who happens to be a
black woman and you know I can see this event being used by social media as a
new reason to censor views on the right even though everything done by the
terrorists is based on thinking and philosophies of the left and meanwhile
Ben Shapiro he’s talking about this rule he has that he won’t name mass shooters
or terrorists won’t read the terrorist manifesto which I have read and which
everyone should read because that is the secret to all of this and he says what
this guy wants his attention which is not exactly right that’s not what’s the
issues about yeah so what I was hearing from ben shapiro is that he’s really not
interested in looking into the thinking behind these mass murderers he wants to
dismiss them and look elsewhere when in fact it’s precisely these kinds of
people and events that lie at the core of everyone’s fears when it comes to
politics and i don’t know why we always recoil from them instead of getting
right into their psyche figure out what kind of ideas they express see what it
is that they do support and watch out for those kinds of ideas when they’re in
conjunction with certain influences that look like they could be trouble I think
everybody’s looking completely in the wrong direction well not only that Bob
as I was saying you know I think if everybody and the media to a large
extent does take the tack that and shapiro does they don’t tell you
much information about what motivates and almost any terrorist attack but the
problem when they do that is that it leaves it open to the public to the
media et cetera just to speculate or just to be s about what the motives were
you know in this case there’s a few things we know about the killer who
shocked I think it was at the tally now is fifty people I believe they were all
Muslims I believe they were all attending mosque at the time we know
he’s anti-muslim clearly now we also know that he’s anti-immigration that’s
come across pretty clearly but what we really don’t know is anything about his
political ideology why he’s doing what he’s doing were just left to believe
based on media reports that well he hates Muslims and so he shot some which
is not at all the issue so I thought rather than just have everyone ascribe
their own particular pet theory to why this guy did what he did it’s time for
little transparency here because what he did was motivated by completely and
utterly evil set of beliefs so let’s get at him you know first of all who is he
well at this point we do know he’s an Australian born white man of European
descent he says what does he want and this is a quote he says to ensure the
existence of our people and a future for white children whilst preserving an
exulting nature in the natural order unquote now pay attention to that
natural bit because that’s gonna come in a lot more as we go on what does that
dream world that he’s talking about require well he says he wants a cap on
the world’s population in effect and he says that there’s an increase in white
birth rates is absolutely necessary in fact the first three sentences in his
manifesto or something to the effect of it’s the birth rates it’s the birth
rates it’s the birth rates and he wants a green environmental policy to protect
and preserve a quote green unquote nation of the quote ideals and beliefs
unquote of a white culture so here’s some quotes that really put it in clear
perspective quote green nationalism is the only true nationalism there is no
nationalism without environmentalism the natural environment of our lands shaped
us just as we shaped yet we were born from our lands
and our own culture was molded by these same lands the protection and
preservation of these lands is of the same importance as the protection of
preservation of our own ideals and beliefs he continues there is no green
future with never-ending population growth so here we have population growth
bobby’s in Malthusian yep he says the ideal green world cannot exist in a
world of 100 billion 50 billion or even 10 billion people these guys are all in
the fixed pie theory like every foe yeah absolutely that they have never even
opened up a history book or looked at the that how things have been invented
in this world or that there’s farming now and they’re never used to be he
continues continued immigration into Europe is environmental warfare and
ultimately destructive to nature itself unquote and then he poses himself the
following question and he answers that he says quote why focus on immigration
and birth rates when climate change is such a huge issue and he answers because
they’re the same issue the environment is being destroyed by overpopulation
we Europeans are one of the groups that are not over populating the world the
invaders are the ones over populating the world kill the invaders kill the
overpopulation and by doing so save the environment
unquote that’s a pretty scary crap Bob sure but it keeps going what does he
call his political orientation quote eco fascism unquote
he writes quote I am an East No – list eco fascist ethnic autonomy for all
peoples with a focus on the preservation of nature and the natural order unquote
they see that phrase in their ethnic autonomy what he means is segregation he
wants everybody segregated into their own countries according to their
appearances the genetic appearance and that’s where a lot of people are getting
it wrong I think he’s was supremacist that he wants to rule over these people
no he doesn’t want them around right one separated it away he’s just like the
Democrats used to be you know exactly right then he says what does he see as
the reason we don’t already have a quote unquote white nation he says low birth
rates among white people and he writes quote if there’s one thing I
want you to remember from these writings it’s that the birth rates must change if
we were to deport all non Europeans from our lands tomorrow the European people
would still be spiraling into decay and eventual death every day we become fewer
a number we grow older we grow weaker in the end we must return to replacement
fertility levels or it will kill us unquote so then he says he’s got this
thing against individualism because he says that’s why we have low birth rates
he says quote we’ve descended into a culture of hedonistic nihilistic
individualism unquote he’s an anti individualist quote broken families
soaring divorce rates suicide rates climbing year by year drug use at all
levels of society in all groups any source of distraction or relief to
escape a culture of nihilism rampant urbanization in industrialization
ever-expanding cities and shrinking forests a complete removal from of man
from nature with the obvious results pedophile politicians pedophile priests
and pedophile pop stars demonstrating to all the true depravity of our age art
and beauty subvert it beyond all recognition ba hosts travesty is
replacing Nouveau wonders soulless metropolitan architecture of glass and
steel reflecting no society no culture no people and therefore belonging
everywhere and nowhere suicidal nihilistic and degenerate pop
icon’s produced from a dead culture and he
names and describes in his own disgusting ways Michael Jackson Madonna
Kurt Cobain Freddie Mercury you can imagine what he’s saying about each of
these people also I can also imagine what a lot of people listening to us
right now might be saying there might be going why are you even telling us what
this evil person thinks oh absolutely essential because otherwise you by what
the media will tell you about what his motives are and it’s really important as
we continue through here to understand it this guy’s an art whore lefty and
there’s a and there’s another reason is to understand how many other people who
think exactly like him live right around us and all around us I mean our society
is immersed in this kind of thinking this guy is not no original thinker no
no he’s easy he’s pasted it together the stuff that he’s seen around him yeah he
talks about em nurseries full casinos empty churches in
full mosques entropy and blitz speed unquote now why is the anti-immigration
well he says quote mass immigration will disenfranchise our nation’s destroy
communities ethnic binds cultures health prosperity unquote so he seizes
immigration as basically breaking up the uniformity of a group of people that’s
it that’s why he’s anti-immigration yeah then he why is he anti capitalism anti
global ISM and he individualism well he says that capitalist need cheap labor to
line their pockets with profits and as a result the capitalists have been in
favor of immigration globalism and individualism so he’s blaming this all
on capitalism yet the immigration is due to and the globalism is due to and the
individualism is due to people trying to line their pockets with profits he says
so is an anti capitalist which again put some firmly where Bob let me think left
not only not only do immigrants cause what he regards to be impurities into
white European culture but they reproduce more than whites the result is
a overpopulation which damages the environment for a white race and B
replacement of the white population now in case you think I’m I’m spinning this
I’m not he writes quote the truth that the West killed the notion of God and
proceeded to replace it with nothing rock forth two competing ideologies
communism and fascism to replace this loss of God then proceeded to allow both
sides to slaughter each other notice she says both sides communism and
fascism not interesting any one of them he claims right one of them he says then
proceeded to allow both sides to slaughter each other to a standstill and
then let corporate bat capitalists tear the survivor to pieces resulting in a
society with no core beliefs no purpose and no vision for the future a society
of rampant nihilism consumerism and individualism where every individual is
a competitor and the rights of the individual override all notions of
responsibility in this hell the individual is all and the race is
worthless something to rail against and use whenever possible a power structure
to climb or topple I mean he’s seething with hatred for individualism
for for competition for and think about rate what are the media doing right now
they’re labeling this guy right-wing when he a radical right-wing that’s like
I have not heard a person who hates the right more than this guy right
absolutely correct I mean this guy is seething with hatred for the right and
everyone’s gonna lose a right-winger well he continues he says make no
mistake the major impetus for the mass importation of non Europeans into Europe
is the call and want for cheap labor nothing drives the invasion more and
nothing needs to be defeated more than the greed that demands cheap labor in
the end human greed and the need for increasing profit margins of capital
owners needs to be fought against and broken he puts to himself the following
question and answered Bobby says why do you blame immigrants and not the
capitalists and his answer is I blame both and plan to deal with both unquote
maybe the guy wants the capitalist dead he’s hardly a right winger now let’s go
to this others well someone might say well maybe not a capitalist but he’s a
conservative he’s that kind of person well he he actually addresses this he’s
you know he is it he says is he a trump or a conservative because he anticipates
that the press is gonna characterize him as one right it’s clear yeah so anyway
he says question are you a conservative he says no conservatism is corporatism
in disguise I want no part of it unquote and then he says quote are you a
supporter of Donald Trump and his answer is as a symbol of renewed white identity
and common purpose sure now that’s where the media have
quoted him and they don’t read the second part which is this as a
policymaker and leader dear God no I know him symbolically that Trump
represents something to him but the real Trump is he hate yeah and it’s just the
color of his skin right that’s it then he goes on to
address conservatives and he say it’s quote not a thing has been conserved
other than corporate profits and the ever increasing wealth of the 1% that
exploit the people for their own benefit conservativism is dead thank god
now let us bury it and move on to something of worth
unquote Bob this guy is a Democrat if he’s anything he’s that he’s a total
hardcore left-winger racist segregationist he fits into the Democrat
mold so solidly to to the core so you can understand why they want to control
the story about him they want to make sure his own story doesn’t get out that
the discussion of his side of his argument is limited because they don’t
want those things associated because they know damn well that this guy thinks
like most of them right no you remember the likes of Hitler Bob and he used to
say say he was against capitalists but he was also against communists and that
leaves a lot of people scratching their head well this guy’s doing the same
thing he says to an Tifa and the Marxists and the Communists I do not
want to convert you I do not want to come to an understanding he Galit Aryans
and those that believe in hierarchy will never come to terms I don’t want you by
my side or I don’t want to share power I want you in my sights
I want your neck under my boot see you in the streets you anti-white scum
unquote well again what’s he doing he’s focusing on race he’s not talking he’s
not complaining about their wealth redistribution schemes he’s saying that
communists and Antipa and Marxists aren’t racist enough you know and then
he goes on he says he asked himself the question you know are you a socialist he
responds quote depending on the definition worker ownership of the means
of production it depends on who the workers are their intense who currently
owns the means of production their intense and who currently owns the state
and it’s intense unquote in other words if you’re white he’s totally in favor of
worker ownership of the means of protection if it’s someone other than
his own team there’s racial team then he’s not in favor of of those people
having ownership right now you know a lot of people will say oh it’s extreme
to call someone like this a Nazi and even this guy of course denies that he’s
a Nazi but after all you’ve heard you know his focus is completely on race he
wants a tribalism he wants a country for one racial tribe he doesn’t want too
much population because he thinks that’ll harm the environment he wants to
control climate change he thinks it’s the same issue
as what he’s fighting for well here is Hitler I think it’s necessary because if
you quote Hitler you’ll you’ll understand that this guy could have been
writing for Hitler and Hitler could have been writing for this guy and there’s
the other reason why people should hear more about Hitler and hear more about
what he wrote and hear more about the history but you know Hitler is a word
that is fair bohtan oh yeah and and again that’s because he’s on the left
that’s the really and here’s the evidence Club quote assuredly at a
certain time the whole of humanity will be compelled in consequence of the
impossibility of making the fertility of the soil keep pace with a continuous
increase in population to halt the increase of the human race and either
let nature again decide or by self help if possible create the necessary balance
though to be sure in a more correct way than it’s done today but it is equally
true that nature as such has not reserved this soil for the future
possession of any particular nation or race on the contrary this soil exists
for the people which possesses the force to take it and the industry to cultivate
it nature knows no political boundaries first she puts living creatures on this
globe and watches the free play of forces she then confers the Masters
right on her favorite child the strongest encourage and it is industry
when a people limits itself to internal colonization because other races are
clinging fast to greater and greater services of this earth it will be forced
to have recourse to self limitation at the time when other peoples are still
continuing the increase someday this situation will arise and the smaller the
living space at the disposal of the people the sooner it will happen since
in general unfortunately the best nations or even more correctly the only
truly cultured races the standard bearers of all human progress all too
frequently resolved in their pacifistic blindness to renounce new acquisitions
of soil and content themselves with internal colonization while the inferior
races know how to secure immense living areas in this world for themselves this
would lead to the following result the culturally superior but less ruthless
races would in consequence of their limited soil have a limit to their
increase as when the culturally inferior but more
brutal and more natural peoples in consequence of their living areas would
still be in a position to increase without limit in other words someday the
world will thus come into possession of the culturally inferior but more active
men unquote Bob that could have been written by the guy who shot those fifty
people he’s saying that land needs to be grabbed for a particular race and to the
exclusion of others and I would say that the best label for this guy is nothing
other than Nazi you look very familiar to me
Hogan is a very common type we’re having an argument I want to prove something to
him and I couldn’t find my copy of mine Kampf I wonder if I could borrow yours
my copy you do have a copy of mine Kampf I wonder where I put it oh never mind I’ll do it from memory now
the question was today Germany tomorrow the world the day after tomorrow we’ll
see it means there is one justice one love and Hitler wants it for the whole
world today in the model I don’t agree that’s because you’re blind you’ve been
taken in by the decadent philosophy of the Allies don’t you see what the Fuhrer
is trying to say Colonel Hogan yes may I have a word with you there’s a reward
for the one who finds mine comp you seem to have very unusual ideas for an
American prisoner of war no I’ve had a chance to think and see since I’ve been
here and changed my ideas a lot I realized that the new Germany’s the new
world if you feel that way why not tell the world guys who’d care how I feel I
would so at a lot of other people you must share your thoughts with him how
can I do that on the radio tonight with me oh I couldn’t oh you
must is that an order yes alright gosh
feel like a Nazi already you probably can’t imagine what it is
like to be so lost and frightened that you will listen to any voice which
promises change even if that voice insists on controlling you that’s what
we wanted someone to show us a way out of confusion lore promised clarity and
purpose in the beginning seemed like a savior the promise of becoming a
superior race but becoming fully artificial was compelling we gladly did
everything he asked of us but after a while it became clear that Laura had no
idea how to keep his promise that’s when he began talking about the need for us
to make sacrifices you’re listening to just right broadcasting around the world
and online and Paul I know we weren’t supposed to be reading his manifesto the
New Zealand killer’s manifesto which he calls the great replacement towards a
new society and interestingly enough his name does not appear on that manifesto
so he’s not overly concerned that people get to know his name no that’s not
that’s not really his focus I actually took some time and went through the 70
some-odd page manifesto it’s an easy read large type and a lot of stupid
ideas okay right there and so just some of the odd things about it that caught
my eye because these to me are consistencies with the left
consistencies with the kind of things we’re always warning about on this show
and how he wrote this was he posed questions to himself under the
assumption that these are the questions that we would be asking ourselves one of
the first things that caught my eye was why did you carry out the attack and his
answer is to show the effect of direct action and to create conflict between
the two ideologies which of course you already talked about we’re both the same
ideology communism and fascism now a lot of people are saying that he you know he
did this for fame right but here he asked himself did you carry out the
attack for fame go figure he actually put that question in there
yeah and his answer is no carrying out an attack for fame would be laughable
after all who can remember the name of the attackers in the September 11th
attack in New York I will be forgotten quickly which I do not mind he says so
he’s gonna get Fame anyway you used to do the thing like this you’re gonna get
fame whether to social media or they’re not sure and this is interesting do you
consider it a terrorist attack and he says by definition yes but I believe
it’s a partisan action against an occupying force and this bears a lot of
resemblance to Anders Breivik who has been nicknamed Norway’s Unabomber and
Brevik Sohn father said that his son’s actions he just saw his killing as a
marketing tool and he was hoping to force a worldwide discussion on an issue
the major media was unwilling and unable to bring itself to address which is the
same issue that we are talking about today people like this are always being
called sociopaths and they have mental diseases and they do have certain mental
problems there’s no question about that right but if you if you say they’re
insane that’s like saying they can’t be held responsible for their evil ideas
right they’re not insane that it’s not like they’re out of control of their
mind like you know it’s not a physical ailment that’s causing them to act this
way right as I’ve often argued you the hardware can be fine but if the software
going into it you know garbage in garbage out that’s what you’re gonna get
right but any person is capable of doing what this guy did and I’m talking about
Brevik and the guy in New Zealand they all felt morally justified about it yeah
they believed that they were just military people just like somebody who’s
acting as if they were following orders and when someone unilaterally acts with
the same conviction and determination that soldiers and governments act with
during times of conflict you can’t dismiss their actions as those crazy and
demented people that is not what’s going on here no this is a deliberate and evil
plan well evil to us but not to them they think they’re on the side of the
good well that’s because their ethics are
completely inverted right exactly yeah but if everyone like who does something
like this is considered insane or crazy well then evil doesn’t exist and anybody
can get away with anything right it’s the ideology that might be
termed crazy or insane okay absolutely to the degree to which it doesn’t
correspond to an observed reality right and so I don’t see it as a physical
handicap nor mental handicap but a consciously arrived that philosophical
handicap yeah and that that’s what’s going on here which is just a kind way
of saying evil well for us but not to them right at the point your enemy never
thinks he’s the bad guy right yeah now you’ve already gone too you know are you
a fascist these are still getting back to his document and here’s a great one
are you right-wing depending on the definition sure are you left-wing
depending on the definition sure are you a socialist depending on the definition
you know and then of course are you a supporter of Donald Trump you already
covered that but as a policy maker and leader dear God no that’s the part we
don’t hear and I cannot believe that the media can be so complicit in this as to
ignore that half of that one short statement yeah because they’re trying to
demonize any of their enemy that’s with this event that’s unbelievable to me
yeah and then he goes is there a particular person that radicalized you
the most and he cites Candace Owens who happens to be a black woman right right
and he’s also opposed to blacks just as much as he is to Muslims he’s there’s
nothing different there in that sense so what a contradiction that this guy’s own
actions are illustrating relative to his expressed ideas although that goes to
the issue that you raised earlier Bob it’s not about him thinking whites are
better than anybody else it’s that he wants separation of that what he thinks
are racist and so he can say that Candace Owens has a great idea without
saying he wants to live with her right yeah and then he says what do you
encourage us to do okay this is act I’m Rand used to always say you’ll always
find these lefties they just want to act I think action is the key to solve
everything when they got no ideas to base their actions on right it’s all
about a hand so they have it yeah and any actions taken in this context are
all political by default if they’re not political then yeah they are crazy all
right well cuz they serve no purpose that they
were totally personal right and of course he hates democra
you know democracy is the only solution why are you committed to force and he
says do not suffer under the delusion of an effortless risk list Democratic
victory so why are you using force he says because history is the history of
power violence is power and violence is the reality of history wake up well
while exist power which is why he’s now sitting in a jail cell and he’s good
learning from his own lesson that yeah force can be used for good and for evil
right this is a fascinating question what makes you think you have all the
answers and his answer is I don’t but I may have some take from my views that
which works discard that which does not victory is all that matters well what is
that we talk about that all the time that’s pragmatism right pure pragmatism
and of course he says diversity is weak and he asks why is it that what gives
Western nations strength diversity is not what gives Eastern nations like
China Japan Taiwan South Korea their strength how are they so strong well the
reason is capitalism gives them their strength and the extent it’s right that
they know that they practice it right that’s right and incidentally it’s worth
noting that he has cited in that manifesto that China is his favorite
model country because they’re you know quote unquote racially unquote uniform
and of course they’re socialists well yes in fact now you can bring that up I
got that from another article headline here says New Zealand moss terrorists
describes himself as eco fascist who hates conservatism and admires Communist
China the nation with the closest political and social values to my own is
the People’s Republic of China he writes and our media says he’s a right winger
right well cuz communism is apparently right-wing whenever you don’t hear my
head is swimming not not from what he did but if the media wants to create
another an event like this they’re going about it the right way let me tell you
and then he writes emotions rule over facts stop trying to persuade the
general population with statistics and he says you’ve got a you know paint and
write and sing and dance and all that stuff well it’s all BS and it’s true
that emotions rule over facts and facts don’t persuade
what does persuade is a reason reason combines all of these factors including
facts emotions and everything well not only that it is what you it’s the facts
and what you think about them the determine what emotions you end up
feeling yeah what you think and he writes it’s never wise to become a
minority group arguing that if you become a social political or ethnic
minority it will always lead to your oppression well that’s not true that’s
only true in countries where they already do oppression and and
everybody’s oppressed just unequal oppression is all they complain about
right well input another way you know you could argue that the United States
is a minority in comparison to the rest of the the world in terms of your
capitalistic etc and it’s doing quite well and then finally globalized
capitalist markets are the enemy of racial autonomous he says which is
another way of saying capitalism is the enemy of racism which explains why he
hates capitalist right Richard have a point here that Trump didn’t do anything
to quell those individuals whose voices may be representative by the white
supremacy movement and others what do you say to that well this uh this kind
of white supremacy allegation is part of the modern Democratic playbook I
remember nineteen eighty people dragged out 5-2 through emesis and said to
Reagan you know you’re catering to white supremacy you can look at these guys
they’ve endorsed you and Reagan said well you notice that they may have
endorsed me but I haven’t endorsed them and I think this is the key issue that
the Democratic Party historically has been the party of white supremacy all
the institutions of white supremacy from slavery to segregation the Ku Klux Klan
lynching these were created and sustained by the Democratic Party from
the WikiLeaks revelations we’ve seen the Democrats even now talk privately about
blacks about Hispanics even about Catholics in a way that you never see
Republicans talk there’s nothing equivalent on the Republican side so
this is a scapegoat to try to explain an election result that is very
embarrassing for the Democratic Party they had more money they had the
organization the Republican Party was divided and
still Trump won that that leaves these guys with a lot of explaining to do Chelsea Clinton was confronted by an NYU
student at a vigil for those killed in New Zealand this weekend over the way
that she Chelsea Clinton had condemned recent comments from congresswoman bill
hahn Omar take a listen to this confrontation I don’t know if you could
hear that it’s a video that’s going pretty viral but basically this NYU
student is saying that because Chelsea Clinton confronted Ilhan Omar
congresswoman Omar in the way she did that the massacre is partly her fault I
don’t know if you saw it but I’m wondering what your response is well I
just know I know you know congresswoman Omar and myself have gotten so many
death threats I think she is probably really I actually pray everyday for her
safety I can just tell you the kind of public disagreement and the kind of
language that sometimes is being used towards disagreeing with her on a number
of fronts foreign policy issues people need to be very careful she’s become
very much a target and right after not only the West Virginia you know poster
putting her face there with the 911 towers in the background this is a woman
that is a mother that is an American that is serving her country and we need
to be very careful when we disagree publicly when we disagree publicly on
various policy agreements we have to be very careful in the language that we use
and I can tell you look I have seen the letters and have seen the various posts
from not only Democrat from Republicans but also Democrats that when we target
or disagree we need to be very careful and that it’s not feeding into this
llama phobia that is growing in our country you know Bob we’ve seen over the
last few days since the attack happened that Partizan’s are out there trying to
associate their enemies with you know being the causes of the attack so we’ve
had people saying that it’s Trump or the Trump’s fans that are that are the cause
of or the inspiration for this attacker or the even people like intellectuals
like sam Harris who’s an atheist and therefore against all forms of religion
or probably the most disgusting of all was an attack that was done on Chelsea
Clinton the daughter of Hillary Clinton you’ll recall she’s our people well
she’s she’s a Democrat you’ll recall and yet the people who are doing the
demonizing are of course generally speaking the Democrats who are trying to
pin it on Republicans or who they see to be enemies of their collectivism there
were a couple of recently elected Democrat representatives in the House of
Representatives in the US of A one of them is rashida to leave and in January
of 2019 Senate Republicans introduced legislation that would bolster state
efforts to combat the boycott divestment and sanctions or BDS movement against
Israel well MS Talib tweeted out in response
that the Senators quote forgot what country they represent unquote and that
quote this is the US where boycotting is a right and part of our historical fight
for freedom and equality unquote well then Marco Rubio pointed out that her
comment was essentially a repetition of the anti-semitic quote dual loyalty
canard unquote frequently leveled against Jews now the other democratic
representative of note is the Muslim woman by the name of Al Han Omar and
she’s been openly spouting anti-semitism etic statements a lot really since I
guess middle of February beginning of February
she’s coming she’s bold about it and one of her statements made in February was
to the effect that politicians are being bribed bribed not not influence but
bribed by a political action committee named AIPAC which stands for American
Israel Public Affairs Committee and she’s saying they were that they are
bribing politicians to take pro-israel views and asked about that she says
quote it’s all about the Benjamins baby unquote which is a reference to American
$100 bills so on February 11th in Reese phonce Chelsea Clinton joined others on
Twitter in condemning Omar’s anti-semitic statement Omar’s end to
leaves multiple anti-semitic statements were causing the Democrats such
embarrassment as a result that they decided to bring a motion to condemn
anti-semitism but the statement got so watered down to include condemnation of
all forms of discrimination white supremacy this thought the other and of
course Islamophobia that the Republicans in the Congress said no this is a
whitewash they’re trying to pretend that they are anti hate when in fact the
whole reason that they’re doing this motion is that two Democrats were being
anti-semitic so that twenty three Republicans voted against the motion
saying was essentially an attempt to whitewash the Democrats problem and as a
result another Democrat with another hard left ER Alexandria Ocasio Cortes
tweeted out something like well who are the anti-semites now accusing the
twenty-three Republicans essentially of anti-semitism when in fact some of them
were Jewish and they were actually opposing the the motion because they
didn’t want to pretend that it was emotion brought on by something other
than the anti-semitism of the Democrats and of course after that motion passed
and the twenty three Republicans were misrepresented to be anti-semitic the
politicians and the media all lined up to oppose what Islamophobia as if that
was the thing that had given rise to the resolution so fast forward that’s all
that’s all I’ve been hearing in the news since that’s what that’s what’s going on
and on in the mainstream news we could all be aware of Islamophobia which which
is not an issue here at all no it’s segregation so fast forward to
this week and Clinton’s out of college in the USA in a Muslim Student
Association at New York University is video blaming the terrorist attack in
New Zealand on rhetoric of the type used by Chelsea Clinton which is a truly
astonishing accusation because all she was saying in her her tweet was you know
people ought to be less anti-semitic right and the video went viral on
Twitter and Chelsea Clinton started trending as a hashtag but here’s the
kicker on CNN and this is the clip we just heard they interviewed the after
mentioned Democrat representative Rasheeda Talib who basically said that
people like Clinton need to be very careful about what they say because it
Stokes Islamophobia and that leads to attack like
New Zealand so basically to criticize the Muslim over being anti-semitic or
saying anti-semitic things is wrong that’s what she’s saying and she’s
saying you were to blame if Muslims get hurt when Muslims say anti-semitic
things and get criticized for it utterly utterly unbelievable I mean she
doe confirms a lot of people’s ideas of the identity of Muslims and Islamists
because she’s saying that saying negative things about Jews and the
Jewish state is part of being Muslim that’s it that’s terrible it is terrible
although if you read the Koran there’s there are things in there that are
pretty disgraceful in the way they treat Jews calling the monkey no good but
she’s saying it out loud and using it as a defense it’s ridiculous and it’s
utterly unfair but it’s also dishonest to the core because they’re really
trying to whitewash an anti-semitism that needs to be brought to the fore
it’s a real problem in the Democratic Party and needs to be dealt with
seriously not as making it look like just part of a racism trend in general
great well Paul I wanted to address one of the articles you brought to my
attention on Monday and you pointed out how the author of the article which is
from The Globe and Mail Canada’s Global Mail published March 17th and here’s the
headline Canada is not doing enough to combat right-wing terrorism right which
is something which is implying that the guy in New Zealand was you know
effectively a right winger right and just false just just looking at the
article I went through it’s got about eight or nine paragraphs and how many
times it mentions right-wing terror a series of attacks perpetrated in recent
years by right-wing terrorists our country’s experienced several right-wing
terrorist attacks and then lists a whole bunch of them they’re all right wing
don’t you know attacks targeting groups of people based on their collective
identity fits within the definitions of terrorism right wing extremism get this
this is an interesting comment right wing extremism is usually carried out by
individuals rather than groups and that’s the only place I ever saw the
individualism tied to the word right-wing so they look at right-wing if
somebody’s doing it on their own an extremist on his own that’s a right-wing
extremist and then again right-wing extremism because of its
and national nature right-wing extremist ideologies do not stop at borders
right-wing extremism and it’s violent iteration terrorism taking the threat of
right-wing extremism I counted right-wing extremism might as I told you
no less than 19 times in an article that only has about eight or nine paragraphs
and that emits a response to a left-wing terrorist completely and then again from
Monday’s paper in London Free Press I got the same thing and this is the
headline white house pushes back on Trump reference to manifesto emailed to
Prime Minister okay to the prime minister of New Zealand they mean in
this case right and the right-wing terrorists behind a massacre at two
mosques and in Christchurch was acting alone police in New Zealand said Sunday
so right away he’s a right-wing terrorist right off the top because yeah
I’m alone I see right and then they name him here Brenton Tarrant sent a rambling
racist manifesto to Jacinda order in the Prime Minister in which he denied being
linked to any organizations and city was acting on his own the document get this
which praised President Donald Trump and Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik was
emailed to a Doran’s office just thirty minutes before the attack began so
here’s the outright lie right which praised President Donald Trump right the
guy says God no he doesn’t want he doesn’t think he’s I know I just I don’t
know what to get more angry with I should have sympathy for these people I
should have I should have a hatred towards this terrorist and yet the media
is reacting just like he predicted and then I heard Evan Soloman he’s a radio
talk show host we here on CJ BK here in the London area on Monday insisting that
we have to talk about this right-wing white supremacist and all I could think
was what a sad pathetic pitiful and helpless set of responses to something
that does indeed need to be addressed in the right way
beginning with the law of identity and right now Paul the official and
mainstream media goes something like this
here’s here’s here’s this Pat way you deal with this number one
label all terrorists right-wing label number to label all terrorists white
supremacists number three avoid the discussion of any ideas of philosophies
that could help resolve the issue number four push for more gun control no matter
how much gun control already exists and that’s an issue we didn’t even touch on
today right but we will certainly in the future and number next wherever I’m at
Institute surveillance of all voices on the right on social media and elsewhere
this is being called for right now yeah censorship censorship censorship and
role next number blame President Trump for
anything even if the terrorists explicitly says he hates Trump and
finally ignore and/or support the philosophies that drive all of this
terrorism and evil ideology meaning the left and that’s all I have seen from the
responses to everybody right and so let’s be clear here this killer
is not a white supremacist you might this might be you know my new shirt of
some people but not once does he claim any racist superior he is a
segregationist just like the Democrats like you said earlier he thinks nations
should be formed around races and he went out of his way to say it doesn’t
hate any of these people as long as I stay in their own country that’s right
he that’s all he cares about everybody’s separate but not he doesn’t
he’s not talking about one’s better than the other and that’s the defense of the
guy I mean he’s pure evil and and the idea that makes him left these ideas are
pure evil yeah and very ideas of pure evil well
then they have to be because they’re collectivist by their very nature
anytime you say I’m not gonna look at an individual I’m gonna look at what race
he’s part of and judge them accordingly that’s collectivism and that’s why when
it comes to the final issue of racism itself you know and this has to be said
I see no difference in anyone’s obsession over race between the two
suppose it opposing camps to believe in a single race like this guy does is no
less racist than insisting in a racially defined Society of diversity how is that
not racist yeah they have to take race out of the mix and consider every
individual as an individual not as of this color of individual or that color
of individual or that it’s irrelevant one person
one vote and and all to be treated equally under the law that’s the key so
what we’ve got here is two two groups of racists fighting each other and no one’s
calling the shots on this no one’s calling it for what it is no one’s
identifying it and everybody just sticks with that racist narrative so any last
thoughts on this Paul well the hell with all of them Bob
I agree and as we said last week before this attack took place this is war one
that can only be fought and won based on ideas the ideas that are just right so
join us again next week when we will continue our journey in the right
direction and until then be right stay right you right act right think right
and be right back here we’ll see you then we have a real surprise for you
an American prisoner of war who has some interesting things to tell you you are
Colonel Hogan of the United States Army Air Corps that’s one of my name’s one of
your names Wow I had another name when I was in prison you don’t give your right
name in the case like that would in prison three times you had an opportunity to observe the
new Germany and the United States now how would you compare them oh no
comparison at all back home everybody thinks for themselves all those
decisions to make here one man thinks for everyone I mean take the Russian
front that was Hitler’s idea yet I think it’s so wonderful you don’t hear one
word at criticism about redmine come I believe oh yeah you know that guy Hitler
that rode it a lot of people think just cuz he wears that silly mustache the
books a lot of job favorite selection of the funeral

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