In the dangerous and wild Amazonian
forest, three scientists illegally research the local fauna and flora but the unsuspecting scientists can’t even imagine that near them an ancient Aztec temple made of gold, emanates a mysterious and powerful hidden energy Oh no! The strange and bizarre energy caught me while I was holding a Capybara and now I’m THE CAPYBARA MAN! Oh God, I was studying the attributes and benefits of this strange flower looking for a lucrative cure for cancer and I ended up turning into ORCHID MAN! Oh no, I had this beetle in my hand that’s why I ended up turning into What the fuck is this?! Why is my dick covered in thorns?? It’s yours like that too?? Hmm the penis with thorns is actually a feature of some beetles they usually cause horrible wounds on their partners but it could be worse you could have turned into the
orchid man, who doesn’t even have a penis I kind of like it! It smells a lot like
the Cologne that I use that costs a fortune and now my skin is much softer,
smooth and silky! Cologne? Silky skin?? Buddy my dick has thorns! It’s exactly the only place where you can not have thorns! Actually it didn’t really change
much for me, I only had a three-inch penis before It was pretty much lesbian
sex up till now, lots of tongue and fingering Oh yeah? But I was happy with my four inch dick! But with no thorns! What am I going to do? Some thorns are
even bigger than an actual dick And they became the guardians of the lungs of the
earth; the Amazon Jungle Protectors! I don’t want to be an Amazon
jungle protector! I don’t really give a fuck about it I just want my dick back Now they fight day by day, protecting the forest from human devastation I would really rather be fucking but my dicks got thorns so… Nice job protectors ! Whatever…


  1. The Big Bad Beetle Bro needs to look at this from a different angle. If eviscerating the people he's dating is REALLY an issue, he should look to find people with which it would not be an issue. Like… someone with superhuman durability… that might consider an atypically textured disco-stick to be a bonus…
    I'm saying he should do what everyone else seems to be doing: hit on Majestic.

  2. Notei que alguns dos personagens são paródias de super heróis! O homem besouro tem a roupa igual do Wolverine e o mesmo temperamento! Por favor coloquem o dublador do Wolverine para dublar esse cara na versão em língua portuguesa!

  3. What is also funny beyond the dick with thorns is how quickly a group of illegal researchers turned into ecological protectors for no apparent reason.

  4. Astecas na Amazônia??? Olha seria bom voltar aos livros de historia e fazer uma pesquisa melhor, o povo Asteca nunca esteve na floresta Amazônia, mesmo os Incas (povo dos Andes) próximo da Amazônia chegou a se estabelecer na floresta Amazônia apesar de algumas tentativas! Isso esta errado historicamente falando!

  5. Wait, the Aztecs never went that far south. Incans and possibly Mayans, but definitely not Aztecs.

  6. "Eu quero é que se foda.
    Só quero meu pu de volta" parece um velho, sem o viagra no meio do puteiro.

  7. Just me or anyone else noticed that Beetleman looks more like someone wearing a Beetle's outfit than one who turned actually into animal like his partners?

  8. I can only imagine the utter HORROR if you and Harry Partridge ever teamed up together.

    Imagine the Society of Virtue if they ever met… DR. BEES!

  9. Dont worry just find a kinky woman that likes spikey things shoved up her puss, the dark net has a few of those i think 🤔

  10. Dude
    I Watched Tje Original Version(Brazilian) and This One
    Brazilian is Better
    (ps:Eu so Brasileiro mas isso n tem nd a Ver com minha opinião)

  11. On the other hand, if Beetle-man has the proportional strength of a rhinoceros beetle, he should be able to lift a space shuttle. That’s a pretty good power.

  12. I don't know what to type.. This is killing me!😂😂😪😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Lesbian sex!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Sounds like you guys have been watching "Scientifically Accurate Cartoon Intros."

    Those peeps are super into weird animal phalli

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