The Joke of the Pokémon Go Player and his Poké Balls

If you have been following me on YouTube… Leave me alone! On the other hand, if you’ve been watching my videos, you will know that my cause in life is the abolition of humor, laughter, joy, happiness and especially
jokes! In my videos, I accomplish my noble mission
by telling, analyzing and destroying a joke as an example of why jokes… are not… funny. Hi, I’m your old pal, Uncle Phil. Jokes and laughter distract us from living
according to my PASS principle of propriety, austerity, sobriety and severity. But a new distraction has been thrust upon
us! I speak, of course, of the mobile gaming phenomenon,
Pokémon Go! Now, your old Uncle Phil keeps up with the
times because I am hip. I am groovy. I am not a square. That is why today, I will tell you a Pokémon
Go joke. Not to amuse or delight you, oh no, but to
prove that this joke, like all others is not funny. Thus, I present the joke of the Pokémon Go
Player and his Poké Balls. Ahem… There was a Pokémon Go player who out chasing
Pokémons with a friend. He was running low on items and was nowhere
near any Poké Stops. As such, he had to limit his attempts to capture
only the Pokémons that he really needed and he had to aim very carefully so as not to
waste any Poké Balls. He said to his friend, I gotta ration my balls. His friend replied, That must be really itchy! Thus ends the joke. As you can plainly tell, this joke was not
funny! It’s just a story about playing Pokémon Go…
and I know what I am talking about. I started this ghastly game so that I could
investigate it and report on its evil to you good citizens. As of today, I have been playing Pokémon
Go daily for the last six weeks and I have just achieved level three – no doubt making
me an expert player! I could quit any time I want to! I just choose to wait until level four…
or maybe five… No matter – I currently have 88 Poké Balls. As such, I haven’t gotta ration my balls yet,
but if I did, I don’t see why it would make me itchy. As such, the joke makes no sense and is not
the slightest bit funny. I’m your old pal Uncle Phil admonishing you
to support my righteous quest to destroy humor, laughter, jokes and even Pokémon Go (though
not just yet). Support me by liking my videos, sharing my
videos and subscribing to my Jokes are Not Funny YouTube channel. You can access this fine channel directly
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