The Human-Robot Society

We often think in terms of conventional robots as humanoid… or they are things that are in factories… or they are robots that hoover the floor in our houses. But actually I say that the robots of the future are going to be everywhere. They’re going to affect every part of your life. Well, ubiquitous is a really good word. It does mean absolutely everywhere and I believe that robot technologies will be everywhere. In fact I think that in the future robotic technologies will be so ubiquitous that we may not even think of them as robots. So the technologies will be part of our daily lives, we can imagine that the human and the robot societies merging together and in future we will have one robot-human society. Robotic ubiquity requires us to work hard at that core technologies. So those are the technologies to make robots more functional, to make the intelligence of robotics more applied and more generalized and to put the two of them together. Now, in terms of the technologies for robotics, we need to work at materials, we need to look at totally different ways of thinking about robots. So lots of work in the laboratory will be needed. We are at the start of a new revolution. It is a little bit like the agricultural and the industrial and the technology revolutions of the past. They are going to… they did disrupt and this new revolution, the robotic revolution, will disrupt our societies. I think it’s up to us in the societies to manage that and to catch any of the people who may lose their jobs through this. But I think sometimes this has been overstated and we will ask robots to develop. We will have to manage how
they and humans work together.

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