The Holistic Sanctuary Offers Healing From Addiction With Johnny The Healer All Rights Reserved 2016

record-breaking year for drug deaths and overdoses in our area many say heroin is at the heart of this startling fact we have the worst epidemic of drug addiction ripping our streets apart there's been a sharp rise in cases of post-traumatic stress disorder over the past three years it may affect one in five soldiers returning from Iraq there's a great need for treatments that current medications in Newark partially drugs that are prohibited actually nearly 60% of US adults take prescription meds I think the next great issue in our time really is that we are being poisoned every time I take something I always feel weird and then somebody will say a doctor will say well for the weirdness you're feeling by taking something take something else and the next thing you know I'm taking nine things they don't want you to be on drugs they want you to be on truth I just want you to be wow it's an epidemic there's no medication for alcohol there's no medication for prescription drug abuse which we're all symptoms are so intolerable for people that they just rather stay addicted to the medication than pursue treatment we need a new system a new system that heals the patient to a pre damaged state America wasn't helping me addiction specialist doctors weren't helping me the medications that they gave me weren't helping me they were just getting me sicker and sicker and and all my friends around me the same thing they put a bandaid on the wound it doesn't get better in fact it promotes the wound to get worse and obviously it gets caught up in the cycle of medicine medicine medicine money money money I've been to rehabs on top of rehabs conventional methods suboxone methadone I've done probably every program you could deal nothing's worked when I went to 12-step programs they made me feel like a bad person I tried every way every different medication every different type of detox that's available in the United States and it just didn't work I felt like there was something more offered to me and I had to come to Mexico to find that out my name is Johnny the healer the founder creator and director of the holistic sanctuary the holistic sanctuary is a paradise retreat for patients from all over the world to come and get healed healed from addiction depression PTSD and any other health issues or spiritual issues that they may have the holistic sanctuary came about because my 20 year battle with drug addiction my whole life was plagued with addiction and depression and suicidal thoughts addiction and depression ran through my family rapid I lost my mom to crack cocaine at 13 years old my brother committed suicide in 2001 after you was given a pharmaceutical medication that had known side effect of suicide I can never change the past and I can never bring my family back I was desperate to save my own life I committed myself to 17 treatment centers bailed the same thing they all called me powerless they all called me a curable and they all gave me medications they did not know how to heal my soul heal my body in so I had to escape it's been over eight years and I am totally completely cured and now after curing myself I'm curing others Jenny to buy ones black in Baja California Mexico to buy fed up with Western medicine claims he's helped almost 80 people kick their addictions he also claims to have an astonishing 90% success rate our medical system in America is broken so I invented the prion muffin to save your loved one the man has come out of the gates of hell now he's devoted his life to saving people's lives instead of like these psychologists and people that have never even went through addiction someone that's been there and has felt healed from it like their other point of view is so much more special because there's hope there Johnny is a true healer I mean he I have felt received firsthand on how amazing the system works this is a very practical and very realistic approach it's got it down to a science I was a very medicinal preparatory plant-based medicine protocol that no one has ever seen I guarantee it you're set up on a schedule you're up at 6:00 in the morning straight to meditation energy healing I'm juicing salt baths organic coffee enemas vitamins amino acids natural raw foods IV drips for the vitamins infrared sauna for an hour and you any sweat a lot of toxins out then they whisk you off for an amazing massage and then after that you're in a hyperbaric chamber just one treatment after the other and it made it so much smoother everything I use it the holistic sanctuary and hoes non-toxic if it doesn't grow from the ground it's not from nature it will not use it so coolly on method is Wow really words cannot describe the views the beach you played volleyball you can go down you can workout dev really nice gym downstairs and they have a treadmill right in front of the water looking over the ocean and then a lots of last weekend I went out I just see a notice which is a lot of fun the holistic sanctuary is what was put here on earth from God himself no joke it's the real deal it's purified by life it saved me it saves my soul you feel as if you're your family here this this place is magical I mean it's hard to describe we teach our clients how to relive and live a new life a complete lifestyle change nothing we do is ordinary everything we do and the result forget our extraordinary for those who are ready to change their life my system can reverse any addiction and any depression Johnny knows exactly what he is doing if you listen to what he says and get on his regimen he will change your life I came here just to get clean for a new life it requires your whole system and you think differently you get your confidence back you get everything back and more you know what your purpose is for life – it's just it's absolutely amazing what in what Johnny does here I mean completely changes lives he came back and I saw the light in his eye again that I haven't seen since we're in high school and I wanted that I wanted to feel whole again we're gonna reintroduce you back to who you are who you really are we're gonna empower you and inspire you to make that radical change you walk through the doors and they embraced you with their understanding their love no judgment this is not a shame based program this is empowering system I want to feel powerful I want to feel in charge of my life and this place has done it it's given me my life back it's giving me my smile back this place saved my life I honestly to tell the truth and don't remember my life before I just I feel like a new person now I feel like I have a choice like freedom in my life right now that morning out of the treatment like I woke up so clear minded that when I put my feet on the ground it was literally like I walked for the first time like I plan on putting that date of February flick 2014 I mean I'm because I feel like it's a new birthday if there's a cure in the world my program is it he says to me many times it's a one-stop shop Gary I don't want repeat clients I want people who come in get well and leave that's my job it's 100% the real deal and I'll stand back to out to anybody and I'll point that cause till I die younger than he is

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