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I saw the Sun begin to do and felt that when a win I'll call and then learns who was there for him when the glitter fades and the walls won't halt cuz from nan ruble one remains can only be once true if all was lost there's more I gained cuz has led me back to you I drink champagne with kings and queens the politicians praised my name the tolls or someone else's dreams the pitfalls of the man I became for years and years I chased their cheers the crazy speed of always needing more but when I stop and see you these eyes wouldn't be blinded by once waited till tomorrow starts tonight it starts tonight we will tonight [Applause] you you

20 thoughts on “The Greatest Showman | "From Now On" Lyric Video | Fox Family Entertainment

  1. I watched movie around 1000000000 times. When I have time I just watch this it's never boring to me. I would really like the second part. What about u????

  2. この曲は皆が再出発に向けて歌ってるのホント最高、皆のやり直そう、また皆でやってやろうぜっていう気持ちが良く伝わってくる。

  3. Mr.Hugh Jackman is a surprise in a box.. like u never know how many talents he has.. he always amazes the audience.. love his hard work dedication to every thing he does.. something that caught my eye.. different from many actors is that he's so humble inspite of being the best..👏

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