The Government’s new National Living Wage is coming

In April, the government’s new national
living wage becomes law. Workers aged 25 and over will be legally entitled
to £7.20 per hour. That’s 50p more in your pocket for every
hour you work. It’s a step up in pay. A step-up for hard workers. A hand up, not a hand out. It’s a step up for families… and employers will be stepping up too. The government’s new national living wage a step up for Britain.

40 thoughts on “The Government’s new National Living Wage is coming

  1. Why is it that only 25s and over get the living wage? Does it not cost the same to live if your under 25? I can't work this out 😜

  2. Yeah this is literally the government trying to pull the cover over our eyes by flashing money in our faces, hoping we're not dumb enough to work out we actually lose money

  3. If the Minimum wage had kept pace with the rises in top managers pay since 1999 (the year the min wage was introduced.)
    The minimum wage would now stand at 39,000 pounds a year.

    This is how bad the wideing gap in wages is getting. (Being on 60-100K pounds a year is comfortable but you arent rich)
    The richest few have doubled their wealth since the last recession.

    £32 trillion sits in offshore tax avoidance schemes, just sitting there collecting interest. Something to mull

  4. The Government should have done more to stop employers from sacking those over 25 in the run up to this. I have heard through business groups that many big firms plan on cutting staff so they retain their profit levels. The new minimum wage doesnt even cover a modern life what with rents going up, and up, and up too!

  5. So anything that looks good (even though it really isn't actually any good) is trumpeted as"the government's". Whereas anything that's bad isn't anything to do with the government at all. Like "the government's record amount of people made homeless, suicidal or dying of cold and hunger etc" for example. Or "the government's sweetheart deal with Google, who are allowed to decide how much tax they pay". Or how about "The government's blind eye to 120 billion a year in tax dodging by their rich backers"?

  6. Yippee! You can now earn £13,271 on a forty hour week for 52 weeks straight without a holiday, that's before any contributions. Living wage my a*se!

  7. I'm 22, and this really upsets me. I've been at my place of work for over 5 years, I'm the only one that is under 25 and won't be getting any kind of rise. Plus My employer is also cutting out all the benefits. I'm going to lose money. I do the same job as everybody else and have been there longer than most of my colleagues, I even have more responsibility then most which I don't get paid for. I feel really cheated and unvalued. Life's not cheaper because your under 25. It's not fair

  8. Fucking bullshit, acting like its such a good thing that their doing. I work my bollocks off every day every week and just because im younger than 25 we dont get shit. bullshit government can fuck off, pricks

  9. Stupid. Employers have a wage budget. If they have to pay higher wages to people then that budget will be shared among fewer people, so the end result will be that some people will not only not have a minimum wage job, they won't have a job AT ALL.

  10. My grandson is 23 years old, married with a daughter, he and his wife work all the hours God sends to pay their mortgage and pay their bills this government does nothing for the young, it's so unfair

  11. To the extent that increasing the minimum wage actually makes a difference it increases unemployment and raises the price of living. Basic economics.

  12. Daft cunts on this advert got too pay mininum wage prices go up and torys won't get credit for this was labour that started mininum wage some cunts got short memory

  13. great news, looks like I'll only need to fork out extra £27 quid for new increased council tax starting tomorrow!!! 😀

  14. Well I now get paid £8.20 an hour. I don't know if it will make a difference to me as I no longer get paid for my breaks. And I no longer get time and a half for a sunday

  15. Minimum wage rarely hurt businesses, especially big businesses. It always hurts the workers and the customers more. It'll hurt the customers as they'll have to deal with rising prices, which disproportionately hurts the poor, and it hurts the workers who're priced out of the labour market. Businesses are usually the least affected as they can always outsource, automate more, or simply raise their prices. Sure some small businesses may struggle or go under, but as long as politicians get their cheap votes, who cares about the little guys, right?

  16. Yes, because those aged 21-24 are not adults and have no responsibilities! Another hint to millennials that this government doesn't care

  17. "A hand up, not a hand out" – More demonstration of the people who require assistance in the form of benefits…People who you'd be persuaded to think are a drain on society. Despite most benefits being pensions, for people who have actually served society. Many who fought in the wars waged by the tax dodging elite… .

    In relation to people on benefits, you cannot quantify what said people actually contribute to society without being paid. Many work in their communities to better them, often filling in gaps that austerity has created. They are heroes, unsung, not seeking praise.. just doing the right thing. And yes some people are benefit scammers Not all, but some do play the system, they give the majority a bad name. A name the elite tax dodgers are only too willing to enhance as a smoke screen for their greed and perhaps legal, but certainly immoral avoidance of tax and contribution to a society they appear to want to control.

    And last but not least, these so called drains on society, benefits claimants pay tax on the things they buy, the money goes back in to the system. Whereas those who seek to scapegoat the poor and the vulnerable pay little or no tax. They have interest in off shore ventures that dubiously keep them in fine living, at the top where they appear to feel they belong. Receipts are collected for most things and tax is written off.

    It might seem that one has divined a lot from the use of the term "A hand up, not a hand out" . Having seen this current Tory incarnation employ tactics like this since and perhaps before 2010 repeatedly there are only so many bye-balls one can give an entity before concluding that it has been a deliberate. It would be arrogant for one to assert everything one claims as fact, but to dismiss it altogether… might be a touch blinkered.

  18. The time of protest has ended its time for physical resistance to the state corporate complex, down with the pig system! It's time for the workers to shock the system. From the Left Resistance.

  19. Problem one ("every one 25 and over"). Obviously some people deserver more money than other people, despite being people.
    Problem two, false use of the term 'living wage'.
    Problem three "50 more in your pocket for every hour worked): issue 1, thats only true if you earned the old minimum wage, issue 2, only true if we ignore taxcredit reductions ( of which often result in a net loss), issue 3 only true if ignoring increased national insurance contributions.

  20. The minimum wage should be scrapped altogether. It's none of the government's business to dictate to employers how much to pay their employees. That's between the employee and the employer.

  21. The fucking pricks cameron osborne got do this it should be for everyone including the under 25s fucking disgrace young ones better off not working for any cunts

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