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Welcome to Sync Mind. Please Use Headphones and Listen Carefully. The morning is cool but it’s going to be a hot day; just like life. (Laughs) You don’t go by what’s there now; what’s there now is all-important in terms of experience, but what’s there now is not an
indication of what’s going to be; definitely not. The process of what we call as life, most of the time except a few nasty mornings, most of the time it starts off well. Hmm? At least for you,
not for your mother (Laughter); at least for you. (Laughs) Not that everybody’s life
something wrong has to happen. Some people will have a good deal, some people have a bad deal. With the family, money, careers, business, partners that you choose, children that you bear and various other social, financial, emotional situations, some people have a good deal,
some people have a bad deal. Good deal or bad deal is not the point. The point is, is this life serving the
purpose of you moving on, because… no matter how much you try to settle yourself
into the comfort of what is there right now, there is something within you
longing to be something more. No matter how much you think you
have given up everything, you renounced, or you become lethargic
enough to live in a limbo, something within you wants to be little more on some
plane, whatever you know best. Either you can keep this longing just coming to terms with it,
This is how life is. Some fulfillment, some frustration; some gain, some pain’ these are all the philosophies
people propound to solace themselves, to tranquilize themselves to stay half asleep; hmm, you are, right now?
(Laughter) They pulled you out of the bed
and brought you? (Laughter) Hmm? Even if they are beating the drum… (Gestures) (Laughter) Are you fully alive?
Participant: Yes. Sadhguru: I want to hear some lively sound. Participants: Yes!
(Laughter) Sadhguru: So whenever I ask you,
are you on, you say hmmm. (Laughter) Participants: Hmmm. Sadhguru: That’s better. (Laughter) So… bad deals can happen not
necessarily because you are stupid, not necessarily, because you do something wrong;
bad deals can just happen. It can just happen, you know. Hmm? A leg can break; a tooth can
fall off; head can crack, hmm? Somebody dear to you may
fall dead tomorrow morning; bad deals can happen just
like that not because of a mistake, not because of
something; it can just happen. It’s happening to somebody every day; every day somebody is having a bad deal.
Isn’t it so? Even if you try to do something very good, even then bad deals can happen. (Laughs) Many people around you claimed
they know how it will come. They wrote it on a paper; they
gave you that horror-scope, hmm? (Laughs) That horror-scope which told you (Laughter) that this was the right
man to marry… (Laughter) And in how many ways you discovered (Laughter); how many ways. Lots of claims about life but still… what’s going to be a good deal, what’s going to be a bad deal in
the world outside, you do not know. Isn’t it so? You know for sure? So… if you have substantial experience of life… when I say substantial,
for most of us one is not enough. When we are reminded that there has been a
substantial experience of life, going through the same game
over, and over and over again, then you will not
long for immortality. You will want to see what’s beyond life. ‘Oh, is this because there is
something wrong with life?’ No; nothing wrong with it. It’s just that it’s limited, but there is something here (Gestures) which does not like the limited. There is something here which does not like boundaries; there is something here which will not
settle for anything less than the boundless. In the evolutionary process you can see from a single celled animal to all that has happened now, from that single celled animal to who you are right now, all that’s been happening is to somehow bring a larger slice
of life into your experience. That’s all that’s happened; became little more capable…
little more capable, to experience life not necessarily to do. An elephant can do
much more than you when it comes to physical activity, but that’s not the point; little more capable to experience life because what is there now
is somehow not enough. Pacifist philosophies have been taught to us to make you sleep where you are, be content with what you have; but it’s not worked. See (Laughter)… Early morning, bad deal;
(Laughter) somebody is having a bad deal. Somebody is sure having a bad deal. (Laughter) Lost your child, lost your mommy is not a small bad deal;
it’s big bad deal. But how we experience
the process of life is now for the first time as
a human being is in our hands. Never before it was in our hands. In the process of evolution,
all these millions of life forms that this might have gone through, in none of those forms we had the
freedom to choose our experience. Even now we don’t have absolute
choice to choose our situations, but… we have been given the freedom
to choose our experience. Whatever kind of deal, the inner deal we can strike a good
deal, a fabulous deal, whatever may be the outside deal. This one huge step of consciousness sets a human being apart. No other animal is able to determine the nature of his experience. The outside situations are good, they are
fine; if they are not good they are gone, but this one is capable
(Referring to oneself) of having an inner situation
the way he wants it; no matter what may be
happening around him. This ability… once this ability has come, if you exercise the choice of being conscious, it’s a benediction. If you do not, it is magnified misery compared to
any other creature on the planet. No other creature on this planet suffers
the way a human being suffers. Isn’t it so? Hmm? (Laughter) No other creature on this planet can suffer
the way a human being suffers; it’s deep. They do; it’s not that they don’t, but… not this deep. Human suffering is deep. This suffering is as deep as it is not because life is suffering;
lot of people have come to this. So if life becomes very sweet and
beautiful within you, the experience of life the more blissful it becomes, more the longing
for transcendence. People are always thinking
the suffering will seek. No. Those who are suffering, if you dangle a little bit of pleasure
here, they will run after that. It’s only one who is absolutely blissful
who will go straight on the path, because nothing bothers him, nothing interests him. He is already in the most pleasant way a human being can be; now he wants to go beyond, nothing else. Somebody who is suffering today, they say, today, ‘Sadhguru, I want to… I want mukti.’ Their idea of mukti is freedom from suffering; no (Laughs), mukti is not freedom from suffering. You cannot even seek liberation if you are in some state of suffering. If you are suffering all you will…
all you will seek is the sweetness of pleasure
and happiness; nothing more. Because people went
on talking about or lived their life
and made their lives an absolute suffering, that is why this whole idea of heaven. Heaven is a bloody perverted place; for sure, isn’t it? No? You have heard some stories
about heaven; how it is? You have or no? It’s a bloody perverted place; there
is no question about it. (Laughs) No sensible human being
would ever want to go there, but the whole world, at least a large part of the
world is aspiring to go there. That’s their idea of ultimate unfortunately, exaggerated quantities of pleasure. You should try it here; you
will get sick of it in no time. Because always it’s been rationed; pleasure has always been rationed to people they think larger quantities
is going to be better. Have large quantity of pleasure and see you will get sick of it, because pleasure is just a poor substitute for joy and blissfulness, and… this whole game of…. good deal, bad deal goes beyond life; hell and heaven is just good deal and bad deal. Even when the deal is good,
you can still suffer. Isn’t it so? Hmm? Are you not capable? Hmm? Even when the deal is great, are you still not capable of suffering? So if I export you to heaven (Laughs)… who told you this is not? Who told you this is not heaven;
how do you know? Is there any guarantee for you
that planet earth is not heaven? Do you know? Maybe you went through
all that hard bloody world somewhere and now you are in heaven. See, even the women are beautiful. (Laughter) It could be heaven. No? So if you land up in another place,
it’s not going to be any better. This silly idea they have
sold for a few thousand years; it beats me, the power of marketing…
(Laughter) It’s just… impossible, you know, the power of marketing. Even a… Even a school-going child knows your physical body seeks
oxygen, not carbon dioxide. Hmm? Even a school going child knows this, but see, they can pump carbon dioxide into a bottle and make you believe that’s the
best thing to drink on the planet. Power of marketing
(Referring to advertisements) ‘Real Thing.’ (Laughter) It is only the Indian farmers who found out the real purpose of these drinks, because they started using it on the plants. Plants like carbon dioxide. (Laughter) It’s only the… Indian farmers, the Andhra Pradesh farmers who did the right thing with the ‘Real Thing’.
(Laughter) They sprayed it on the plants and
they found it works. So… what can be sold to you? If the marketing machinery is strong enough, just anything can be sold to you and too much junk has been sold
to you – all kinds of junk. All kinds of junk. The general description of the heaven is such
that I wouldn’t want to go there. (Laughs) You want to? Even if it’s real, still it’s not an attractive
place to go. (Laughs) Many of you’re married; twelve wives – you want? (Laughter) Not my idea of heaven. (Laughter) So definitely this was concocted in a truly perverted man’s
mind, there is no question. Somebody who is deprived,
suppressed and perverted in his head only such a man could devise heaven and… unfortunately, uniformly across the world, the general description of the heaven just about amounts to the same things; the numbers vary of course. Depending upon the female
population who make it to heaven, but about the same things. So the most perverted in any population, they are the people who thought this up. And… because the perversion… When you are perverted, it gives you a tremendous sense of energy, always. See, if the policeman had as much
as energy as the criminal, there would be no crime.
(Laughter) Policeman wants to go home and sleep, but the criminal is wide awake. Any kind of deviation from normal course of life process gives you an exaggerated
sense of energy, always. You become fanatical about something, you will see you will have an
exaggerated sense of energy. If you become very loving, blissful, also you will have a great sense of energy, but it will not expand itself the way a perverted mind will do. And… these people with great energy… and they went about selling it. You sell the same product to the whole population; you never deliver it. This is great. This is like, you know, once in a way I think it’s making
everywhere, in Tamil Nadu this is making rounds somebody comes up with a million dollar currency note. You’ve heard of these things in Chennai?
Chennai people have a fascination for this. Somebody says there is actually a
million dollar note with this man; it is certified by the United States government and he is willing to give it
for a discount (Laughter), because… because… because… he is going to give away a million dollars for just fifty thousand rupees… Tch, tch, tch… because he loves you and above all, he doesn’t care for money. He just needs only fifty thousand (Laughter); he does not need million dollars, plus he is in a hurry. His wife died yesterday;
today he has to cremate. Some fabulous story and if you pant (Gestures),
million dollar (Laughter)… nothing, no great loss will happen, you will just lose fifty
thousand, that’s all. (Laughter) After all, you must take that
much risk in life, isn’t it? (Laughs) So this goes on and on and on; the same product sold
again and again and again. Just marketing by the power of this… Not delivering anything. So, you know, all the… you know the Madoff job? Hmm? You don’t know the Madoff job? No? Okay. I won’t go into the financial… con-jobs of recent times; a simple thing – keep a cycle going. As long as the cycle is going on, great businesses can be run without doing anything as such. Collect money from hundred people; only ten people are due to be paid today; pay these ten people, what’s the problem? The cycle gets bigger and bigger and bigger; collect money from hund… thousand people and
pay these hundred people; what is the problem? You don’t have to do any business. You can just keep it going like this. One day you will have a can in your hand; that day is not very far away for you. When death confronts you, you will see your can is empty. Nothing, empty stories – all will evaporate. All stories, all gossip, all rumors that you heard
about hell and heaven, and God sitting there and welcoming you, all the damn stories will
evaporate if death confronts you; you will be freaky, shit-scared, no? Because… this is just a convenience; this is just a convenience to believe that… You know, this is a very
beautiful thing… (Laughs) All the Hindus go straight to heaven.
(Laughter) If anybody dies we never say, ‘He died’, we say, ‘He reached heaven.’ Yes? This is because everybody makes it to heaven because that’s just another
place like this. (Laughs) So here, we never considered
going to heaven as a big thing. We said if you become free from
the process of heaven and hell, only then it’s a big thing. Going to heaven is not a big thing; if you
are born in India, you go straight to heaven; hmm… because probably after living in India, wherever you go it feels like heaven.
(Laughter) Lot of people are living in such
conditions that wherever you send them, they’ll think it’s heaven. You are in the right place. If you want mukti, you may have to strive, but if you want to go to heaven, no problem, you are born in the right place;
anyway you will go to heaven. When you die, they will print a card and
say, ‘He’s reached heaven’ – it’s printed. Have faith in the printed word. This’s not… I’m not just ridiculing this; this has
happened across the world. Isn’t it so? The damn printed word… The damn printed word is
negating everything that’s life. If you look around and let life speak, you will see the damn printed word is
negating everything that life speaks, but still it’s printed. This is not printed; you have
to be conscious to listen; that’s printed,
any idiot who is literate can read it. Literacy doesn’t take intelligence, isn’t it? Does it? Does it? They’re saying ‘Mmm’. (Laughter) Literacy doesn’t take intelligence; if you are born in a certain society,
you become literate, isn’t it? Every idiot becomes literate if you are born in a certain
society where there is certain apparatus of education. And every fool can
read this stuff, a printed word. If somebody says it’s sacred, it goes against life; it doesn’t matter. It makes people fearful, guilty and confused; it doesn’t matter. Only because it’s so great it can confuse a great mind like you (Laughter), isn’t it? You know… Causing confusion is very easy. Bringing clarity is another world. Bringing clarity into people is another thing; causing confusion is very,
very easy; it can be done. You just go up to somebody, say, ‘Do you see the tree,
how blue it is?’ (Laughter) Say, ‘What?’ ‘What? Don’t you see it’s blue and don’t you see the
pink fruits?’ (Gestures) (Laughter) It’s very easy to do this. They have been doing it
for thousands of years. See, if somebody said this is a place of God they should have demanded,
‘Put your life down here.’ They are asking only for two rupees. In ancient India… people themselves lived in huts; small shacks without any amenities, but they went about building grand temples, grand. Super human effort; looks like something of the
divine should have touched them, because their own lives did not matter; how they lived they did not care. These people at least are real
believers; at least they believe. This is just a trick; all you are looking for is the pet, but a heavenly pet. It is not that there is no meaning to this; it is not that there is no basis to this. It is just that the way it is done… If these devices… are just ways of bringing about a constant sense of devotion, if these devices… are only a means to make a human being sensible, I can understand a thousand years
ago or ten thousand years ago, maybe this was the only means they had; that’s okay… but it’s being sold as real, not being presented as a device, then that becomes a problem. So what is this whole search? ‘Sadhguru, I am not feeling
any great search within me; all I feel like right now
is breakfast.’ (Laughter) Yes, but you know you are not yet in heaven.
(Laughs) This is Isha Yoga Center. (Laughter)
People don’t eat breakfast here. ‘Why can’t we just enjoy the mundane; in every little thing why can’t we
find pleasure and joy and just do it?’ You must do that. If you cannot even do that, you are no good; you are no good for anything. If you cannot enjoy the sunrise, if you cannot enjoy the
breakfast that you eat, if you cannot enjoy the
air that you breathe, if you cannot enjoy the
earth that you walk upon, you are simply no
good for anything because even… birds and animals are doing it. Yes? So if you are not even able to do that, this is sub-animal state. I believe that… many of you manage to do that, so we are seeing what
is the next possibility, because there is something
within you which longs. Either you put the longing to a little bit of sleep with too much breakfast or you… you confuse the longing by creating false longings. See, whatever a human being is seeking, whether you are seeking money or you are seeking pleasure, you are seeking food, starting from the fundamental of food, because, food is the first thing that you cried
for when you were born, isn’t it? See, that child you heard some time ago he’s been brainwashed, conditioned. Now he cries ‘Mummy’; no, first when he cried…
first when you cried food. Isn’t it so? Even now it’s food that you are crying
for, but it comes through mummy. So starting from this
fundamental longing for food, what is the longing for food? One thing is the physical hunger, nourishment, but beyond hunger also you are
eating, isn’t it? Hmm? I can see. (Laughter) Food… Ingestion, digestion, assimilation is a way of… taking something which
is not a part of you and making it a part of you. If it happens on the lowest
level we call it food; if it happens on the highest
level, we call it yoga. Yoga means union. In between there are many ways. Sexuality, ambition, this one,
that one – a million other ways, but the longing is for unity. Somewhere there is a longing to include something and become
little larger than you are right now. Starts with that fundamental cry of a child, just born, which is just basic, about food; then various types of cries
will happen along the way. All these cries are confusing the fundamental
longing to include; the essential longing… Hello the essential longing is to include. By eating, by possessing, by conquering these are all the crude ways of doing it, but the same longing… singular longing right through your life, please see.
From the moment you were born, you are still crying
for the same thing, you want to include something
more as a part of yourself. All I am telling you is, don’t go by installments. Nobody ever does it that way, you cannot count… I think we can do it; we have… two full days. All of you can start counting right now one, two, three, four… I am sure by sunday evening we would have reached infinite,
if we do it incessantly. No? Two days non-stop counting – forty eight hours I think we can make it. Hmm? Oh, you are a problem.
(Laughter) Two days of counting
will get you to infinite? You do a million years of
counting, you will not get there. Your longing, whatever the longing for whether it’s for food, it’s the pang of hunger or lust, or ambition, conquest, it is the same longing. If you bring little more consciousness to this longing, you will see this is not what you are longing for. What you are longing for is inclusiveness. So you can confuse the fundamental longing with variety of things running after this for five years, running after that for ten years, running after another thing
for twenty five years, then… when you’re still wanting to run (exhales into mike), it’s gone. A ninety-four-year-old man in Kentucky… You know what’s Kentucky? These are people who breed horses. A ninety-four-year-old man who lived on a horse ranch all his life, whose whole life and work is with… studs, at ninety-four he married his sixth wife who was only eighteen years of age. You know, there is a large ranch. So… he met his wife on the first day and then he asked her, ‘See, do you know what we
are supposed to do?’ You know this is like Adam. ‘Did you talk to your mother; did she tell you some facts about life?’ She said, ‘No, I did not speak to my mother. I do not know any facts about life.’ Then he said, ‘I think I know, but I have forgotten.
(Laughter) I have been out of the active involvement with the ranch
for the last ten years and I have forgotten.’ You have forgotten but still the pattern has not stopped. Many things are just like this with life. You have forgotten that the only longing is for inclusiveness. Here and there, whatever comes your way you
want to grab and include little by little, piece by piece. You will not get the cosmic, you will not get the existence that way, piece by piece. It’s too many pieces. Nobody can put it together piece by piece, either you swallow it whole or you don’t, that’s how it is. As I told you yesterday, you missed… Every step you take, every breath you take, I want you to see that… whatever you are in touch with now this planet, the air that you breathe, the sky, the mountain, everything, if you are willing to look at it in
a certain way, it’s overwhelming. If you’re willing to see that you as a person though you can walk, talk, do this, that you‘ve still not grasped any one of them.
you don’t know, the blades of grass here may be laughing at your
ignorance; they are actually. Do you hear? I want you to hear because that’s how it is. Everything here knows life
except the human being. Because he was given the
power to transcend life, he has chosen to go under.
(Laughs) He was given the freedom not just to be life, he could go above life, but most of them chose to go below. They are not even enjoying life as a tree is enjoying life. It only suffers if it has a bad deal. You are capable of suffering
a good deal. (Laughs) Hmm? No breakfast is a bad deal, but there is a lunch coming up at nine
thirty; that’s a good deal. (Laughter)

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