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the for honor community is probably the first video game community I've really been a part of and and invested in it's been a wild ride but each up and down helps to find the community and where it is today for better or for worse over time the forerunner community though has given us a lot to be proud of incredibly talented artists devoted content creators passionate tournament hosts and even a clothing line inspired by everyone's favorite samurai assassin the Orochi today's video would not be possible without the support from the awesome for honor inspired project Orochi project Orochi has plenty of samurai inspired clothing with shirts featuring the titular heroes riptide strike and even Naboo she's vipers retreat my favorites though are the Sakura styled shinobi tee and the two-tone hoodies that actually mimic the og samurai mythic outfit colors now if you're thinking but Marco this is weeb stuff you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear that all the products are entirely made in the USA and it doesn't get any less weave than America so if you want to rep some awesome foreign or inspired gear make sure you use this promo code at checkout when clicking the link down below to check out project Orochi again big thank you to project Orochi for partnering with me on this video many people think that your chosen fashion defines who you are in the community of full honor Knights are mean loving fanatics the Vikings are unstoppable winning machines and samurai are wimps then there are those who think it's your chosen hero or main that defines you with relying on top-tier or quote unquote broken hero is being frowned upon fast quote unquote spammy characters being a crutch to make up for lack of skill slow quote unquote spammy characters also being a crutch to make up for lack of skill and using underpowered heroes makes you a god amongst men and we should all worship a sweat-stained chair that you sit on Girish it's even more confusing when you play Centurion because 50% of the players to think he needs a buck and the other 50% won him nerve I think he should just use his sense Finity gauntlet and snap the latter half but hey that's just me oh and rules in bad nobody likes them going even further under the microscope we see play styles also defining your character and integrity as a human being utilizing your surrounding area for ledge and environmental kills is seen as low-skilled and your trash can't fight me fair and abiding by the oh so revered honor code means you're an idiot for not ganking and winning the fight by any means necessary because you like following made-up rules in a video game where how you fight likely has no real consequence on your life outside of video games even the way you play dress-up with your heroes and act with them outside of combat will lead to player scrutinizing in darker outfits and effects combined with the too edgy for me slow walk makes you look really cool if you're 12 emotes family is considered funny if you're the one doing it and BM if it's being done to you Oh that stands for bad manners you're filthy casual why don't you know that another basic terms like G B CC and CC or the exact timings and abilities of each move in the game what is wrong with you yeah expect a lot of that in the chat – speaking of chef there's quick chat so even console players can get in on the fun there's four options which can be spammed up to three times in quick succession thanks sorry good fight and Wow all of which are definitely not used the way Ubisoft intended or are they you know what I think that pretty much covers it for the in-game aspect at least the four outer community doesn't just exist in game no there are tens of thousands of us all over this beautiful thing called the Internet I'm gonna do it Internet a place of bad opinions unfunny memes hand order and polite discussion one such place where this discourse involves foreigner is of course on the official four on our subreddit this is the easiest place to share your thoughts and opinions even if they are usually really really bad takes but hey that's okay because we are a totally inclusive community that doesn't main shame or fail to understand mechanics of the game you can also feel free to share funny memes just make sure they're oh I don't know related to for honor in more ways than just the title of the post one of my favorite takes online is how people are upset that we keep getting three new cosmetics added to the game instead of hero overhauls every week to represent my art teams aren't in charge of hero balancing or programming I'm gonna draw for the rest of the video to show why I am NOT an art or animation channel now don't mistake this for me saying that I agree with everything you be soft as done before on earth I would like to see much more frequent and significant balancing and changes that affect one hero such as the removal of crowd control like Raiders stampeding charge being interrupted and law bringers impaling charge also now being interrupted all those kind of changes should be done across the board not one hero at a time as this does strive after all to be a fighting game now I only say strive because it does and doesn't fit a lot of norms consistent and most fighting games it's a very unique concept and there's a good reason why we haven't seen any other Triple A studios take on a game like for honor partly because just making it probably was a pain in the butt I don't know I don't not a video game programmer and realistically as well it's a more niche genre especially compared to fellow Ubisoft title Rainbow six siege and as such it unfortunately probably gets less resources dedicated to it but I digress the main reason I brought this up is because over the course of the game's lifespan the community very vocally unread attend the now no law her weekly dev streams would criticize the team week after week after week after week I've honestly never seen a fan base of a game hate the game so much yet continue playing it I'd often hear how they were blaming the developers for letting the game die and yes argue lis a lack of balancing will do that but being toxic shitholes online doesn't exactly warmly invite new players either regardless at one point early in foreigners lifespan a blackout was planned by the community of course blackout referring to supporting a game you liked by not playing the game makes sense being honest I actually can't remember if it went through I'm pretty sure it did but if not on the scale that it was supposed to is much smaller number of people that partook in it because the 400 dev team decided to address a lot of the concerns that the playerbase had eventually we got an increase in steel gained more open and honest communication from the devs regarding their opinion on balance changes and other aspects of the game and the eventual removal of the player 2 player connection system and the inclusion of dedicated servers there's also a huge disconnect between the quote unquote normies of the foreigner subreddit and the competitive community the casual community and I'm just gonna call them that because it's easier to identify a and B it doesn't affect everyone please don't get so offended or butthurt over it the casual community generally likes to be able to react to incoming attacks usually citing it's already hard enough to react to attacks on console where the majority of the player base is whereas the competitive community recognizes that quote unquote unreactive attacks are mandatory to prevent a turtle meta and force reading your opponent and using mind games as opposed to having an intense staring contest with your opponent I don't know about you but that's definitely why I bought for honor this misunderstanding between the two groups combined with casual players seeing competitive players as holier-than-thou arrogant exploit abusers and competitive players seeing casual players as needing to get good adapt change and realize that foreigners should be treated more like a fighting game has created a lot of friction between the two player bases and in my eyes has caused less support and interest for tournaments than there could have been thankfully the upcoming release of spectator mode looks to reinvigorate interest in the competitive scene something that I personally think is long overdue but I'm nonetheless extremely a for now you might be thinking at this point Jesus mark I'm getting radiation poisoning just from hearing how toxic the four on our community is but it's really not this bad yes like any community there is a vocal group of doomsayers who live to hate a game they play so much which really doesn't make sense hating a game that you play because why are you playing it in the first place humans are weird and I'm not gonna try to understand them this definitely isn't the most toxic gaming community out there we need to remember that League of Legends exists and just mentioning that game has caused all the hair on my head to fall out it's why I wear a hat so much now we also need to remember that fighting games tend to bring out the worst in people fighting games tend to be so much more personal and heated because of the skill and knowledge involved in being good at them and people who lack the ability to control their emotions in a rational manner will always resort to outbursts online be it angry posts hate mail or posting on the 4 on a rant subreddit the truth is I honestly think that everyone who is invested in the game or active in the community just wants what is best for the game in their mind the problem occurs when everyone has different opinions on what that is I think the problem is a lack of education or lack of caring to educate be it in play styles hero knowledge or even general facts like 60 frames per second not being as much of an advantage as a majority of console players think it's a meme and nothing beyond that if you do want to better educate yourself on for honor I strongly suggest that you check out freezes channel I promise if you want to know more about Heroes punishes frame data or just general intricacies about the game his channel is the best place to learn now freeze isn't the only amazing member of the community that I'd like to shout out fragment fellow for honor ubisoft star player actually designed this amazing thumbnail for the video and honestly i think really helps tie the whole video together i'd also like to extend a huge thank you to infectious beef for sending me clips and recording some with me you can check out his channel down below i would happily go on for hours about all the different content creators but I know that inevitably I would accidentally leave out one or two and I'd feel like an idiot for doing so the best part about the content creator community is there's content creators out there for everyone if you enjoy awesome art if you enjoy competitive gameplay if you just enjoy someone talking and playing the game there is someone out there for you and that is pretty awesome but don't get me wrong you don't have to be a content creator to be an outstanding member of the community there are so many talented dedicated and wonderful people that just want to talk about the game be it online on the subreddit in the discord or on Amino there's people that just want to showcase their super cool outfits that they spent hours grinding for emblems that they created they make stellar game mode or balance suggestions and hey some of them actually create funny memes I didn't know that was possible it's honestly a community I don't regret for a second becoming invested in some of the best people I know online I've met therefore honor if you can get through the naysayers that lie on the surface a for Honor's community you'll find inside of it are passionate players in the various sub reddits dis cords twitch and YouTube channels and beyond just like the Knights Vikings and samurai our difference in opinions may be what define and separate us but it is our love for battle that brings us together and makes us stronger so Marco why did you make this video you know what I don't know really initially I just wanted to take some jabs at post I'd seen in the four on our subreddit that just in my opinion failed to understand the game in were abysmal II garbage takes and it caused me to just look at the foreigner community as a whole I know I started it on a negative foot but let's face it from the outside not just the foreigner community about any video gaming community the negative isn't the first thing you're probably gonna see because they're that more vocal it isn't until you get through it all that you meet some more decent folks I think the foreigner community's journey and my part throughout it have been some of the best times of my life I've been fortunate enough to be named a Ubisoft star player and meet some of the developers and fellow players at PAX West last year I was also very lucky to be in Montreal this past week for the year 3 season 3 reveal where me getting destroyed by the other players wasn't the most embarrassing part of that trip Hey I even started a cult and caused a civil war because of a stupid volcano and again as I mentioned some of my closest friends online are from the foreigner community and I wouldn't trade being a part of it or this experience for anything thank you for watching if you enjoyed then maybe you should subscribe and ring the bell so that next time I release a video and get beamed straight to your eyes right away if you want more videos of me talking like this feel free to let me know in the comments down below otherwise I'm gonna probably stick to the meme Tosh format from here on out that I'm more known for and if you really love the content I make maybe you should consider supporting me on patreon there's some cool benefits like a special role in chat my discord as well as getting named at the end of my video because you're a top tier supporter such as wearing hide car fungals and Jason yup yeah that is all for now I will see you on the next video and thank you again for listening and watching stay awesome

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  1. competitive players are shiit, they are like the 80% of trash players who fights like floyd mayweather lights you once then rolls away. unlock rolling meta came from so called "competitive gaming" which is the tournaments. they nerfed unlock rolling because "competitive" players are abusing it

  2. You're dumb if you don't think the extra 30fps matters yes it doesn't matter as much as people think but it's a significant thing. Also I am not saying the game itself is different on Pc it's still the same shit game.

  3. “I’ve never seen a fan base hate the game so much and keep playing it”
    May I introduce you to league of legends?

  4. Someone: disses Wu Lin
    Wu Lin: Bold words for someone in censorship distance./You talking mad shit for someone in [REDACTED].

  5. I miss for honor. I was ranked top 5% and I cant pay for internet rn so I'm unable to hold my throne o worked for.

  6. I liked the video but 30 frames on console is a big difference. Especially now since they are going to be buffing orochi next season.

  7. See I have a curse my first game on I always play 1v1s and the first guy always start talking sh$t 😂 if fuels me and ledging to me is a part of the game it makes people be aware of there surroundings it’s a skill gap in my opinion lol

  8. Playing as I'm watching the video, using shaolin. Got messaged saying "A rep 6 too scared to fight a rep 2 without his butt buddy"

  9. i used to only play conqueror becous I GOT A SHIELD DOPE then centurion came out and i was like DOPE IM A ROMEN AND I GOTS A DOPE ASS SWORD then black prior came out and i was like i am complete i have every thing i wanted full body armor a dope ass helmet a dope ass shield and a epic dark lord sword i do miss the animations i used to do on the grunts in dominion it made the game better and had some realism to it as well as it made me feal better about my self when i was fighting more skilled players that would be Toxic as high hell and tell you how bad you were and that shield bashing is bad. BUT ITS A SHIELD AND I CAN RAM YOU WITH IT. case in point idk i miss the old perks that would make me a faster medic as well as being able to just keep hitting and being able to be hit with the hole upgrade the health bare to 8 bars insted of 5 with out skills and having low stamina drain i know it made it fair but TANK and SHIELD BASH. I am happy i can toss others over my shield and i can punch people with my shield now as well as have a full body shield

  10. Oh yeah, you created that vultcano cult. Yeah, I haven’t forgiven you for that yet. It’s still the main reason we keep getting steamrolled by the Vikings ….

  11. Yea for Honor definitely makes me rage harder than any other game, but then I hop right back on the next day.😭

  12. For Honor truly encapsulates a fighting game community like beat for beat. Any game that requires you to beat another player through complex mechanics will foster a competitive spirit, whether toxic or good.

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