the Five Ways to Wellbeing – Mental Health Ireland

did you know there are things we can do every day to improve our mental health and well-being connect connecting is about building and strengthening relationships with the people around you we can do this by spending meaningful time of people each day arranging a day out with friends having lunch with someone you work with or joining a sports team in your local community by giving time to these relationships we feel happier and more secure giving us a better sense of purpose be active look for ways to be active every day find something you enjoy doesn't have to be a marathon but something that suits your fitness and mobility cycling gardening walking and dancing are all ways that we can get more active being active every day causes changes in our brain which can positively affect our mood take notice take notice is to be present in the here and now pay attention to the world around you nature people your thoughts and feelings becoming more aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world around us and understand ourselves better keep learning keep learning is about learning new skills and information about topics that interest us we can keep learning by trying a new recipe signing up for a nighttime courses fixing that broken bike or taking on any responsibilities in work learning can boost our confidence in self-esteem help build a sense of purpose and help us connect with others gift-giving is about small acts of kindness for other people you could make someone a cup of tea sign up for volunteering or offer to help someone you know with a project you could just ask a friend or someone you work with how they are and really listen to the answer giving back to others can create positive feelings and help us feel more satisfied with life each of the five ways have been shown to make a positive difference in how we feel and live our life by including these simple actions every day we can improve our mental health and well-being you

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