The Family Rap

new video yeah this is the family rap make sure you hit the video with the leg subscribe to my channel if you haven't already leave a comment let me know what your favorite part of the video was and share this video on all your favorite social media networks and turn those postal notifications on if you haven't already if we get 250 thousand likes a minute on my next video and by the way the family wrap is a real song that's available on all streaming networks right now so you can search on Apple music Spotify iTunes wherever you want to listen to music make sure you guys stream it up we're trying to get this thing number one and if you want to get the whole album is called the XM household you could search an eye on a stream your network – it's out now I'll put the links in the description for the family rap song again now and yeah do it we're doing school now can chill and cool out but you also got the home or nothing imma do now I could finally go I might just make a move now okay or just go chill out by the pool house imma be fine dad got a time Noah Simon said I got sitting up on my mind matter of fact I might spend the damn for a night cop in News getting played a thing for like four nights dang I'm hungry oh mama made some chicken she battery chillin cuz I did all of the dishes even got an F in series that I gotta finish my just play some Drizzy just to get a bit my fellas shoot I might just go to the beach where you go go ye I get a job and get myself some gas money I get the hook-up from the fam they love me don't even ask you better get the job at Chuck E Cheese it's all good I'm adjusting during this break right now it's not a wrong move that I can make right now matter of fact this is summer that I'm gonna work out right after the nap and better take right now but I'm gonna take my time we might go on a vacation or more points off or not into any SC but I'm still passing so I think I've done enough school's out it's just the fam so I can chill for once oh you thought I was playing huh you must not a listen to a word that I've been saying huh said you ain't lazy huh but you're playing these games here huh boy you thinking I'm playing hunk as it is in your day they are do I look like a sample cuz you keep trying me I did the dishes that was this boy don't try to lie to me since you can't do it right I guess I'll do it on myself okay so you just not go offered to come and help you never come and do your turkey you income complain to me why because I told you to thank you that's what came in the mail today after we raised you the least you could do is raise your grades this little bitter word for I could do it easy well can you help of course you shouldn't need me you should be busy working but you're on that phone shy snapping Jimmy does it – I'm talking to you don't get distracted how you quiet and cuspid always got something to say roll it you know play those games at least I didn't feel less than half my grade right after school oh it's okay don't you want just come here for a second Kyle I just want to talk come here you

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  1. Thank you all for watching! Let's get this thing trending!! By the way, stream The Family Rap song up here: and The Exum Household Album here:

  2. THIS VID IS FIREπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🐷🐷🐷🐺🐺

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