The Family: It’s Not About Faith, It’s About Power | Official Trailer | Netflix

In my 20s, I stumbled my way in.And what I found is a secretive
Christian organization called The Family,
that have been hiding in plain sight
for over 80 years.
This was a group
with tentacles around the world.
A humble example of leadership
that the world has never seen.A breathtaking enmeshment
of church and state.
There were congressmen,
senators, world leaders.
And they say it’s about faith,but there’s a shared understanding that
what we’re really about here is power. I’d like to single out Doug Coe. Doug Coe and all of his associates,
I’m grateful.Doug Coe is the longtime leader
of The Family.
He’s the most powerful man in Washington
you’ve never heard of.
He said, “The more invisible
you can make your organization,
the more influence it will have.”Jesus plus nothing.It’s a powerful thing.Using the National Prayer Breakfast,they dispatch representativesto build relationships
with foreign leaders.
That is exactly the kind of meeting
that I would want to exploit.For The Family, Jesus says, “We must go
to those who are in positions of power.”
God always uses imperfect vessels
to do his perfect work.
President Trump’s an imperfect vessel.Jesus is the answer,but Jesus and Capitol Hill don’t mix. Because we want our family
to stay together.

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