The Fall Of The Anti-SJW Community

yeah so like the Roman Empire when any group seems to be at their peak of popularity they fall if you've read the title then you know this video is about the fall of the anti sjw community but before we get into that I need to talk about the rise of the anti STW community and what the term SJW actually means SJW stands for social justice warrior and just like the terms racist sexist homophobic the racist sexist homophobic xenophobic Islamophobic you name it before it was nothing but an insult it actually meant something well the term SJW doesn't have a universally agreed-upon definition for it for me and was someone who was so engulfed in their social justice that they fought like a warrior more willing to physically attack or destroy someone's career by texting their boss and trying to get them fired Jim what's the meaning of this I didn't even do anything but that's what I do well your friend texted me something about being bad what did you do oh he didn't do shit well clearly your friends are you still in a whole bag of candy from children you're fired then actually having a conversation with someone and trying to get them to change sides understandably this eventually created the anti astray W community now the anti SJW community can also be referred to as the skeptic community the anti feminist community or many other things so now that I explained what an anti astray W is I'm gonna go through the rise of the anti hkw community it all started with YouTube atheist no I'm not joking there are several right-wing Christians on and off YouTube talking about how abortion is murder gay marriage is evil and many other things like that to support their arguments they cherry picked examples from the Bible because of how big they were and how much influence they held the YouTube atheist primarily went after right-wing Christians yes from time to time they would go after Islam or a left-wing Christian but they mostly talked about the right-wing Christians needless to say this made pretty much their entire fan base left wing and then atheism plus happened atheism plus was more interested in pushing identity politics than it was talking about science this led to a lot of YouTube scientists quitting and getting replaced by people who didn't know the most basic things about science they fire up the engines they pull the supports down so this stays completely in the same place but there's all this magnetism that's saving everybody while the earth is shaking wildly under it the earth is like okay I'm done the supports come back up everything's good so we were like of course you could probably with a million engines lift anything but that's gotta cost a fortune thirteen dollars and ten cents that's what we're talking about what it would take to hover around if you didn't fall in line with the politics of atheism plus they would do whatever it took to destroy you even Richard Dawkins wasn't saved like what he made a tweet comparing his long to feminism and he wasn't mean in his tweet at all he even used the hashtag natal feminist argument and eventually this led to YouTube atheist like the amazing atheist and Thunderfoot talking about the far left wing instead of the far right wing so as much as people like to pretend that YouTube atheists just got bored of talking about Christians and then they started talking about the far left wing such as feminism the YouTube atheists did not start the fight the identity politics of the far left wing ecause the YouTube atheist to turn against them what causes most people to turn against feminism and other groups of identity politics is themself you see all identity politics not just feminism has a habit of injecting itself into pretty much anything ever feminist identity politics propaganda was injected into schools TV shows Netflix shows YouTube videos even the Brody analyst community it seemed that nothing was safe from feminism but their biggest mistake was going after gaming specifically gaming journalism feminists such as Anita sarkeesian made videos about how women were portrayed in gaming her videos had a few contradictions and a lot of blatant misinformation but no one could call her out on anything because if they did they were called sexist and some were even blacklisted and the gaming journalists were totally on her side this caused the creation of gamergate which was pretty small when it first started out but then the gaming journalist freaked out about them and gamergate became huge the left-wing had a lot of control over media outlets such as most news organizations and the ones they didn't have like Fox News were laughing stocks but they also controlled a lot of social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook but there is one thing they weren't counting on YouTube which a lot of people consider to be right-wing why because it's one of the very few places you can share an opinion which is slightly to the right of an Tifa without getting banned perhaps conservative-leaning content is so popular online because that's the only place where it's allowed the data makes it clear that people know they can count on their television to deliver a left-leaning message maybe the entire reason they're visiting websites like YouTube is to hear something new it's funny how when people are growing up they're constantly exposed to left-wing politics in school and in the media but as soon as they hear something that's not left-wing on YouTube suddenly its brainwashing the YouTube atheists in the YouTube gamers made up the bulk of the anti estate W community and the YouTube atheist also known as the YouTube skeptic community learned a valuable lesson while it's fun to constantly talk about the stupid politics of one side you should always be wary of the politics on the other side of the political spectrum otherwise one day they might get too much power and turn against you and the YouTube atheist community would never let something like that happen ever again right well now that we talked about the rise of the anti s JW community we will be talking about the fall of the anti spw community oh and what I use the term fall I don't mean the community is dead the community is still alive it's just not as great as it used to be because it's fallen from where it used to be the anti STW community on YouTube was at its height between 2013 and 2018 so what caused their downfall well a few things actually one was inviting for example atheism is unstoppable started doxxing people needless to say this made many people upset atheism is unstoppable atheism is unstoppable atheism is unstoppable but they weren't just upset with atheism is unstoppable for daxing people they were mad at pretty much anyone for collaborating with him such as when the amazing atheist did a collab with him atheism is unstoppable was mostly called out by naked ape and crowning TIA you may think that crowd and ape would be the best of friends since they called out the same guy but you would be very wrong naked ape became pretty far right-wing and admitted to being an actual racist meanwhile crowd and T decided to wage a holy war against the alt-right and him and make it ape got a pretty heated debate which had one of the best lines I've ever heard in my life oh we have fucking not we have not done a knockout study on bigger dick size eventually crown antes started doing some pretty underhanded things he docks the information of one of the members in the olds right but because he knew he would be in trouble if he released the docks he tried to get other people to release it what he wasn't counting on was the fact that Zeff had screen caps and audio recorded of crowd the completely fucking tanked his bullshit excuse if you look back at those operations they were trying to run every single one of them involved manipulating people each and every one of them was trying to fool others and get them to do their bidding I see oh I see Spiner that you found the video yes – I'm just gonna I've been planning I'm not sure if you could hand this over to your sqw friends not sure if that's a good idea no no it's not even the docks but if you do it don't tell them you have it from me he tried to get sargon of akkad involved with his holy war against the alt-right so let's talk about what's happening because I find all of this honestly kind of complexity right I don't know why you are engaging in this sort of culture war tactics the sjw's engaging against the alright and I've said to you repeatedly privately that you shouldn't do this is a waste of time and it's not a good thing to do and you are doing it anyway I'm curious to know why are you doing it and you got one of the members of the alt-right fired from their job at Kippur central you might want to look into the views of one of your contributors rage after storm and almost immediately the reaction is seriously at 12:05 p.m. on June 29th a few hours later from when kraut had messaged them Kippur central responds we can confirm we are looking into one of our writers recent videos no further comment will be made until we have reviewed the video now I don't like the old ride any more than most of you do but doxxing people trying to get them fired trying to get other people to publish the docs and trying to get other people involved in your little holy war is quite scummy mr. Medicare made a long series detailing everything he has done if you want to check it out all I get down below speaking of mr. medic er he also exposed Monday map on a live stream for flagging videos down yeah my understand what you're saying and I and I've actually publicly stated this on Twitter a couple times there was a time period where people were making videos like Godwin send in Dane pesos and those videos did come down I did not have anything to fucking do with that shit somebody's going out there and flagging this crap and I swear to God I have no idea I've publicly said on multiple streams stop doing it I've tweeted stop doing it and people keep doing it and then I keep getting blamed there is the way you can show your reporting history on YouTube I'll link it in the chat so if you didn't do it should have nothing in it correct oh the plot thickens uh-huh no hold on him look I'm reading the article you sent shut the fuck up take screenshot and show everyone now okay hold on let me preface this by saying cuz it's gonna bite me in the ass for a long fucking time just show the screen how's it look at all those tabs I have a lot of tabs open but I am possibly getting another anti STW harmful opinions band off you Toba the reason why people hated SJW so much was not just because of their far left opinions but because there was no disagreeing with them they would try to get you fired get you blacklisted trying to talk to you and many of things but now a few anti sjws were acting just like the people they were criticizing there were also infighting between some of the bigger members such as Sargon of Akkad and Thunderfoot which Claus Thunderfoot to leave the community and went back to making videos about science sargon of akkad on the other hand went a little bit crazy even trying to win the election in England most anti sjws like myself don't really take their channels too seriously but sargon of akkad really acted like he thought he was the king of the north it should be noted that atheism is unstoppable crown and Qi and Monday Matt were some of the biggest members in the anti hjw community mundane math was one of the main people who kicked off gamergate and crown ante was considered to be one of the smartest anti estate many people said he was a second smartest right behind teal dear all three of them had tens of thousands of subscribers and what they have now is not even what they used to have but after the backlash they lost quite a few but sargon of akkad is one of the top five biggest anti-us VW's I'm not gonna go where the mistakes are gonna tada it's made because it's just a bunch of small things and none of his mistakes are as major as the mistakes the other three have made and while many people have turned against sargon of akkad he still holds a lot of respect sermon of akkad to me really hasn't fallen from grace yet he just takes himself a bit too seriously but sargon of akkad political campaign his complete dogshit but sargon of akkad blair white and many other big anti sjw channels have allied themselves with right-wing personalities and this to me is the most major reason why the anti spw community has fallen right-wing personalities like milo you know coolest louder with Crowder ben shapiro and many others now make up about half big anti sjw personalities all while rehashing the same tired old arguments that we used to make back in 2014 stealing the clout that we created to sell you yesterday's ideologies just a cat strapped to stop kids who are taking the red pill for the first time from sliding too far to the right and realizing that the entire neoconservative establishment is a massively corrupt blob that was usurped by special interests years ago and now that these guys are positioned as the Popular Front in the culture war they pretend like the rest of us don't exist anymore the FIS aww community is now – right wing for a lot of people the only ones I still watch are shoe on head armored skeptic and Chris Reagan also Sheamus from freedom tunes from time to time know the anti sjw community is not dead it's just not as great as it used to be but maybe if we put in a lot of hard work we can make the anti s aw community great again you guys may have noticed I almost never make political content anymore I'm just sick of the whole culture war I almost even upload my video on Riley Dennis I only uploaded it because my computer deleted the video I was working on I might come back to political content one day but for now I just need a break from all of it there are some smaller things I didn't cover like the whole candid situation I just wanted to talk about the more major stuff I also did talk about the stuff no bullshit has done mainly because I already did a video about it and we possibly don't even need anti sjw's anymore and other far left-leaning organizations like feminist frequency are laying off more and more people every single day eventually they'll be completely gone and let's not forget about the whole get woke though broke less and less organizations are pandering to the far left they've lost most of their power many people have asked me if I regret my aunt is aw videos and the answer is for the most part now I still stand behind most of the things I am sad I just wish I worded some of my points better I jumped off the anti s JW bandwagon before it started sinking into the mod there are still other anti CW's I would like to cover such as Mad Dogs but they'll get their own video until then see you guys next time my eyes have seen the glory of the cleansing of YouTube debunking sjw's and feminazis – we criticize reactionist in hopes they get the build just the wrong marches on

31 thoughts on “The Fall Of The Anti-SJW Community

  1. the Anti-SJW community actually started waaaaaay before the amazing atheist, that is still a topic that people debate with each other to question the rise and fall of this shit show.
    we dont know if it started from 4chan pulling one on twitter(probably), the MGTOW community or the atheist one, no one really knows.
    Edit: I honestly dont get the comparison you made at 5:45
    "…Slightly right to the Antifa without getting banned."
    You do realize that Antifa is Far faaaaar left right? close to communism and socialism and some anarchists, Tim pool even admits that Antifa is far left so how does the slightly right wing comment make sense?
    that chart is from the UK, but I really wish I could find the chart Tim pool showed in once of his videos to show how the left went too left as a collective while the right stayed pretty much the same over the years.

  2. I honestly had no idea about the infighting in the community, as I only used to stick to Sargon and a few others. I honestly thought it was kinda cool that a regular Joe was running for office, but that's just my opinion. I used to watch a lot of No Bullshit, but then, after watching a criticism video of him, I realized that he was basically just a team player for conservatives, and stopped watching. I think my favorite of the anti-sjw community would really have to be Chris Ray Gun. He's left leaning, and yet he criticizes his own side (and the other side as well), with a side of salt, and great humor. I also tend to appreciate Freedom Toons, though I'm not subscribed. I'm not really sure who else is independent like these two. I haven't watched any Shoe On Head, so I don't know too much about her. I do know though, that Chris and Seamus (and James Allsup, I forgot about him) definitely have their own opinions, and don't go along with every mainstream conservative (or liberal) opinion. This makes me happy, even if I lean to the right (I like to consider myself a centrist, but doesn't everyone?). I don't like it when people are all connected together with the same mindset like NPCs. None of them are open-minded, or at least don't have differing opinions, and ones that do have accusations flung at them because they aren't battling with the team, or the people screaming don't like to admit that they're wrong (this happens on both sides. Trust me, I've seen it). It annoys me to no end sometimes that people would rather be "right" instead of seeing the truth, and I really hope that one day, that attitude can change.

    That was rambly. Oof.

  3. "Mundane Matt was big"
    "K & Tea is the smartest"

    😂🤣😂😭😂 Litterally who in the community thinks that. MM was the nightly News of Gamergate no one cared what he said he just knew what was happening first.

  4. Anita Sarkeesian was the Jerry Falwell of SJW. A man named Alan Watts once said to be against something is to not have transcended it.

  5. Someone: Let's try to be more respectful of marginalised groups, and acknowledge that some aspects of the media and politics disadvantage them.

  6. as much as i want to watch this video i got like a minute in and i literally can’t. like i’ve been working on a video about this for a while and i don’t want to steal any ideas ahah.

  7. I don’t really see anything wrong with Sargon running for MEP for north England because the only wrong move I see in this is that he is running in a country which had history of shutting down politicians they don’t agree with other than that he is doing it for fun and memes like when he got milkshaked he didn’t cry about how oppressed he is like what most leftist politicians do instead he made a joke out of it too I’m sure he know he probably not gonna win

  8. Lol that’s why ur vid has 70k views in 5 days and people actually relevant, like No Bullshit produces that in a matter of hours

  9. I still can't stand SJWs, but a lot of the Anti-SJWs, people like No Bullshit, Hunter Avallone, Ben Shapiro, and Steven Crowder. Not all of them are like this of course, but a good number of them are and it's unfortunate.

  10. Ok this is a great video but I have a huge nitpick, why do you have wine in the background of your video If your a robot.
    Why do you have a kitchen, what are you gonna cook? Some spaghetti with motor oil?

  11. There's no such thing as Anti-SJW. Just as there is no such thing as "Anti-Nazi." There are SJW's and normal people who stand against them. There are Nazi's and people who stand against the ideological drivel. (The exception being Antifa which is a historic communist party that was Anti-Nazi, but were just as violent as the Nazi's, and I'll make a point here by saying there are communist and normal people.)

    It always smells to me like "SJW-lite" when people use that term for people who agree with SJW politics being forced into everything but won't come out and say it or are trying to put themselves on a pedestal while acting just as insincere.

    I keep seeing people say "They have no power or influence" can someone explain to me jobs that remove people for having a "Right wing sided opinion" or how many jobs coach White people specifically on how they're causing issues for minorities? How about how policies which are hurting many cities in doing such thing are still continuing.

    I also remember many who do it espousing SJW mantras and then going 'I'm not SJW just because I disagree with anti-SJWs" If you sound like an SJW, talk like an SJW, make the same claims as SJWs, agree with most things SJWs say. Yes, you are indeed an SJW pretending to be neutral.

  12. I don’t know if this is a last ditch effort of the left to subvert others to their thinking be aware, We the People won’t have our speech curtailed nor will we except pedophiles. Anonymous make strike again. I am not here to troll I am here to let you know something is going to happen

  13. Hey jar there is someone I want you to talk about because he has never been called out for his bullshit his name is mr. obvious he’s a very right wing YouTuber who made a video on kyoani saying that the attack was justified because most of the working there were woman and calls them all feminists the man is the worst alt right youtuber and this is coming from someone on the right

  14. The only anti sjw accounts I watch anymore are you, Blaire White and Rags. (Although rags mostly makes videos about games, but he talks about the SJW shit from the gaming community)

  15. Anti-SJW’s fell hard from grace.

    Seriously. No Bullshit and Geeks and Gamers ALONE damaged the movement beyond repair.

  16. Was I the only one who got the impression that you could only be an anti-sjw if you were left wing and atheist? Cause that’s what it sounded like at the end.

  17. I think anti-SJWs fell because their whole "intellectual" persona was built around reacting to cringe compilations i.e cherry picked stupid people

  18. Hopefully the Anti-Sjw community can move on to better things after the sjw is gone for good. I’m still on the ban-wagon, hopeful for the future.

    For ‘MERICA!!!

  19. Anita sarkeesian wasn't the cause of gamergate. Gamergate Spawn from the Zoe Quinn drama being covered up by all the mainstream gaming Publications. The cover-up created a total Streisand effect that spiraled out of control in 2014. I would suggest looking up the gamergate in 60 seconds video by Leo pirate because he explains it better than I can.

  20. SJW is a laughing stock.
    real Social Justice are people like MLK who are HEROES….
    The left goes too far and tarnished the name of such a noble combo of words

  21. A big part of their downfall was the Candid debacle. The whole schpeel of the anti-SJWs and 'skeptics' was that they had principles. But then they literally sold them to a company that made a censorship bot. Which Google gobbled up, and is more than likely what is causing the demonetization issues to this very day.

    Harmful Opinions, really cool dude, actually uncovered a lot of skeezy stuff about the company. Like how they had a clear bias against edgy humor, despite advertising themselves as a free speech platform. Also that they never actually removed any child porn uploaded onto the app, which was apparently a really big problem towards the end.

    And what did the Anti-SJW types do about all this? Call Harmful a conspiracy theorist and make excuses, more than likely because Candid was paying them off to do so. Even after Harmful's mother was literally stalked by the CEO of the company. That was the biggest hole in their reputation, and most definitely was one of the big reasons behind the fall.

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