The Evolution of Life on Earth

Life: with an estimated 3.8 billion years
of existence in evolution on Earth, it’s an odd thing indeed. So, how did we get here?
And what would the Earth’s 4.5 billion year timeline look like, compressed into a normal
day of 24 hours? The story begins early in the morning, around 4am, with the rise of
the first simple, single-cell organisms. However, these organisms are destined to spend quite
some time alone. At 1pm, a simple cell engulfs another, creating a symbiotic relationship
and the first eukaryotic cells, or cells with internal organs. At 6:30pm, these cells begin
to form colonies, and thus, the first multi-cellular life develops. But it isn’t until 8:30pm that
sea plants appear and 20 minutes later, we suddenly see animal life erupt in an explosion
of inventiveness. Jellyfish, the first invertebrates, trilobytes, incredible diversification begins
to take place. And just before 10pm, plants begin to sppear on land, followed by land
mammals. By 10:24, the Earth is covered in carniforous forests, and the first winged
insects appear. Many reptiles dominate the land with less than an hour left, but a mass
extinction event allows dinosaurs to storm the scene and remain until 11:41pm, when they
too suddenly vanish. And so begins the Age of Mammals. In the last few minutes, apes
split from the old world monkeys. And with only 1 minute and 17 seconds left before midnight,
humans emerge. All of the recorded human history fits within a few seconds, an individual life
lasting barely an instant, all a combination of 3.8 billion years of life. This AsapSCIENCEvideo
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100 thoughts on “The Evolution of Life on Earth

  1. You forgot when earth forms about 4.6 billion years ago, when earth had no life on it, when a young planet crashed into earth, when our moon formed, when a day lasted 24 hours, when tons of meteors hit the earth 3.9 billion years ago, when the oceans formed and when the moon was farther away from earth. In the slideshow of human history, you forgot Martin Luther King in 1968 A.D. , when Alaska was purchased from Russia to the U.S.A. in 1860 A.D., A truce is formed between Saladin and Baldwin IV in 1180 A.D., the death of Muhammad in 632 A.D., when Aisha and Muhammad married in 624 A.D., when the wheel was built in 4,000 B.C., when Probus became emperor of Rome in 276 A.D., when Queen Victoria of England dies in 1901 A.D., when Peter becomes sole leader of Russia in 1696 A.D., when the Mongols invade China in 1211 A.D. and the start of World War II in 1914 A.D.!


  3. SO YOU WANT US TO BELIEVE THAT LIFE JUST CAME ABOUT? Total nonsense, i bet in another 100 years time scientists will look back at these such videos and laugh

  4. Both God and evolution exist our lives are too complicated for being made of nothing, but it didn't just go POOF! And humans are here

  5. 0:54 – wait, land mammals? Isn't it supposed to be amphibians or reptiles or whatever, and only a shit ton of time later mammals?

  6. Can you imagine what if humans traveled to space before about bilion year? And what in the hell then they are after 1 bilion year if us peoples from monkeys to computers get in 2000 years??!

  7. Love the dramatic music.
    By the way, thanks for updating the Periodic Table! It's really helpful and the catchy tune has really helped me memorise the element.
    Hydrogen and Helium, then Lithium; Berilium …

  8. 30000 BC: 9 hours
    5000 BC: 16 hours
    Today: 23 Hours
    1 billion years later: 29 Hours
    4 Billion Years later: 40+ hours

  9. Everyone is arguing about this and that and nobody notices that @1:00 the “ground” is just a bunch of weed

  10. Haha jokes on you, there is proof that a single cell organism can't create themselves through evolution or non living materials coming together to make life just happen. So if the beginning of the evolutionary theory is wrong, what about the rest?

  11. Can you please make a video on
    The science of height.
    Thanks. I love your videos. They are entertaining as well as informative.

  12. one thing I am probably missing… so.. the total amount of hours used were 20 , Not 24, right ??? from 4 am to 00:00 are 20 hours, am I wrong ?

  13. Evolution denies man knowledge of His Divine Destination
    The purpose of the godlike beings is one: to become gradually perfect as God the Father to become "a god by Grace" , to attain Theosis, Deification, Christificication , Trinification.

  14. Bunch of fools who think they are scientists, lol arrogant bastards, none of us know the truth, when we die we will surely see, when we realize that god is real i want to keep laughing at y'all arrogant atheist fools, but i do respect our atheist brother who are normal and aint making fun of others

  15. I’ve been reading this comment section, and truly, it is disgusting. Everyone, just respect other people’s religions and belief! We have the first amendment that protects us to believe in whatever we do believe in! Stop being stubborn believing you know everything that happened 7 billion years ago to 30 billion years from now. Just respect each other beliefs and move on : )

  16. Creationist logic:
    -Go to a random science video relating to evolution
    -shove your beliefs into everyone's throats
    -if someone asks questions about your religion just answer "it was God"
    -keep telling them that it was God who made things even though you don't have evidence
    -forget explaining and just keep saying god

  17. Time for the propaganda brainwash for the ignorant mindless masses. Carbon dating is flawed and limited to a degree. Theres no billions of years you idiots

  18. Sorry I know a lot about evolution but it doesn’t make any sense I mean how can non life make life and how can something just want something and get it with no effort it’s like saying I want my great 10x grandson to have to toes and wings, it’s nonsense hope everyone understands

  19. Each second + 53,241 years. Lots of ridiculous comments about religion here and Christianity. I'm a Christian and science does not point away from God. It's just the opposite. And evolution defines a process taking place … it defines, therefore, an effect … it was never intended to be taken as an explanation of a Universal Cause. It's the explanation of a particular cause, as obvious given the title of the book Darwin wrote. It's called "On The Origin of Species …" it's not called ""On The Origin of the Cosmos".

  20. I think about life and death a lot. If life was created or happened by itself. I just don't understand evolution. People say it is a fact but if it is a fact why isn't obvious. When I think about evolution and all the changes for us to be were we are. It makes me believe in God. I just don't see why or how a fish would grow four legs for no reason and it just so happens there is land for them to crawl on and it also learns how to breathe air so it can live on land and its eggs magically change to survive on land. Also it gos from laying eggs to giving birth and it some how knows it will need nipples to feed the young. To me it is obvious for something more to be the answer for life.

  21. I have two friends, one stands around wondering and pondering and asking questions, the other friend is too busy living life and having fun to care. Me? I'm a little bit of each. Enjoy the ride because it goes by really fast.

  22. People keep complaining that " the big bang did not happen! God made the earth. " or some people, who are less religious, say, "the big bang made the earth, not god." But in m y opinion, I think that God made the big bang because he knew that the earth would be made.

    Another thing is, am I the only one that the earth is like a chain reaction? What I'm saying is, when the earth was made, cells had a big part, and then cells made plants and animals, and then humans were made, and then so on. Like, without the creation of earth, there is no humans because cells won't be created without the earth.

    Now I feel like toast..(thinks about how the world was made and the events that happened that led up to the creation of toast)

  23. 1. It is reasonable to believe that which is true.
    2. It is true that God exists. Note: You have to go do your research here.
    Conclusion: Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that God exists!

  24. Very good, apart from the bit "just before 10 PM, plants begin to appear on land, followed by land mammals" I think you mean 'animals' rather than 'mammals. Tiktaalik and the other fishapods moved onto land @365-370 MYA, while mammals didn't evolve from these until late Jurassic/early Cretaceous, @160 MYA

  25. We don’t see wind but we know it’s there, just like God we can’t see him but we can have evidence to a Creator, and to know his is there

  26. god is a fictional character made by people too retarded to accept that we are related to banannas. guess what? we're also related to palm trees. and that one bug you stepped on. get over your obsessions and get with science.

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