The Entire Life of Hermione Granger Explained (+Ron/Hermione Relationship)

Hermione Granger is the character the JK Rowling identifies with the most but Hermione is an exaggeration of me So Hermione really did come from a very deep place inside me. Even Hermione’s Patronus: an otter It’s Rowling’s favorite animal. Rowling puts so much passion behind each and every character in the Harry Potter series But I think that she put the most behind Hermione Simply because it was her way of putting herself into this incredible world that she had created. “Well, well Hermione You really are the brightest Witch of your age I’ve ever met”. Hermione is one of my personal favorite characters and many of yours as well as I’ve had more requests to make a video about her than any other character. Now because Hermione is one of the three main characters. There’s a lot to go over So I guess you could kind of consider this to be a video about the trio as well as Ron and Hermione’s relationship So sit back relax, and enjoy as I explain the life of Hermione Granger Hermione was born to Mr. And Mrs. Granger. Both of her parents were muggles and both were dentists It’s you picked the unusual name Hermione partly to prove how smart and clever they were the name deriving from Shakespeare but also because they knew that their daughter was going to be unique and Special and they wanted a name that would reflect that the family often took trips to the Forest of Dean where they went camping They also went to Shaftesbury Avenue where they would go to the theatre pretty often Hermione had a room on the first floor of their house She often had weird things happen around her that no one could explain She attended muggle school for many years and was a very bright student one day a Hogwarts staff member. Most likely Professor McGonagall Visited Hermione and her family at their house and explained that Hermione was a witch selected by the quill of acceptance and the book of admittance to objects that write down a person’s name as soon as they showed their First signs of magic both the book and the quill have to agree that they have enough magic in them to become a fully fledged Witch or wizard when the weird thinks that Hermione would make happen occurred She was using magic and the book and quo realized that she was capable of becoming a witch most students Just got a letter sent to them asking them to come to Hogwarts Well because her money was a muggle-born and neither she nor her parents knew about the Wizarding World She had someone explain it to her in person When Professor McGonagall who was most likely the one that visited her showed up at her house. She told them all about the Wizarding World Hogwarts and explained Hermione’s. powers McGonagall told her family how to get to Diagon Alley and later The family went to get school supplies this was the first glimpse of the Wizarding World that Hermione had ever gotten she bought the books that she needed for class as Well as a few others a wand from Ollivanders robes and other school supplies Hermione read all of the books that she had gotten both for her classes and other books She had picked up to learn more about the Wizarding World she learned all of the spell books by heart and even managed to perform a few simple spells something that is very unheard of as Most need instruction and a lot of time to be able to channel their magic from a young age It was clear that Hermione was a very powerful witch on the train ride to Hogwarts She met Neville Longbottom Who asked her to help him find his toad while she was looking she met Ron and Harry when it was time to be sorted The sorting hat seriously considered putting her in ravenclaw the house known to have the most intelligence Students what the Hat thought that her bravery a trait that Gryffindor’s had was more significant than her intelligence Hermione was a very gifted student and always outshine their classmates She did however struggle with her flying lessons unable to make her broom come to her hand as it was supposed to but merely Rollover on the grounds hermione strictly followed the rules when she overheard Ron and Harry talking about sneaking out to do a mouthful She stepped in you mustn’t go wandering around the school at night think of the points You’ll lose for Gryffindor if you’re caught Hermione almost told Ron’s brother Percy He was a prefect on them, but she decided to confront them before they left. She followed them out of the portrait hall Which closed behind them forcing her to go with them? It turned out to be a setup by Malfoy and they ran to the forbidding corridor where they came face to face with Fluffy a three-headed dog after the incident Hermione was the only one that realised that the dog was guarding a trapdoor One day Hermione overheard Ron making fun of her She bumped into Harry and went into the bathroom where she cried all day She told Provari that she wanted to be left alone, and she didn’t go to the Halloween feast throwing the feast a troll was led into the school and Ron and Harry realized that Hermione didn’t know about it and that she was In danger, they went to find her and the three ended up facing the troll and knocking it out when it fell There was a loud bang check the floor which alerted the professors where they were when the professor’s arrived Hermione did something that neither run Nor Harry saw coming. She told a lie to a teacher. It’s my fault Professor Mcgonagall I went looking for the troll if Harry and Ron hadn’t come and found me I’d probably be dead Hermione taking the blame for them changed her relationship with Ron and Harry from that moment on Hermione Granger became their friends Hermione was a great friend of the two of them She helped him with their homework. Although she never let them copy and was always there for them one day Hermione Thought that Snape was jinxing Harry’s broom during a Quidditch match So she snuck behind him and caught his robes on fire which ended up freeing Harry from the jinx as it Distracted Professor Quirrell who was really the one jinxing the broom the trio eventually became very interested in what the three-headed dog He was guarding when Hagrid let slip that Nicholas Flamel had something to deal with in the three research Tirelessly trying to find out what he was involved with Hermione eventually remembered a book that she had checked out weeks before weeks ago forbidded light reading This is light in the book. She discovered that the thing fluffy was guarding was the Philosopher’s Stone later that year Hagrid got a dragon and it became more than he could handle they devised the plan where Hermione and Harry would take the dragon to The top tower of the castle and give it to Charlie Weasley’s friends who worked with Dragons Hermione and Harry Succeeded in getting the dragon out, but they were caught out of bed at night and lost their house fifty points each They became some of the most hated people in the school after that No one would speak to Hermione and she stopped drawing attention to herself in class Getting caught also led to them getting detention in the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid When matreya realized that the philosopher’s stone was in danger from Baltimore They decided to tell the man that they thought was after it Professor Snape they decided that Hermione was the one that should keep watch On them the reasoning being that if she got caught she could just pretend to be worried about a final exam with Professor Flitwick When Snape came out and asked her what she was doing She told him that she was waiting for Professor Flitwick Snape wanted to get Flitwick and Hermione lost sight of him hearing that Snape got away Harry said that he was going down the trapdoor and Hermione and Ron Refused to let him go alone when Harry said that they would be expelled if they were caught Hermione said not if I can help it Flitwick told me in secret that I got a hundred and twelve percent on his exam They’re not throwing me out after that She then went to read her books before they went in case there was something useful in them that they could use as they were Leaving they were stopped by neville longbottom In the common room who hermione was forced to cast a spell on when they went down the trapdoor They landed on Devil’s snare a plant that wrapped itself around them Hermione remembered that to stop them. She had to start a fire Yes, of course, but there’s no wood. Have you gone mad or you a witch or not? Oh, right She waved her wand and freed them all they went through a few more obstacles to get to the stone one of which knocks Ron out Harry and Hermione Continued and got to a potions obstacle Hermione realized that it wasn’t magic that you needed to get past this but logic which made her smile There were seven bottles one will get you through to the next obstacle And one would let you go back the opposite way There was only enough for one person to go onto the next obstacle Perry told her money to go back while he went on as they were saying. Goodbye Hermione’s lip trembled and she hugged Harry then she said Well Harry went on hermione went back to get Ron and used a broomstick from another obstacle to escape out the trapdoor She then sent Dumbledore a letter telling him what was going on at the end of the year feast Dumbledore awarded Hermione 50 points to miss Hermione Granger the cool use of intellect while others were in grave peril This helps Gryffindor win the house Cup something that they had not done in years Hermione finished the school year with the best grades of all of the first years when they arrived back to King’s Cross Hermione was shocked at how awful Harry’s aunt and uncle were that summer when Hermione and Ron both sent letters to Harry and neither got Responses thanks to Dobby intercepting his mail. They got worried Ron told Hermione that he was going to rescue Harry from the Dursleys and she told him to be careful and not to break any Laws Hermione went to Diagon Alley the same day that Ron and Harry were going with the rest of the Weasleys She was accompanied by her parents her parents exchanged muggle money for Wizarding money at Gringotts Hermione and her parents met Ron Harry and the Weasleys at flourish and Blatz where Gilderoy Lockhart was signing autographs Hermione was very excited to meet him as he had written a number of books on the book list for school and also because he Was very handsome. Mr. Weasley was talking avidly to Hermione’s parents before Lucius Malfoy came in he looked over at the Granger’s and said to Arthur the company you keep Weasley and I thought your family could sink. No lower when Hermione got on the Hogwarts Express She was very confused Where Ron and Harry were as they had never boarded when she found out that they had taken a flying car to school She was very disapproving when the Gryffindor and Slytherin Quidditch teams had an altercation Her Monte and Ron came over to see what was going on when Hermione said that Malfoy had bought his way to become a member Of the team. He called her a mudblood. No one asked your opinion You don’t feel muffnut Romani. Didn’t know what this meant But knew it was bad based on the reactions of everyone around it ron pulled out his wand at the fence of hermione and shot A spell at Malfoy but it shot back at himself due to his wand being broken, Ron and Hagrid explained to Hermione What mudblood men and how it was the most offensive thing? You could call muggle-born when Hermione went to her first defence against the dark arts class with Gilderoy Lockhart She got a perfect score on a quiz that was all about himself hardly any of you remember that my favorite color is lilac But Miss Hermione Granger knew that my secret ambition is to rid the world of evil And market my own range of haircare posters. It was clear that she had a big crush on him Just like every other girl in the Wizarding World which annoyed both Harry and Ron on Halloween Hermione along with Ron and Harry went to nearly headless Nick deathday party where a bunch of ghosts celebrated the day He died He got the trio talk him up in order to get invited to the headless hunt that year The Chamber of Secrets had been opened and many students were petrified after the first attack hermione asked professor bins about the chamber of secrets during their history of magic class He told them the story about how Salazar Slytherin and made a secret chamber in the castle and it housed a monster the tria was Convinced that Malfoy was the culprit opening the chamber to find out they made Polyjuice potion a task that even challenged Hermione I’ve never seen a more complicated patient Hermione had accidentally put a cat hair in the potion instead of a human hair She was forced to stay in the hospital wing for several weeks Harry and Ron visited her every evening And brought her the homework for the day something that they both admitted that they would not do had they been in her situation later that year Hermione figured out what the monster and the chamber was she knew it was a basilisk and that it was travelling through the pipes She went to the library Tore out a page from the book and wrote pipes on it to use the mirror when she was rounding corners And told Penelope Clearwater to do the same right before they both made eye contact with the Beast But because they didn’t look directly in its eyes, but rather through the mirror, they were just petrified She was in that state for the rest of the term But she helped Harry and Ron when they found the page, she ripped out of the book in her hands She was eventually unpatch defied with the rest of the students. Thanks to Professor sprouts Mandrake’s her money ran to Harry and Ron screaming you solved it. You saw hermione harry, and louise. Lee It’s got a compartment together for the train ride home and made the most of their last few hours of using magic That summer hermione went to france with her parents. She enjoyed it and said that she had learned a lot for Harry’s birthday She got him a broomstick servicing kit something that he loved the day before they left for Hogwarts Hermione’s parents dropped her off the leaky cauldron With all of her school stuff so that she could spend the night there and get with Harry in the Weasleys the next morning after The drops are off She and Ron went into Diagon Alley where they met Harry Hermione’s parents had given her money to buy an early birthday present and she decided to buy a cat named Crookshanks minutes before she bought it it had jumped on Ron while he was holding his rat Scabbers when she came out with it Ron said you bought that monster third years were allowed to pick more new subjects and Hermione picked more than any one She had actually picked so many classes that they weren’t able to fit into a normal schedule when they arrived at Hogwarts Professor McGonagall had Hermione come to her office during the sorting there she gave her a time Turner so that she would be able to go back in time and be able to take all of the courses that she had signed up for McGonigle made a promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone about it including Harry and Ron which made them very confused at times That’s not possible ancient runes in the same time as divination There’s been two classes at once during divination. Hermione was startled when professor Trelawney said that books wouldn’t help her in this class She then said to her money that she didn’t have the right aura She immediately disliked both Trelawney and the Subjects if being good at divination means I have to pretend to see death omens and a lump of tea leaves I’m not sure I’ll be studying it much longer that lesson was absolute rubbish in their first care of magical creatures lesson draco got attacked by Buckbeak the Hippogriff he has to be taken to the hospital when harry Anonymously got a fireboat broomstick hermione got worried that it was from sirius black who everyone believed to be after Harry? She told Professor McGonagall about it who to the theory of Harry and Ron Confiscated the broom to examine it Ron and Harry were very upset with Hermione for this later on Ron accused Crookshanks of eating his rat Scabbers these two things turned Harry and Ron against Hermione they didn’t talk for a while because of this Hermione committed herself to helping Hagrid in his defense of Buckbeak so that he wouldn’t be Sentenced to death for hurting Malfoy she spent hours researching for him I told Ron and Harry that putting a broomstick over her mind He was stupid, especially considering the fact that they had gotten it back the three became friends again when they all Apologized to one another Ron and Harry then started helping to do research for Buckbeak as well however They ended up losing the case because Lucy is Malfoy threatened all of the committee members in deciding with him when Malfoy started making fun of Hagrid for crying about Buckbeak all three of the trio made a furious move toward Malfoy But Hermione got there first and smacked him across the face with all of her strength She then took out her wand don’t you dare call Hagrid pathetic you foul you evil amazing? No, he’s not versus Malfoy then ran off very disoriented I mean Snape took over as Defense Against the Dark Arts professor for Lupin He taught a lesson on werewolves and Hermione was the only one to realize the professor lupin was a werewolf himself She did not expose him however As she thought that he was the best defence against the dark arts professor that they had ever had Later that term her money dropped divination went real honest ed that she couldn’t remember meeting a student whose mind was so hopelessly mundane Later the trio went down to Hagrid’s before buck beaks execution after they left they discovered the truth about Sirius Black Remus Lupin And Scabbers aka Peter Pettigrew and how Peter was guilty while Sirius was innocent Everything went to hell when Lupin Transformed into a werewolf and Sirius was captured by Dementors and locked away in one of the tallest towers in the castle awaiting the Dementors kiss Dumbledore gave her money permission to use the time Turner to save both Buckbeak and Sirius both Harry and Hermione Freed Buckbeak and used him to get to Sirius his Tower They sent Sirius off with Buckbeak saving and freeing both of them Hermione Once again passed all of her exams with top marks after having such a huge core slow in the past year she decided to drop Muggle studies so that she would have a normal course load after dropping divination earlier in the term as well the following summer Hermione visited the Weasley so that she could go to the Quidditch World Cup with them They sat in the ministers box with Cornelius fudge himself while visiting the Weasleys Hermione became very close with Ginny as they shared a room At the Burrow and 10th at the World Cup She gave her advice on Harry who Ginny had likes for a very long time during the match Hermione met her first house elf Winkie who worked for Barty Crouch She was appalled that her master made her stay up in the box when she was terrified of heights during the match He also watched Viktor Krum play the secret for Bulgaria after the match X Death Eaters attacked and the trio fled to the woods around The campsite they saw Malfoy who warned Hermione to be careful saying that they wouldn’t show mercy to a mudblood while they were there they heard a deep voice say And the dark mark was cast into the sky ministry officials showed up at that spot and shot stunning spells at them They eventually realized that it wasn’t the trio and the stunning spells that they had shot went behind them and hit Winkie the house-elf Hermione tried to stand up for Winkie to the ministry agents But they refused to listen when crowd said that he was giving Winkie close meaning he was freeing her She broke down crying And Hermione pleaded with crowds strout’s who looked directly at Hermione and said I have no use for a servant who forgets What is due to her master that night deeply affected Hermione and made her want to help house elves well at Hogwarts She started spe W which stands for the Society for the promotion of elfish welfare she gave out badges and the Gryffindor common room in return for them donating a bit to the foundation her goals for the Foundation were to secure house elves fair wages and good working conditions She also wanted to get an elf into the department for the regulation And control of magical creatures because of how shockingly underrepresented they were she did a ton of research And found out that elf enslavement went back centuries And she couldn’t believe that no one had done anything about it Ron then told her that that was because they liked to be enslaved which Hermione ignored she made Ron treasurer and Harry Secretary of the Organisation and they only went along with it to get her to stop talking about it while she was recruiting by giving out badges in Exchange for two sickles Hagrid Fred and George refused to join saying it would only upset the house elves They were quite right as her campaigning was unwanted by the elves that worked at Hogwarts when the trio went to visit the Hogwarts kitchens but all of the house of his works Hermione found out that Winkie had gotten a job there and asked a Dobby Winkie said that she was ashamed of being freed as all house elves should Hermione then said that Crouch should be the ones ashamed Which deeply offended Winkie when Hermione said that Dobby was an example and role model the free elf that others should strive to become all of the elves in the kitchen scouted both Hermione and Dobby had Discussed that year the try was the tournament was held and two schools joined them to compete in the tournament One of them was durmstrang the champion for durmstrang was Viktor Krum the bulgarian seeker hermione watched play at the Quidditch World Cup He took an interest in hermione because of her intelligence Unconventional beauty and because she didn’t hand him for autographs the way other girls Did he followed her around the grounds mostly in the library? Because that’s where she spent most of her time hermione was annoyed at this because he brought with him snickering girls that disrupted the peace of the library how he was also chosen as A champion for the twenty men and Hermione was the only one that believed that he didn’t put his name in the Goblet of Fire She accepted a story without question Even when Ron did it Hermione’s life became a lot harder as she had to go back and forth between Ron and Harry who were fighting one day when Harry And Hermione showed up to potions mouth fully and Harry started going at it They each took out their wands and Malfoy spell Ricocheted toward Hermione and their front teeth began to grow at an alarming rate when Snape arrived and Ron told him what had happened Snape looked at Hermione and said I see no difference Hermione let out a whimper her eyes filled with tears and she ran off Her money didn’t come to dinner that night as her teeth are being put back to normal Well Madame Pomfrey was shrinking them back down She held up a mirror and told Hermione to tell her when they were back to normal Hermione made her go a little longer than she was supposed to making her normally buck. Teeth. Look much more normal She noted that her parents wouldn’t approve as they were dentists and didn’t think that teeth and magic should go together When rita skeeter wrote an article about harry She incorporated a part that said that harry and hermione were romantically interested in one another Hermione helped harry prepared for the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. She helped him master the summoning spell this way He could call his broomstick to him and get past the dragon. However, you got top marks in the task Thanks to her – hell Ron and Harry began talking again, which made Hermione’s life much easier What came with a try was a tournament was the Yule Ball? After following her around for months Viktor Krum finally worked up the courage to go up to Hermione and ask her to the ball What she said yes to Hermione didn’t tell anyone that she was asked by Crom except for Ginny who she had become close with over The past summer Ron and Harry a trouble finding date and rawness Tremonti as a last resort I wouldn’t be coming alone because believe it or not someone’s last week at some point during their time together her money and Viktor snogged Which was her money’s first kiss her money walked into the ball with the champions next to chrome She didn’t look like her money at all Her head was no longer bushy, but sleek and shiny and twisted into an elegant knot in the back of her head She was smiling nervously and the reduction of the size and her teeth was more noticeable than ever The whole room was not only in shock that chroma chosen her as a date But also how beautiful Hermione looked she had a great time at the ball Talking and dancing with Viktor all night the end of the ball However, wasn’t that great as a jealous. Ron told her off and the two got in a big fight Before somebody else does the next morning the two acted like nothing had happened? And we’re very friendly to one another for the second task The champions had to retrieve the thing that they would miss most in the lake and for crumb. That was Hermione After he rescued her and brought her to the surface He said that he had never felt this way about any other girl and he invited her to visit him in Bulgaria over the summer Rita Skeeter wrote an article that quoted this Conversation and made her out to be the bad guy that broke Harry’s heart She got a lot of hate mail for this one of which squirted liquid on her that made her hands erupt with large yellow boils Hermione now angry decided to figure out how Rita Skeeter was able to hear that Conversation between her and Viktor one day she saw a beetle on the windowsill in the hospital way She noticed it didn’t had markings around her eyes just like Rita skeeters glasses she captured her and put her in a glass jar that she put an unbreakable charm on so that she couldn’t transform back to a Human, she told Rita that she would release her once she got off the train in London And she said that if she didn’t keep her quill to herself Then she would reveal her secret that she was an unregistered and a mage’s I’ve told her to keep her quill to herself for a whole year See if she can’t break the habit of writing horrible lies about people after the death of Cedric Diggory and the return of Lord Voldemort her money along with Ron were there for Harry as he dealt with the trauma of seeing both the death of Sedgwick and the rebirth of Baltimore on the train ride home Hermione told the others about capturing rita skeeter and they were all Very impressed when she got off to platform 9 3 quarters She released Skeeter and wondered one last time not to write any Articles or she would reveal her secret and turn her over to the authorities That summer Hermione went to number 12 Grimmauld place for the end of the holiday This was the headquarters for the order of the Phoenix Dumbledore’s alliance to fight Voldemort and his Death Eaters Dumbledore refused to allow Hermione and Ron to be in contact with Harry girls summer without scrap of news Did Any double tomatoes planets leave anything when how he arrived he found out that the ministry had turned on him and said that he was lying about Voldemort Returning both Hermione and Ron stood by him and believed everything that he said before the start of term Hermione found out that she was made a prefect along with Ron well at Hogwarts hurmati continued to push spe W but was much less intense in the previous year. She started knitting clothes She put around the common room hoping that the house of cleaning would pick it up and be free the clothes were disappearing every night and she got excited but it turned out that Dobby was the one taking all of the clothes and was now the only one cleaning the common room their new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Dolores Umbridge a ministry agent who was working directly for fudge told the students that they didn’t need to learn the actual spells But just the theories of them She didn’t allow them to use wands in class and instead just made them read the books Hermione knowing that they were in real danger now that Voldemort had returned Arranged a meeting to start a club this club involved Harry teaching students real defence against the dark arts behind Umbrage is back. They called it Dumbledore’s Army The lessons went very well and brought all of the kids in the club together during one lesson hermione learned to make a proper Patronus and she discovered that it took the form of an otter hermana gave each member a coin that she had put a Complicated spell on to communicate with everyone the coin would tell them when and where the meetings would be hurmati remain in contact with Victor Krum And one night wrote a very long letter to him that Ron described as a novel after that Ron didn’t say anything but looked as gruntled harry and louise lee’s left to school. Abruptly leaving hermione behind. This was because mr Weasley was attacked by Voldemort snake. Nagini Hermione went home for Christmas Holiday and was supposed to go skiing with her parents but bailed at the last Minute saying that skiing wasn’t for her her parents were disappointed, but they understood She took the night bus number 12 Grimmauld place where the others were and spent Christmas there Lea arrives back at school hermione set up A meeting with harry luna love and rita skeeter her money blackmailed Skeeter with her secret of being an unregistered Anna mages she had read a writing article where Harry explained what had happened the night such a died and Voldemort returned and she asked Luna if They could feature the article in her dad’s magazine The Quibbler the article was a huge success and many people who didn’t believe had before now believed them later that year Dumbledore’s Army was compromised because a member of the club named Arrieta had ratted them out to Umbridge Marietta regretted this immediately because her money had jinx the paper that everyone signs to make anyone that snitched on them have the word sneaked written on their face and pimples Marietta had those pimples for many many years as they could not find a counter curse to fix it No matter how hard they tried showing just how powerful Hermione’s jinxing ability is Fifth-years were required to take out exams and hermione took a whopping ten while most people only took around seven She got the top grade outstanding in nine of them and got the second-highest grade exceeds expectations and defence against the dark arts Which she was very disappointed about how he got a vision of Sirius being tortured in the Department of mysteries And he was desperate to save him her money Suggested that they contact series before they make their move to make sure that it’s not a trap Ginny and Luna cats watch as Ron Lord Umbridge away and Harry and Hermione went to UM bridges office to call Sirius using a fireplace Unfortunately, they were all caught by Malfoy and the rest of um bridges inquisitorial squad when um bridge was about to use the crew She artists curse on Harry Hermione yelled and came up with a lie that board on bridge into the Forbidden Forest Their umbrage was carried away by a herd of centaurs They met up with the others who would escape from the inquisitorial squad Courtesy of Ron which impressed Hermione was Catherine that’s been lunch after they all rode Thestrals the Ministry of Magic when they got there Hermione had turned out to be right It was a trap. They were confronted by multiple Death Eaters including Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucy as Malfoy They fought back and a battle started Hermione stunned one of the Death Eaters to free Harry from his grip she stunned another Death Eater and silence Dolokhov before he could alert the other Death Eaters the group’s Location Dola often hit her with a spell that injured her pretty badly. Luckily after the battle. She made a full recovery She spent most of the following summer at Aaron’s house, but at the end of the summer She stayed at the Weasleys when how he got there? he told Hermione and Ron that Dumbledore was giving him lessons and the Dumbledore said to confide in the two of them hurmati was invited to the New potion professor Horace Slughorn slug Club where he invited the brightest and most likely to be successful students to multiple dinners and parties Throughout the year at this point in time It was clear that her money had developed romantic feelings for Ron at the Quidditch tryouts Hermione cheated by making Cormac McLaggen Ron’s competition move out of the way when the Quaffle came to order This subsequently made Ron get the position of keeper for Gryffindor Ron was a bit upset that both Hermione and Harry had gotten invites to the slub Club and he didn’t he cheered up a bit Though when Hermione asked them to Slughorn’s Christmas party later on however
He got into a fight with Ginny and she told him that her money had kissed Viktor Krum and Ron started to act coldly toward Her money after that before their Quidditch match Saira tricked both Ron and Hermione into thinking that he had put liquid luck into Ron’s drink Ron played incredibly But her money got mad at both of them for cheating when happy revealed that he had never actually given him the liquid luck Ron got mad at Hermione and said that she had no faith in his abilities after the match Ron kissed lavender Brown, which deeply upset Hermione She sent angry birds after Ron when he and lavender burst in on Harry comforting her She had thought that they were going to Slughorn’s Christmas party together and was hurt when he instead started a relationship with lavender Although she pretended not to care was I under the impression he and I would be attending Slughorn’s Christmas party together Yes, I really couldn’t care less but to fought for a long time in one Transfiguration class Ron accidentally gave himself a handlebar moustache which Hermione laughed at Hysterically Ron’s shot back by doing a cruel impression of Hermione jumping up and down in her seat Every time the professor asked her a question which made lavender and Parvati laugh at her to make Ron jealous She asked Cormac McLaggen to the party the person who Ron had to compete against in the Quidditch tryouts and who he despised her Monty ended up having a terrible time and Tried to avoid him all night Ron also started to have a horrible time with lavender as he found her very annoying He attempted to speak to her Marnie But she ignored him still upset with him for his treatment of her before Hermione completely changed her attitude toward Iran when he was poisoned Hermione was frightened and upset about this when she was at his bedside with the others She talked to the first time Ron heard a voice and started to say your name in his sleep Rhonda looked for words Our Hermione’s visits to the hospital wing and pretended to be asleep Whenever lavender came after he was released Ron began ignoring lavender and she began to get suspicious of his Relationship with her mind when she saw Hermione and Ron come out of the boys Dormitories unable to see Harry who was under the invisibility cloak She broke up with Ron and Harry could have sworn that he saw Hermione smirk Hermione and Ron were now closer than ever When Hermione took her apparation test she passed that she was very excited about when Ron failed for leaving behind half an eyebrow She comforted him another achievement Hermione had that year was learning nonverbal magic And as always she was the first in a class to do so at the end of the term the Battle of the Astronomy tower Took place how he made Hermione Ron and Ginny take the remaining liquid luck to ensure their safety Hermione and Luna were watching his name’s office when Professor Flitwick came running down the hall saying that Death Eaters had broken into the castle Flitwick went into Snape’s office and Hermione and Luna heard a thud Snape then came out and he told them to tend to Flitwick who Had passed out Snape that went to killed Dumbledore right after that afterward Hermione felt awful She was crying and she said I was so stupid Harry. Oh, it’s so obvious Now Snape must have stupefied Flitwick But we didn’t realize we just lets name go who’ve been told her that it wasn’t her fault And he said that had she not obeyed He probably would have killed her and Luna as well during double-doors Funeral Hermione was confident by Ron as she cried on his shoulder Harry told them both that he was not coming back to Hogwarts and that he was going to hunt Voldemort’s Horcruxes Hermione and Ron told him that he wasn’t doing it alone you need us before she left school she summoned books about Horcruxes from Dumbledore’s office to learn more about them and how to destroy them that summer her Marnie knowing that she was going on a Dangerous mission realize that her parents were at risk to make sure they were safe she modified her parents memories to make them think that their names were Wendel and Monica well kids and that their life’s ambition was to move to Australia. What’s they had now done? This would make it much harder for Voldemort and his Death Eaters to track them She made them think that they didn’t have a daughter so that if they did find them they wouldn’t be able to interrogate them about her or Harry who she had told them quite a lot about doing this awesome ensure that if she died on their mission they wouldn’t Know that they had a daughter and they would continue to live a happy life When her money talked about this to Ron and Harry she began to cry and Ron put his arm around her to make her feel Better her money also withdrew all of her savings in case they needed muggle money on top of that She put an extension charm on one of her bags impact everything that they would need in case they needed to make a quick escape Her money was part of the team to extract Harry from the Dursleys she and six others use Polyjuice potion to become Harry so that the Death Eaters would not know which one was the real Harry she Fled with Kingsley Shacklebolt on a festival they were followed by five Death Eaters They injured two of them and might have killed another halfway through the chase They saw Voldemort, but he vanished pretty quickly Once he realized that Hermione wasn’t the real Harry Hermione hugged Harry as soon as she got back But she was worried when she found out that Ron hadn’t returned yet When he finally did she gave him an even bigger hug her Marnie stole the Polyjuice potion that mad I had made right under mrs Weasley’s nose in case they needed it for their mission the new minister for magic Rufus Scrimgeour arrived at the Burrow to deal with Dumbledore’s will Dumbledore left her Marnie a copy of a children’s book called the tales of Beedle the bard a bill and fleurs wedding She saw Viktor Krum when Ron saw the two together he quickly asked her if she wanted to dance which made Hermione very happy crumb then asked a disguised Harry if they were together and happy replied saying Sort of the celebration was stopped early when Death Eaters crashed the wedding Hermione Ron and Harry dis operated out of there and ended up in London luckily They had everything that they needed thanks to Hermione’s extension charm on her back while they were in London Hermione unknowingly triggered a tracking curse when she said Voldemort’s name this was set up by the Ministry and the snatchers knowing that anyone that says his name is most likely a threat to him and an ally of Harry to Death Eaters showed up and a fight Unfolded until the Death Eaters were beaten her money modified their memories so that they wouldn’t remember seeing Ron to ensure the safety of his Family the three of them went to number 12 Grimmauld place during their stay there Ron and Hermione fell asleep holding Hands while they were sleeping their hands released and when they woke up their hands were resting next to each other while they were there They discovered that the lawyers on bridge had the locket Horcrux They formed a plan to break into the ministry using the apology’s potion that Hermione had stolen to make themselves ministry workers when they got there her money got stuck with Umbridge and sat through unfair trials with their She incriminated innocent muggle-borns how he attacked on bridge as their Polyjuice potion began to fade away blowing their cover her money grabbed a locket off of Umbridge and they freed a ton of Muggle-borns the ministry had incriminating and told him to flee the country after they met up with ron They fled the ministry to go back to Grandma place but a Death Eater named Yaxley grabbed on to Hermione’s arm and they were forced to leave him at Grima place and disapp irate into The woods they were now unable to go back to Grandma place as it had been compromised They camped out and took turns holding the lock in the lock it greatly affected Ron and made him jealous and angry One night this led to a big fight and he decided to leave He asked Hermione what she wanted to do and not wanting to abandon Harry. She decided to stay funny. I Did it? I Saw you two the other night ramani screamed after him trying to get him to come back, but it was no use he had dissipated Her money cried for over a week after he left there were many silent nights between her money and Harry because she was so sad And Harry didn’t know what to say to her The two eventually decided to go to Godric’s Hollow thinking that they would find the Sword of Gryffindor there there they stopped at the graveyard to see where Harry’s parents were buried her money added flowers to the grave and Respects and comforted Harry, but she wanted to Bathilda Bagshot house where they were attacked by Voldemort snake Nagini however He was bitten by the snake and was passed out Hermione took herself and harry’s passed out body to the Forest of Dean as she dis a parade it while they stayed there How are you arrived back with Ron one morning? Ron explained how he had found them. I heard a voice Your voice Amani and what exactly did I say? May I ask my name this tiny ball of light appeared floated toward me the ball of light and right to my chest straight through me Right here not knew who’s gonna take me where I needed to go. So I separated Hermione was angry at Ron for a long time the tria want to see zeniff ileus love good where they learn the true meaning behind The book that Dumbledore had left for Hermione and all about the Deathly Hallows zeniff Ilyas Betrayed them to save Luna and dead leaders came to the house Hermione very smartly made sure that the Death Eaters saw Harry before they left so that they wouldn’t think that Xenophilius was lying This way they wouldn’t kill him or Luna the three were again found through the tracking charm of saying hold aborts name and were taken To Malfoy Manor when they got there Bellatrix panicked when she saw the Sword of Gryffindor, and she thought it was in her fault she locked the others up and tortured her money to find out where she had gotten it Hermione screamed in pain as she used the crew she artists curse on her And later, she cut the word mud blood into her arm with a knife When Harry and Ron came up to save her Bellatrix held a knife to her Manny’s throat to make them drop their wands Dobby then rescued them and took them to Bill in the First house where he died from a knife now, let’s fix it throne. Ammonia have something in your back Himani Healthy the trio realized that they had to break into Gringotts They devised the plan at Bill and flares to make their move with the help of the Goblin Griphook hermanas used Polyjuice potion to take the form of Bellatrix Lestrange After they successfully got in and found the Horcrux Griphook betrayed them Romani then came up with an idea to escape They rode the dragon out of Gringotts into safety the three of them returned to hogwarts for the final battle her Monte and Ron went Down to the Chamber of Secrets and got basilisk fags to destroy the remaining Horcruxes Hermione thought that Ron was amazing to think of this idea and to be able to speak Parseltongue to get in size wall down there Hermione destroyed the Horcrux They had gotten from Gringotts after that the trio were in the Room of Requirement when Ron said hang on a moment We’d forgotten someone who the house sells they’ll all be down in the kitchen won’t they you mean me ought to get them fighting? No, I mean we should get them out You don’t want any more table EES do we we can’t order them to die for us at these words? Hermione flung herself on Ron and the two had their first kiss Ron kissed her So passionately that he lifted her money off of her feet. Later they faced Malfoy and his cronies Hermione narrowly dodged a killing curse and stun coil the room that went up in flames and they narrowly Escaped this battle had many casualties Hermione saw both Fred and Snape died right in front of her during a break in the battle Hermione comforted Ron Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys over the loss of Fred, how do you went to the Forbidden Forest? To give himself up without talking to Hermione or anyone else Knowing that if he did so it would be too hard to keep going when Voldemort returned with Harry’s dead body Hermione was deeply upset Neville longbottom then stepped forward and the battle resumed Hermione fought Bellatrix with the help of Ginny and Luna until mrs Weasley took over and killed her hurry then revealed himself to be alive and defeated Voldemort Hermione and Ron were the first ones to reach him and hug him after the fight was finally over After everything calmed down her money went to Australia to find their parents and restore their memories The family was reunited and moved back to England Hermione went back to Hogwarts for her final year to finish her schooling Even though Ron and Harry did not her money and Ron’s relationship continued to awesome and eventually the two got married Via two children named rose and Hugo her money was also made the godmother of Harry and Ginny son James Because of her heroism her money was featured on a chocolate frog card that represents famous witches and wizards She eventually started a career at the Ministry of Magic in the Department for the regulation and control for magical creatures She continued to work with SPE W working for the rights of underprivileged Non-human such as house elves in any other creatures. She later went on to assist the new Minister for magic Kingsley Shacklebolt as the deputy head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement they work together to eradicate any laws that were in favor of Purebloods while some consider the curse style to be canon and others don’t I feel that I have to add that her money was made Minister for magic in the book her money stayed close with all of her friends and saw them on a regular basis her money offers So much to the table whether it be her amazing Intelligence her badass skills how cons she is to everyone around her or the way that she cares about and stands up for what’s important? To her she is the full package and one of the best parts of the series she thought Harry so much and helped him throughout His journey without Hermione. However, he would have never been able to complete his mission She is a true hero and will always have a place in our hearts Thanks so much for watching guys If you liked this video, make sure you hit that subscribe button to help grow the channel You can follow me on social media links are in the description and look out for more great videos on the way

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