The Empowering Questions You Should Ask Yourself During Tough Times | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

OPRAH:  … I think about people who have circumstances that aren't as good as mine or yours. Is it possible to life vision when you're at the bottom? REV. BECKWITH: Not only is it possible, that's probably the best time to do it. When circumstances and situations are pressing in upon us, the only way we can overcome them is to go within. To actually begin to ask very empowering questions with the awareness that this universal presence and its law will answer any question that you ask. So if you're in a situation that is pressing on you and you ask, what's trying to emerge in my life? What is my gift to share? What is my purpose? Why am I here on the planet? Not just how can I pay my rent? Not just how can I stop the pain? Which aren't bad questions. OPRAH: Not even — not just even what should I do? REV. BECKWITH: Not even what should I do. No. OPRAH: Not what should I do. But the universal questions. REV. BECKWITH: You ask empowering questions. The universe will answer these questions in a language and in a way that you can understand. They'll be inter-prompting, there will be intuitive hits, nudges, signs, symbols, dreams. It'll come in the individual's language of the soul and heart. The difficulty is that when people are in tough situations, they ask disempowering questions. OPRAH: Whoa. REV. BECKWITH: They say what's wrong? Who's to blame? OPRAH: Why me. REV. BECKWITH: Why me? Yes. REV. BECKWITH: Those are the disempowering questions. So the universe will answer those, too. It will pull on the database of human experience and say you were born on the wrong side of the tracks or you were born on the right side of the tracks or you — this happened or that happened. It will give you a bevy of excuses. But if you ask an empowering question, you'll get an answer to rise above the muck. So it's all about the question, the sincerity of the question, and then the ability and the willingness to really listen. To really be available. That's where the juice is. OPRAH: And that is available to every human being? REV. BECKWITH: Whether an individual is in prison, whether an individual is imprisoned by circumstance, in prison in their own mind about an event that happened in the past. It doesn't matter. Once you ask with sincerity, the universe will answer. That's the way it operates.

20 thoughts on “The Empowering Questions You Should Ask Yourself During Tough Times | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

  1. How or to whom do you ask? God, the Universe, yourself, the neighbor? And how do you get the answers exactly?

  2. Theres many lost soles out there with not a dine to their names,not able to watch stuff like this,they are the people who need the help the most.The homeless for one,uk not that great at helping people,you only have to look at the streets.

  3. Oprah listens to all her guests with so much passion and humility, she could turn around and say I know that already, instead she lets them speak out the message, she's very consistent and her life is so inspiring, thank you Oprah

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