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Is this Your your pet? yeah! Yes Yes Yes, this is my pet. Yes Yep Yes, that’s my little Baby. What’s his name? Fluffy Bozo Sabi Tara Casper Hershey Kiara What is the reason of buying this pet? I don’t know. I just find dogs adorable. I like dogs. Well Reason. My kids Wanted the dog. Usually, I like dogs. So,I thought that
why should we not have an experience of having a dog. The only reason is My love for dogs. She’s like a friend. And my kids wanted the dog very much. I bought him as a companion for my daughter
Since I have a single child. I bought her. and she was bought by one of my friend
and he actually abandoned her then i took her. What do you serve in the meals? For her, she has three meals a day.
And I mix dry fruit, royal canin (pet food) and homemade food. Anything he likes. He can eat each and everything,
human food, his own dog food, Anything! In meal I give him chicken once in a week and generally
he eat homemade food which we made. Well, he takes dog food which is Chicken gravy
mixed with rotties (chapattis). We give him Milk, Pedigree (dog food) and chicken as well. We give him either royal canin or jarred high snacks
(dog food) or rotties (chapattis) and rice whatever. So, what do you think about the “stray dogs”? What do I think about street dogs?? I think everyone should adopt them so that they won’t bite. Pets dogs stay inside of a home and stray outside. See they all are also dog. But then I have to
face problem my dog gets ticks from street dogs. I don’t like to have bad experience with bad behaviour of dogs. Street dogs take birth as a homeless.
No one is there to take care of them. But there are some people who feed them. They become very aggressive and wild, they even bite sometimes because one or another
human hit them so they have this fear from humans. I think they are very good if their population is controlled.
They all have to be neutral. I feel sad about the way they are treated by people.
I mean we humans, even educated people would just simply kick the dog away,shoo
him away. So, I feel sad about that. I think all dogs are cute,
It doesn’t matter, a dog is a dog, doesn’t matter. I wish I had enough resources to take care
of them and adopt them. So, have you ever thought of adopting a street dog? I have thought. But, I don’t have a place for three.
Handing two dogs alone is very difficult for me. not actually even he was brought by my kids. I am waiting for him.when he will die I will going to adopt one. Not really. To be very honest,
I am a dog lover but still I am scared of street dogs Also. I fostered a street dog for 2 months. But, I couldn’t keep him because our apartment is too small.
So, its not have enough space. So have you ever tried to help them
like giving them food or clothes? Yes, we generally do, there are many street
dogs near my neighborhood so I feed them. Yes, in our streets there are a lot of street dogs.
If someone get injured or something happened we help them we do the best that we can do. Obviously I love street dogs. I used to play with them. A month back I met a street dog and he was injured by a bike. What I did of course I give him a
good medical care and I give street dogs eggs and all. I give them some foods sometimes
but, apart from that nothing much actually. Ah there are street dogs outside my apartment
and I feed them on a daily basis. Have you seen someone harming them..?? Yes, whenever I see someone harming
them obviously I oppose. I am also a kind of pet activist. No its awful. I don’t understand these peoples. Street dogs are also like a kid, like if a they get injured there are many who’s there to take care of a them
and Probably they will going to take them to the hospital But on the other hand
there is no one for the street dogs When someone hit the street dogs,
one should stop them because they are innocent so if we try to understand them, they don’t do mistakes and
because they are hungry, so some people give them food And sometimes people get angry with the behavior of dogs,
like when they bark or try to bite them, So if we try to understand them they don’t bite or bark easily. Yes, of course. And I stop them from doing that. I usually like, if I am around
I would try to stop them but, there is so much you can do and
you know peoples mentality as such. Ammm I think those people really
need to open up their minds and realize that dogs are living creature
too and they feel just as much as they do and I think if people realize that it
would be a much better place for dogs to live. I tell those people, that
the dog is your friend he will going to live his entire life with you. He is not a wild animal.
He’d never found in forest, you will only going to find him where there is society and man. When there are so many dogs which are just waiting for a loving
home a loving owner and if you actually love dogs then whats the point of buying when you can
just pick one and take them back home, it’s that simple, whats the point of buying it.
There are some really horrible conditions,
breeders they bread dogs and mostly the mother dog. Once they are not capable of breeding any
more most of the time they just abandon them. You can see there are many old dogs
which are just roaming around the streets and they are not stray. People fell stones at them in fact many of them get dramatic because of that and when they grow up they become
very aggressive and it’s like a cycle you know because people are mean to
them they develop physiological problems and they develop a trauma because of which they become aggressive. A dog is not just a dog it’s a companion it’s a friend. Most
of the people I don’t know about other countries but in India most of the people see dogs
as a status, the most expensive dog you buy it’s like a status symbol. These days it became a status symbol. So, if anyone gets influence by me I like to say
that dogs are companion. They are not status symbol. They are not just an animal, they understand, they listen. A dog is the only animal who lives among humans not in forest, which means the nature has created a bond between them. Wherever you go you’ll find dogs with man, that means he is your companion.
So you should behave with him as a friend. I think it’s more rewarding than having
another relationship with another human being because they just have unconditional love for you. They can teach you lot more that
you can learn from another human being. I like to ask people to adopt rather than buy. When you buy a dog you in a way
encourage the breeders. In a way, not directly but indirectly you are contributing to that cruelty.

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