The Difference Between Lola And Umi Ex Carbonnation Members🤔

hey guys back with another video but
before I saw make sure you smash that like button also if you’re not
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leave a comment on this video so I thought it was my duty to make sure once
Lolo was settled on which I had noticed she was settled maybe a day after she
had went to Jamaica and I wanted to salute her because she could have came
back to the states and I don’t know if you guys are aware of this but um well
she’s in Jamaica but she could have came back from where she was at in
combination and she could have did a mockery she could have got on here and
you know this is the new me I’m from carbonation he is my cash app and she
could have done like would owe me did which is you know now she’s up here
disrespecting people in the community um a person that I’m referring to is angel
she’s another content creator you know just coming out of her mouth
disrespectful to people because she’s now back in the States
uma is and I think that she’s thinking that she’s larger than life when she’s
really not um and you know she could have been more humble like Lola is Lola
has her Instagram page she does in fact have her cash app up here but this is
what I had seen her make a day after she had got to Jamaica she sat down and made
this a work of art and basically she it’s almost like she
came back to the states in my opinion and she wanted to get back with herself
um and she went to what her passion was which was painting so she made that
beautiful painting you have not heard much from her it’s almost like she wants
to be at peace that also gave me a clear sign that there wasn’t much peace or
tranquility at carbonation and she wanted to get back to that where she
could sit and do what comes naturally to her which was her work of art and she
made that painting and I thought that was remarkable for her to everything
that she subjected herself to being in carbonation to come back to you know
being with our family or wherever she’s staying at I’m not quite sure who she’s
saying with in Jamaica and just do something that relaxes her and nothing
about you know the activity that she did was trying to heighten her career get
attention to her Instagram page there was no begging there was no let’s
set up an interview and get paid for it to get our names out there she did the
opposite of what ami is doing because only is a straight mess and I can see
how oh me ended up over a combination because her behavior displays that there
was definitely before oh he went to carbonation something really going on
with her and my heart goes out to her too because she’s really got the game
messed up and I’m just really proud of Lola I hope that everything that she
does in life she prospers everything that she wants and needs in life it
happens good for her and I’m hoping that it’s life experience that she had over
the in combination I’m hoping that that experience has taught her that you have
to deal with issues underlining issues that are going on here you know and not
run from them because you could ultimately end up like Umi where she
hasn’t learned anything from being over in carbonation just to come back and
just be a hot mess and I think that oh me was in fact going over to carbonation
to change her ways and be a better person
holistically mentally and spiritually and I think that she came back just
worse than she probably left off and I really have a lot of respect for this
young lady that she’s showing us that it doesn’t matter how old you are we still
can product ourselves like young ladies would Etica see and we don’t have to use
cuss words to try to get attention or to get followers I don’t see Lola trying to
do that I see that she just wants peace um there’s been a few occasions I know
of people who try to reach out to her and she wasn’t so nice but I think that
it’s not because she’s a nice person it’s just that right now she just wants
to be with herself and she wants to just be able to hear herself breathe um she
was in a very unfortunate situation with you know Nature Boy and I know that
could have been traumatizing for anyone to have to deal with and right now she’s
just at the point where listen it’s about me I’m trying to live my best life
and and the first thing like I said that she did was to make that painting from
what I can see from social media I’m not living with Lolo so I I don’t know she
could have had a Jamaican authentic meal but I know that she
doing a lot better than a lot of other women that have left carbonation she
seems to be thriving and I’m very proud of that
and you know when I look at like Oh me who was a total wreck a train wreck
waiting to happen I wouldn’t even be surprised if she ends up over into
another type of a carbonation situation maybe not a carbonation but in another
community similar to carbonation where it doesn’t work out there and then she
comes back with the trying to get more following and cache apps and interviews
and all that messy stuff that is just part of amis life she’s a train wreck
and I’m just wanting to say as much as I can that I’m very proud of Lola
hopefully she sees this video we do see your efforts of trying to stay out of
media spotlight and you’re trying to pick up the pitch pieces from your life
and you don’t want to be distracted right now because you’ve had enough
distraction just alone from being over in carbonation I’m very very proud of
this young lady she kind of shocked me I didn’t think that she was gonna come
over and carry herself so ladylike and actually try to stay out of the public’s
eye like she did but she did it just seems from her page uh it’s a tranquil
space it’s a tranquil area that she didn’t make private she’s still showing
you know her art and how she’s feeling um you know she’s active on her IG page
but she has his attitude like I want to be left alone and you know it’s to be
expected look at where she came from and look at what she had to deal with on a
daily basis I’m quite sure she’s catching up with sleep catching up on
her eating and catching up with herself because going over to carbonation you
definitely lose who you are until you snap
part of it like she did and said I can’t do this I must leave and you know she
packed up it was no drama with it like she had said a few people she did speak
to I don’t want him to even know I’m leaving because it’s gonna be too much
drama with that and she left so I just want to say praise to the Queen
bow to the Queen and I want to see everything in your life prosper

21 thoughts on “The Difference Between Lola And Umi Ex Carbonnation Members🤔

  1. Wow Lola is very pretty and talented and very humble. I text with Lola in IG and she was very respectful and did not bad mouth anyone she was a class act! Your totally right👍🏽

  2. You can see the difference immediately and shows prayers work. She was not comfortable with Carbon Nation and why she left so soon she realized that Carbon Nation isn't it and what NB said and did was different and she wasn't comfortable with that. So very glad she's taken the harder but more rewarding lane. Keep praying Pray Warriors IT'S WORKING.💓🙏💓🙏💓 PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO ALL. AND AS ALWAYS LOVE YOUR COMMENTARY💯💯💯

  3. Umi straight tried to disrespect my Angel, and she can kick rocks! There was no need in that and she wasn't funny.

  4. I heard Lola pops was a kingpin that got arrested in 2017 and fam come from along line of money and NB thought he was gonna get a peice of that cash

  5. Sis it's sad to see these girls degrading themselves for NB.ITS LIVE ON O'NEIL TV EXCLUSIVE. I'M SHAME FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES BACK HOME.

  6. Yes her attitude is nasty, I don't watch her at all and I liked Umi in the beginning but not anymore 🤷🏾‍♀️ but I agree 💯👌🏿

  7. Lola doesn’t display herself like Umi!!!! Umi really needs to have several seats, pray like never before and perform a thorough self examination! She is NOT what she thinks she is! “There is a spiritual man that animates all of these physical bodies and it is either dark or light! She radiates darkness!

  8. Lola stole that painting idea from another artist. To me she's no different from Umi. She got what she wanted to be in Jamaica by family, she did dry beg it wasn't as much as Desiree. Desiree is lost and sad!!! All I see is laziness and excuses in these ppl.

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