"The Devastating Demon That Destroys Families" Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. (Unbelievable)

the day that the Lord is made we're rejoicing we're glad and it thank you for joining us today wherever you are in the world I gave a shout out to people in other countries and other states here in the United States to the military to college students to families about to go to church god bless you thank you for joining us wherever you are it's a joy to be able to come here every week I'm ministering today on this our family life ministry today we are honoring the ministries in our church that strengthen families and I hope you know that we live in a world that we're facing a crisis of the family and there's every effort in the world to try to destroy the family and I want to talk today about that devastating destruction is happening to the family by demons that have aimed their guns as a matter of fact I want to talk about those demons that are devastating and dividing families Malachi chapter 2 talks about it grab your Bible I believe it's a Word of God for our nation thank you for joining us be blessed hallelujah father we honor you we worship you we adore you we humble ourselves before you Lord we acknowledge that your God all by yourself there's not another you have all power and mighty in your hands and we give you the glory the honor and the thanks for your loving kindness to us and the multitude of Your mercies we pray that you would just as we intercede for the persons whose hand we hold we pray we intercede for them now in Jesus name we pray for miracles and breakthroughs in their life we pray for our brothers and sisters through the internet and around the world that join us though not here physically but God we pray that you would touch their lives whatever they stand in Donita I pray that you would save somebody that needs salvation reclaim a backslider Lord give assurance to the person with the doubts in one way or the other they get saved or get assurance of this elevation plant the people who are believers edify your saints let them be strengthened that somebody's heart be changed somebody's mind be changed somebody's decisions be changed that they might walk in the scent of your will father put a hedge around this place buying every distracting and demonic spirit and we welcome the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to do whatever he chooses to do unknowing us to be a mouthpiece for your glory and honor and we give you the thanks ahead of time in Jesus name Amen all right you can be seated grab your Bibles and open up to Malachi chapter 2 we'll give you my message ahead of time I don't have points like I normally do but you can write down whatever God says to you while we're sharing the day I'm not gonna have my points on the screen like I normally have them but I want you to write down what God says to you I'm titling this message the devastating demons that destroys families the devastating demons that destroy families that's what I'm going to talk about there is there is an all-out attack against families and against marriage and it gets to home the institution of home the the enemy the devil has unleashed all of his attacks all of his weapons against the institution of family of the family and of marriage and and I want to talk about it today this is family life day and God has a heart for families that y'all know that and I want to talk from this this last book this book of Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament if you don't know the Bible just go to the table of contents it's the last book of the Old Testament and and just for by way of background this is the this is the last book that's in the Bible before there will be 400 years of silence from God before Jesus comes on the scene it becomes pertinent to understand what did god say before he decided he wasn't gonna say nothing because there's gonna be 400 years before anybody else shows up on the scene it is through the Prophet Malachi and he talks to the children of Israel and those verses I'm gonna be preaching from verses 11 through 17 but I want to start off with something that's startling to me amazed me shocked me when I read it as a matter of fact it's verse 17 because in chapter 2 verse 17 it says you have wearied the Lord now I talk to a lot of people who get wearied and tired and worn out but I never thought you can wear regard and that in that's not an amazing thing to think that God can actually get tired as a matter of fact that where it really means to be worn out and sick that's what it means that's what the word means and then the text says you weary God he says you worried him with your words it says yet you say in what way have we read them now part apart let me back up for a minute because a part of what I do every day is I talk to people who get tired of life get tired of marriage you're tired of their job you're tired of relationships you're tired of paying bills get tired of going to church you're tired of being in the ministry I deal with that every day and what I try to tell people don't be weary in well-doing that's so there's there's a word that God has for people who get wearied and I said Galatians 6:9 do not be weary in well-doing for in due season you shall reap if you think not who that's powerful that God says I got your back I got you covered and if you hang in there if you don't quit he says in due season you shall reap if you don't think wow that's a profound promise power to promise them God that's exactly what he'll do I believe that promise from God that's a promise from God to us but what about when God gets weary and tired I mean that was a strange concept of me to think that God can even get tired the God can even get wearied and so I had that ask myself by reading I read further to find out what he got what what made him get weary and tired and it tells us right here he said you've reread the Lord with your words yet you say in what way and we will read you verse 17 in what in that you say everyone who does evil is good in the sight of the Lord and he delights him down did y'all get that y'all message went right over your here and let me bring her back bring you back to you here's what worried God where is God when when you say that the people who are doing bad are doing good when you call evil good it where's our God and you say he's delighting in people who are doing that it wears him out God gets tired and a matter of fact that's our culture we call them wrong right and right wrong thanks to thank all 17 of y'all for that rousing affirmation but it's it's a profound thing not only not only that but but it's not just what you say when we start going back to verse 11 it's also what we do then where is our God verse 11 look at look at verse 11 this read this for a moment I promise y'all I I'll be finished writing it done verse 11 Judah has dealt treacherously and an abomination has been committed in Israel and in Jerusalem for listen to this for Judah has profaned the Lord's holy institution which he loves he has married the daughter of a foreign God who y'all missed a great spot to say Amen here's what it says that the people of God the chosen people of God that for today that's you and I were in that crowd we have profaned God's holy institution we have brought shame to it we have profaned it it's that holy institution that God loves and what are the institution that God loves they're just a couple of institutions and one of them is the institution of marriage matter of fact he goes on and says here's what here's what they did they've married the they he has married the daughter of a foreign God now to respect to get a lot of amens today I want to spend a lot of people bring any money up and drop it on the altar I don't speak nobody shall dance run around the building today but this is an important word that I have to tell you about it is it is the challenge and the problem that people have treated marriage in a horrible way we have we have looked at marriage and treated it as though it's a you as a car yeah you you married a person that that has all the stuff you like fat tires convertible – flips back the sound system that you like so that's the car you want they got all of that you like that and then you you you cherish it you ride around town lean diamond in the back sunrooftop you young people don't know that about that that song right there leaning what against alley [Applause] I see we got some old people in the building here but the same car that you once found great joy in gets a few scratches in it the convertible don't go back like it used to go back gets a few dumped dent dents and bruises and now you want to trade it in and get you a newer model I thought y'all would get that I thought the 12 o'clock crowd would get a do 10 o'clock I don't have to explain it at 10:00 I got explaining to you the fat tires is the big but in the big breasts [Applause] the convertible is she was flashing you when you when you first met her the sound system is she was whispered all those things to you in your ears that you wanted to hear go ahead past I'm preaching better than the other thing and you liked it it but now she got some a John [Applause] now she came back it up like she used to back [Applause] now you tied up and we've treated the institution of marriage like a when it's not a car it is a sacred institution of a holy God it's a sacred institution and we treated it poorly and badly and in the text here it says the problem here is he says he he married the daughter of a foreign God that word farming strange they got connected to a stranger's somebody who didn't even know God no relationship with the true God because you thought you married him or her because you thought you could help he vandalized they didn't go to church when you was courting and dating but you you think you can get them in church they showed no evidence of a walk with God and even though the Scriptures told you not to do it you went on and got married you treated this sacred institution and made it an abomination as a matter of fact verse 12 says made the Lord verse 12 may the Lord cut off from the tents of Jacob the man who does this the man who does this being awake and aware can I talk about that for a minute being awake and aware see some of you been a part of this church long enough that you are awake and aware you've heard the teaching you've read the scriptures you know the word but you push right on past what the word says and do what it is you want to do you are awake and aware now you have gotten married and went on and married that jokah went on and got married now you have inhaled now life is miserable now your wants to meet with the pastor [Applause] and this is what I do every day it is what my phone calls are 90% of my phone calls are people who are in marital problems and they need help they got dramedy got pain and they want me to they want me to adjust my schedule adjust my time and meet with them when I didn't taught them from the pulpit and taught them in classes and make classes available but you just regarded it and did what you wanted to do and here's my thoughts let me be honest with y'all let me confess if you don't listen to me for what I say up here in the pulpit you ain't gonna listen to me when you sit in my office and I see them all lean over to your name say he preaching better than you're sayin amen we try to teach you that this is the most important and sacred decision you'll make is who you get married to that's a very important sacred decision it's not something you decide on a whiff of the moment you don't just decide today we're gonna go down to the justice of the peace and get married no no no no [Applause] I'm sorry that's lived out for just a moment you hear premarital counseling you go through the classes you get you understand the principles of what to look for what not to look for you you you get prepared because it is a big deal the most important decision in your life is who you marry a lot of you don't listen do what you want to do that's why you'd be married two three four times can I just say can I say something while I'm on this thing if you've been married more than twice the problem can't be all the problem can't be just with all the other people [Applause] at a minimum you have a decision-making problem a judgment problem at a minimum why you keep picking out the wrong Joker's getting kind of quiet in here innit I want to talk to the single people first of all I want to challenge and I want to warn the single people that you make sure you hear from God before you get married to somebody get a word from God however God talks to you communicates to you however God speaks to you however he lets you know he's around he loves you he's got direction however God talks to you get a word from God it's critical so you don't marry the wrong person that you treat this institution with sacredness and and that's the problem God said you did the problem is you've married foreign you you've married the daughters of a foreign god they're strange to me he says I don't know them and it's a problem and it's it's painful to God and then it says in verse 13 I'm almost finished that's the first thing they did matter-of-fact can I read the latter part of verse 12 MB where's 12 again may the Lord cut off from the tents of Jacob the man who does this being awakened aware may God cut you off from the blessings of God the blessings that were sent to the line of Abraham may they be cut off for the man who who makes this choice and he's awake and aware yet his a problem with American Church he brings an offering to the Lord of hosts see we live in a culture that thinks that all you have to do is bring an offering and everything's gonna be okay [Applause] just bringing it off and came fix them domestic you don't create it in your life and offering that move God now it'll move us if you want to bring it over here we'll take it but it doesn't move God here's verse 13 I'm almost finished in verse 13 and this is the second thing you do he says you cover the author of the Lord with tears with weeping and crying but he does not regard the offering any more nor receive it with goodwill from your hands yet you say for what reason how come he don't accept my tears and my crying and my weeping and my fastening my praying and my offering because the Lord has been a witness verse 14 between you and the wife of your youth with whom you have dealt treacherously she's your companion and your wife by covenant oh my god that's profound he says she's your wife you have treated her horribly he says this you you've treated your spouse heartily you're in a covenant it says she is your wife by covenant you see the problem in our country is we view marriage as a contract there's a difference between a contract and a covenant marriage is not a contract you are entering into a covenant relationship it is an institution don't take it lightly she's the companion she is your companion and your wife my covenant but did he not make them one having a remnant of the Spirit and why one look at this verse 15 why one he seeks godly offspring I'm trying to give you all the heart of God here today y'all y'all don't have to like me I don't care if you don't like me you don't have to like me you don't have to accept what I'm saying but what I am seeking to do is to be God's mouthpiece into your ear today and he says why did he make you one why did he allow you to get married in the first place why did he create the institution of marriage in the first place it was not for your happiness you see you see this is the problem we live in a culture that have have promoted marriage has something to make people happy marriage will not make you happy marriage God is not interested in your happiness marriage is a character builder oh yeah you don't hit you won't get some character in your marriage you don't get some character gods interested in your character and that's your happiness happiness happiness deals with external things people get happy from external things happy is about building character on the inside that's what marriage does for your marriage builds character on the inside it's a character builder so you're gonna you're gonna face conflicts when two people kid together think differently act differently want something different operate in different gifts and different mindsets and all of that it's a it's a it's tension tension I've been more I've been married to my wife for 37 years for me to be able to 37 years hold on wait don't clap yet' trap here where I say something that's worthy of a clap we've been for me to stay with her for 37 years took character on somebody's part for us to say together 30 70 any any dog can leave to leave and go find and go someplace else that's not a man or a woman I'm sick of people calling me and hearing these stories of people just walking away from their marriages like it's nothing I'm tired up I feel a cussing spirit coming on [Applause] it's not about your happiness about building your character God uses marriage to build character I got character building me going to be it last night I kinda knew my wife was watching the Hallmark Channel [Applause] his that was called hallmark [Applause] when you've seen one movie you've seen them all the names change the face has changed but the plot remains the same treaty Jacobs will watch the Hallmark Channel all day [Applause] so there's a point of tension because I don't want to watch another hallmark movie I want to watch the college-football game on is I want to walk I want to watch Forensic Files [Applause] so we're we're dialoguing about what we gonna watch I say I can't take another one of these movies girl meets boy some conflict arises he proposes they get married didn't they go just skipping down [Applause] she said I don't want to watch about nobody else getting killed and murdered [Applause] who's gonna demonstrate character here in this situation thank you very much [Applause] takes character to watch the Hallmark Channel in when you don't want to watch the Hallmark Channel takes character to watch the Hallmark Channel when clemson is playing the University of Miami for the championship for the ACC Championship it takes character God is interested in the building of our character whatever tensions you have in your marriage it means somebody's character is being developed now you can stick to your selfishness stick to what you want stick to your attitude or you can say I'm gonna let God build my carrot [Applause] yeah I'm trying I'm doing the best that I can and I ain't talking about just having the TV on I ain't talking about me just sitting there with my well I have tried to get into the movie but after a while I just can't take it let me roll on let me stick with the text I'm trying to drive a point here today is character marriage is a character builder that's what I'm trying to drive home today God wants your character built and the tensions that you have in life and particularly in marriage is God's Way of identifying the places where you need your character built and and here's what it says right here verse 15 I mean I'm going back to the text here he says he's made you a remnant of his he gave you a remnant of his spirit and made you one and then the question is that's why why did he make you one and here's why he seeks godly offspring God God put you in the union of marriage and what he's after is you having kids children who you can raise up to promote his kingdom God is interested in building his kingdom on earth I'm almost finished I'm coming to a close and that's the problem here's the problem here's what makes me so mad is when people are insisting on divorcing and ending their their marriages and because they want to be happy and they want to go do something else and they just can't take this joke or no more and they just can't take you can't take her and you can't take him no more we make these decisions and choices without consideration of the impact that this has on our children but it is important to God maybe it's not important to you maybe you don't care maybe your selfishness and your your happiness is so important that you don't care that it reaps havoc and destroys your children's ability to learn how to get along with other people and because they couldn't they never saw their parents get along they never saw their parents sacrifice you never saw their parents doing the right thing so they never learned how to do the right thing they never learned how to sacrifice they never learned how to develop develop character they saw you bickering and fighting and arguing and not talking about communicating and cussing each other out they heard your conversations on the phone book with what you said to your friends about your Hut about your husband or you'll be your baby daddy and and what you said about your babies mamas they heard the conversations that you had about their momma and daddy Oh y'all can't handle the truth up in here but that's God's heart God's heart is to raise up a generation of young people who are committed to his kingdom and know how to do it and so God says don't deal treacherously with the wife of your youth verse 16 says for the Lord God original says that he hates divorce matter fact verse 16 says four it covers one's garments with violence I believe the violence in our country is because we disregarded the family institution now I've know something y'all don't heard me talk about this before I've been preaching this for 28 years the whole time I've been here I've been preaching it I don't lost a lot of members because of my position on this and it's okay one day I'll have to stand before God and I'll tell God that I've taught it to the best of my understanding and I know a lot I lost a lot of I lost a lot of people it's okay we break it have hundreds of thousands of people except for this position that I have we have thousands but we could have many more thousands of people but it's a tough pill to swallow what I'm trying to tell you today is what I believe is the heart of God right here for me and I believe the heart of God is saddened because we have ran off and got married to people that we didn't ask him about didn't care what he thought about disregarded the warnings he gave us in Scripture about it did what we wanted to do we've heard his heart and we've heard his heart because once we got married and it didn't work out the way we wanted to work out we just got rid of him and went on to the next relationship I didn't expect nobody to run around and expect no dancing there's no music celebration and nobody hooking in the bucking up in the house here today but I want you to think about this I want the people who are thinking about walking away from their marriages to think about this I want you to read your scripture about I want those of you who've already divorced and yet you have the opportunity to go and be restored to your spouse to think about the impact on your kids and above all think about the heart of God now that some of y'all who've been divorced and your spouse have rolled on and got married elsewhere and you say well pastor what what can I do well the thing that's great about serving Jesus is that he is a god of another chance he has made provisions by his death on the cross for our sins to be washed away when you put your faith in Jesus and come to him he he cleanses you of all your sins and that good news he cleanses us of every sin that we you're the only one all day today baby thank you very much give her a hand praise the little ain't nobody planting those seeds in this word for her but it's a good word let's tan let's pray humbly father humbly we come humbly we acknowledge I need for You Father I need for you Mart I'm praying today for your people I'm praying for the singles today as they look toward marriage I'm praying for those who are contemplating divorce I'm praying father for those who are married that you keep marriages strong and solid and somehow God give them what's needed to keep them strengthened in Jesus name I pray father that if somebody's here today they they haven't been married to you yet you would draw them to you somebody who's unsaved never received forgiveness of sins draw them Lord they've never put their faith in the death burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus draw them somebody in the backslidden mode reclaim them somebody who's unsure make them come to get assurance somebody who needs a church home they're not planting it away and draw them now I pray in Jesus mighty name amen now look at your name and talk to him witness to your neighbor ask him are they saved right they walking with God did they have a church home and say come on let's get it straight I want to invite you to come on right now come that's you've got stopped until you make your way here come on right now don't put it off don't delay it become [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] from beginning to the [Applause] she's Jesus at the center tongue uh confess gee Jesus at the Santa

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  1. What do you do when the divorce is against your will? I am 41, waited my whole life to marry anyone because I wanted a kingdom man. I thought I had finally found one. Our first few dates were church and bible study. We got married, the tension started as we had to blend our family. The enemy began attacking us with a vengeance in many different ways. I held my ground in respect to our covenant and sought help. After three weeks he filed divorce and threw me out of the house. He didn't know I had just become pregnant. So here I sit, pregnant and on my own, awaiting a divorce from a man who at one time wanted to become a preacher. He has no desire to reconcile, he says. Even with our miracle of a daughter on the way. I try to honor our covenant regardless of his actions. I am still married even though he considers himself single in many aspects. Idk what to do. I feel like I let God down but it's out of my control. I can't force him to love me or to stay married for the sake of our kids. How can I possibly please God through this??? I vowed to NEVER get divorced and it seems I have no choice. I've begged and pleaded and prayed and repented for my part in it daily. I still feel like I have failed God 🙁

  2. I have had all my family turn away. Oh, that thing is evil. However, God is in control. I have learned through this test to trust Him – oh yes indeed.

  3. The demon of islam came to my husband's life and now he is a lost soul in that false religion. I pray to God everyday for him to be set free and come to Christ again and for our marriage to be restored in Jesus name.

  4. Thank you Pastor Jenkins for this message. My husband and I have been married 40 years with God's grace. It does build so much character and selflessness. You have to learn how to sacrifice and have the patience of Job. Most of all, you have to not only love each other but like each other, and keep God in the center of it all.

  5. I wanted to get married to my boyfriend but No No. I will wait on what the Lord want me to do because i just want to do right. In the mean time im going to keep praying for us and never give up listening to God.

  6. Thank you for this sermon. Marriage is NOT about happiness; it's about HOLINESS!!! It's about building God's Holy Righteousness Character. It takes 3 to make a marriage: the husband, the wife and God/Jesus Christ at the center. Both fulfilling their biblical roles in the marriage covenant. Sadly, most people don't even know what a covenant is. Thanks again for sharing this sermon and God bless! P.S. By the way, I'm a non-denominational Christian married for 25 years.

  7. I'm so angry I'm trying to watch this and the stinking devil keep the phone buffering but I'm going to watch it !! 👐👐

  8. What a gifted and anointed Preacher/Teacher this man of God is. I had a privilege to sit under his ministry in May 2018 at Perfecting Church, Detroit, Michigan during Holy Convocation. Since then I have been following his ministry on YouTube. I’m in Johannesburg, South Africa and I’m greatly blessed.

  9. PASTOR Jenkins you deserve an award for your message"The demon That DESTROYS MARRIAGES" GOD BLESS YOU AND Your Family And THE CHURCH FAMILY AS Well!!!!!

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  11. you, Sir, Crack me up!!!! You remind me of my Pastor in so many ways. May you continue to spread the word and love of our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father. AMEN!!!!

  12. I love you pastor Jenkins, am so grateful to God you are my pastor. May God continue to bless you and first lady Trina and all your children.

  13. Great word, marriage is Gods creation. We live in a time where , people follow what is popular on tv but we should be following Christs Word.

  14. Am from Kenya and have been following your teachings and preachings and it's been quite a blessing for me…. Pst Jenkins The LORD bless you and your ministry….. The real Word and True teachings of the Bible are rare to find nowadays. may The LORD help you to remain a True minister of God

  15. One of the Best Preachers on the entire planet!! None other has God used for such a time as this mighty man of God. Bless the family and ministry, in Jesus name, Amen. Authentic Preaching for sure.

  16. He is real. He puts it in terms anyone can understand. I appreciate and learn so much from his sermons. God strengthen your man servant

  17. Youre a pastor who has helped me after 2 videos, then you had td jakes on one of them o.O. he was on oprah saying Jesus is a product they are selling……ugh i liked you. Why why why are you with jakes a wolf in sheep's clothing

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  19. Thank you for this word. I was one who didn't consult God about who I should marry and here I am divorced, but I thank God he is a God of second chances. I repent of my sins and pray that if He desires for me to be married I will follow His word and His guidance and be awake and aware. I wish I had this word 20 yesrs ago.

  20. I think that you are a very powerful preacher!! i love the way you break down the scriputures so that i may understand God's word better.you are a god sent.thank you

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