The Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest | George Monbiot

I would say that Bolsenaro is the
most dangerous man on earth. He wants to rip down the
Amazon rainforest, the biggest terrestrial
ecosystem on earth. If those rainforests are destroyed by
Bolsonaro we are screwed. Those rainforests store a phenomenal
amount of carbon, if they are cut down and burnt that
carbon goes into the atmosphere, it will massively accelerate
climate breakdown. It will also of course also destroy
the homes and lives, of the millions of people who
live across the Amazon, as well as opening up the whole region to
shocking forms of exploitation and slavery, some of which I witnessed when I lived there
but will become much worse under Bolsonaro. Brazil is an extraordinary country
it’s where I learnt my politics, I learnt it from mostly illiterate people
fighting all the powers of the land, peasant cultivators who were up against; The ranchers trying to steal their land, up against the federal government, the state government, the police, the judiciary.
And I watched them win. I watched them win through a solidarity
through a grassroots mobilisation, which I saw as the model for worldwide politics. I believe that despite the very dark
days that Brazil is plunged into, there remains hope there, particularly in solidarity with the movements
that Brazilians themselves, inspired elsewhere in the world. This is a Brazilians business
but it’s also our business. If we lose the Amazon rainforest
we lose everything… Double Down for principal reasons
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29 thoughts on “The Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest | George Monbiot

  1. If you haven't watched the full version of this then please do so. Re-run this and click the link at the end. On another tack, I am incredibly disappointed that George did not mention the millions of animals who are being killed by this destruction or that the rainforest is being cut down to graze cattle and to grow crops to be shipped overseas to grow animals to be eaten by many of the people who have just watched this. We have the power to stop at least some of this. Please remove your demand for animal flesh, dairy and eggs. If you care about any of this then you must go vegan today.

    Huge thanks to DDN for your excellent work as always.

  2. Despite the fact that Bolsonaro is a horrible leader and probably the worst since the military regime, we have to start holding multinational mainly western companies accountable for the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. It is easy to blame ruthless leaders but let's figure out why they're acting the way they do. If there would be no financial interest behind it that guides his policies we might not be facing this issue.

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  5. If your sitting here on the other side of the world thinking fuck that guy… there are actually very simple things you can do to decrease your support of the profits driving this process.
    1) Plant trees, not for your enjoyment, for your children and teach them to do the same for their kids
    2) Try and grow even the most minimal part of your diet, container gardening seems to be gaining a lot of popularity

    everyone can make a tiny difference, just need to believe in what your doing.

  6. Remember the Brazilian people elected this man with eyes wide open. They knew exactly what to expect. And here you have it. Congrats

  7. FAKE NEWS! Be smart and seach for references and the truth or you'll have your brain washed with all these lies. Just ask your self these simple questions: Have they saved their forests? Why in all this time "saving the Amazon forest" they haven't actually done anything considerable? Why some of the "Amazon protectors" invested on mineral exploration in the area? Why only now, after a conservative president who is truly looking after the indians and the people from Brasil, making the needed reforms to boost Brazils economy and doing everything that is possible to change the brazilians life for good, they are complaining? Is the Amazon the REAL INTEREST? Not really! Think about it and seach the truth.

  8. Estamos divulgando no blog da ecologia e da cidadania, também através da time line do ecologista antonio padua silva padinha no Facebook em post de chamada para a webpágina do movimento ecológico, científico e de cidadania, confira em

  9. Acesse ano de 2013 o mesmo poblema governo de lula o poblema da Amazônia não é os presidentes e sim os humanos do mal que fazem isso :

  10. why is this this narrator mixing 'politics' and 'ecology' like politics is not made by animals,, very strange form of thinking,,, I don't understand it. if we had more fresh air, would we have more humans in the environment,, maybe mamals would grow as big as dinasaurus,,, we will really need to build our state houses bigger,,, yes that is the solution,,, we must build more hollow pyamids

  11. I also find President Bolsonaro an idiot. I was always against him approaching the US and the European Union. We were much better with Russia and China. Your countries intrude on everything and promote wars of interest, impose sanctions on many countries that feel threatened by you, and thus punish the humble people of those countries with economic sanctions. It was great to see your countries lose their pipelines from the Middle East to Russia. These countries are getting annoying to Brazilians with these hypocritical and senciasonalistas speeches. Their countries have spent the last decades invading and wanting to steal resources from Middle Eastern countries. A warning: We Brazilians are a peaceful and welcoming people. But don't think we are stupid and unprepared!

  12. I am just goin g to leave this right here sir

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