The Dangers of 2C-I? Dealing with misinformation

Recently it seems there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of 2C-I or Smiles some saying that it’s a new killer drug or essentially a menace to society and I think a lot of this is probably over hyped Firstly I would go with the fact 2C-I is not a ew drug, at all. It’s at least documented as far back as
1991 in Shulgin’s PiHKAL Shulgin synthesized it it’s being around documented in europe at least since
two thousand one so that’s at least 11 years with no massive problems over here Recently it has spread to America where it seems they’re having problems with proper dosage. I’d point out that if you can’t dose properly, you shouldn’t really be taking these things. Specifically in reply to James D, who said that this drug allows people to be possessed, because you describe them as acting possessed. Acting possessed is not the same as being possessed James. The symptoms you are talking about can be attributed to something called serotonin syndrome. Essentially, the phenethylamine psychedelics are serotonergic they cause build up of serotonin in the brain, they react the receptors for serotonin. So essentially what this does is overdose serotonin in the brain and serotonin-like molecules which causes hyperthermia ‘hyperthermia’ being overheating. Causes myoclonus, which is muscle twitching, muscular contraction hallucinations, all kind of fun things like that. So I’d like to point out no, not possessed, serotonin syndrome it’s well understood. you might need to read maybe more than
just the on book. You then followed this up with some Jesus themed bullshit. Not important, just thought I’d point it out. In fact this will mostly take the form of a rebuttal to your video. So, in your video you also gleam over the fact that it is clearly stated that
the cases of fatality are overdoses. I would like to point this out, of course. An overdose will kill quite a few people no matter what the drug is really. It doesn’t matter; aspirin or alcohol or 2C-I or heroin. An overdose is an overdose. It’s just a fact of drug usage in general. I’d also like to point out when people point out it (2C-I) is killing ‘lots’ of people That it’s killing thousand of times less than say alcohol or tobacco or anything like that. In fact it’s killing far less certainly than tobacco by percentage. I don’t think half of 2C-I users will die from 2C-i related illness. … Also quite a few people saying that it’s like a combination of MDMA and LSD, and that it’s more potent. I would hasten to point out that LSD is active at the microgram range whereas 2C-I is threshold at ten, twelve
maybe fourteen milligrams. That’s a difference of one hundred times as potent that’s quite a large error, I’m not gonna lie. It’s like estimating that the length of the UK, where I live, is 7 miles. Which it’s certainly not. It’s closer to 750-ish. So…yeah… um… minor error there. Again you talk about the tripes lasting days. I’d just like to get something for you…this is my beloved copy of PiHKAL. You’ll notice that it is written, if I can hold the book still enough, by Alexander Shulgin. Right here, is Shulgin’s data on the issue. DURATION: six to ten hours. Now, I’m not sure what kind of crazy crazy days you have in America. But here in England we we have twenty four hours in a day. I know that might seem a bit long but it lets us get stuff done and it certainly means that our 2C-I trips last much less than a day. You talk about the trip where a guy says that his girlfriends face goes black and the black seeps out of her eyes and this is ‘demonic’. Uh… no, not really. It’s a hallucination, that happens when you take doses of hallucinogens, you will hallucinate. It’s funny how that works… it’s not demons, it’s science; chemistry and neurology. Two things you’ve probably never considered or really researched. But, yeah, that’s fun. You say “you shouldn’t do dugs at all” you’re not someone who has ever done drugs from the sound of you. You’re not someone who has any experience or knowledge of drugs certainly from your video. So I would say you’re ill placed to really decide on the value of drugs. I mean Certainly, for my money, the correct use of drugs is a mind and spirit expanding experience and something that I happily and
responsibly indulge in. I am suitably well adjusted, this is my university room. I am an undergraduate in pharmaceutical chemistry, so this is kind of my turf. I am an aspiring psychopharmacologist. Again not demons, but science. And again, drugs, used responsibly, are a suitable tool for the expanding of consciousness and generally a life enhancing experience. You say, or perhaps quote, I’m not sure, we can’t really see the article, that’s at best information available online is trip reports. I would say this is false as there’s a full copy, I’ll show this again, love this book so much, a full copy of PiHKAL is available online. Literally. You can’t read all of this bit (the Shulgins’ joint autobiography) at the beginnig there’s a up until about …about… here about there. That, this thick wedge here is biography. This thick wedge here, this bit *gestures*, that’s all information. It’s nearly four hundred pages, in fact I think it might even be more, of useful reliable material on a number of phenethylamines psychedelics. It is probably the best source resource available. You detail a couple of terrible effects, one saying it’s like a rollercoaster through hell… there are always going to be negative reports. There are also a vastly higher number of positive reports. Let me just get some, for example, … one quotes is from, go find it, it’s from an experience report entitled “The Gentle Empathogen” No. 83378 “The 2C-I molecules flow through my brain like a kindly physician, examining me, touching my body and soul in just the right places to promote healing ad understanding”. I’d say that’s a positive experience. But in case you weren’t convinced… “Overall this was an absolutely amazing experience that I am excited to do again after a little time has passed. It has also excited me to try others of the 2C-‘s. I would recommend a slightly smaller dose
for anyone trying this for their first time, maybe 18mg. I do not think I could have handled any more than 20(mg) my first time.” That’s the kind of information that should probably be promoted. Not “all drugs are bad”, “doing drugs is bad” “drugs will give you demons!” That’s a concept I love. I will definitely recommend this possibility to some of my professors. We’ll see what we think, it could be the James D. Theory, you know, often important theories, like this one, demon possession … they often get eponymously named. So, um, good luck. You point out that someone says, “Don’t drive on 2C-I”. Which is as common sense, in principle, as saying, “Don’t drive on LSD” which doesn’t kill people, not a bad drug, It’s a mind expanding drug. Possibly one of the most spiritual experience the human mind can entertain. You shouldn’t drive on alcohol. You really shouldn’t drive on any drug that alters your reactions or your perceptions not because they’re inherently dangerous. It’s because that is inherently fucking stupid. I mean PiHKAL has a glossary at the back, and the definition of the word “Idiot” is “One who drives on psychedelic drugs”. It’s… it’s just stupid. It’s not because the drug is dangerous. It’s because you shouldn’t drive if you’re busy looking at factals on the
back of your hand… or staring at the trees going past and watching them turn into men. You’ll crash, it’s just plain. And then you go on to do more bullshit about the reality of God, demons, the devil, angels…I just ask…PROOF? I mean, I’m a scientist, I’d like some proof. Then you hate on the gays, because every self-respecting stupid fucking moron christian (not the majority) nowadays has to kind of a rule, I think. Finally, I guess, to round it off, it’s not that drugs open up the door for demons to come in. It’s the brain produces serotonin it’s really not that hard to fucking understand, if you read a book or two. You know, I would suggest that maybe PiHKAL might be a place to start, maybe learn…oh, here we go, here’s a book you might enjoy, ‘Biochemistry for Dummies’ actually might be a bit advanced for you, but I don’t think that they do you know maybe “A is for Adenosine, B is for Biochemistry, C is for you’re a fucking Crazy motherfucker”. The C there I took from crazy and not from fucking. That’s about all I have to say on this. Really I guess my points would be: drugs are not fundamentally bad, they are tools to be used properly. In the same way you can break someone’s skull with a hammer, or you can build a wooden frame for a house. So too, you can either kill yourself with an overdose or you can actually use it properly and get something done. I guess most of all safety safety, safety! So follow the basic rules, look around Erowid, have a poke about their guide to psychedelics. Lastly I guess, have fun. Because it is fun, if you can do it properly. Not saying it is always fun. Sometimes it’s not fun, but integrating the experience is always useful. Sometimes it’s the times that aren’t fun that are the most revealing. But, ultimately, you’ve just got to keep on going. I’m not saying that everyone should do drugs. But if you want to, just do it safely, is all. Nothing fundamentally harmful about drugs themselves, though some drugs are quite harmful in and of themselves, in being actually toxic. Again, some drugs are toxic in doses above their psychedelic and therapeutic range. Like 2C-I is. It will give you an overdose. Some drugs are so non-toxic that it’s not even worth thinking about. Drugs like psilocybin or LSD… THC as well. These are things that you never need to worry about dose, you’re not going to be able to ingest a lethal dose i any reasonable circumstance. Unless you work, for example, in an LSD lab and you drink a cupful of liquid LSD. That would probably kill you… It’s just about safety and just remember ‘don’t be a crazy motherfucker like James D. because no one likes a crazy motherfucker’. Don’t worry, Jesus isn’t real (my opinion) and the Apocalypse isn’t coming (much closer to fact). Yeah that about sums it up. I’ll stop by next time there’s a crazy motherfucker talking some shit so probably tomorrow. Stay safe! Have fun!

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  1. Thanks! The audio is terrible, but I hope the captions help. Got to try to get around to making some more videos.

  2. this video is for people who want to make sure they dont die taking something this dumb or for idiots who think its safe to take in any way(same thing). Stick to drugs you know, LSD (kinda), marijuana, Shrooms and MDMA (pure), enough research has been done to know the dangers. Be safe, if you don't know your source, dont indulge. Any drug in the 2C category is dangerous, stay away #Neurosurgeon

  3. i hate this so much i can't stop commenting, please better yourself or shake these comments off because you have.

  4. cant wait for a reply so i can hear your power trip on "how i don't know", bring it bitch. im waiting for your reply. You look like a bitch too, hit the gym.

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