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english the dangerous few (psychology documentary)-real stories Cody's Mother: Cody has killed a few animals. He has killed -um- he when he was three he microwaved a cat. And he has also killed a little small dog. My mom had a little Yorkshire Terrier and he said flipped it and it broke it's neck. And then he killed another cat by throwing logs on it. Narrator: Cody is just 6 But psychotherapist Brina Satterfield fears for his future. Satterfield: If the behavior continues as he heads towards adulthood, he is going to be an extremely dangerous person. Narrator: Cody isn't just going through a phase. His could be tale-tale symptoms of violence in later life. Mom: He had no remorse toward any of those animals. And she's afraid that he's going to go and … and continue with the pattern and start killing … people … because he doesn't care. She's afraid that he's going to continue and be a mass murderer. Cody: That doesn't work! Narrator: New scientific research claims we can identify children as young as four or 5 as potential adult criminals. They have brains that function differently from "normal" children. Narrator: There's growing clinical evidence that persistent criminals are different from other law-abiding people. It may be a set of biological factors that tilts them towards a life of crime. And, who knows? The science of biology may bring us the hope of some cure for the disease of crime itself. Prof. Adrian Raine: There has been a biological revolution in terms of how we understand crime.

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  1. I don't care how bad this sounds, I'd get rid of them kids. Straight off to a special place that can take care of them.

  2. I used to play with a boy named Connor, we used to play fortnite some months ago and one time he Said that his parents Said that he MUST play videogames because that's the only thing that keeps him from hurting his classmates, once he even tried to burn down a tree full of squirrels, And let me Tell you, it Was disgusting, he trapped them inside, after hearing about this disgusting thing i removed him from my friends.

    I wanted ti check out how he Was doing and his mom Told me that he Was sent to a special institute.

  3. I know a mother's love is stronger than anything but I wonder if they can truly love their child if they're psychopaths like this? How can you love them if you're afraid they'll murder you or your other children? I just can't imagine I could love a child like that… but I'm not in that situation so I guess I can't judge.. please don't hate! I was just wondering

  4. Obviously, these children do not come from deprived and uncaring families. The suggestion that criminals all come from deprived families, may be true, but then all children who have suffered a bad childhoods do not turn into criminals. An exception which seems to defy the scientific rules. The new thinikng is that there is an abnormality in the front cortex…That is probably true: however, you cannot arrest or punish someone for what they MIGHT do. So this exercise is of no value unless you are going to incarcerate children who have not commited any crime; but display the symptoms.
    It seems this therapy only benefits those families who can afford the treatment, psychoanalists and drugs. The majority of poor families who's children manifest these traits, have no such support system and as, in an America which only favours the rich and those who can afford such 'valuations' then this research is useless as it will not prevent any crime or misbehaviour amongst the poor, black and white, disdvantaged population .

  5. When i was 12 i put my Cat in the Microwave, i dont know why i did this, i was never good with animals. I hurted my Cat, because i was angry. Now im 26, this happend never again. Im diagnosed with Autism.

  6. It seems like biofeedback would work both ways. If you never have to consentrate you will have more theta waves. Think smart phones

  7. my psychopath ex was adept to killing cats for fun. I learned this when I was 16…he would say HEY! LOOK AT THIS.. a cat on his friends porch..he dropped kicked the poor thing and would injure them so he could go back and end its life, was in shock and ran when I saw him do that…he did not kill anyone when he was an adult..he passed away 2 years ago by freak accident. the Egyptians worshipped cats for a reason, if you kill a cat, you WILL bring bad juju in your life

  8. There are people who are psychopaths that don’t kill animals, or hurt others. In fact – the majority don’t. Cody has far more wrong with him is my guess. He just likes to feel powerful and does so by murdering and maiming. I’m sure some conditioning was thrown into the mix. Attention is attention to a young child. Parents underestimate the power of that.

  9. That mother is a wierdo the way she speaks about him killing animals like it's nothing. How does a 3 year old know how to work a microwave. Good job mother…

  10. They are you young to be diagnosed with psychopathy. That's why you only hear conduct disorder and ADHD diagnostic labels. To be diagnosed with psychopathy you have to be an adult previously dx with conduct disorder

  11. Stop blaming the mothers commend them for seeking help
    A lot of mothers/parents ignore patterns red flags hence Jeffery Dahmer, Charles Manson, etc…….

  12. When I have a kid and my kid begins to kill animals for fun. I would be the sadest mom on earth and I would need to go to a therapist.

  13. While i watch this video only i saw small devils.. These mothers are concerned about their children. They need to be worried about those around them

  14. On one hand, this seems like an excuse for poor decisions and lack of discipline. On the other, there are serious signs of actually psychopathy. But the drug dealer is just making excuses.

  15. Stick the kid in the army he'll do extremely well. It's not the end of his world. He could make use of it.

  16. I’ve met a little girl who tried to put her kitten in the oven until someone got it out so i guess you could say I’m familiar😬😬

  17. As a child, the only time i would be still is when i was reading a book. I love reading. Other times i had to be moving. I never played board games. I couldn't sit still. But… i have never committed a crime.

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