Hello, son I’m your father I can’t believe this… it can’t be Yes, it’s true, you are not a human from Earth For many years I suspected that our entire planet could collapse and explode, so, me and your mother, secretly put you in an intergalactic rocket, that happened to be laying around at home, and we sent you to Planet Earth where, by now, you must be a popular boy, and a prominent male cheerleader Oh… no, actually I just get bullied a lot in school Oh, really? Hmm, that’s weird. I thought that living in such a magnificent place you’d have a great advantage over the consumeristic and futile humans… Yeah, I don’t know if you know this, but this fortress is in the middle of Alaska, which is in the middle of nowhere And it’s in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, and that’s very deep in the middle of nowhere, like there isn’t even anyone around here to know that I have this fortress. I’m sorry if the absurdly huge gleaming
and expensive fortress I gave you, is not exactly to your liking I don’t know if you know, but this is not exactly ice They are crystals, and very expensive! And the walls are made of that too, in fact, your bed the toilets, yes plural, and even the floor you step on with your dirty sneakers is made of expensive crystal, young man! Dirty? Can you see me? Can you see me right now? I’m not getting how this works… you died years ago, right? But but you can talk to me? Hum… yes something like that… Something like that? You know that thing when I did the calculations, and I discovered that the planet was going to explode And then I put you on a rocket with no previous testing and I sent you light-years into the galaxy without food? So… The planet kind of did not explode… oops, my bad… Wait, you…you’re alive?? The way you say it sounds like a bad thing Wait, that behind you is that a mansion What? Oh… no, everyone has a home like this, isn’t it like that on Earth? I don’t know. I live on a low-income farm in the middle of nowhere. Hmm, yeah…Sounds bad Hey, you think maybe I can come back home, now that I know you’re alive? Great idea… but the problem is that now you have a new mother Amazing news, right? Do you remember Michelle from dad’s office? No, I was a baby, dad. Well, she’s going through a difficult time She’s entering a pre-midlife crisis at 22 And I do not think it would be a good time for you to come and live here with us She needs her space, you know? Oh, maybe you can come visit me, then Hey dad, can I give the keys to the car? I’m gonna go chill with some friends Wait, I have a brother?? What? Hi, hello, cutting… you… you’re cutting… hello? Son? Looks like it’s only you and me again, Lana…


  1. Alien's father sounds like a polgamous, self-absorbed, sugar-daddy hedon that throws wealth at all his problems. But at least Alien's brother will pursue the keys to his father's car while his father is helping Michelle with her mid-life crisis, so… progress?

  2. Was the reason he didn't want him to come home, because he didn't want him, OR, because he could see the snow woman?

  3. Geez, this was harsh. What's next? A Wonder Woman parody where it's a Taliban fighter training to fly a plane to crash into buildings crashes on Paradise Island and he convinces her to destroy America? Seriously, this one was mean!

  4. Are you sharing this channel with your friends and family? Are you posting it on Facebook? Well you should. These guys have not reached 500K followers and they really deserve it.

  5. I have an idea for an episode. You make a mind reading character but it's embarrassing because he can see everyone's thoughts

  6. Why are these all like, Seinfeld level mundane happenings? "Something something black panther but hey he's dealing with erectile disfunction." It's like an 80s standup comedian got ahold of someone who really knows how to animate lip flaps and together they barely watch comic book movies.

  7. …was that a reptile in Northern Alaska? Also if we're really shooting for realism, how are they communicating from light years away with no time-delay? Also shouldn't the Kent boy have like died of a common house cold sense his immune system is completely foreign?

  8. god, i've seen almost every episode of the society of virtue and i've never seen anyone not being a jerk Xd

  9. 77 hater's in.. Guess a person doesn't know if their doing something great unless they don't have a few that's jealous of ya…

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