The Collapse of Western Civilization

great civilizations are always the architect of their own downfall historian arnold toynbee studied 28 different great civilizations and found the same pattern great civilizations commit suicide and glyn johns spent 9 years studying how civilizations declined she describes our culture as one that has quote run its course which is morally aesthetically and spiritually bankrupt is the background home of constant anxiety that pervades our culture a sign that we know the end is nigh more Americans than ever are dying from drug overdoses gun violence car crashes or aids never killed as many Americans in a single year as overdoses did in 2017 but the issue isn't just prescription drugs in the UK so much cocaine is flushed into the rivers endangered eels are becoming hyperactive and not reaching sexual maturity the number of 16 to 24 year olds using coke ecstasy crystal meth and LSD doubled in just a 2-year period from 2016 to 2018 in the u.s. heroin abuse has skyrocketed over the past 15 years the number of people who used MDMA marijuana and other drugs also consistently climbed over the last decade alcoholism is on the rise one in eight Americans is now an alcoholic and when it comes to taking antidepressants white rural communities have overtaken african-american communities for the first time ever depression levels in America are the highest ever measured suicide rates are higher than ever despite all our technology our entertainment our consumerism our chemical enhancements we're more miserable than ever before our existential dread is more pronounced than ever before educational intellectual and material ease has manifested civilizational malaise and a lack of transcendent purpose the result of this lack of transcendent purpose is self-destruction not merely on a personal but on a population scale technical sophistication has been accompanied by mass incompetence in the art of living when a society has no purpose to believe in itself immolates there's only so far the quasi religious devotion to yoga Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes and whole foods kale shakes can go the latest iPhone can only distract you from the nagging voice of conscience for so long endlessly consuming products will never satiate the soul we live in the ruins of a civilization that has lost faith in itself a civilization that is constantly lectured it must be ashamed of itself and slowly subverted and destroyed from within as the only form of repentance and if you're wondering how we wound up in the Dark Age we're currently living through this is how we did this is why important science is no longer being conducted this is why art isn't being made this is why comedy is dying it's why people aren't thinking for themselves anymore which means the end of creativity great civilizations collapse when the insatiable greed for sensual stimulation outweighs the urge for any kind of private or social responsibility we're now reaching this point French author Michel Welbeck predicted both the rise of Islamism across Europe and the emergence of the yellow vest movement as Theodore Dalrymple writes about the themes of Welbeck's novels the vacuity of modern life in the West its lack of transcendence lived as it is increasingly without religious or political belief without a worthwhile creative culture often without deep personal attachments and without even a struggle for survival into what Salman Rushdie called a god-shaped hole has rushed the search for sensual pleasure which however no more than distracts and where is the church in all this where are the fire brands railing against the vulgarity of modernity affiliation with the Church of England is at a record low just 2% of young people are affiliated and in the US alone the Christian population decreased by nearly 8 percent between 2007 and 2014 we're bulldozing churches and building ugly gigantic glossy monuments to insipid vacuity great civilizations collapse when they experience a rapid and enduring loss of population and identity the number of babies born to Muslims is expected to surpass though born to Christians between 2030 and 2035 Muslim fertility remains high while Christians are literally dying out meanwhile the global leader of the Catholic Church is the biggest cheerleader for his own flocks decline if only there was a religious leader who understood the peril that we're in occidental guess he wasn't kid to save a leprechaun dinky to take a level in the pretty resource this is a region in a bloody circus in Oh Inaba kina piracy in the mail is a Berkeley looks in the mail yeah boo could see well you could see pretty natality with it are very common but that culture that pepper you know progressiva would dominion over its Rajee total mobility comics you movin el where are conservatives in all this giving giant corporations huge tax breaks so they can import vast quantities of people from the third world and then pay them slave wages while white Americans addicted to opioids live lives of atomized nihilistic hopelessness is that conservatism at this point what exactly are we conserving those GDP numbers though is it conservative to allow Amazon to pay zero dollars in taxes on eleven point two billion dollars on profit for 2018 and for progressives so long as Jeff Bezos virtue signals the right identity politics who cares right great civilizations collapse when the economy serves not to elevate but to denigrate the population we're now reaching this point our entire economy has become centered around a crony capitalist system that eviscerates the family leading to atomization ms and depression in 2015 a study by the decidedly non conservative Brookings Institution found that falling mail wages caused about a quarter of the decline in marriage rates over the past thirty five years two years later MIT researchers found that when factories closed marriage rates go down and single parenthood becomes more common that as you could guess causes a higher proportion of children to wind up on drugs or in prison so it's not a small thing and by the way many other studies have reached the same conclusions over long periods of time this is real this French philosopher Eric's armoire outlines the elite have stopped caring about native populations why because those populations no longer tolerate stagnant wage growth and diminished job prospects simply to enslave themselves as a servant class for the elite that's why they're on the streets rioting so far easier for the elite just to replace them with robots and a third-world slave class great civilizations collapse when the supply of labor outstrips demand we're now reaching this point great civilizations collapse when wealth inequality runs rampant we're now reaching this point great civilizations collapse when the elite debases the currency to hide financial problems we're now reaching this point and the Democratic Party for whatever reason is not trying to address those problems they're attacking Trump himself or the symptoms but the disease is this pervasive economic insecurity as we make it harder and harder for Americans to find meaningful opportunities great civilizations collapse when the building block of society the family unit crumbles into dust we're now reaching this point while Muslims in the West unite to rally around protection of their children we treat ours like an unwanted medical waste products while Muslims in the West refuse to allow their kids to be indoctrinated with warped sexual propaganda we dress up hours as drag queens parade them on television and demand everyone embrace it as normal it's not normal there's something deeply wrong with what we've become now for all its barbarity at least Lahm provides its adherents with some sense of meaning and fulfillment time to join the winning team the mayan civilization collapsed when the Spanish invasion inflicted upon it a foreign culture intent on spreading its own systems of faith and governance beginning to notice any parallels historically this this the movement toward androgyny occurs in late phases of culture as a as a civilization is starting to unravel okay and that you can find it again and again again through history in the in the Greek art okay you can you can see it happening all of a sudden okay there's a kind of you know there's the the sculptures of handsome nude young men athletes that used to be very robust okay in the archaic period suddenly begin to be seemed like a wet noodles okay toward the end all right and that and that the people who live in such periods a late phase of culture whether it's the Hellenistic era whether it's the Roman Empire whether it's it's a the move decade of Oscar Wilde and 1890s whether it's by Meyer Germany people who live in such times okay feel that they're very sophisticated the read cosmopolitan okay yeah how my sexuality heterosexuality so watch anything goes and so on alright and so and by but from the perspective of a historical distance okay you can see that's a culture that no longer believes in itself okay and then and then what you walk which you invariably get are you know are people who are convinced of the power of heroic masculinity okay on the edges whether they're the Vandals and the Huns okay or whether or whether they're the barbarians of Isis okay you see them you know starting to mass on the outsides of the culture and that's what we have right now what does our culture provide a tedious drip drip of anodyne lethargic dross or at the other end of the spectrum a sewer-pipe of obscene tawdry headin ism what does our society provide a lifestyle of never talking to or knowing your neighbors of aborting your babies of cheating on your wives a lifestyle of desperately searching for the next dopamine here whether that be from an Instagram like a pharmaceutical drug or a new gadget a lifestyle of strip malls five lane traffic shit recycled pop songs shit recycled movies shit recycled NPC celebrities all spouting the same opinions our art may become so degenerate that future generations will be completely uninterested in it and I'm sorry but mo free market capitalism just doesn't cut it anymore as a purposeful credo to unite and fortify Western civilization it takes much more than an increasingly unjust economic system to maintain a civilization which is why the enemies are at the gates waiting to take over which is why socialist vulture demagogues are busy licking their lips we've abandoned the Enlightenment values that bill Western civilization we've abandoned the idea that family is fundamental to community strength and happiness we've abandoned high culture in favor of lowbrow junk culture we've abandoned stoic strength of character in favor of chemical dependence we labor under an economic and political system that has abandoned us we collectively killed God well left with nothing authentic to believe in that's why everyone's on drugs that's why everyone's nihilistic that's why everyone's unhappy what's the solution there is no solution every great civilization collapses on average every 336 years and the collapse of ours is very much overdue please click the big red button to subscribe it really helps me when you do that and click the bell to allow notifications so you never miss a new video

24 thoughts on “The Collapse of Western Civilization

  1. Great civilizations collapse when the founding members are no longer the overwhelming majority. Like 90% means the civilization is alive and kicking. Take a look at all the Asian nations they represent Asian culture and Asian society.

  2. And this why the West will accept evil Islam, it's already happening ! They think it will correct the problem but in reality islam wants to wipe out the western society and people. Look into History it's the same scenario, only difference is were opening our doors to them.

  3. What's incredible is that when you listen to people like the black priest speaking or the woman at 10:22 speaking or Paul himself, we're all rationale people, thinking people, not hate-mongers and we're all saying the exact same things based on our own observations and beliefs. And yet if we say these things publicly, we are branded racist, homophobes, islamaphobes and a million other inaccurate and hateful things, and usually silenced. I've literally lost friends because I'm a Trump supporter. Really makes one think.
    "Children of Men"

  4. The Callas of Western Civilizations began when we started sympathizing with Satan's people of color. Starting with Spain and Sicily.

  5. "let us leave them to their 'truths', and only take care to do one thing : keep on standing in a world of ruins"

  6. My problem with your thesis is that you take outliers and portray them as the entirety – of the several strands of argument woven into this prophecy of doom. You should worry more about climate change than social trends – because climate change actually is a threat. And the interesting thing is that climate change is the consequence of capitalism conducted without responsibility to scientific truth.
    Why is that interesting? Because it was cowardly, regressive, fear-mongering prophets of doom like you who jailed Galileo in 1634, who persecuted Darwin in 1859, and who attacked Craig Venter in 2008 – to deny a scientific understanding of reality any legitimacy or authority, even as science was applied to the industrialized exploitation of nature, primarily for the power and profit of religiously premised hierarchies.
    That is the crop we reap; from a failure to recognize the truth value of science – the Church could easily have welcomed as the means to decode to word of God made manifest in Creation, but which instead, was branded heresy – and used like a third rate whore to man's darkest impulses, by societies maintaining religious justifications for power and privilege.
    But hey – if you want to blame it on gays, muslims and Miley Cyrus – again and again, to incite a back-peddling return to the bigoted values that declared science blasphemy in the first place – there's almost no prospect of solving climate change, such that one might argue degenerate nihilism is an entirely appropriate cultural response!

  7. I used to really dislike you because of your short sighted criticism of music culture (which i still think just wasnt a very good analysis). But as polemic and depressing all of this sounds: Thanks, Paul. It is somewhat the truth. Sadly enough.

  8. It's quite scary how much everything has degraded in the last decade or so, it's like a critical mass has been hit. Everything is so hollow and fake now. No substance in anything.

  9. I am 48 years old and very sad to see the decline in the last 30 years before my eyes, all I can say is that I'm glad I'm into the second half of my life and won't get to witness too much of this collapse.

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