The Choice is Ours: Energy

So, our goal is to replace all fossil fuels. There’s 30 times more solar available, worldwide, over land and high solar locations than we’d need to power the entire world for all purposes in 2030. And there’s seven times more wind than you’d need to do the same thing. So we’re looking to combine all clean renewable energy sources that are available: Wind, Solar Power, Geothermal Power, Hydro-electric, Tidal Power, and Wave Power. We would need about 4 million large wind turbines to power about 50% of the entire world for all purposes. You might say, “Well, that sounds like a lot!” But keep in mind, during World War II, the world produced about 800,000 aircraft in the space of 5 – 6 years. And the US produced about 330,000 aircraft in 4-5 years. That was decades ago. Now, we have better technologies and abilities to ramp up production. So, it really comes down to will-power. It’s not a technological or economic blockade to solving this problem. It’s really a social and political blockade.

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  1. Renewable is great and all, but I recommend watching this video from Tim Maloney and Mike Conley. It gives some very important information about electrical energy and the United States energy grid.

  2. We can't get off oil because it requires infinite expansion (the same thing the universe does) in order to keep the system going. The universe is made out of pure energy. If we went to electric or magnetic fuel and capped growth (population, consumption and expansion) worldwide, electric and magnetic based energy systems (transportation/humanity) wouldn't have to infinitely expand. As it stands, if we stay on oil, the business has to infinitely expand in order to meet global demand. The problem we will face is people's houses and apartment's being destroyed in the face of the ever expanding oil industry. They will stop at nothing to infinitely expand as they are on the stock market and require infinite growth/income. This is a terrifying realization.

  3. Wind and solar have been tested already, not a good idea. The problems with those technologies lie in the physics of the systems. They're highly intermittent due to which you need large amount of load following backup power for them. They also have low energy density and high resource consumption relative to power generation. Then there are other problems such as blades killing lots of insects and birds as well as the problems caused by the infrasound they generate. Photovoltaic cells require rare earths and mining causes damage. Photovoltaic cells are also prone to environmental damage such as hail storms. Look at Germany as an example of the failures that come from emphasising wind and solar. If we want more renewable energy, then geothermal and hydro seem to make the most sense. I'm excluding wave and tidal because i haven't read about them. That being said, small modular 4th generation nuclear reactors could potentially provide a large chunk of reliable baseload. More information on 4th generation nuclear power plants can be read at

  4. Oh my, still haven't gotten by the wind and solar power energy thing. Of course, we all know fossil fuel must end, for many reasons. For over one hundred years, we have had the technology for true free energy. However, inhuman evil ones have kept it suppressed from we the lowly people. Absolutely disgraceful and inhumane. Good news, we will have this released to us in the near future. Research Nikola Tesla. Another inventive genius who was destroyed by these greedy criminal people, over one hundred years ago. Time for We the People to demand this technology now! Have we not suffered enough?

  5. The technological problem associated with solar and wind is storage. It's hugely expensive, resource intensive and polluting to produce batteries on the scale that's needed to power the world with solar and wind. Nuclear needs to serve as a baseload in a zero-carbon future.

  6. Clearly wind turbines and solar are not the way forward. Great for the manufacturing sector but not cost effective and have too many limitations. There are alternatives that have been suppressed and upon which can be revised due to current technology. What needs to happen is to take the profit centres out of the equation and start utilizing energy production for the people not corporation's pocket books.

  7. Is it somebody thinking about all the animals that are going to get hurt on those wind turbines, the overloading noise in the surrounding area diminishing the ability to prey to hear the predator, and the fish being sucked into the sea turbines, or is it only me?


  9. Nuclear energy is the only potential way to get off oil. Everything doesn't work. Here is why

  10. First it takes constant maintenance to repair wind mills. This does not take into account the damage wind turbines do to the local fowl populations. This man is taking you all for a pie in the sky joy ride. At your expense.

  11. First we must declare the planet as our common heritage, and because some believe they own it, that's not gonna be easy.
    Then we can focus on how we will create and distribute energy.
    Jacque understood that, may he rest in peace, as long as we stay in this type of economy every struggle is gonna become a reform instead of a revolution.

  12. Solar and wind is the most ineffective, inefficient and battery intensive method of generating energy with out fossil fuels. Why do you think these industries are being pushed/funded so forcefully by the establishment?

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