The Cast Of “Cheer” Finds Out Which Cast Member They Really Are

hey y’all I’m Jerry hey I’m Darius I’m Gabby I’m Monica and we’re from cheer on Netflix and we’re here to take the BuzzFeed quiz which to remember are you how would your friends describe you sweet snarky cool type a motivating or famous motivating because pics anarchie because they know that I’m very quick to get picked tapi I picked sweet just cuz I try to upload people cast someone to play Monica in a movie about Navarro cheerleading Reese Witherspoon Sandra Bullock Kristen Wiig Nicole Kidman Jennifer Aniston Cameron Diaz I’ll go with Sandra Bullock has that personality that could fit me really well enrolling your dream college course mastering Matt talk tumbling for dummies do’s and don’ts in Daytona how to be more like Monica pyramids 101 history of true liberties I think I’m picking do’s and don’ts of Daytona because I think that’s super important I’m picking do’s and don’ts as they talk about choose the mat talk you need to hear right now you’re a star you’re beautiful you’re doing amazing how a pig you’re doing amazing bears on Netflix show you stranger things spinning out sex education The Witcher showing Adventures of Sabrina I’m gonna go with you you’re going with stranger things because that’s one of my favorites it’s change she’s a snack to indulge in on a day off potato chips chocolate chip cookies nachos ice cream pizza or pretzels [Laughter] [Music] finally choose a fictional cheerleading squad the Panthers from Friday Night Lights the Cheerios from Glee the Toros from bring it on the clovers from bringing on the river vixens from Riverdale and the Ravens from like she told me how I used to be like her when I was younger so like the fact that I’m like get in there and I’m like trying to be like I want to be more like her when I get older it just made me feel a bit better I mean I love my answer because I absolutely love Morgan and I think she’s a sweetheart and I mean that’s my girl so be sure to stream cheer streaming on Netflix and make sure to go to to take the quiz to see which to remember you are [Music]

57 thoughts on “The Cast Of “Cheer” Finds Out Which Cast Member They Really Are

  1. I remember watching Jerry on Cheetahs, Gabi on Smoed, And who can forget Ladarius on Wildcats last year 🤯 and now they’re all over the internet and it makes my heart happy 🥰🥺🥺

  2. The background they put when showing the questions bothers me so much tbh, anyone else? Also I love their personalities! I hope they do a season 2!

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