The Campaign for Springs – Tara Anne Pleat, Campaign Steering Committee Member

A lot of the people who reside in the health
care center, they are here through public funding. Not through their own private funds.
And, what the State of New York thinks it is worth to this facility to pay to take care
of them, and do it in a way that we want to be able to do it, to show the car, the love
the respect, make the environment be what it needs to be and what it should be, frankly,
for our seniors who are in that stage of their life. They can’t do it for 50 cents and 60
cents on the dollar. They can’t. And, when it comes time for it to be my mother or our
colleagues grandmother or your spouse, if you want this place to be here and providing
the level of service and care that they try to provide now, it’s not going to happen without
a public and private partnership. It’s not going to be what you would want for yourself
or for a family member if you’re relying strictly on the facility to work on the dollars its
given from the public sources. It’s just not going to be here. And if it is here, it’s
not going to be looking like floor number five. What we’re trying to do by turning the
entire health care center into the fifth floor, is make it feel like home.

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