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now the reason we're talking about all of this is that tonight on BBC one 10:35 after the the news and whether there will be a documentary called inside the Bruderhof and two members of that community who will feature the documentary tonight join us now they are bernhard Renard Hibbs and his wife Rachel very good to see you guys my name like so many people we hadn't heard of you we didn't know your community existed which may be the way you like it or not you'll tell us not but because you don't use technology and whatever will you miss this program will you be able to watch it or what's your view on that there's people at home watching it right now there's friends watching it on their computers other people will watch it later and the documentary will watch tonight and then also people will watch it later on much to our embarrassment well you should be us the whole thing about that is what is the philosophy just give us an indication of what your modus operandi is and where you stand with the community and what makes you different and and special in your compared of isolation well if you look at the first disciples and says in the book of Acts they lived together they shared everything they shared all their possessions and no one had need among them and we simply try and do that so we're just normal Christians we've read the same vibe as everyone else and yet we have this very specific thing around sharing our money and sharing obsession so I don't have any money we don't have any possessions and we find that by doing that you actually end up with a lifestyle that is fairer people are treated better within that and you don't have things like status and inequality it sounds perfect but then obviously most places say somebody always wants to be a leader somebody wants to be in charge do you have elders do you have somebody who runs the community where you yeah we have we have pastoral leaders within the community I get a normal church we do but we also have people who are responsible for finances or for work or different aspects – it was I'm fascinated by thanks so you know we have no money right yet go dress do you have shoes you're wearing glasses you know so there must be some money go out and have job student how do you do live and make money everyone works within the community we have a business which is staffed by community members and that is how we is this the toy Jay thinks a toy business toys and furniture for nurseries and primary schools and then the finance goes centrally into an account and for instance when I wanted to come up here today to see you we asked the person responsible for the money for enough money to come and they can decide whether it's a good way to spend it I'm fascinated at which was you Burnage I believe you chose to be join the community and you were born into an tahaafe so how long had your parents been in that so you knew nothing else my parents were both born in the Bruderhof as well all four of my grandparents came as single young people in England during the war and joined the community I went to school after age 14 about the local schools GCSEs a levels and then I was living in London for three years at university and it was during that time that I made my own decision to become a member of the community so guys as I understand that you are opposed as a community to materialism rampant consumerism constant use of social media and you place an emphasis on the communal living sharing items which we've talked about there dispensing items amongst each other you refer to each other as brothers and sisters and you have a community in Peckham and to larger communities in beach Grove in Kent and Darvill in East Sussex you've summed up perfectly yeah I think we can go now because that's a beautiful I know that would be a great political ideal we've got a new prime minister in the land you know this is a democracy but you would you would find really bernhard that a democracy isn't all that it's cracked up to be really uu ministry said it's more like a a benign dictatorship i suppose where were you are um I think the the main thing in our community is that people are willing to let go of their own ideas and what they want for themselves and actually what we found is if you get a group of people to and everyone within that group is simply looking out for other people and never looking out for themselves everyone actually gets treated better you know I never have to worry about my children having enough yeahi having enough and yet they all do what some ritual does that make you happy do you think you guys as a collective are in a happier place than you know the rest of us would be I I do think I I'm very happy because everyone's opinion and belief and ideas are valued equally and everyone is cared for so by everyone looking to care for those around them it makes a very happy positive I think people worry about it it's not that your secret community was you've a lot of the cameras in and you're here today and it's very interesting to talk to you but people do think if people have a community that nobody knows much about it's a cult and they are all it's a cult and people aren't allowed to leave right well we certainly allow our young people that we documentary shows the story of a young lady who wants to leave the community so that will be in the in there for people to see but almost all of our young people leave they go to university they and young people are encouraged to leave and know something else because community how we live it takes a great deal of commitment and constant work if you to provide that it's on its own 10:35 tonight BBC one inside the Bruderhof we are certainly looking forward to that and really appreciate you guys coming out to us into this world I'd love to talk to you longer like this but in this rampant world of consumerism and everything you don't stand for I'm quite embarrassed say this is what the world is a bike because you're not going to witness us preaching and trying to beg people to enter a competition and I know I mean I'm not find this fun it is quite embarrassing because it is everything you're opposed to it's a chance to win 60,000 pounds in cash give him a chance to win a brand new Kamara I mean can we get you would I would only be I'd only be tarnished and intent to you you could enter win it and then no one would know share it with the community okay so okay here it is I did my best I've apologized enough let's go here's Lisa Snowden with the big bucks big buying competition a very sorry you

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