The Best Password Management Tool for Lawyers (LastPass)

Hi, it’s Dan Maxwell with
Amicus Settlement Planners. In today’s video, I want to share with
you another one of my favorite tools called LastPass. So, LastPass is a password manager that
allows you to create and store secure passwords. And like it says on this page, LastPass
remembers all your passwords so you don’t have to. So, some of the advantages of LastPass
are that it remembers all your passwords. You create really
strong, secure passwords. You can share passwords with staff
members and you can store their information as well. So, especially where attorneys are
dealing with sensitive client data, we have logins on many different sites. Having a different, strong password
for every site is extremely important. And LastPass makes this easy. LastPass is free, so it’s a great
tool, and I highly recommend it. I just want to show you a couple
of the features here of LastPass. So, when you go to a website and you go
to the sign in page, once you have the LastPass browser extension installed, it
can actually fill in the data for you on that sign in page. So here I have my passwords. And username and password
entered, and it logs in for me. So, it’s a really great tool. Another thing that’s great about
LastPass is that you can share passwords with family members, friends, coworkers,
without actually giving them your password. So, if you go into the settings and
edit for any saved site, you’ll have the opportunity here to share using this
little icon here with other people. And so I’ve shared with a coworker here,
but it allows me to restrict and remove access in the event that, you know, an
employee leaves a company or whatnot. And it actually makes it so that the
person you’re sharing the password with doesn’t see the password, so they can’t
log-in without your LastPass permission essentially, which you
can revoke at any time. You can also set LastPass to
auto log-in on certain pages. So, it saves you some time. And LastPass is a tool that
works on your computer. There’s iPhone and Android apps. So, wherever you go, you can have
access to your secure passwords. I use it for everything, and so, when I
hear about the latest data breach I’m a little bit less concerned because I know
that I’m not reusing passwords across all my sites, so
definitely check it out. It’s great for yourself to store
passwords, other sensitive data, and to share with coworkers, friends, and
family passwords without actually giving them the password. So, definitely check it out. I’ll include a link to the browser
extension on Chrome and on Firefox. If you have any questions about
it, definitely let me know. Thanks.

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