what is up guys tonight words are conquered PA with this beautiful r34 gt-r for hanging out with misaki-san again and I don't know if you could hear or not but the sound guys are sounding off which unfortunately means what does that mean Misaki everything is closed everything's going to get closed down and very soon by the cops so we're going to rush through now and try to take a look at some of the awesome cars that are here and then we're going to go to some other PAS and stuff like that we had dinner plans to eat here but because the sound guys are here ruins everything this is pretty girl loving me and I Stasia and it's the Alltech – 60 RS – hell yeah why have I been seeing so many of these lately I saw one yesterday the card Oh II canine type ah I'm down these really are nice you have to agree right yeah super convenient right alright let's see what else we can find got a nice bug eyed WRX next to an FC this thing is actually really clean and immaculate looks great we've got a new what is that a SAS 208 I'm glad that you know your Subaru and yours and your GTR drivers so that's rare 300zx dead 3234 GTR another 34 GTR kuku huckle JJ's at x100s 15 yeah oh look at this 180 oh yeah next to another s 15 oh man see the police lights already damn they're shutting this down quick tonight there you go nice clean gray yes 15 yeah okay it's cool all right I think that's cooler the Honda be two-tone s13 very clean actually oh man there's a couple two times here tonight this one's very clean too it's actually really empty I think the moment the sound guys sounded up it was kind of rip but that's pretty cool really good period-correct wheels to make so nice n key s 15 and another that's 15 up here I think I just saw a replica fast and furious are 34 up there yeah let's go check that out it's another s 15 with the red bumper the McLaren is that what this is yeah there you go Hey look at that are you guys proud of me I finally got an exotic car ride it's a McLaren there's a nice 180 nice red looks great and yeah it seems like there's a 34 up there that kinda has the same livery that's what Paul Walker's 34 had in Fast and Furious yeah another bug guy come on come on autofocus there we go that's a bit better I think oh yeah it is right yeah it is so 32 GTR 33 GTR 34 GT t with the pool wall delivery nice that is actually really cool liveries pretty accurate even the wings actually pretty decent nice Universal haha Universal Studios I guess these are cool they look how aggressive the new Subarus look they really do look nice I love me some of that that's cool delivery the canids canards can yards how do they pronounce an O canards canards cuñado alright canards apparently oh there we go we're getting shut down now alright so it's time to bail the police everywhere yeah everyone's just pretty much mass exodus I do apologize if it's very windy as well there's a typhoon rolling in in the next few days so it's getting really windy around here in Japan god I hate that the police have shut this down so early but there's only one group of people to blame those sound off guys at least we get to go cruising in this thing now do you reckon the police will get mad if I go up to the window and ask him for a high five I think he looks really angry though yeah I don't think he'd appreciate a at all buckle guys in giving him a high five and making him wind down his window for it like look at that face he's definitely not impressed so one Red Bull later we are now going to Tatsumi hopefully we get there and we get to spend like 30 minutes also before the police shut that down and then after that we'll either end up at Subaru de Oaxaca sake but at this rate who knows it's anyone's guess right now the police here hate us for some reason tonight hey Misaki yes just noticed something on your multi-function display yes why does the turbo icon look like the I from you do because it's 20 year old this way the 25 display I don't think that's a valid excuse I think this is a you do infused GTR Susie look look at that is my camera you see it now hang on a let's see then you know why because why it's Japan Japan it's Japan all right let's seriously look the Yukio year I look very shadow in the comments section you guys remember watching you get back in the day that's a blast from the past alright so we just took a quick trip to Mexico yeah here we go damn he's got no chance the belly sees headlines why do we just hit the limiter in this yes I know what the speed limit is set to on this that's also to the teaching our and we just hit limit on love the you know your voice went to anime character like the female then hell yeah what a rush yes I love these trips that makes it go minute so we made it to Tulsa me PA all still open really chill here no cops yet which is great we parked next to a silver two-tone kodoku which I haven't seen before we're gonna go for a nice little walk around see what we can find so there's definitely a lot of cool cars here this r35 is really nice kind of like a midnight purple wrap on there I'm pretty sure super cool and then this pink s15 really nice it's running 19's man that's a big wheel for a ness15 fronts are running 18s though so he's got a little bit of a staggered set really nice I'm a huge fan rocket bunny and everything man looks great that's a good color hey three-fitty oh this is cool nice love seeing these things out haha supergirl oh man let's go see what else we can find I think my favorite thing about Tatsumi is is not necessarily always the cool cars here but just that view so cool I nearly missed this s14 here guys just look at how awesome that shot is right there so cool yo yo my man bringing underglow back yo what's up ah ha I'm so happy right now yo that thing actually sounds super aggressive I think we need to get up there and watch him launch nice little chirp there alright so another thing I love about touch to me is that all the guys try to do like a launch through here generally so we're gonna sit here for a bit and see if we can capture a couple launches so this is my first time ever seeing a Maserati that looks like this Wow super cool like actually really cool kind of like a GT wing style this one that kind of thing massive wide body or Eva fenders whole rear the car is completely stripped out man that is so cool it's got like a slight everything's expose like all the interior stripped out the racing Ricard's I didn't even know what I'm looking at I've never seen a Maserati like this that's so cool so usually I go for the premium but tonight guys we're going with something different going with an ice Coco let's do it we're gonna crack this bad boy open let's go my g7x has been struggling lately with auto focus I may have dropped it like a hundred 50 times now hey yeah it's really struggling with auto focus tonight yeah yeah it got a few bad drops in the states so I'm looking to replace it with the new g7 X mark 3 which comes out on the 1st of August so hopefully in August we'll get a new one of these bad boys and autofocus should be all minty fresh all right it's all happening now yeah the BMW whoa he actually lost traction oh yeah I'm just wait he puts on to lose traction on a big boy launch oh yeah nice gt4 Evo all right I appreciate your effort may that was great good job a for a points for effort alright so the cops are shot mister none so oh damn it they're even in the runway Vic to the fun policeman buzz killington me Killington I'm gonna ask the police officer for a I've taught a high five see my cell mate that's he only goes to us he's not hidden he said no he didn't want to do it he wound up the window on me for it no this guy's ripping yeah he was not impressed all right so we're heading to the next spot now which is going to most likely be huckel's hockey and then after that Shuba order so it's been a fun night we chill down at how long we were there for like thirty minutes yeah it's thirty minutes to the team look oh they never seen dad yeah they brought a big truck yeah it brought the big ones far out yeah I'm a little bit scared of the cops now because they did not like me asking for a high five Oh anyways we are we are heading it's a baby GTR it's a copyright court then that's a cool pen is that if I'm a bike I had to write dad who makes that body kid that makes it look like a baby GTR that's sick I want one yeah why one for May that's her daily she always wants it says she wants a daily GTR r35 oh that's cool this thing's pretty cool to see these over here in Japan it's kind of rare all right so let's get a closer look at this baby GTR so as you said they had sook open and this body kid is Liberty walk makes it I love it like they even put in this Anacin badge on it look at that this is so cool it literally is a baby GTR I love it yeah the tax is cheap he's a turbo at least that's so cool really 600 cc to me 80 horsepower yeah that would be so much fun it's got a little GTR badge and everything that is so cool we got the new mV I'm loving this blue line up right here WRX non-turbo is 15 non turbo s 15 turbo s 15 these headlights are trippy too I love this style don't know if I'd ever run that on my car though but definitely cool and unique very nice and then this STI is pretty pretty cool I think I've seen this guy hanging out with Randy the boys from a lemonade it's sick I'm loving this guy's headlights I just wish he had some underglow to go along with it then it'd be way more boertie this guy's actually got a channel here in Japan if you just check out kino STI you'll find him on on youtubes but very nice WRX especially for a bla bye I don't know guys these zenki's are really starting to grow on me a thank you front end on an S 14 you might have to do it one day yo it is packed out here right now pop cops are definitely gonna show up and shut this place down as well two cars there Oh another EK g TI ours here 350 EK 9 type r in his estate year the 260 RS or tech as you can see gt-r running gear all the running gears in there from the r33 but the chassis is based off of the c 34 anyways we're gonna head now to shoe Baroda I'm actually pretty keen for Shiva I might try the the fries from the vending machine yes they have like hot fries at the vending machine the first time giving it a go so we'll see what it's like so just rolling in now to Shimoda PA and how busy oe oh yeah we pretty good yeah we're pretty busy hopefully we can find a park park right there yeah but oh yeah now there's a law that cows here cool alright well hopefully we can find a park and jump out and take a look close by to that being detects like when it cops close by radars and all that type of stuff is really cool look it's an illegitimate skyline too many dollars brah no extraction this Miata this mx-5 well it looks like your car hey elbow by the way elbows here this guy actually lived where I used to live in set the guy out in yoga and he was one like really close to us almost like an Ava so it's really cool to see him out here again let's go and take a look at everything else around here Hey look another Miata 370 now it's a 34 Ford or we saw that before yo kind of girl hunters hey that's a pretty cool name kind of guy a hunter I like that alright cool 3:53 70s d that's some weird wheels I don't think I've ever seen those before what do we got here Integra CooCoo alright Nismo March Volkswagen s2k 350 glow bye it doesn't have that roof thing so it's not that rare I think 180 180 he's that 180 that had a bit of a touch over before that's kind of cool tonight it's got an angle kid – he's showing off his angle kid awesome all right cool 180 another s2k loving that purple that looks cool another integra alright Oh yo let's go go to park I'm glad he was able to park because there's not much room with the car there to be out a reverse in like that yes 50 there's a lot of cool cars here tonight eight-six yo spider mr2 alright yo you k9 no not in ek9 is it is it it is a Type R so it could be a nine but it's an e ke baare very nice nice r32 GTR up at this end running 34 GTR wheels by the looks of it that's nice very cool get out the way the cars there's another 350 here that kind of like sums it up there's definitely like a lot more cards kind of lined up here so we'll go for a walk through there as well very cool so this is what I love this is like you dsm crossed over with JDM really cool running some nice work meister wheels really nice wide-body kid into like a wing that's really cool alright I kind of like these cars a little bit more now yeah we're definitely gonna get kicked out of here soon for sure I'm finally gonna do it I'm gonna get some hot chips out of a vending machine and see if it's any good dude the burger looks ranked have you ever had no this is the first time I'm ever gonna get anything out of here I have to get the burger out am I gonna die no you know I hate you you know I've got to actually get the burger does it come with fries oh it comes to fry exactly I'm happy so I got some fries right and you get a bonus man it's the same front you're gonna burn this nugget I feel like if anything ever comes with a bonus nugget you shouldn't eat it or you should be happy because it's a bonus nugget what are you drinking right now yeah see this is why I shouldn't trust anything you say right now so much sugar in this all right let's uh let's give this a crack I mean let me film a talk I feel me should I like normal people feeling like this all right so get all of you guys it's like paper yeah that's my G you're supposed to eat the paper oh really yeah yeah it's edible the whole thing is that including the including box it's still cold like them yeah it's still cold no it's cuz you you've been waiting too long you've been making a video that it got cold see this is this is what happens with youtubers what did you make me eat I got two fries two fries don't worry yep one and a half rice are you great we're just cool I'm really skeptical about the fire stop it there we go the Nugget is actually the best part of my pan professional opinion running it's running the zip okay wait wait wait Sam imagine what you think it tastes like first okay all right so after that burger experience we're gonna head out now gonna wash everything down with the Mets black color and why am I just seeing eks everywhere tonight we definitely need to blow up that d16 with the turbo kit and then go for a case swap ASAP on that and do a couple Australia trips and build it needs to happen but I think this is where I'm going to end today's video I hope you guys enjoyed tell me in the comment section what was the favorite your favorite car that you saw tonight I'm a mess I'm pretty wrecked we're gonna go get some Robin and chill for a bit but thanks for watching make sure you like on share subscribe and I will see you all in the next video tomorrow Jonathan [Applause] [Applause] you


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