The Best Food for Fibroids

“The Best Food for Fibroids” What about dietary
phytochemicals as a possible preventive and therapeutic
option of uterine fibroids— plant based compounds with
disease-preventive properties found in whole grains, fruits,
vegetables, bean, split peas, chickpeas and lentils,
herbs, spices, nuts, and certain beverages. The thought is, look, we know they
can help regulate the initiation, promotion, and spread
of cancerous tumors, so what about benign
tumors like fibroids? Most anti-cancer drugs on
the market now, for example, were originally derived from
plants or plant products so why not try to use plants
to target the inflammation or blood supply of fibroids? Might fibroids be a consequence of chronic inflammation
within the body? Well, we know that
women with fibroids are more likely to eat
more beef and ham, and fewer fruits and
green vegetables, but whole plant foods don’t just
have anti-inflammatory effects, but antioxidant effects as well. When the amount of free radicals
exceeds the protective effects of antioxidants, oxidative
damage will occur, which has been implicated
in a variety of disease states, including gynecological
conditions such as fibroids. If you collect fresh fibroids, as well as normal uterine tissue
from hysterectomy surgeries, the fibroid cells have significantly
fewer antioxidant enzymes, so might antioxidant
rich foods help? Well, if you drip some
strawberries on, in a Petri dish, you can apparently kill off
some of the fibroid tumor cells, while leaving normal
uterus cells alone. But what good
does that do us? That’s only relevant
if we can show those strawberry compounds
get absorbed through our gut and achieve high enough
concentrations in uterine tissue. The same with curcumin, the
component of the spice turmeric. One of its so-called “miraculous”
properties is suppressing the growth of uterine
fibroid cells, but again that
was just in vitro. Yes, an inhibitory
effect was found, and at concentrations that
don’t compromise the growth of normal regular uterine tissue, but my patients are
people, not Petri dishes. I mean, it’s neat to see what
happens to human fibroid cells as you drip higher and
higher concentrations of green tea compounds
on them in a test tube; I care less about what
happens in vitro or in mice, whether or not they
have any clothes on. But there were no randomized,
controlled clinical studies until now, or at least 2013. Subjects were randomized
to green tea extract or placebo
for 4 months. In the placebo group, fibroid
volume increased 24%. That’s what fibroids do,
they continue to grow. However, those randomized
to the green tea group showed a reduction
in total fibroid volume, and not just by a little,
a dramatic decrease— shrunk almost a third, a
highly significant difference. OK. But did the women
feel any better? Yes, a dramatic decrease
in symptom severity as well. In the placebo group,
nothing much happened month after month, but in those
taking the same-looking pill that happened to contain
green tea compounds inside, consistent improvement, with
women feeling lessening symptoms, each month better
than the last. And with that, an improved
health-related quality of life month after month, significantly
better than control. And their blood counts
got better too. The blood levels kept decreasing
in the placebo group with all that continued excess
blood loss every month. But blood counts reversed
in the green tea group. So anemia significantly improved because average blood flow
significantly diminished. And all this—the fibroid shrinkage,
less pain, better periods— with no adverse effects. So not only comparable results than the drugs that are commonly
used, without the side effects, but comparable results to
uterine artery embolization, where they try to cut the
blood supply to the fibroid, which is great—unless you
accidentally cut the blood supply to the rest of the uterus
and cause uterine necrosis, one of many reported major
complications, which also include death, not only of the fibroid,
but of the patient, and other potential
complications that may arise from accidentally clogging
off non-target arteries. So a side-effect
free solution as good as a more
invasive procedure is potentially better
than in my book. They conclude that green
tea compounds show promise as a safe and effective
therapeutic agent for women with symptomatic fibroids. Such a simple, inexpensive,
and relatively safe therapy could improve
women’s health globally. Now, relatively safe
doesn’t mean risk-free. Although there were no liver
function abnormalities detected, this was a small study. If you give green tea extract pills
to a thousand women for a year, like they did in this breast cancer
trial, in about 1 in 17 women, their liver started to get inflamed,
a few of which became serious. Now the dose they used in
this study was twice that of the fibroid study, and it’s not completely clear
if the pills were the only cause. But in general, we should
try to avoid extracts, and get nutrition
in foods as grown, or at least foods as grown dunked
in hot water like green tea. Now they had to
use pills in this study, because they wanted it to
be a double-blind study, and it’s hard to create a fake
placebo tea that looks, smells, and tastes like the real thing. So I don’t think we should be
taking green tea extract pills; we should drink green tea. The problem is that the dose
they used was like 11 cups a day worth, which
would be a lot of caffeine. But look, you could
choose decaf, and it’s not outside the
realm of possibility to drink a couple quarts of tea a day,
especially if it’s going to shrink your fibroids so much you can
keep your uterus or something. Though, look, for all we know,
five cups of tea a day would work, or three cups, or one cup a day;
no other dose has been tested. But you can test it
in your own life. If you have fibroids, it couldn’t
hurt to add a few cups of green tea to your daily diet and see
if you start feeling better.

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  1. I customized the alerts on the app Clue to say Ginger when I'm about to have my period due to Dr Greger's vids on cramps, now it's Green Tea and Ginger!

  2. Just think how few cups a day would have to be consumed if started before fibroids or other issues developed and with an optimized diet. One thing I keep in mind is my temptation to reduce things to the most basic. One thing like green tea must come with all other parts of the puzzle–good diet, exercise. It seems many want the one magic pill or the one magic drink to solve all of their problems. When I am tempted to seek this I remember the guy who gave himself kidney failure by drinking nothing but tea all day long. Balance

  3. Citrus juice, vitamin C give staying power to green tea antioxidants

  4. I wish i had known this when my fibroid, eventually was large as my newborn's head at birth, was causing extreme pain and blood loss after delivery!

  5. Thank you for these videos. I have fibroids and this advice could be very helpful. Only problem is that I absolutely HATE the taste of green tea! I wish they did studies with spices or with black tea instead.

  6. I don’t this green tea is a good solution. I’ve heard of women being healed of fibroids from a Whole Foods raw food diet. But some had fibroid recurrence when they stopped eating raw food 😧

  7. I'd love to know the affect cranberry consumption has on fibroids and conditions like PCOS. I've incorporated organic cranberry juice (no sugar added) to my diet and its worked wonders for the symptoms I usually get around menses.

  8. Matcha green tea is best to drink. It is the whole tea leaf grinded up into a powder. 1 cup of that is equal to many cups of bagged brewed tea. Do not buy bagged tea, buy matcha green tea. Get baking grade because it is cheaper.

  9. Love green tea and I always have 2cups a day. I have fibriod. For the past 2 years I checked it, the doctor says that the size is the same.

  10. I believe it. Going SOS free plant based whole foods not only got rid of my high cholesterol and migraines (don't forget a teaspoon of dulse flakes a day), my sciatica pain and let pain disappeared as well!!!!

  11. Umm… instead of drinking 11 cups of green tea a day, how about just drink matcha tea? It's way more potent. 3-4 cups would probably be sufficient.

  12. Uterine Fibroid
    I am Dr.Rubinsilvest. BHMS, M.D (A.M), CFN, (Watsup no: +91=81 44 37 33 8 5). I am treating Uterine fibroid permanently (Without side effect), with homoeopathic medicine for last 5 years (more than 100 cases), 100% successful cases;

  13. Thank you so much Dr Greger for addressing women's reproductive health. It's particularly harmed by the western diet and it's so painful to see young women and mothers with all kinds of diseases. Doctors fill them with meds and no one brothers to talk about nutrition (i.e. stop eating poisonous crap!)

  14. Dr. Greger, I wanted to send you an e-mail through your website but the advice was to post questions under your videos. Let's hope you can see this! I have a question regarding a 2007 Study by Dr. Gardner called 'Comparison of the Atkins, Zone, Ornish, and LEARN Diets for Change in Weight and Related Risk Factors Among Overweight Premenopausal Women' – which states that an ATKINSDiet is the best for weight-loss and body fat loss (measured with a DXA scan). The participants following the high-fat diet lost significantly more body fat than the Ornish (high-carb) diet. After checking through the study, the only error I found was that the high-carb group consumed between 21-29% of the calories from fat, not the promised 10%. So slightly more dietary fat, which wouldn't classify it as a low-fat diet in my eyes. However, the differences are extreme – could you please clarify this study and the potential problems with it as it conflicts with other studies I have read. Again, I am not asking in terms of overall health (as LDL-C levels plummeted in the Ornish Diet vs Atkins) but simply body composition. Thank you!

  15. I am an iced tea drinker, not much, just a few glasses most mornings and stop around noon due to the caffeine. I brew it using a chunk of chaga, a bag of matcha green tea and a bag of white tea along with the regular tea bags. I drink it with the juice of one lemon. Not only do I enjoy drinking it, but I also use it for health purposes too. I just wish I had known years ago before I had my uterus out due to bad problems with fibroids.

  16. Thank you so much for this video, my OB just recommended taking out my uterus and cutting out the fibroid and sewing the uterus back in as the first measure after diagnosis, even though it's benign and not affecting my period, I'd rather try green tea first.

  17. I've been a vegetarian for 20+ years and eat huge salads and homemade soups and get more fruits and vegetables than anyone I know. I also drink green tea all day long, and yet I've had very large fibroids for years. I've also worn sunscreen for years and I think the hormone-disrupting chemicals in those sunscreens along with those in dairy, have contributed more to fibroids than diet because my diet is exemplary.

  18. I had to come back and say THANK YOU! I have been in the emergency room twice the past week and was diagnosed with uterine fibroid and ovarian cysts. I was in so much pain, I was rolling on the floor crying. I saw your video today and instantly went to the kitchen to make a concentrated cup of green tea. I can’t believe the relief it gave me, no meds for about 2 hours per cup. It’s not the cure , but I am so thankful for the temporary relief.✨🙏🏻✨ thank you forever.

  19. Saw this a month ago and gave it a shot. It is totally working! Will make a video of my own in 3 months to show the final results as I have implemented a few more things like DIM, VIT D &C, iodine, low meat diet etc. Even if they dont go away completely they have now shrunk enough to do high frequency ultrasound should it come to that.

  20. Wooowwww… so my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother all had complete hysterectomies due to uterine fibroids. Although I do have fibroids, theyre not problematic and or big enough to justify surgery…

    I never could figure out why my fibroids werent as bad as theirs. I always thought maybe cause i consumed less meat than i presume that they did. Till THIS video…

    NOW I’m thinking its the green tea. See.. I started drinking green tea on the daily for the last 25 years or so. After my second child, i upped my consumption to like 6-7 cups a day to facilitate weight loss.

    So now I’m like WOW!! Maybe my favorite beverage is more helpful than I’d ever imagined…..

  21. but causes of growth fibroids is animal products hormones which feed fibroids n other cysts also all sweets feed cysts tumors also coffee even decaf,I stopped breast pain by stopping all coffee,when I cheated I get breast pain

  22. I've been vegetarian since my teens – (no birds or mammals eaten in 30years bc I love them) and I drink lots of green tea every day and yep- I still have large fibroids. I'm not saying green tea hasn't been helping me overall but I think the enthusiasm for a fibroid cure is a bit premature – but thanks anyway for the information. Btw if it's a matter of dosage, I cannot take the extract because the caffeine is too concentrated. I will keep drinking the tea though! The theanine in green tea balances the caffeine for me but somehow with the extract I don't find the calming effect of the theanine and the jitters ensue…

  23. Yeah, Yup… sounds like my Atkins diet wasn't benign. So obvious now, but 10-15 years ago I had no clue, and ended up having surgery. Live and learn.

  24. I gain so much knowledge from your videos. Thank you so very much for sharing them. They teach me a lot about how to improve my health.

  25. Some tricks I learned…symbiotics: green tea+capsicom increases effects. Same w citrus+greens increases iron intake. Turmeric+blk pepper. Olive and tomatoes. Anyone have a complete list?

  26. This was unintentional but when I was doing my green smoothies on a consistent basis, I unknowingly passed 2 spherical shaped grey things that I now believe were fibroids.


  28. Fir the Vegans and Vegetarians (I am as well) dont forget your IODINE. Look up the importance on IODINE and the importance to reverse fibroids. Also look into vaginal ozone insuflation. Pleease look into these

  29. Greetings from Melbourne! My wife Lauren has been suffering with fibroids for many years now and we literally tried everything but nothing seemed to help.The pain she used to experience would keep her up all night. It was debilitating. She had to take time off from work on many occasions. I didn't know what to do to help and felt completely helpless. Every doctor we went to only had pain meds to offer. My wife had been taking meds to alleviate the pain for a while now and had developed a tolerance to them. The doctors said that she would require an increased dose of the meds for them to have any measurable effect.The last thing we wanted was for her to become dependent on those darn drugs. I spent countless hours online researching natural ways to treat fibroids but found how sarah was cure through Dr davismartin helped her cure fibroid. I contacted him and he was so amazing with encouragements and finally sent me a very effective medicine that changed my life for good. It has been 1 years now and i am very fine and healthy. You too can reach him too on [email protected]

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  31. Thank you sir I’m a green tea drinker I know there’s a lot of antioxidant in green tea but I didn’t know they could have such strong effects on stupid fibroids 😁 I’m going to drink so much green tea that will turn green myself 😁 thanks again Sir . I already had surgery to remove my fibroids and will not do that again I’m trying my best to stay away from any meats or dairy products by juicing and eating greens but my guilty pleasure is coffee i don’t drink it as much as I used to but its hard for me not to drink a cup a day even after I consumed my green smoothies especially now it’s mostly chilly 🥶 every morning in FL, 😖 not to enjoy a cup of coffee ☕️ I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s addicted to coffee 😁

  32. Compelling!

    Anecdotally, I have heard interesting positive(?) result from women about use of chamomile or mint tea. I wonder if its green-tea-superfood or just another case of PBD trumps again, womp womp…

  33. I had no idea about the effects of green tea. I have several fibroids with the largest now 10cm and I have been drinking green tea religiously for at least 2 years daily. I drink a minimum of 2 cups a day but this can easily go up to 10 to 12 becasue I drink 2 cups at a time in one sitting. My fibroids unfortunately are still growing.

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  37. Fibroids is caused by excess calcium in the soft tissues. (not in the blood .. in the tissue). These doctors have been scamming people their whole lives and they are too stupid to figure it out. I reject this video because doctors are drug pushers and won't even give people magnesium when they really need it.
    Fibroids is simple to get rid of with 5 mg of magnesium per pound of body weight each day…. and vitamin K2 MK7 320 mcg a day with fat… Vitamin E the normal dose with fat and…. 200 mcg of selenium a day and 1000 mg of vitamin C.. 3 times a day.,,, and some serapeptase 20,000 su ..3 to 5 times a day on an empty stomach… and potassium… eat your 4700 mg a day.
    I'm not even a doctor…. fibroids is a scam to make money off of hysterectomy's. There is no best food for fibroids. What food is going to give you 1000 mg of magnesium a day and 3000 mg of vitamin C a day?
    I'm so appalled that doctors make so much on things they absolutely don't have a clue about. What a scam.

  38. It’s just like I am in a nightmare each night. The discomfort is not bearable since fibroids are still with me. I simply would like to thank personally for the help and advice and also for the end results I have acquired from sticking to this fibroids treatment “Kαmwοt Sοnο” (Gοοgle it). It actually works! My fibroid had since reduced by %90 and I`m so glad to say that. .cancel

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  40. Remember Fibroids are abnormal growths that develop in or on a woman's uterus. Sometimes these tumors become quite large and cause severe abdominal pain and heavy periods, pelvic pain, miscarriages. In other cases, they cause no signs or symptoms at all. The growths are typically benign, or noncancerous.But With Agbara Herbal Medication, This will Be completely cured,,,,Remember surgery does not removed or cured Fibroid,

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