The ASPECTS of Astrology: Conjunct, Opposition, Trine, Square, Quincunx, Sextile, Semi-Sextile

so you know the signs you know the planets you know the houses you know all the elements and you know all the qualities and you know how to read a natal chart you know what the planetary sign placements mean you know what the planetary house placements mean you know about ascendant Midheaven all that if that's true then that means that you're ready to move on to aspects this is a more advanced part of natal chart reading because aspects describe the relationship that each sign or each planet placed within a sign has with one another this is how well they get along or how similar they are the kind of relationship that they have based on their element and quality composition and their place relative to one another on the wheel and I have an image that I made for you that hopefully will help you to picture this inside your head so here it is where that red arrow is you can put any sign or any planet it doesn't matter and all the other aspects around the wheel will be the same so if you put Aries there than all other Aries planets will conjunct it Libra will be the opposition Capricorn and cancer will be the square or if you put Libra there then all Libra plants will be conjunctive and Aries will be the opposition and Capricorn and cancer will still be the square but on the opposite sides in this video we're going to go over each of these seven aspects and I'm going to explain each one in detail and tell you what they mean and then we're going to build on that as we go through the rest of this series and it's gonna be a long series so buckle up there's a couple things before we start I go first by sign and then by degree some people will teach you that aspects depend on the number of degrees away a planet is from another planet some people only count for aspects and they don't use any of the other ones they think that they're minor aspects or that they don't matter and some people use a whole bunch of little niche aspects and say that they all mean different specific things I only use the seven and I'm going to tell you that while every single planet has its own kind of relationship with every other planet in your chart only focus on those within a 5 degree or so for example I have Venus in Taurus at 15 degrees so I only count it as aspected other planets in the 10 to 20 degree range of their sign so my mercury is at 4 degrees Taurus so while they're both placed in Taurus and there is technically a conjunction there I wouldn't count it as a very important aspect for me to learn about but my moon is at 19 degrees Libra so I would count that another tip when you're thinking about aspects think of it like the outermost planet is affecting the innermost planet like the outer planet is sending that energy or directing that energy or focusing or doing the action upon the innermost planet so the order from inner to outer would be the moon as the innermost one it's the most reactive then Mercury Venus the Sun Mars Sarris Jupiter Saturn Kyra on Uranus Neptune and then Pluto last so you would say like Pluto trine Saturn or Jupiter square Sarris or mercury conjunct the moon another thing is to think about not just what aspects of your own personality these planets represent I shouldn't say aspects that's confusing don't just think about the personality traits that each planet represents also think about the people in your life that these planets represent and see the aspects as the relationship that those people have in your life so Venus doesn't just represent your relationships and your more sensual love oriented nature it also represents your actual partner your spouse the person or people you are in a relationship with Sarris represents your family including your siblings and all extended family the moon represents your mom and Saturn represents your father sometimes the Sun will also represent your father depending on who you ask so if these planets have a positive aspect I'm gonna break that down later but if they have a positive aspect a nice easy Pleasant aspect to one another then those people in your life will probably also get along with one another like if you have Sarah sextile the moon then your mother and the rest of your family get along really well or if you have Venus trine the moon then your spouse or your partner and your get along really well so think about that too now to actually get into it we're gonna start with the conjunct aspect or the conjunction aspect when two planets are placed in the exact same sign or within zero degrees of one another the symbol is of a circle with a stick kind of pointing out one side it symbolizes a sign in a single relationship with itself and each one of the aspects has kind of a number that it's associated with in conjunction is the number one representing like singularity unity Union when two planets are both conjunct one another they blend together their energies kind of blur and overlap and the closer they are by degree the harder they are to separate those two planets always act together so when like mercury and Mars are conjunct one another that when a native speaks or uses their Mercury Mars comes along for the ride and they speak in a very forceful aggressive loud manner because these two planets are inseparable from one another you can almost think of them as like one mega planet like a transformers robot or like a Power Rangers robot that's like an amalgamation of all these other parts one of the drawbacks is that the person cannot objectively look at these planets or separate them because it's kind of a blind spot like when the Sun and Moon are conjunct in the sky that's what forms a new moon phase where the moon is invisible because it's swallowed up by the sun's light you can think of a solar eclipse like when the new moon moves in front of the Sun and everything just goes dark and disappears that's what a conjunction does so if you were born during the new moon and you have your Sun and Moon conjunct one another in your chart then your ego and your emotions and your pride and your self-love and your self-respect and all of your feelings and all of your moods your creative drive and your need for comfort and security all those qualities are indistinguishable from one another and they all come out at once when you have several planets that are all conjunct one another three or more is called a stellium and that's when you have a lot of planets all focused in one spot and it concentrates that sign and it concentrates that energy all into one direct point so people who have very large stallions are very driven and forceful and headstrong and very creative very powerful people they have a very powerful imposing presence and their personalities are usually too much for most people to handle in large doses so they find it hard to get along with people for long periods of time if you've ever met somebody with a very large cell ium then you might feel overwhelmed by them like they just have they're they're just a lot to deal with especially if that stellium is in a house that's very prominent like the first house at the tenth house the opposition aspect is the relationship that a sign has with the other opposite sign its sister sign they have the same quality but in a different but favorable element so earth and water go together and fire and air go together so like Taurus is the fixed earth sign and the opposite sign is Scorpio the fixed water sign Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign and its opposite is Gemini the mutable air sign it's associated with the number two the number two relationship because it shows two separate things in relation to one another symbolizes duality and balance the symbol is like the conjunct symbol but with another circle added to it so it's two circles connected with a line now sister signs as they're called the two opposite signs they have a lot in common their differences are not irreconcilable they want opposite but related things so opposites attract but both need to learn how to compromise in order for this relationship to work this is a relationship of duality and polarity projection mirroring is a big one there's a lot of finger pointing at one another saying that they're not being treated fairly because both signs contrast one another almost like opposite colors like red green or blue and orange they're both shining a beacon on one another and lighting each other up works and all when the Sun and Moon are opposition to one another that's what creates the full moon when the moon is completely lit up all the way around but the benefit is that these two signs check one another's extremism they force the other one to give a little and they balance one another out whereas with the conjunction it's a lot of extremism all boiled down into syrup but the opposition is more of a balancing act now if you have a lot of planets in opposition to one another in your chart you're gonna see probably a cluster on one end and a cluster on the other and it's gonna create like a seesaw effect makes me feel almost very Libra like because you're very self-aware you examine yourself and analyze yourself very well because both planets can look at each other not like a conjunction where they're just swallowed up with one another they're completely separated and you can look at each of them very clearly but you tend to be very indecisive and very and very much in need of outside approval or outside opinion compromise comes to you very easily and you are probably a very relationship oriented person you tend to put yourself in the middle of conflict in order to try and resolve it so if you often find yourself mediating between family members or between like your spouse and your kids that would be why now the trying relationship the triangle is within 120 degrees or it's just the other two signs that have the same element so there's three fire signs there's three earth signs 3 air 3 water and they all try and one another the symbol is a triangle just a plain triangle and it's associated with the number 3 it's the three relationship think of the rule of thirds and art and photography think of three act structure or the rule of three in writing think of the comedic triple in comedy things that come in threes or sets of threes are seen as perfect or harmonious or pleasing it's very satisfying the triangle is also the strongest shape because it can bear a weight on all sides this is a very easy positive harmonious relationship these signs get along so well they hardly challenge one another they're very accepting very reinforcing very loving very easygoing but this does breed complacency because if one of them has a flaw the other ones don't challenge them on it because they are very accepting of that flaw or that bad habit so if like two people are both alcoholics neither of them is going to challenge the other to change and in fact they're gonna make it a lot harder for one of them to change because they're just like no to stay the way you are it's fine but they also make it very easy for their natural talents to shine because they're so open and inviting and accepting of one another so think of the most positive expressions of both of these planets and just imagine that they're in league with one another and that's the trine relationship so Saturn trying the moon would give somebody a lot of emotional stability and that feeling of safety and security that the moon needs or Jupiter trine Sarris would mean that that person inherits luck and money and good fortune and support from their family to have a lot of trends in your chart or to have a grand trine which is when you have one planet in each of the signs in a certain element so like you have one planet in Aries Leo and Sagittarius then that's a fire trine I have a mega earth trine I have my Sun Mercury and Venus all in Taurus and the Jupiter in Virgo and then Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn I actually have more trains in my chart than any other aspect and it makes a person very soft and very pleasant and very easygoing and harmonious and unbothered and positive without a lot of stressors without a lot of rough edges very easy to get along but there is a degree of being very passive or very complacent and not working to change things not challenging things just kind of going with the flow your life never changes you have the same habits same patterns especially with an earth trine you don't have any problem expressing your natural talents or your natural gifts all the planets training one another they just encourage one another to do whatever they want with no consequences now a square is kind of the opposite of a trine it's two planets that are 90 degrees apart or they have the same quality but different unfavorable elements so like Aries and Libra are opposite one another and cancer in Capricorn or opposite one another but Aries and Libra square the other two and the other to square them because they're all cardinal signs they're all trying to be the boss they're all trying to be the leader the symbol is just a plain square and it's associated with the number four a number of safety and stupid and groundedness but in some cultures also like death and negativity and challenge and struggle it's kind of like a Saturn type of aspect when these planets are square one another they don't get along at all it's a very difficult relationship it has a lot of passion which can be exciting but it also has a lot of conflict a lot of fighting getting in each other's way highlighting one another's faults each sign has their own approach to how they want to do things how they want things done and the other one just challenges it and fights it and debates it and both of them want to overcome and win but if they could just like stop escalating and just calm down then they might realize that the other one is right on both sides this is a relationship where two signs check one another they don't let them get away with it's kind of like opposition that way but compromise is a lot harder and it's a lot more difficult for these two sons to agree on something this relationship is a lot more work but it's work that needs to be done because they're both challenging each other ultimately to become better people but along the way they just don't get along and they don't think the other one is right so if you have like Pluto square Saturn in your chart that could mean that power struggles or violence or drug addiction or alcoholism or trauma or whatever ploutonion experiences have driven a wedge between you and your father or Chiron Square the moon could mean that you have a lot of intimate emotional issues and wounds that began in early childhood with your mother but these gradually become like the hard-won powers of emotional healing once you dig through all of that it's very rewarding if you have a lot of squares in your chart which I actually have a lot of squares and a lot of trends there's like slightly more trends but those are the two I have the most of or if you have a grand cross which means that you have one planet in each of the sines inequality so if you have a cardinal cross that means you have like an areas of cancer or Libra and a Capricorn planet I have a fixed cross so I have a tourist Eliam I have Saturn and Sarris and Aquarius I have Pluto in Scorpio and Chiron leo that means that you see your own flaws and problematic behaviors very clearly and there's a lot of like fire and passion and anger inside of you you're very aware of whatever you need to do to fix yourself you have enormous strength of character a lot of willpower a lot of Drive a lot of aggression a lot of energy that can make you a little bit difficult for other people to deal with difficult for yourself to deal with because two aspects of your personality are both fighting because they both want to do different things and they're both angry that they didn't get to do with they wanted to do the way that they wanted to do it but it gives you a lot of strength and it gives you the willpower to not accept things the way that they are and to challenge them head-on the quincunx relationship which is a hard word to say is formed when two planets are 150 degrees away from one another or it's the relationship that a sign has with the two signs on either side of its opposite sign so if we're looking at Leo and Aquarius is the opposite sign then Leo has a quincunx relationship with Capricorn and Pisces and Capricorn has a quincunx relationship with Leo and Gemini the symbol is like a downward V with a cross across the top to show that it's a planets relationship with the two others on opposite sides of itself and its associated with the number five number five comes up in cultures mostly when they add a sacred element to something in a set of four so like there's the four elements and then there's a fifth element that's like a combination of all of the others or it's like a sacred one or it's a special one often five symbolizes love or some kind of femininity usually a very exotic or rebellious kind of love the quinolones relationship is weird because it's like there's a lot of attraction between these two signs but they don't actually have anything in common so it's weird like they both seem to be headed in different directions and they're so different from one another and their approaches things are so different from each other it's not a direct opposition so it's not like regular compromise and balance as possible it's just slightly off from an opposition so the energy of this aspect is just very awkward it's very imbalanced it's very in reckless the bowl it's just like it's weird there's an anxious energy to it it's uneasy it's irritating it's stressful it's a stressful relationship overall it's just uncomfortable and usually what happens when you have a quincunx in your relationship when you have this aspect in your chart what usually happens is that you completely separate and compartmentalized these two planets you have a hard time seeing these two aspects of your personality blending with one another or having any kind of relationship for example if you have like especially if you're a woman and you have moon quincunx and Venus then Venus represents this like beautiful femininity and being young and pretty and sexually available at hot and free and maiden unmarried with all these suitors and then motherhood is like a completely separate thing it's like non-sexual almost it's like sweet and loving and caring so the idea of being romantic and sexy while also being a mother with little kids just feels weird just feels off and you probably won't necessarily neglect either role you just will separate them in your brain like this is me as a mom and this is me as a lover if you have a lot of planets in this aspect to one another you're probably a very anxious person very unsure of yourself you lack confidence neither planet ever gets what they want or when they get what they want then another planet isn't happy so like with Capricorn and Leo Capricorn is very dark and very moody and very serious and Leo is very bright and very happy and very fun-loving Capricorn wants to work all the time and earn something and work towards a goal and Leo just wants to kick back and have fun and be happy all the time so like I know a lot of people who are capricorns with Leo moons and it's usually when their capricorn side is happy then their emotions are sad and then when their emotions are happy and then their ego is sad so they work work work work work and they're miserable the whole time and then they go on vacation and they're miserable but different parts of them are happy so it's not so much of a compromise like both sides get what they want and they meet in the middle it's more like it's your turn and then it's your turn and because of that there's also a lot of guilt that goes along with this aspect and the feeling of never being satisfied the answer is bring these two sons together by giving them something in common by forcing them to be with one another each sign pairing has some little nugget of something in common with one another and you just have to find that so like Scorpio and Aries are both Mars ruled and Taurus and Libra both Venus ruled Gemini and Capricorn both feel like they have to be the intellectual authority on everything things like that the sextile relationship is when two signs are sixty degrees apart or it's just the relationship that you have with the two other signs that are in a favorable element to you so earth with water signs that aren't it's opposite sign and fire with air signs so like cancers opposite sign is the earth sign Capricorn so it's sextile is the other two earth signs Taurus and Virgo it's associated with the number six and the symbol is of like six lines intersecting with one another to form almost like a star this is a another very harmonious aspect it's very easy it's the aspect of friendship just a very compatible easygoing fun-loving not too challenging but not too similar I they're not quite a trine it's mostly described as not as Extreme as a trying but I just call it the friendship aspect there's a perfect amount of check on one another but without any restrictions communication is very easy between these two signs they don't clash they're always on the same page they move the same pace they want to do things at the same time they have a lot of values in common so you can think of these two planets as friends with one another and when they meet up they hang out and they have great conversations and they're very open to one another so Jupiter sextile mercury could mean that you have a lot of natural talents when it comes to learning foreign languages and you're very open minded and you're open to learning new things and teaching other people new things you love to travel and you love to expand your mind to new points of view and new foreign ideas all of these signs are both of these planets just really like each other if you have a lot of sextiles in your chart it is kind of like having a lot of trends but just not as severe like you're not quite as passive or complacent your personality is very pleasant very easygoing very easy to get along with you don't have like the fire of having a lot of squares or conjunctions but you don't have a lot of that in your conflict either so your talents are expressed very easily and your goals are very clear but your life moves pretty slow so and lastly the semi sextile your relationship with signs within 30 degrees or the two signs on either side of your sign it's symbol is the opposite of the quincunx one because it's this two signs on either side of you and not the two signs on either side of your opposition so it's like an upward V with like a line across the bottom it's associated with the number seven which is as high as these numbers go seven is usually a very sacred number or it's very lucky number it's often found in link magic and folklore and religion and superstition number of planets in ancient times or the number of days in a week so it implies structure or rules but in a very harmonious way not like the number four I talked a lot in the science series about how there's an order to the astrological wheel and each sign is more mature or more developed than the sign previous to it but it's less mature than the sign ahead of it there's an astrologer named I think it's carico from a blog called dreaming Souls and she described this aspect as growing pains and I think that's pretty apt because the semi sextile is a relationship this sign has to both who it used to be and who it must become so there's a lot of frustration here so like when taurus looks at aries they see a very immature person and they get very frustrated with them and they're very irritated by them and when they look at Gemini they see who they're supposed to become or what they're supposed to act more like and they're equally as frustrated because they're being forced to grow up in ways that they don't think that they should have to like in my Sagittarius video a lot of comments were like I don't want to become a Capricorn or pisces was like I don't want to become an Aries there's a lot of resentment is that's a big theme with the semi sextile relationship but growth is a bigger theme if you have a lot of planets and you sex down to one another you probably also have a lot either sex style or conjunct one another but that means that these planets are pushing one another to grow and change so saris semi sextile mercury could mean that your family or your children push you to expand your mindset to learn new things to adapt new ways of thinking new ways of problem-solving Pluto semi sextile the moon could mean that you become emotionally more mature through Plutonian themes of dealing with death and grief and abuse and alcoholism and addiction or brushes with oppression or violence and it sucks and it's frustrating and it's irritating but it's also just maturity for you and that's it those are the seven aspects that I'm going to be teaching you about in this series if you want to see those ones when they come up you can subscribe to me here on YouTube follow me on any of my other social media links to all of those down in the description below as long as ways to support the channel like buying a chart reading for me and I will see you next time I

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