[Music] you see the video hi guys good morning here with my mom beautiful mom Silvia and my sister we are going to see my grandpa so I’m not gonna film it it’s not doing very well like last time we was doing a lot better now I think it’s more of a very private situation so I’m not gonna sure that with you guys but I’ll keep you posted for sure are you feeling I love you do you like the vlog yeah see you’ve gotta be as excited for the vlog as my mommy’s oh wait it’s a new episode this is episode 10 amazing thank you for watching us I hope you enjoyed this new episode we’re gonna be in Italy niggas coming to Sardinia have en syrie are coming to Sardinia – she’s gonna be in Sardinia with me you’re not you’re gonna stay here enjoyed this new episode we have a new chef let me go show you the baby over here right here look at that and then javi went to the gym Nico left to sylvania a few days before I see him there so a very good day here in London beautiful weather and we’re eating nice how was it go talk to the good good healthy all procreate equals all the lovely God my secret would say I love you baby hello I’m all sweaty err okay so today it’s my last day in London before I go to Italy with me belong babymoon is with the baby upstairs javi left to Austria Switzerland China whatever you know one of those to play more and I’m gonna go change a strap for my watch and I’ll ride a bike in London that’s it so you guys I just had to take the camera today and guess what no battery no cars and yeah joy I’m here at Grandma’s place and that she’s pissed because of my hair color right thank you for sending the pasta to the airport that it was it was a very warm welcome not to do many times I didn’t deserve it you don’t know how to speak English now No so I’m almost all packed for Italy one bag and a book and the Kindle which has lots of books and then that’s it oh you have to see the new Gucci there you go the new Gucci those are my wallets clips I’m excited to go to Italy I’m gonna go with my kids and enjoy the beach goodbye okay humans we are in the plane to go in vacation you happy she can’t listen stupid stupid bitch I was saying help you are you happy okay so I haven’t been in something in like five years like every year yes because we have a place that will be used to vacation all the time anyway I hope you enjoy this we’re departing see you later where’s her Vania we arrived the kids are in the pool enjoying and it’s amazing I can just relax and eat some more and be with them and I’m going to the pool right now so I will say goodbye you guys we are in portrait and I am with Sian and the Italian family back here I don’t know where they’re taking me but it’s midnight and this little town oh it starts now the party begins now and we are going to eat that crap yeah this is the first class I came very nice place I’m like a tourist I hate logging because I feel like I’m Teresa now I understand my meatball those pigs with the hands do I do it but do I buy that’s horrible which is it I mean I like this one I liked it but this could be the anus we finally arrived look at the size look at the size away we go you have to put it down in human purpose or mine right you’re gonna have it I don’t want it tomorrow we’re gonna [Music] tomorrow we’re gonna film amazing thing I love in telling my friends oh my so guys yeah that’s pretty much it for today not very busy today we’ve been traveling both of us the women here are beautiful I just ate a CREP and the women are he did I say the women are beautiful the women are beautiful good night guys so today is gonna be quite fun we’re going to the beach right now I went to see some ways to rent a couple little goats so we can go and explore the beaches around here so that’s gonna get exciting meantime waiting for Diego who’s gonna go grocery shopping and then reach us at the beach so it’s not that easy to vlog when you’re in vacation I’m actually realizing that also when I reach some depths we haven’t done it in a while for those of you who don’t like the deep moments sorry but all of us have them we’re not hiding anything so so we just got to the beach and we’re chilling at the beach or just relaxing I guess if I was watching I was I would hope for something deep sometimes and amazing but I was telling them that I’m not gonna go out of my way to just be like Logan folder then you do stupid things just to entertain you know we were saying which is interesting you can share that that you cannot do a lot of to denote fat any anything you don’t know how to do it if you arrive to the beating you’re like what do we do we do I don’t know how to do nothing my brain starts like okay I should send a message to that and then organize this and then contact that and go do a treatment meditation trying to but since you can’t deny that just observe your thoughts and that’s it no let’s do 15 minutes one five nothing at all this is KP I don’t want to say typical response we all say [Music] [Music] hi guys so I’m sorry I’ve been a little icy in action this week because I was a little bit had a bad cold which was tough because obviously I can’t just like sleep but I want to and I was like trying after Noah and so I’ve just been hearing about myself so it’s been an interesting week so far you know is currently sleeping in here it’s a little faith I need to go and get him some medicine because he has an eye infection in one eye which is completely normal through a newborn just because they don’t have the immune system yet or like the the tear duct working properly in their eyes yes I need to go and get some treatment and tomorrow I am gonna go try get my nails done we haven’t done coups no I was born and I may or may not go and get my hair done because I want it to be a little bit darker but I haven’t decided yet so that’s the update I will keep letting you know how the day goes those are both tears right there Wow the places it has I mean you can see the wood from here two huge votes on the side amazing that’s a name it’s the biggest silver [Music] [Applause] [Music] we’re hungry this is heaven [Music] [Applause] hi guys Noah just woke up from his nap don’t you oh hi so now he’s gonna enjoy some food and then later I’m gonna pack for sat in here cuz you’re going on your first holiday I go on the plane then you’re gonna go to the beach you know the bird I want to eat you and guess what you’re gonna see dad in two days time yeah and he’s also gonna go to his first soccer game so I have a West Ham Jersey for him using the we’re gonna go see daddy play yes sir we will see you later so we’re back from the boat and this is the pool that we have in this house beautiful place surrounded by plants and rocks and there’s animals around here everywhere so right now we’re gonna eat pasta salad like we always because we love it and a crazy little human is coming here with a water gun so I gotta be careful enjoying this vacation I left Nicola and a sister and stuff fishing hope they’re alive okay guys grandma came to visit and the story not the beautiful okay so just try to call me from the Catholic I pick up a salad the aubergine eggs couch at the exit look at this I mean look at this tomatoes fresh cut tomatoes salad look at this I mean look at this lettuce this is a quite weird shape but because it’s no chemicals nothing even just the right back from the day out in a boat and it was amazing how is grandma making dinner just because no but this man now where I go I pick it up so yeah guys she’s making dinner I’m gonna eat and then see Diego go out for a drink or two I show you guys later bye you go long should I kiss her she doesn’t speak English she doesn’t understand anything okay I’m gonna get you nah you go I can’t send my videos to the editor mmm can’t I try and it stops loading because the internet in Italy sucks nothing laughter non Ferran ent will Dolce Fernand but I can’t do nothing so I actually do a lot of things no we’ve done nothing in a lot of places Nico over a now no okay so then back from the day out today I went to the hairdresser it’s like a little bit dark up which I like because it was going orange before and mr. Noah he was pretty good but now South noon he hasn’t really wanted to sleep or take a nap and so he’s a bit grumpy huh are you a bit grumpy now he’s currently looking at his favorite curtain oh it’s beautiful bubby Wow I’m feeling a bit more better today hey noe are you gonna smile for the camera you still in your grumpy mood we don’t look alike at all but I promise you I am your mum so Noah’s excited because he’s gonna go in the ocean for the first time then he’s still looking at the captain please it’s a beautiful cook we will update you guys later goodbye so I found a place where they paint this is a teacher they’re gonna paint something while I take a coffee a gelato cuz it’s beautiful here so anyway it’s beautiful beautiful woman’s good morning guys I had to sleep really late last night I had to pack a holiday bag for main hobby and Noah having a baby mean do you have a lot of stuff you didn’t realize it you’re gonna need to pack that you need it so basically Noah that’s like a fucking suitcase it mean javi is sharing it suitcase and I didn’t sleep till about 2:00 and then no no food at 6:00 so it’s been a long night anyway we’d have the game today and then we’re going to the airport straight after so wish us luck hello guys we’re ready to go very excited to go to Cydia we are here waiting I know you miss me guys I know I didn’t film a lot in Austria but you know I was in a hotel just training gone back to a hotel eating resting training etc etc but today we play your final preseason match against Athletic Bilbao a very good Spanish team and we drop to two and any penalties they beat us I miss one penalty unfortunately but yeah here we are we have our first two days off so we’re gonna head to Sardinia or Sylvanian Spanish to meet a Diego his kids Nico and I thing is his sister and some members of his family so yeah we’re very excited good weather Beach we’re gonna be in a boat I miss you guys too naked humans we gonna keep filming I’m gonna keep filming even more and more and more because now position is over we’re not gonna travel a lot so in the weeks we’re gonna be doing a lot of stuff in the week it’s probably travel and playing games the Premier League it’s about to start so I’m very excited about that so yeah we’ll keep you updated this is hugs [Music] good morning are you awake not yet right now we are preparing to leave in about today and javi and Sarah they are asleep say hello to the naked human you cannot see me no we cannot see you okay wake up and hurry up and goodbye I have your come on you pussy Sarah goodbye yes we’re ready look little bit the view of rule here in Sardinia we’re gonna get into a boat first breakfast then a boat we’re very excited we’re gonna join alone I think we’re gonna spend most of the day in a boat traveling go to small beaches lovely places and stuff yes look guys his jump suit is for three to six months he’s not even two months it’s growing so fast que pasa he’d be oh you be say hi to naked humans oh what a lovely turtle I think no it doesn’t realize it so we have arrived we are in the boat but javi and Sarah and Noah are not we’re waiting for them we went partying last night and we’re here they’re not but they happiness are about to appear right there wait for it yeah we uh no babymoon and javi and Regina Regina’s no as nanny hi you made it Harry did you eat something as happy so do you like Italy why do you have like a diaper so if you’re gonna name your boat city for you it’s a good name what would you think our boat don’t go help him to humans we have a problem so this is a situation hobbies no kneeling down he’s asking God for forgiveness and tenacity to come back yes and Nikola is supervising the whole thing and here he comes yes are you jumping [Music] [Music] I’m going to kill someone I’m going to I’m going to kill someone I’m going to hobby give me that no don’t throw it no don’t throw that no [Music] okay humans this is my watch from now on okay that one just went to the water and this one is my pillow for a little while I Love You Man oh we’re talking like that hungry okay so you’re gonna eat past ten collapse should we eat then there we go that’s it Wow Nikolas grandmother made the pasta oh she made the sauce and Nico made the past and the boat I’m thinking of getting an Italian danga Sara you happy to be back in the water she’s like she went directly there okay so we have this sleeping space outside one in the front which is beautiful he could even lay down there this is the best coaching there is in life if the things get too hard I just let her go I just go like okay goodbye sir seagulls crying so we are in Sardinia all together in a one-and-a-half day vacation which is amazing I know I haven’t been filming and I said–and couple times already but here’s the thing we didn’t film much in this vacation because it was a vacation for me it’s been many years since I haven’t taken time without doing stuff content photos opening computer editing it’s actually quite amazing maybe it’s been five years since I never never stopped using my computer and now it’s like my fifth day and I’m going crazy it’s oh it’s weird my computer it’s been closed taking time to regenerate my thinking it’s been for a while that I started doing stuff robotically instead of creatively and I think that this this vacation is helping me reconnect with that creative mindset and yet I had an argue with my sister yesterday she’s 22 I love her so much I love her so much that I want to see her in her best emotional state in her best physical state so she’s very irresponsible it’s very hard to communicate with her she’s like a rock and it doesn’t matter what you say she already has her mind made up with whatever she wants to tell her herself she behaved irresponsibly yesterday I don’t even think she noticed for her everything is normal and if you try to tell her something then she closes up and you are the problem so I don’t really know how to go about it I spoke to Diego before and he said like maybe I should enter the conversation being completely open and vulnerable and say I can love you so much that if you keep not growing I might have to go further away from you and see you last time I ready to never see her it’s a it’s a drowning energy when people are not growing and being irresponsible and not behaving and it’s okay to do it sometimes but being in that state full time for me it’s very draining I don’t need that I’m already working a lot of myself if people around me are not willing to do it then I might have to just get further and further anyway let’s get back to the boat life okay we found Gianluca she doesn’t keep well we’ve been chatting but he doesn’t know we’re here I don’t want to shout they’re not checking the Instagram we get a well we can park here we can park he’s right there is it is it Nanako it is and I want to other than he’s coming he might be coming and he might not be there because he was saying like yeah he’s right there he’s too hot for you no yes little bit [Music] ready ready [Music] [Music] so could it mean we’re about to have food that like 11 p.m. local time we’re gonna have food because we could see in like getting weakened even want to have dinner and go out with Toluca what we’ve learned if that mood to win out really be tight because the beast was a little bit waking that be smooth for the I was caught that moment or gonna have dinner we keep you updated guys okay we love you so much love for all the humans I can love everybody all the world when they look like humans I am in both the chair whole as it’s a Lucas birthday is right here this is the naked humans over here and they know you’ve just done 25 yeah I always always mess up on saw in the reality and turning 26 in their in the left leg and 26 in the right leg so it’s 52 is always a joy at the end of the day if you have the right attitude and the right news is always a choice a number something I like about this guy’s you will always have fun them yeah aces of number hookers of course it seems like very simple and very stupid but life is just one and it’s the first loan we receive it for sure we have to give it back we just don’t know when we have to give it back so I’m an entrepreneur and I’m used to deal with loans and like having a loan that I don’t know when I have to give it back it means that I have to enjoy with the money they gave me you know every day so the vlog is about to turn in a party blog right now [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning you money buddy good afternoon good afternoon you guys have a lovely sleep this morning right thank you so much tell mom the view so he’s just looking out here in Sardinia oh we are about to go and go to the beach and take this little guy to his first time in the ocean hey he’s got sunscreen on his Facebook place got white yes I’m very excited you like that you like that diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy Dominus so no it’s birthday at the beach but it’s a massacre but it had on so his son could save it up over in the shade I cannot stop the CAHSEE because when I stop have to fill myself too even though I do for myself I’m just really you want to see all of the me get a few he’s my son Thursday in the beach and instead of going in the water [Music] a lovely day in Slovenia first ream of Nora we go back to London tonight maybe I wanna Co are gonna come I think later so back to microphone over there how are you oh my god how are we feeling bro good retire and start because we’re leaving and magnificent thanks off so we Sylvania was much better than I expected I’m gonna be here for one week and I still feel like it’s not even close to enough of a bouquet of that vacation matin for two days how was the first vacation with no I tell me sir why do you think the boat and like it was just a long day he didn’t have his proper naps instead of being in the same environment what do you think Noah it was very bright okay but he’s been the best toy and he had his first string today and he loved the ocean so we’re in a little store anything like a party like it has goodbye we are going to cos yes we partied yesterday but we’re gonna party again and I’m drinking my super price pressure right now because otherwise this part is too much good espresso everywhere here yeah I just wanna can I live at this bar you come up can I move in here yes and then we’re getting pizza anyway they left us and we’re going to party again yesterday we arrived at dawn I never do this today you’re gonna see sunrise [Applause] [Music] morning blogged very morning is like I know having cuddles today we’re very sad she’s just come back from her month traveling Europe and she stopped over to see Noah and myself and javi and then she’s leaving so it’s very sad but anyway we’re going to see her in Austin in a few weeks time when we go to America with this little monster how are you feeling knowing I was here first holiday was a great chicken oh wow look is this for aunty leave lots of kisses today I need to clean up the house a bit because javi I’m he’s not really an 8 frequent when we have Diego comp he likes everything clean so I’m attempting to clean it up because if he saw it right now he would have a cardiac arrest and he’s looking once again at his favorite curtains hello so this is it back in London vacation is over and back at work yeah I’ve never ever spent so much time without working since I graduated and it felt good but I’m so ready to get back at it I really feel this amazing energy flowing through me I think it’s gonna be great great work great photos great vlogs so that’s it and now for the Sardinia vlog we didn’t really had a line a story line on it and I guess that’s part of being transparent we didn’t want a force content so back in London next episode [Music]

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