The AntiMatter Podcast #1: Noah McNally (Birthday Surprise!)

Yeah, okay, they can hear us. Okay, we’re live? We are indeed live. Alright we’re live. Well, we’re not performing yet. I mean, are we- Like we’re privated and we’re
about to go public. So, um before we do that. Noah, can you give us a big ‘ol Miss America
smile when we start off? Heck yeah. You can give us a dopey smile too just for
the comedic effect I’ll look over to. Alright, um… Where am I smiling? Am I smiling towards the camera? (deep stare) Or am I smiling towards… Okay, we’re live, completely public. Alright, we are live- Wait, hold up wait,
um something’s going on something’s going on. Oh, something’s going on. Alright, and we’re live! Hello and welcome, I’m Matt, and this is the
AntiMatter Podcast, alright, and today, ugh enough of those dumb jokes, alright, and today
we are going to be interviewing Noah McNally. Couple things about him, he is a Cellular
Biology major, and an Honors student, and he is currently working towards being a doctor. So Noah, do you have any big projects that
you’re currently working on? Yeah, so right now, my main focus is pretty
much just my academics, and through that I’ve actually got a lot of labs going on right
now, so I just finished working on my third Biology pre-lab and essentially what we’re
doing right now is we’re, kind of like focusing in on macromolecules, which is really cool. And what are macromolecules? Macromolecules? That would be, like for instance, you have
the nucleic acids, the carbohydrates, the lipids, and the proteins, that’s kind of boring. The more interesting part of that is what
we actually do with them, so it’s basically like, we’re doing something call gel electrophoresis,
which is something that I’ll actually use in medicine, probably a lot with DNA. Okay. But I can say I’m pretty passionate about
my Bio lab, in that I passionately despise it. Not because I despise Biology, but because,
see, college labs are not really what I expected them to be, it’s a lot more hectic, and unorganized
than I expected. So it’s a lot of rushing, but tedious rushing? Exactly, and in my opinion, that’s not really
the best way to learn. I’d rather it, for instance, they give us
three experiments, and one lab. Noah should redefine the lab experience. Say that again? I think you should redefine the lab experience. Exactly, I’m gonna go in… but anyways, I
wanted to start with that, just because it’s kinda one of the more like, lower end things,
I like to try to work up. Okay. But other than, like, my academics, one of
the programs I’m in for medicine is called Science to Medicine. Okay. It’s a program, it’s considered a fast track
program, and with that, so long as I meet conditional requirements, such as an MCAT
score, and GPAs, I will get admitted into A&M’s Med School. Well that’s a pretty good deal, I’d say. Exactly, and the fun part is that it’s actually
kind of like a community with all the other ones that are in it, because there’s the Sciences,
and there’s the Engineers, and so we’re all kind of in this, like, community together,
which is really really fun, because it will give me a lot of shadowing opportunities before
I would go into the professional field. So it gives you a lot of experience with professionals,
to kind of, like, take after and stuff? Precisely. It’s always good to have those models to look
on for information for those kinds of things. Absolutely. Because that, I like, personally, I think
hands-on experience, and like, seeing people do it, and then trying it yourself is like
a much better way to learn for me than to just read it off a page, because when I read
it off a page, I’m not getting that experience and a part of that learning process is just
kind of lost to me, so I think that’s always a good thing. Exactly, and the other thing is, speaking
about models, my father is actually probably my biggest model for deciding to go into medicine,
and he’s a family medicine doctor, and that’s really what I would like to do. Okay. But through Science and Medicine I will actually
get to potentially, or it’s not through them, but because of that, I will go out and shadow
a lot of other professions, and so I’ll actually get to broaden my horizons a lot and see if
that’s exactly the type of doctor that I want to be. So, you’re saying that you’re goal is Family
Medicine doctor? Correct. But you’re options are still open? Yes, absolutely. So this man might be your doctor! I’d trust him. One day. Alright, and you had said something about
some sort of call center earlier before the stream? Yes, so one of the things I want to get involved
with next semester and start training for this semester is an organization called HelpLine. Basically, it’s part of the Student Counseling
Services, and what they do is there’s always two people kind of online, I guess. Not like on computer line but just on the
phone line and it’s in an anonymous location, I don’t even know where it is, and they essentially
will just, they sit there and it’s a twenty-four hour thing, and if anyone ever needs, like,
just to talk to someone because they’re just having an awful day, or they’re having a great
day, and they just want to tell somebody, if they feel lonely, or even something as
serious as, like, they’re like, having very violent or suicidal thoughts. Okay, so it’s like a direct main line to help? Exactly. I think that’s a really great program, I think,
just listening to it and hearing it now, having immediate access to help like that I think
is something that is really good, and that’s awesome that you want to be a part of that,
because that’s, I mean, obviously it takes really smart and understanding people to be
able to do that line. And I would definitely need a lot of training,
because a lot of it, I mean it’s a very very serious volunteer type work, but with that,
it would actually also, in my opinion, help me to get my goal of becoming a doctor, in
that it would, I mean, it takes a lot of consideration and learning about the human aspect because
being a doctor is not about, not only about prescribing drugs correctly, it’s also about
being there for your patients, you know, in the most humane way possible. I think that’s a part of, like when people
want to become doctors, I think, personally, when I see a couple of my friends, it’s just,
I feel like it’s a very easily overlooked part of the patient care aspect of it, and
having conversations with your patient, being able to understand their situation, and I
think that’s, that’s a, that is, like, a really valuable skill, I think that will help you
out a lot in your field, so, that’s gonna be awesome. And so, I wanna move onto a couple different
questions, because, we’ve moved through some pretty awesome programs that he’s a part of,
so I did not mention where you were from, if you could fill us in on that, that would
be awesome. Yeah, definitely, so I am from Louisiana,
surprisingly, not many people at A&M are from Louisiana. Out-of-staters.It’s a small town, called Lake
Charles, it’s kinda small, actually, little bigger, and it’s on Interstate 10, very close
to Houston. It’s a big port city, and it’s got a lot of
engineering going on right now, so it’s growing very fast. But it’s kind of like, I think to think of
it as, like, a smaller scale Austin, just kinda with like the vibe, it’s very relaxed,
very kinda, I guess hipster, although hipster’s kind of a relative term nowadays, because
hipsters are like their own genre, I guess hipster, by definition, should not be that. So you’re saying it’s a little more free-form,
with the style, I guess? Yeah, exactly, it’s very “young professional”. So yeah, and you said it was near Houston,
is the town doing alright, after hurricane Harvey? Yeah, it wasn’t hit, it was, there is, Lake
Charles itself floods very bad, the, like the street I used to live on in Lake Charles
it literally, like, was so high that people would kayak in the street with water. You replaced cars with kayaks? Yes, it would become a river instead of a
street. Everyone you knew had amphibious cars, I suppose? I mean, people just didn;t drive, or if you
did you were really really brave. Yeah. Cuz there was one day where I was actually,
like, in school, because the school was right next to the streets that flooded really bad. And they were like, “You can’t leave,” and
one of my friends was like “We gotta go,” and so we were like “Okay,” so we got in the
car, and we floated over a couple intersections, because that’s how bad the water was. But the car survived, so that was good. So, like, you’re town wasn’t hit very badly,
but if it was, you guys are, like, prepared, because you’re used to it? Yeah, the flooding was bad, but that was it,
and exactly as you said, we were, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. So you guys were ready for it? Yeah. So, what would you say there is to do around
that town? So Lake Charles, there is a college there,
McNeese State University. They’ve got sporting events, that’s always
a cool thing to go to. More bigger, or bigger than that, is the high
school athletics, actually, in Lake Charles, because it’s a big hub for Southwest Louisiana,
like football games, There’s a big High School called Bard there, they’re really good, our
high school was really good at sports as well. My favorite part of Lake Charles was downtown
Lake Charles, because it has, Lake Charles, obviously, there’s a lake, a pretty big lake. I would hope so, or else it’d be kind of a
weird name. Exactly, we’ve got a lot of really cool restaurants,
and they actually have music venues, there’s this one place called Luna Live that, they
bring in tons of musicians from everywhere and it’s awesome, and they have coffee shops. My favorite coffee shop is actually in downtown
Lake Charles. Okay, so what would you say is your favorite
drink there? My favorite drink? So they have this drink called the 1784, why
it’s called that, I have no idea, but it’s a triple shot of espresso with this thing
they call “nebula”, which is just a bunch of sugar. That sounds so suspicious. It’s like the, like the unicorn frappuccino
where it’s just this really mysterious mix of stuff. Basically. And just piled with sugar, I was just, Ugh,
it looks so sketchy. But the catch is the triple shot of espresso
is really really strong, obviously, and it’s amazing, but I stopped drinking it because
it’s a little terrifying how much it actually makes your heart race. But I, I actually love coffee. So, I’m gonna go back to the topic of sports,
because I know there’s been a couple classes, where we’ll be going together, and we’ll have,
like, ten minutes to get there, and you’ll start jogging, and I’m like, by the time I
get to the class I just sitting there like *wheeze* like wheezing because he’s just so
far ahead of me and, so I’m gonna bring it back, so you’re a cross country runner? Correct. I would have to assume because how far you
are ahead of me when we’re running to class. Yeah. So, like, you are a cross country runner? Correct, yeah, I ran track in Middle School,
mainly because in fifth grade we would have P.E. classes and they decided that they would
start training us for football, even though none of us wanted to play football, and the
only thing I was good at was running the warm ups, and everything else was terrible. So I decided “you know what? I’m gonna try running track in sixth grade,”
and I did, and I ended up loving it. So, through High School, I mean, I’m not a
great runner, by any means, I just, I enjoy it. I don’t know. It brings, It’s just like, the studies about
running, releasing serotonin and stuff, like it worked for me because it always just relaxes
me, and so I just, I prefer the longer runs, which is why I did cross country and track,
but cross country itself was very very nice. Well I can speak from personal experience
and say this man’s a really good runner. Not true. I have a lot of trouble keeping up with this
guy. Nah, he’s awesome, dude. It’s only cuz of training. Oh, it’s only because of track? Okay, so while you were in track, what do
you think is like, the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you there, or just the craziest
thing, either way. Ooh, in track, not much happens. Or just cross country, anywhere. Cross country meets were much more interesting
than track meets. Basically track meets, you just kind of watch
people run around in circles, which is like, cool, but nothing interesting really happens. I would imagine that a big part of it was
the running in circles. However, cross country is never, or usually
not run on tracks, it’s in actual terrains, which is a lot more interesting, especially
when it rains. And I’d have to say, I think it was my sophomore
year, for our state meet. Our state course is insane in Louisiana because
at the very end of it, there is a giant hill and it’s incline, I don’t know the exact incline,
but it’s like, it’s, when I say it’s like this, it’s a little bit exaggerated when I
say this, but it’s pretty bad, like you could easily slide down with nothing, you just roll
down the hill. Changes to, like a triathlon style, you gotta
climb and run. Exactly! And so, the sophomore year, of course it rained
the night before, and so this hill was literally just a mud pile, and we knew it would be like
that, and so the whole race, we were trudging through just mud, and sand that they had put
out because apparently sand is better than mud. Yeah it does hold together a little bit better
because the mud I feel like it’d just turn into a slip-n-slide. Everyone’s getting to the top and there would
just be a water slide. Everyone was just brown by the end of that
race. But when we got to the hill finally, I was
running with my running mate, his name was John Henry. We tried to run the races together, because
we were from the same team. A running mate? So does that mean you guys just run together
or is it like the team thing? No , it was kind of, it was more of a strategy
because if you run with someone, you can drift off of them, and so we would kind of take
turns, and like we would just, it, you could, I mean, one of the strategies I kind of like
in cross country is, it’s kind of like eh, but you can kind of like, strategically bow
people or get the curves right, and like it make sit a lot harder on other people. But anyways, so we finally got to this hill,
and there were people that were literally crawling up it, they’d given up on running
because it was so slippery, and they just crawled up or would slide down and we were
just like “what is going on?” So you have to dodge incoming runners as they
were coming down? Exactly. Oh my God. It was like a boulder fall. But, and it was just awful, because your legs
were so done once you got to the top of the hill. I bet you were feeling like the people sliding
down at some point. Yes, it was juts, it was a nightmare, but,
that was definitely one of the most interesting things I’ve seen. And, that’s just such a crazy story, people
raining down the hill, that just seems like it would be, I don’t know if I could dodge
those people and still be good at running. It wasn’t that hard, but it was more of just
getting up the hill. Alright, well that’s, oh my God, I didn’t
know cross country could be so crazy. I thought it was just grueling, and punishing
when I tried, I tried it out and I just said “not for me,” I mean, you can probably tell
but, before I forget, before I forget, people, let it be known that Noah has allowed me to
record on his birthday, so Happy 19th Birthday to you Noah! Thank you, I appreciate it. Do you have any plans after this podcast? Yeah, I’m actually, my family’s coming in
pretty soon, (*wink*) and hopefully I’m gonna go eat dinner with them, and my dad is a huge
LSU fan, so we’re probably watch the LSU game with them, it’ll be kinda cool. Alright, well who are they playing against? They’re playing Mississippi State, which is
a pretty big game, because that’s I think that’s LSU’s first SEC game, so it’s gonna
be intense, but, I think, LSU’s very good this year, so I think they’re gonna be fine. Well, I’m rooting for them now, you got me
rooting for them now, because I actually do have family in Louisiana, so, you know, I
gotta go for the family, yeah I’ve got some Cajun relatives down there, and they’re really
funny. They have good accents, but they make really
good food. This is true. I gotta say, living with him, I’m his roommate,
and he’s like, the best roommate ever, so I’ve gotta say, he’s been working super hard
because he’s like in two honors classes and it’s really crazy how much more homework he
has than me. You’ve been working like a slave, man. It’s been absolutely crazy how much stuff
has just been piling on and on and on so I need to ask you this question: Any thoughts
about switching majors? Switching majors? If I did switch majors, it wouldn’t be because
the workload. It’s definitely, I’m, it’s not as grueling
as you make it sound. It’s a lot of work, but I’m used to it and
I enjoy the work. I love all my classes, so right now I’m currently
in Math 171, which is math major calculus, and I love that class, my biology class I
love. And don’t get me wrong, although I do kind
of dislike my lab, I do still enjoy it, because the stuff we do is interesting, it’s more
of the organization and format beforehand, I wish it was a little more organized because
it’s very stressful. So you’re feelings towards it are like “Tough
Love”? Yeah, exactly! (It’s like “come on, man.) It’s just like, cuz I mean, I love doing lab
work, like for instance, like my chemistry lab is awesome, like we made, like, these,
like, golden particles, even though they weren’t gold. I saw a picture of it, it looked like it was
glitter encased in like a yellow sort of liquid, it looked really cool, I had no idea how it
was made. But like that lab, is like,it’s like, even
though we do everything on our own, it’s a lot more chill, you only have like, one or
two tasks and it’s, like, it’s nice. You get done super early, it’s not like you’re
ever like at a huge crunch time? Exactly, and even like, I’m good with crunch
time, but, it’s still, it’s just, it’s stressful, but anyways. To answer your actual question, changing majors,
potentially. Coming into A&M, I was a Physics major, just
like Matt, which is, my theory is since we were random roommates, it’s probably how we
ended up getting together, and I’m like really happy for that, because, like Matt said, he’s
a great roommate. Thank you, thank you very much. But, I happen to have a love for Physics and
Math, as well as Biology, and so one of the conditions of my Science to Medicine organization
is that I have to get a major in Science, but whatever that is doesn’t matter. and so, after the semester, I’d like to see
in the end, if I enjoyed more of the Math kind of problem solving, or the Biology, just
like the in depth Bio. Because for Med School you only need to do
the prerequisites, and that’s right now what I’m doing for the Biology. So, I think it’s definitely a choice that
I’ll obviously have to make. At some point. Yeah, probably at the end of the semester
I’ll kinda need to know an idea of where I’m going. We are still freshmen, so you do have plenty
of time to figure that out. Exactly. I think I will probably stay with Molec and
Cell Biology, just because Junior and Senior year I would be able to specialize a lot in
cell structure, which would be awesome. It does make me a little sad, though, looking
at the Biology degree, and seeing that there’s only two semesters of Math, but I could potentially
get a Math Minor. Okay. Or, if not that, I do want to get a Neuroscience
Minor, because that would be awesome. Well that’d be pretty crazy, because I’ve
heard that neuroscience is pretty complicated. It is, but that’s, the reason for that is
just because there’s so much that’s unknown. Okay. And like, that would be so cool to do research
in, in my opinion. It’s like the ocean, kind of. Exactly. There’s just a lot about it that we don’t
know yet, and it’s just all about getting in there and doing it. I mean, the ocean’s a bit more difficult to
get to, because the pressure, but. You know, you would think that, but I mean,
once you try to get into the brain, who knows? One’s big, one’s really small. Well yeah. Well, everything’s right there, so, that’d
be crazy. The neurosurgeon. Oh, I wouldn’t want to do neurosurgery, that’s
different. That’s one of the medical professions that
I’m almost positive I don’t want to do. Don’t wanna be having to deal with all those
different kinds of things you have to deal with, I don’t know. I fell like there’s a lot you have to keep
on top of, especially neuroscience. Yeah, it’s a very pressure-oriented job, as
in like, you have to be able to keep a calm head under high pressure situations, like
every single day, and I like to work in a more relaxed, calm environment, which is why
the chaos of my Bio lab gets to me so much. Because it’s not that I don’t like or can’t
handle tough work, it’s that when you put the pressure, it just, it drains me a little
bit, versus working as a normal doctor or like a cardiologist, where you just like,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR NOAH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Surprise! Dude, that’s awesome! Thank y’all so much! Alright, so, his family was in on it, Faith,
was in on it, and it was, luckily everything went to plan. Dude that’s awesome. Dude. So. Noah, everything going alright? Did you plan all of this? Yes, yes I did. That’s awesome. That’s so cool. So, um, yeah, if, uhh, yeah, so, we got you
some cake, and your family brought some, uh, this is all Noah’s family, they drove in from
Louisiana, and (howdy). That’s the first time I’ve heard him ever
say that. So how, was the drive, was it alright?It was
good? Weren’t “delayed” too much (lol tricked u
Noah, sorry). Yeah, sorry to keep you guys waiting. If you guys want, you can just go ahead and
take Noah and you guys can just go and have fun, i mean. Yeah, Noah, it’s been awesome, and, I mean
Noah, you took the time out of your birthday to let me film my podcast and that really
means a lot to me, so I just wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated it by kind of
setting everything up. So, go enjoy the rest of your day with your
family, so, and I will see you around. What? They are bundt cakes, from Nothing Bundt Cakes,
it’s a great store. I’m gonna give you the coupon. I bought it and it said you get half off,
or like a buy one get one free, it’s good stuff. Not sponsored by Nothing Bundt Cakes, I’m
just that nice of a guy. Alright, go! Go spend time with your family! Go spend time with your family! Thank you so much! Nice to see you guys. Well I’ll catch you around dude. I will catch you around. “Are we still live?(lol)” “Yeah we’re still
live” Alright, cool, awesome. Alright, enjoy guys. Noah, look at this cute snail!(it was cute)
Yeah, get the hell outta here! Yeah, we’re just gonna close it out, you don’t
have to worry about a thing, thank you so much for doing this. Alright guys, so they’re heading out. I’m gonna go and let Noah enjoy the rest of
his day, because he really deserves it. He’s a really great guy, and he’s a great
roommate to have. Honestly, and quite literally, this episode
would not have been possible without him being a part of it. Thank you to everybody who’s tuning in, if
you’re still watching, thank you guys so much. If you guys liked what you saw, make sure
to like, share, and subscribe to the podcast. I have an account on twitter(RIP SoundCloud),
so make sure to follow us there, and (RIP SoundCloud). Final shoutouts, this episode would not have
been possible without help from another channel that has vastly more experience than I do,
and knowledge, SwedehartYT, make sure to give him a follow, I”ll put his link in the description
on the archive when it gets uploaded. And, that’s it, thank you guys so much, and
I will see you guys next week

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