The Alzheimer’s Gene: Controlling ApoE

28 thoughts on “The Alzheimer’s Gene: Controlling ApoE

  1. Thank you Dr. Greger for your wonderful work! I'd also like to thank you 50 yrs in advance for improving my quality of life.

  2. +amdg+ and still people refuse to look or even listen to this data, instead assuming a position of resignation and "enhancing" their lives by consuming what tastes good and feels good to them to make up for their "impending" doom/death from Alzheimer's (or any of the major chronic diseases) +pax Christi!+

  3. The low amount of alzheimer's diagnoses in Nigeria might be because they are less developed so they are usually assumed to be 'a bit coo-coo'? The study confirms the link between cholesterol and alzheimers, though it's good to keep your eye open for hasty conclusions when comparing countries that are so different.

  4. I hope before I die, we live in a world, where we don't blame genes for disease. This age of technological hubris is going to be funny to watch at least.

  5. Great video! I just read about this in your book! I shared this info with my mom. Her grandmother died with Alzheimer's disease. It really makes me feel better knowing that my diet is helping to protect me from something scary that I'd seen and thought was inevitable. Thank you.

  6. I am proud of so many of the traits past on to me by my dad. Thanks to Dr. Greger and his videos, Alzheimer's wont be one of them

  7. Perfect timing, Dr. Greger, as I've recently been diagnosed with memory loss. And I've also been diagnosed with memory loss.

  8. hi can you please answer this for me -is it correct that the more nutrient dense the whole fruit or veg legumes nut and seeds are – the more filling it is -is eating nutrient dense whole foods more filling

  9. My thyroid was low and i immediately thought that it was because of vitamin D so i let that be tested, had multiple reasons why i wanted to test it for years already, but anyway i'm deficient (43 nmol/l) my doctor told me to take 800 iu daily, which she probably read from one of her protocols that someone has written, just like she did with my b12 deficiency, which was basically absent in my blood (for genetic reasons still to be identified), but i'm now taking 2000IU partly because of your videos.

    But my question is, i read different things about when to take it, some say it's best to take with the meal that has the most fat in it, well i basically don't eat anything that classifies as high fat food but if any it would be dinner, but i also read you shouldn't take it in the evening you'll sleep bad you should take it in the morning, something with melatonin production.
    I tend towards the latter and thus take it in the morning.. what do you know about it?

    By the way, i have the d3 sprays from vitashine, they also contain vitamin E, isn't that a bad thing?

  10. Plant -based eating with a vegan tune is what I sing each day for my "healthy" eating. I wish I could get my husband to follow the same path as mine but he continues to "ignore" all my education and facts in the last 6 months about live foods not dead animals with only plant-based (vegan)foods.

  11. Yes, but how do these people live?
    "The May 2016 life expectancy data published by the World Health
    Organisation (WHO) has shown that Nigeria, again, has one of the lowest
    life expectancy ratio in Africa and in the world; with 55 years for
    females and 54 years for males…"

  12. High LDL cholesterol (total and particles) and high triglycerides are primarily the result of high sugar and processed carbohydrate consumption, not fat. You will notice he does not reference a single scientific controlled study. Probably because there isn't one that will support his hypothesis. If it were the animal fat in the diet, than many indigenous groups like the Inuit would be plagued with Alzheimer's, but the are not.

  13. How then, did my cholesterol lower by 350 points without medication on. A high saturated fat diet. Our brain is starving for healthy fats. Sugar compromises the brain and starch is metabolized as sugar.

  14. The only issues I see with taking this study and expanding it broadly like this is, is correlating SNP's or SNV's with disease processes and hereditabilty is there's too many variables to necessarily correlate diet with the reason Nigeria sees a lower Alzheimer's rate with higher rate of APOE4, basing those results likely off a gene chip, chi square, and manhattan plot you can show evidence of a stronger correlation to to Alzheimer's presenting higher in a population with lower APOE4 versus The latter, what you cannot do is then claim diet is the cause. That was a hypothesis in the paper, and would need to be tested more. This is not to say diet isn't important, of course it is, and environment lake factors (like diet) can of course influence expression of genes. But this is not how science works, we can't just extrapolate from a paper with unique findings to say what we want to say about it…that's fox news

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