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people have kids with people that they don't know they don't like they don't love did not care about I get you but even with what you're saying it's our generation I think being gay is obviously now a normal thing yeah not generally yeah yeah I can only see that relationship damper as it goes on Jeana I mean like it's just a thing where something was new everybody is that what the hell is that I don't like that it's new yeah yeah it goes against every learn or talk you're scared of it like in crazy like at one point even marriage was a crazy thing like mmm one man one woman that they were looking at what you mean you only have one partner what we're doing animal kingdom we do now means all of this stuff is gonna take time yeah okay take years and yes but I don't know there's there's not really sometimes they say you know conspiracy theory the government don't want people to be together and you know it benefits them to have people separated and it keeps people who certain it dis allows people to have like social mobility because there's less people in the household and together and all this kind of stuff so there's many reasons fam there's different reasons as to why people are not together the different reason as to why it's almost it almost benefits you to stay away from each other that's one side of the thing you know being together yeah but the second one is fathers raise your children yeah yeah yeah we can't be doing this gang culture no more like because how I see it yeah is we didn't come from gangs ourselves to free of us like we wasn't blooded into anything we didn't draw with guns all of that business there so our kids ain't gonna do that Eve they might if they get dragged into the wrong crowd but you'll be there as fathers to say you don't need to be doing all that for some people you see that this is gonna be wild yeah well a lot of gang members have children yeah so their children see their fathers being gang members yeah but some of them gang members or fathers are ex-gang members mm-hmm but their son does know the reputation because they're old enough to know it yes they may say now that I'm doing what you did you did you see them father's there I think they most definitely have the best leg to stand on in terms of telling us son not to go that direction yeah yeah you lived in comparison to like a father like me who my son me in the future look at me and say dad you only made such-and-such a month whereas if I do dis life I can make that in a week yeah so I can't how am I gonna tell him where's my butt yeah could I understand it now today that they are living tax free it's not there's no long life in that hmm but if you're smart and wise all I can say his son is bad his friends he is very hot the only thing is those dolls the people that actually make it is such a small percentage yeah mini school very very small I know one person one person who's off now I know for a fact he's a full-on millionaire off-road Jeana I mean if you see him normal yeah this is what the problem is when they're going into they're not going into it to think oh let me make money so then I could cut out and do this and have a legit lifestyle yeah most of them are just going in there thinking I just want to make peace arc and drip and show off yeah yeah that's way is fam you can't pull in the bank so what else are you gonna do with it yeah you cannot now go and take that money to the bank so now you have to buy stuff just so you feel like this isn't just bare money sitting in my house because that money in your house is evidence yeah you don't have escaped that in one swoop that's it you're gone we had a full-on conversation about this at work that over they like um you know Fridays at work is just that a man run full on conversation about how to learn the money yeah like we were thinking of every which way you could do it the other date like that was two weeks ago Lots this Friday we were talking about the perfect murder and how to fucking arrest laundering money we could we could stash the brick down here nobody got keys solution that's a solid world war two door and nobody getting in here the conclusion the church is the best church in school because you can do bigger sums in church because we like if you found five Miller you came across five no legally how would you clean that mmm but somebody is that oh yeah you don't need to clean it you just spend that money and live your normal life cuz you have a normal job when you go out oh shit you can spend cash yeah but you know how long you're gonna take to spend but the church you can take donations yep yeah everything and charity as much as you want any same disparity whatever whatever yep fam the church is imagined it is very very mad but I remember the one that was Bing God now it's Tesco's yeah yeah yeah Jesus Arena Jesus Arena Brown a lot of people's money yeah and fam I think feds like fully raided it like June she was gone to Nigeria at that point yeah yeah yeah yeah I know my mum was telling me that basically someone we know I'm not gonna pay out buying beer mum I believe was seeing the guy what the pasta yeah mad and he took peas off her as well huh no bounds anyone can get anyone can huh anyone can get it I'll be running off but fingers it's mad because sometimes we'll look at that church when our that's horrible but churches have been getting money and funding for since centuries they've been saying this is robbery oh yeah we're collecting donations were collecting this tax five yep fam speak like news planning to start a registry [Laughter] was I did get to stay up so upset had to go shoot the perfect way is probably like if you get something made of ice so you sharpen something made of ice and it'll melt stab the person with it yeah it melts there's no other weapon yeah I've always thought that an ice pick if you start sawing with it it's not my ice pick is actually a metal pick that you oh yeah that's not going to get my cane bro are you are you gonna teach your kids about like father Christmas no no no I don't know yeah if do you want them to learn about when the guy kwame true was talking about Tarzan yeah yeah yeah it was like yeah this this white white say yeah yeah this white Tarzan even with the Jewish man becoming and fixing white Savior white see he went that way by yeah tom is in the jungle be in a pool in a one man slump in every name is madness my fans will have a Christmas delivering presents I want credit yeah bought you – well I'm Ted don't tell my son otherwise and he's gonna ruin it for everyone who's gonna go up to be a sick businessman or son when you have that kind of mentality on akuze believe in that shit mmm let me show you something real yeah he gonna be the leader leader line because I've realized like you're giving power to like something that is a myth and your dad you're your child now doesn't believe that you can provide he believes that's a mythical character I can provide Christmas and like this might even be to do a separation if you wanna make a sense of like you're making them believe that it's not you you like is somebody else that does it and your parents can only give you a house and wherever don't see the point yeah I don't know she don't actually don't get to theory but if she had said it was me I would have appreciated it yams in yeah I would have appreciated her more no you just go along with it I thought I'd show my mom all my teeth look mom slept with one under my pillow and woke up with a tooth under my pillow yeah copper's acid nah it's mama Isis my mom she's had enough she's had enough I realize I just think that men subscribe to you Mel was a tour and I think like parents are way in England let's just go with mom and I'm not doing but I want the credit I want my son or my daughter to know I am providing I got you that prison dad got you doctor dad knew what you wanted believe a myth over me I'm with you every day but you think that that guy a bearded man came and gave you presents the fuck is that how did these things even start bro I don't know I'm gonna look into that anyone is Chris with Mike Oh Jesus's birthday brother apparently was born in July Jesus yeah I think they said father Christmas comes from like the originates from a guy called sinter Klass and this was a more yeah like you know the Moors like did the group of people a Mormon toward for saying this was nice I thought it was st. Nicholas as well and he used to go around and give gifts to people apparently is before that ah a guy called sinter Klass but I'll look into that ah this week I learned I learned a few things actually since we're talking about unity there was a case it was more of a case I'm gonna say something I learnt by was something that looked into um and basically it was this prison called Attica I was looking at this Muhammad Ali interview and he told like a poem about this situation happened in a prison situation and basically it was in it was in the 70s again I don't know what's mad good every week we never like compared notes or nothing which is what we always seem to bring have you not seen that there's a big finger on postnatal depression and stuff like in the news issue yeah yeah yes mindful role just released his latest documentary is about postnatal depression it's very very mad very mad then when you talk about uni icicle radish is mad because this is exactly what happened and his brother Dale I was doing my notes sure and I'm thinking this always happens me attempt that we never shared know something this thing's mad so basically there was a guy called George Jackson and he was like an activist and he wrote a book about his experiences in prison there was a mad case that happened with it that I'm gonna look into but somehow he's managed to like pull officer when he was in prison and then Dave ended up killing him so then all the jails were quiet together as in like news gets around gels that oh they killed him and obviously he was an activist so everyone heard about everyone was a bit upset now these are police well brutality within the prison's horrible they're treating people like shit gods are fucking people up and they did it in this prison called Attica and what happened is the god the prisoners were like fuck that we're not having it no more you've already killed my man and you're still roughing us up we're not having it no more so then they basically just kidnapped the gods they were like fuck that we're kidnapping the guards were kidnapping the CEOs as in the correctional officers they kidnapped about 32 guards and co-share and this is like black people and Latino people were obviously make that most of the population and they were together braaap like they got together and fucking like held hostages in the prison yeah so then the governor they were gonna get state troopers to come in there and just fucking like is it if you ever seen it is old anyway okay the whole last season is basically they've got them under the thing because they cured a one of the inmates right so it literally the the season before ends with the inmate being killed and then them not start writing and then resolved in hostage the CEOs and everybody in the prison interesting so this could be worse from but this is a big big so this is like September night feared they've taken over the prison hmm and then they were going to get state troopers to come in there and basically ransack the place and get it back and in one of the governor's Nelson Rockefeller he said he's gonna get the correctional commissioner to negotiate really in truly it's almost like to resume yeah yeah the reason may should have went down to grim fell but she didn't want no smoke so she got someone else to do it and then this guy basically was gonna negotiate but they said nah we want you to come to the prison and bring media with you these guys were fucking organized they said bring media so that we can make sure you guys aren't gonna do no fucked up shit yeah and so that you can see that we're treating these hostages okay yeah so they had this guy called what was his name his name is LD Barkley imagine he's literally in there for like two years so he ain't even really in jail for that long button these guys were proper on their rights like nah they had requests and same thing with Black Panthers again these guys they might have been criminals but they had requests they had like 30 requests saying we need better food better water better treatment Brad did exactly that must be where orange is new baby this is the exact plot may bring the media and everything brother said bring the meter said we want food not what we want we want more Latino we want more spanish-speaking gods and we want more black guards because you guys keep fuckin us at bla bla bla so then this his name was the Commissioner was called Oswald what's his name Russell Oswald yeah so he's come in they're speaking to him and then he says okay yeah cool I'm gonna get it for you but um where I I don't know if we can get like we can avoid require reprisals in it which is like retaliation from law enforcement they said that's bullshit you can get for us fuck that get for us they made him sign it like they said we need it and right in and we want it on camera you're signing this shit so he agreed to 28 out of 30 30 request yeah but then they said at one point one of them I didn't agree to you know I don't know one of them was amnesty because basically one of the guards died yeah and there was he one point where he came in and they said we ain't got food or water in fact we're not letting you go until you get us food and war one of the guys said I don't think you realize we don't have hostages we have lives bro like and then one of the guys Eva said ah i'ma tell you this before you leave if you leave so he knew oh shit they might be a madness got them water in that he didn't end up coming back because he realize now they might end up kidnapping me yeah so then on the fourth day he said rah I'll give you two free PM for you to release the hostages they didn't respond they said not fact that we're not releasing the hostages then the fifth day state troopers come they said that bait everyone knew outside this is going to cause a massacre because this guy's died now state troopers are angry so they started okay in there like Molotov cocktails you know the that alcohol with the burning cloth on it they started preparing that they start preparing blockades and stuff like that and then when the state troopers came they said they saw like nine guards with knives to their necks by the prison and saying our if you guys come in here we're gonna slit their necks bruv police and that opened fire yeah so they opened fire they killed bare people including hostages yeah including hostages so they open fired like that's it and they'll blame it on the people inside then imagine so they've they've now let's say they open fire they've got the fucking prison back they stripped all the prisoners they were fucking them up they left like crosses like white chalk X's on certain prisoners backs to point out those are the black militant ones make sure you fuck them up made them cruel beat them up did bear shit they were brutal with them yeah imagine when it comes to the news they said ah yeah the reason why we open fire is because they cut their necks and that's how the hostages died this time the coroner comes and says no no no gunshots prisoners they have no guns so but it's mad what's mad is in-between that they had a committee of mediators like Huey P Newton was a part of it they had lawyers all that kind of stuff just to try and negotiate they wanted to keep the peace yeah they just wanted better treatment man yeah and they came in and killed everyone bruv he's fucking mad literally so don't watch the last season orogeny black you just yeah the whole scripts in the seventies in September but it's mad because I was like there was so much unity amongst the prison they'll decide that was leading the talks was only there for two years hmm he don't have to get involved yeah but they were on some vibe of nah they're treating us like fucking animals so I mean think what come and learn from this like how can man learn something like man needs to be more together many to really have a cause they were on a vibe of bro if we don't get amnesty we're not agreeing to the 28 things because they're gonna try and get us for murder so they're not fuck that some gods that there's some people that said nah we got 28 we should take it we should take it so that was where I might say they might have made a mistake there hmm because cuz they didn't take that 28 bare people died Vinny said lost 42 lives two lives they said they didn't really know medical care for any of the prisoners that work there was a 81 people injured did bring medical care for them i smads very very mad bro and this is this is like the service this is not long ago around in prison but there was unity amongst them which out they like even the press were like this is so impressive like how are they together we just see them as like barbarians yams in howardino yo very Martha when we talk time yeah it's mad because obviously was born in the night yes let me say 7 he's in our heads 30 years ago after 7 eases over 50 years ago now years ago there were so many questions I just asked rah like who cares about like you know just the quality of prisons right now obviously we're getting this prison reform and stuff like man but they were trying that backbend like they were trying to get like rights and they got like people outside to mediate it's crazy they had people from outside the prisons coming in to talk to them they had the problem this is it was amazing as I'm sure I didn't even know this shit has happened or people could be so organized it's mad and then also one of the things that I saw which was mad is one of the prison sentences of this guy that was in jail George Jackson that wrote the book he was in jail because he robbed somebody gumgum point got that $70 from them the case the sentence that he got was 1 year to life in prison that's the kind of sentences they were given outgrowth he got one year there's just a definite so he's just there until they say you can go that's mad it's mad it's fucking mad and then now obviously they've stopped that but now they've made the parole in that 10 years and that you know the ones yeah so whatever they're doing they're just changing it's a Lavery in another way ruff crazy femme very mad very very mad ten-year probation doesn't even make sense to me this is your bat meek said that you're bound to see me again of course I'm gonna be back here BAM I cannot be on probation for that long I don't know what's going on with Remy Ma bar yeah I hope she busts his case cuz what she back in not she not back in but she's out on bail apparently she slapped somebody oh but I hope he's just a storyline I'm like I'm mad at her person was probably chatting shit apparently what had happened were what happened well her every basically satellite I haven't read into it properly obviously but yeah the person said she was defending Remy's older daughter in it but Remy heard from her daughter that a person was cherished shit on yeah and now Remy's approached her and slapped her all right Remy's got like three months left on her bro with probation she's got a format for your old baby that she just heard probation peers being so fucking law so fucking long and a fucking slap and a fucking wheelie and a fucking day yeah and I'm even seeing all these weed laws be changing and shit mmm-hmm so every motherfucker in prison for some weed or shit has to be freed if the law is no longer you can in this state yeah I don't agree with it still actually yeah just listen probably no I don't agree why not cuz when you did the crime it was an eagle breath it's not no but when you did it it was so you got the punishment for what it was at the time Jeana I mean yeah what I don't agree with was the length of sentences they were giving people like what in there for having way of a longer than people in there no matter yeah I mean I'm with you and rape and all that shit that's stupid yeah right now if I've been in jail for 20 years for selling weed and now weed is legal probably let me the fuck out right yeah you've taken way too much of my time and now you're making money of it that's we don't know you get a fucking detention and you wasn't even talking laughs now you're doing time with your stay late but if you're in there for like a year even a year a freak is going I think it should be a slap on the wrist couple months back Ben it should have been but now obviously you're not going jail for we are stupid freedom is a must oh man I'm so scared like sometimes I'm like I would like because you know life just happens like people can go Joe like you get into a fight you punch someone and he just dies nothing like that we always see much a murder it must be an accident yeah and sometimes I'm like please don't let life happen to me like that it's mad wear something so simple now I mean Joe life and my freedom fan my whole freedom taken away because of somebody that just wanted to give me notice and living here is was so mad in America you would get away without self-defense yeah yeah you know I mean I do that in certain states and whatnot yeah living here there's no such thing you're going to Joe even if somebody is walking you up and you killed them by accident Eva you are going to jail and I don't understand how they can see over there how it works yeah and not adopt that and not adopt it yeah no smell actually I think I was listening to cannons crusher and it had K rs1 yeah I need to pay attention money just like we should it be the land shouldn't be governed by one law ye the white man's law yeah yeah like cuz we have different cultures who yeah interpret and understand shit differently like especially if yous to even read a law some laws were waiting written way back oh yeah it doesn't even make sense you speak today so we don't even have a clue what the fuck yeah it all mean and you just have to enforce it because it's some laws we don't even know that it's a fucking law like there was a point I didn't even know spitting was illegal one on the road we could get fined yeah the spitting I understand some people don't notice so you might spit police say hey but back in the day like the way police patrolled was very different now you get written up yeah yeah like in America jaywalking today also imagine you've never heard it and you go over it like we cross the road [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] women might be getting racially abused I don't even understand banged up abroad cameras one man should have Latino law black law Asian or Chinese law and then if you want to look overarching ting we bring everyone has to understand how we have been in our own communities like yeah you're gonna be the white man that's how you have the UN rêve the top line what's the UN the United Nations now they come together and yeah they decide law together like it's not one person at the top you know but then the man might be the majority of them there might be white but it's not like one why it's not good in it it's not one why I get says you will we're gonna have how many laws though all agree the UN agrees on the law by so it will be one law to rule the land in no [Laughter] that's my example because the UN's not governed by one person in it oh oh so you're not saying one law you're saying you can't have one law decided by one group of yeah you need it also how many laws in our own communities we live how we live it man's going out no no I don't agree with that shit you're saying Kenan has one Lord snow not Kenan okay no but the same as an example yeah Latinos who live differently to black person that writes it we come together as a race we write our shit I could do that I've got my black card yeah is that what you say say now you'd have to be sure oh no I'm black I'm allowed objective sometimes yeah we have our ten objectives like that's gonna be the same whenever we please [Laughter] [Applause]

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