The 5 Key Aspects of Building a 6-Figure Online Business with Jason Maxwell | CashPT Lunch Hour #77

hello welcome back to the cache preview lunch hour this is Aaron lab our your host and today I have a special guest his name is Jason Maxwell or J Max fitness if you follow Fitness people on Instagram you've definitely seen him and I had to bring Jason on the show because I had a chance to see him speak live at where the high status summit a few months ago I was out in California working with my coach Pedro sand I spent a day at Jason Capitals high-status summit and Jason came on and he's talking a couple of things that really impressed me were not the way only way he carried himself on stage but he came out and he said you don't need to take notes I'm gonna provide for you for free all you gotta do is go follow me on Instagram and you'll download it later and it was like so easy and I was impressed with the follow up and everything is like I gotta get Jason on show so Jason thank you for being here I really appreciate you spending time with us today dude I'm glad we finally lined up a time that worked and we got the ball rolling on this you know awesome so you know Jason I've learned and you may not know this I've learned a lot about how to market physical therapy from fitness professionals I mean it's like I had to go outside of our PT industry and learn from the fitness industry was where I learned it from so a little bit of what I want you to know first is how'd you get into fitness so tell us your the story how'd you get into being like a trainer and fitness and like what was the original problem that you encountered that you like I got to do this yeah so it all started from when I was like 3 years old and I've been doing a lot of self-reflection and I realized everything stemmed from this moment when I was like I was like two or three I think I was three and I remember I had this I was in day care and that's like our preschool in in Canada and there was this kid that would always pick on me like he was my bully and he was twice my age like 6 7 years old so I was three he was six or seven so you can imagine how much bigger this guy was for me like I was I've never felt helpless as helpless in my life as I had been when I was a kid being bullied in preschool by his kid and the thing is I was so I I wanted to hang out with them and be friends with them and he just kept luring me in and be like okay I can't come hang out with us and then he would just bully me so check this out this is this is the biggest moment I think this is the moment that started everything for me so we were playing outside and there was this corner and around the corner there's like this grassy area where the teachers are the for the preschool heads or whatever the supervisors they couldn't see us playing over there and my bully was playing there with a couple of the other older kids that I and I always just wanted to hang with the older kids I don't know why and my bully was was there and he's like hey Jason come over here come play with us and they're sitting in a circle I was like okay here's my chance he's finally going to stop bullying me yeah and I'm like okay so I sit down beside them and I'm like great I can start playing with these kids now and then my bully I don't even remember his name which is crazy but my bully he took my head and just started rubbing it in the grass and I can still feel like the grass on my nose I could still like smell the dirt and I could still feel that feeling of being absolutely helpless and I don't know why it was just such a traumatic event for me that I started finding finding myself in food and I started eating it and I just developed this insatiable appetite because whenever I was eating I was in full control of feeling good food made me feel good and I got that dopamine hit and it was it was like this was my escape of being bullied of of having like this this traumatic event right so I started to I became like a fat kid essentially and I was like overweight for my size until I was about five grade five or grade six and then I hit puberty like really early and then I lost the weight but then I'm with skinny fat but deep down inside I always had this strong with food because of this screwed up thing to happen when I was three years old yeah so I I remember like going through puberty like I didn't have great results with with women I didn't know how to talk to women I think that stemmed from just like not being able to trust people anymore from when I was younger and I I remember I would watch reality TV shows like I think these things were big when I was younger like survivor and Big Brother and I even watched The Bachelor to cuz I was like how is this guy getting like a roomful of 40 girls like I didn't understand how any of this works right so I noticed on every single one of these TV shows that every single guy was jacked and I remember looking at them I was like he's jacked guys seem to be getting the girls so I gotta get jacked but in the back of my head I was so ignorant to it that I thought okay this is just their genetics so my genetics I am destined to be skinny fat and I have no control over how I look and I thought these guys were just born with it I didn't know you had to work for it and then I started reading you know books on Fitness when I was in high school and I came across this this one book by Robert dos remedio send it the way he framed everything just seems so simple so I was like okay I'm gonna go all in on this and this was at the very end of high school cuz I wanted I wanted to get stronger for football so that's kind of how I found him but anyway I'm like I'm gonna go all in on this and during school like I started the workouts and just like dabbing my feet into it but I was still changing things I wasn't following the program to a tee and I wasn't cooking my own food my dad was was cooking our food so it was like whatever he said we had to eat or like whatever he's making for dinner or whatever like that's what I would eat so I feel like I didn't have control over that but then I went away to university it actually went away to university for aerospace engineering and I went to school and I said okay I have a hundred percent control over what I put in my mouth I have a hundred percent control over when I go to Jim so I'm gonna follow this program to a tee I'm going to ace my nutrition to a tee and I'm just going to go all-in and if nothing works well it's my stupid genetics you know if something works oh great okay we we changed our body so I went away to school September then I came home for I think it was Thanksgiving or something like that so it was about three months later I came home and I remember I walk up to my house I opened the door I walk in and I see my brother and he looks at me and then his jaw drops yeah I'm like dude what are you what are you staring I he just like kept looking at me I remember his eyes moving up and down like looking at my neck looking at my my body looking me back in the face it's just like yo what's up with your neck I'm like what do you mean cuz he's like it's just like holy like your neck is huge and then I went and I looked at myself in the mirror and this is the mirror that in the bathroom that I saw myself in every single day through high school and then there was a gap where I didn't look at myself in that one mirror for three months and I see myself in that mirror 3 months later and then I finally saw the change it's almost as if seeing a before and after picture beside each other right so I saw that change I saw how differ and I looked and that's when I was like holy crap this stuff works and I got hooked too to it because that feeling that I felt no one can ever feel that feeling unless they've done the same thing unless they've changed their body so I wanted to give that gift to people I was addicted I was like this is unbelievable I actually have control over my life I have control over my body I have control over how I look and that just that was a huge win for me and then I became addicted to that so I was studying for aerospace engineering like I thought I wanted to be an astronaut and I was top 3 in my class when I graduated and I remember I was like you know what like I'm not passionate about this the one I'm truly passionate about his fitness yeah so I graduated on the day of my graduation I had three professors come up to me and each one asked me if I would study under them as their master's student and I told every single one no and they said oh why did you get a job at Bombardier or somewhere around here and I was like no I didn't get a job like so are you going with a different professor I'm like no so so Jason what are you gonna do I'm gonna be a personal trainer and you can imagine their faces they didn't understand even when I told my mom she didn't understand she was like why would you throw away this amazing career like you could do so well with it you could be making over six figures per year and I was like you know what like I'm writing for my blog and it's just a hobby right now I'm not making very much money at all but I did make like a couple dollars here and there selling some ebooks so I could see the potential I could see what was really possible so I was like you know I'm just gonna be a personal trainer work downtown Toronto make some money that way and then try to build my online fitness business and that's exactly what happened yeah wow that's amazing that's powerful yeah I had a I had a my fair share of bullies too it's like it's funny it's like sometimes you just have like you're a bully and then they leave your life and they a new bully comes back in mm-hmm I feel like it's like the type of person that gets bullied is just a type of person that attracts bullies and III didn't understand that until like maybe a couple years ago with a lot of self-reflection and I realized like I was attracting these bullies into my world because I was I was like so soft and shy mm-hm and for the longest time I identified as an introvert because I was shy and it was because I couldn't trust people because of how much I was bullied when I was younger and I saw okay I must be an introvert because I I hate talking to people and what I this is something I realized like over the past few months this is something like very very recent because I did a person not actually I realized this two weeks ago I did my was break personality test it said I was like a clear introvert and I remember thinking I was like that's got to be wrong but then I went back through the test and like all the answers led to being an introvert and I was like you know what I guess I am an introvert but I just never wanted to be around people before cuz I didn't have that self esteem before because I was bullied when I was younger so it's crazy how all of this can stem from one little thing to happen when I was three years old yeah that's amazing that's yeah that's powerful yeah I did a yeah I've learned a lot about myself the last years and I realize like introvert doesn't always mean that you don't like to be around people it's more of like for me it's about I need my own downtime I need my own personal time to self reflect or just clear my brain you know and that kind of thing is do you have the similar experiences you're a little different so here's what what I realized I used to think also that was an introvert because I did like spending time alone and I was in a relationship for eight years and I always put her her needs ahead of my own needs so that confirmed to me that I was an introvert because I was like okay like whenever she left to like go on a trip or something or she was gone and I had the place to myself I'd be like oh yeah party I was like okay I'm gonna watch a movie I'm gonna order like some food in order some sushi and I would always have a blast and I was like I just love spending time by myself then after we broke up I realized I enjoyed that time by myself because I was never putting my needs first so I started putting my needs first and I realized you know what like I'm okay being comfortable like being by myself but I do like being around people and I do get energy going around people and like if there's I work from home so it can be very lonely and you know if there's a day where I don't do a lot of calls don't do like podcasts don't don't do coaching calls at the end of the day I'm like I feel like something's missing like I gotta get out of the house or or do something but if I have a day where I like do interactions with people do calls online and then at the end of the day I back him like you know what that was a great friggin day so I do like having my own time by myself because I I do genuine genuinely like spending time by myself but I do like spending time with people as well and it's I think it's important to realize you know when you need to be alone when you need to be with people right right do you feel like social media these days is you know plays into that like it helps you or it hinders you in certain ways based on you know I mean it's like it's easier to be on Instagram and Facebook a different person than you are because you're not in front of people and sometimes it can pull you away from who you really are and authentically like how you speak so I don't think that that happens to me and here's why i I do stories every single day and I just show off it's basically just highlights of my life every single day um so uh I'm just showing my real authentic self so I don't feel like I'm acting as a different person on screen like let's say we're doing a podcast interview or I'm or I'm going like on stage or something and I'm speaking obviously I'll turn up the energy there just because there is like an entertainment factor and my public speaking coach just taught me like you're gonna be a lot more interesting when when you do turn it up a notch but like when I'm like at home and just chilling like obviously I'm not gonna be like high-energy guy like clowning it up and like I know how to chill too right but here's the one thing I did notice was with social media that kind of screws with your brain and I didn't realize this until maybe about a month ago I was talking to my boy Michael Grossman he's at trills teen on Instagram and he came on my podcast and we talked about social media because he helps people cure their social media addictions and what I'm noticing is people people are addicted to social media and Michael he works for Brandon Carter one of my friends in the fitness industry great guy and Michaels tell me he was like every time you go through your feed and you like just like someone's photo your brain tells you okay I interacted with that person and then you look back and you're like when was the last time you saw this guy they're like oh I think we talked like a few days ago and then you realize you haven't talked to them in like six months so with social media you end up being lonelier than you would be just sitting at home alone with no social media right because when you're sitting at home and you actually start to feel loneliness without social media what do you do you reach out to people you actually call people you go out with people and as humans we need that because if you look back at evolution human needed other humans humans need to be around other humans and if they weren't around other humans they probably died off right so that's so social media is like a double-edged sword because you can make a lot of money on social media but you can also get addicted to it and have a lot of depression if you look at everyone like all these different generations of people the generation who is the most depressed is the one that came after Millennials what's that Generation X I don't know that no generation axis before Millennials okay the one after Y or R there's a new name for betting it's like Gen Y or Z or something but yeah I know yeah that's the most that's the most depressed group of people right now in the world and these people are like between the ages of like 14 and like 23 or something that's the most depressed people in the entire world and you know we don't know for sure but there's a there's the researchers heavily favoring social media that's causing this because then the second most oppressed generation is Millennials mmm-hmm which just blows my mind you know I've noticed like people don't communicate the same way or they're less comfortable communicating in person but they're more comfortable communicating like texts and messages and social medias like it's it's a little bit crazy I'm 45 so you know I came around you know I'm in the back into the Gen X and I came around we didn't have internet until I was in college mm-hmm yeah I remember we got internet when I was like well I remember my grandparents got Internet when I was like eight or nine but we personally didn't even have a computer until I was like maybe 12 11 or 12 and maybe a bit a bit earlier so I was right in the middle of seeing that change before my eyes but also experiencing it you were probably looking out from the outside in and you still adapted but it's like when you're a kid kids like kids go to whatever is like hot and it's I feel like that age group is kind of what dictates it because we stick with it right right right so yet you didn't have appeared to other 12 you still did aerospace engineering yeah maybe I was maybe I was 10 when we got our first computer 9 or 10 but I did aerospace engineering when I was 19 mm-hmm but I remember I used to go to like my grandparents house and I would just like play on the computer and just like play around and I would watch like TV shows on TV showing like how to use a computer and then I would go to my grandparents house and play with the computer I just loved playing with this weird machine that allowed me to like go on the Internet and I remember I used to just go on Amazon you know I used to love reading so I've gone Amazon and I would look at book covers and then just like download those book covers to to the computer I did weird stuff man Wow that's that that's cool so aerospace engineering he became a personal trainer of course everyone was like we throwing away you know your career you know and its potential so did you you had already started a blog in in University and you were doing a little bit of like sales off of it so can you tell us about or did you go you didn't go straight to like working it like the Bally fitness 24 hour fitness like big Globo gyms did you or like what was what was a so so here's what I did so second year I just started a blog because I wanted to write about things that I was passionate about and things that I was reading things I was learning so I started writing this blog and then people just started following me and I remember around this time I read the 4-hour workweek Tim Ferriss and in it he was mentioning like you know he started a supplement company so I was like okay I can make money online by starting a supplement company so I looked into it and just to buy in and get started was like 10 to 15 thousand dollars and I was a broke-ass University student so there's no way I could do that so I was like well screw that so I just started kept writing for my blog just because I love doing it like I was doing it for free because I loved it right and then I remember I was reading an article on Tim Ferriss his blog 4-hour workweek he had an article with this guy named Mike Geary and this guy Mike Geary whoever this guy was had he was an engineer and he figured out how to make money online selling a fitness ebook and then it went on to say in the article that Mike Geary was going to make eight figures that year he was on pace for making eleven million dollars and I was like are you kidding me if this engineer in Colorado can figure out how to make 11 million dollars online then why can't I figure it out yeah I knew I knew I had the intelligence because I was I was doing great in school so it's like I just need to figure out and learn how to do this so I launched my first ebook I was like this is going to be life-changing I'm gonna make so much money it published crickets no one bought it not even my own mother bought that ebook and to be honest I was like okay whatever maybe if sale come in in a day or two no sale came in until I launched a second program I don't even know why I launched a second program but I was like maybe it was a program so I'll try different program so I launched the second program and launched that no sales and then okay I was like screw this it was the summer time so a couple weeks went by I remember I was outside I I was tanning on my balcony and I was reading a book probably some kind of marketing book right and then it came back in and I checked my Clickbank account I was like whatever I'll just check to see if I got a sale so I opened it up and I had my first sale and it was from this guy named Keith Duke and I'm like I don't even know who Keith Duke is I still don't know who Keith Duke is but he was my first sale and as soon as I made that sale I was probably third year university but as soon as I made that sale my whole mind shift my whole mindset just shifted I remember calling up my girlfriend and I told her I was like yo I just got paid to tan she's like what what are you talking about you just got paid to tan I was like I was outside tanning I came back inside I checked my clickbait account and I had 20 bucks in there so I got paid 20 bucks to tan and I remember thinking I was like I was tanning for half an hour so I'm making like 40 bucks and now we're online now I'm like this is amazing so that was like a big mindset shift and then also at that same time I started training a couple people in my condo gym just in person you know charging like 30 Canadian an hour I just I just wanted to make a couple bucks and and and train people cuz cuz I just truly loved it and then after school went over I I started working at this gym that well I guess during that same summer that I made the sale I was interning at this gym for free just learning and perfecting my craft and I still consider that gym the best gym in Toronto and I actually am now a client of that gym so I've gone full circle which is kind of funny but I I interned at that gym like around third year and then after I graduated University I went back to that gym and I I got a job there and they're like okay so you're gonna be making $16 an hour I was like okay I'll do it so I working for this gym and it was a really great learning experience because it data allow me to perfect my craft but then six months later I had to start paying back my student loans and the money I was making at that gym at 16 dollars an hour was not enough money to pay back my loans and to live so then I got a job I applied for a job at this other gym it's the top gym in Toronto I was like screw it I'll just I'll just try to work at the top gym like I have I kind of have something unique because I do have the online presence so maybe it could help me get in and I don't know how I did it but I got a job at the top paying G him in downtown Toronto financial district working with high-end lawyers and CEOs and and the best clientele you could ever want to work with so in a matter of a year I went to the very top in my career and I was like copped I was like the only next step is I want to move abroad and I want to build this online fitness business so that's I did yeah Wow Wow so what we were you making a percentage or more are we making a lot more at this other gym or was just a little bit more so I looked at my cuz I I started I kind of fell into doing a bit of sales with them – just like organically I started doing a bit of sales and I think it was like the first or second person I ever pitched on a honest program they bought it and I had like this big commission check so I looked at all my hours and how much I made when I left that gym and I averaged fee dollar so I went from 16 dollars an hour to 55 dollars an hour Wow and as you can imagine like I grew up in a super small town as likes broke like I was so poor that at one point we lived in a house it was a one-bedroom house it was me my dad my sister and my brother my dad and my brother shared a bedroom my sister slept on the couch well she didn't even really sleep on the couch she kind of slept in the hall and then I slept in the backyard in a tent Wow so for me to be making averaging 55 dollars an hour was was huge because I grew up poor my entire life and for the first time in my life I actually had money so it was hard to step away from that just to go into the unknown but I knew I was like you know if I go move to another country so I moved to the middle of the Mediterranean and I go all-in and build my business and you know the cost of living is a little bit lower where we are moving so that helps and I was like I think I just need to go all-in and build my business and I didn't really know what I was doing but thank God it worked out yeah so where did you move to what country were you in Malta Malta well how did you choose Malta to be honest I wanted I knew I wanted to go to Europe and I wanted to go to somewhere where it didn't snow and I was looking around and I was like the only there's only like two countries that are like super south in the middle of the Mediterranean because I knew I was like kind of want to live on an island so it was between Cyprus and Malta and I looked at the pictures and all just looked like almost like this golden Italy like it looked Italian but it was all the buildings were golden and it was in the middle of the Mediterranean so I was like screw it let's go there so my girlfriend I just put in our two weeks notice that we told her landlord we weren't renewing or lease and we just went Wow it was an amazing experience an amazing journey and within a matter of those three years that I lived in Malta I lived in Ukraine for a bit as well but I think we visited over 20 countries mm-hmm holy cow that's crazy that's amazing so you were making some when you moved were you making some significant money online before you moved or was it like you know like a couple dollars here there and I'm just gonna go all in on online business and you know so so I had a bit of money saved up from working at that gym because when you're poor and then you start making money like when you're super poor and you start making money you end up still saving your money like you're still poor so I had a bunch of money saved up so I was like okay this this will be kind of like a good backup but on top of this I I was making like maybe two to three thousand a month okay in my online fitness business so it wasn't a ton but it was enough to to get going and then over the course of those maybe within like two to three years I had my online Fitness probably in two years I had my online fitness business up to six figures a year yeah and then then I started coasting like the last year that I lived in Malta and what I mean coasting like I was legit only working four hours a week some weeks less like I was like not working at all and I was just coasting and I could slowly start seeing the income dropping yeah and then that's when I so around that time my girlfriend and I we we moved back to to Toronto because she was having some health issues and we want to get things taken care of in Canada so we moved back and then I had this opportunity to to hire my first coach Vince del Monte he had his mastermind I was like okay I'll hire my first coach here because because I noticed I'm just coasting and the incomes going lower and if I let this go like super low well it's I know what's gonna happen I'm not gonna be making any money more so I'll just hire a coach and then as soon as I hired a coach that gave me that drive and passionate again and and since then I haven't lost it and I'm still just growing growing growing growing and then in the past about year and a month year in two months this is the biggest growth in my entire life for a business it's really amazing wow that's awesome so what was it what were the key things that took you from a couple thousand dollars a month to you know six figures are over you know eight thousand three hundred seven dollars a month like what were the things that took you from like the beginning of your time abroad when you're making a couple thousand dollars a month to like the eight thousand like how did you where do there's like two or three key things that you could share with us like that made that big difference so the biggest thing is making sales every day and it you know it makes a lot of sense because no sales no business so I was I made my number one focus on acquiring customers and is acquiring as many customers as possible and then I started making money from my email list but I also started getting online coaching clients so I would acquire the customer and then put them into my online coaching and the online coaching is very profitable and then you have these customers on your email list and then when you promote other people's offers you would make commissions there as well but the one thing is you got to keep growing because you always got to keep chasing getting more customers and what I did was I stopped getting customers and that's when I started you know coasting and that's when I started like seeing the income drop so the key is you always want to have an influx influx of new customers coming in you can't stop that and that was literally the biggest thing because once I had customers coming in I had options cuz it's much easier to sell to someone more than once than it is to convince someone to buy for the first time so as long as you're constantly convincing people to buy for the first time but then selling to them over and over and over again well then you're going to you're gonna grow and and your business is gonna grow so that was literally the biggest thing right there mmm that's well that's awesome and so you'll bring people in and then you know if they buy one thing you've got an upsell or you just got another hey you're not into it you know losing weight we want to build muscle and you've got other options yeah for the most part it's like they'll buy a product and you know whether they take the upsells are not like so be it but then they're they're on my list now and I just take care of them and offer them products that I believe in or try to get them into my coaching program because you know that's the premium service that's the most profitable service but it's also the when people pay they pay attention mm-hmm so they end up getting the best results with that program anyway yeah that's amazing and and then so you did that like up into that point had you like worked with any coaches or mentors or working with Vince when you got back was the first time in so I I had mentors for a while but Vince was the first one that I paid so my very first mentor ever was John Goodman from the personal trainer Development Center and I met him like when he just kind of started the personal trainer Development Center and I was just drawn to him so whatever he did with the personal trainer Development Center I would talk to him and I would just implement into my own fitness business so I was like okay John's running ads now I'm gonna start running ads John's doing this with his articles I'm gonna start doing this with my articles yeah um and I just kind of had him as a mentor and that was the he got me he doesn't I don't even think he knows but he got me up to like the two to three K a month just by following in his footsteps and then on top of this I interned with him for like two years so he would pay me to like post on his Facebook page on his social media he he paid me to run his ads and I think while I was with him we took the Facebook page from like it was around 10 to 15 K when I came in and then when I left it was about 200 K Wow we grew the business significantly and I remember like the last few launches we we ran with ads were just like still some of the biggest numbers I've I've worked with it was really cool to see so I just kind of just he it was like he gave me permission to do the same thing in my own business essentially even though he didn't that's the way I look at that so he was my first mentor and that's when my business that was the first time the first bump in my business yeah second one is around the second year I was living in Malta I I saw a daily undulating periodization was very hot and it was it was people were talking about it so I was like you know what there's no daily undulating periodization product so I'm gonna create the dup product and I came out with this product called the DUP method and I reached out to a bunch of affiliates and one of the affiliates I reached out to was actually Vince del Monte I was like will you promote it and he was like I have a better idea he was like how about I show you how to run a launch and I'll take like part of the Commission's of this launch and I was like you know what screw it let's do it so he's telling me to do all this crazy stuff like make the top prize like five thousand dollars I was like man I'm gonna have to pay these prizes out of out of on my credit card or something like I had no idea how well it would work so he helped me recruit all the affiliates he helped me run this huge launch he promoted it for like two weeks straight he made obviously a lot of money from that but that product in four days did seventy six thousand dollars and when I saw that I was like holy crap so I was able to pay off my affiliates and and I think I made like a couple bucks out of that but I pretty much it was more or less just breaking even so you know I paid seventy six thousand dollars to get seventy six thousand dollars back which is fine but then I had all these customers and then all the sudden like I was promoting products and making like six hundred dollars by sending one email and I had all these people like wanting to sign up for my coaching program and that's when I when I realized the importance of acquiring customers so I was the second mentor I had and then I guess along those lines I was always studying from Craig Ballantyne so I learned a lot of marketing from him also learned some marketing from from Dan Kennedy just like reading his stuff to then I hired Vince and that's what my business really started blowing up and that all that led me to my next few coaches so like Craig Ballantyne and a guy named talking more and so now it's just like these coaches led me to these other coaches oh and another guy Xander fryer he's great – LED meet all these coaches and now it's it's like I'm like man I wish I had a coach back in 2012 or 2011 when I started because I would be like making eight figures a year by now if I if I only knew if I wasn't such a cheap small-town boy afraid to invest in a coach like if you could go back and change one thing would that be it or is there something else that you would you would do differently over the last few years or ten years so if I could go back like I I'm really fortunate where I'm at right now and I do truly love my life but if I had to change one thing in business I'll go back to 2011 and I would I remember I got a phone call from a sales guy working for for Craig Ballantyne back in like 2011 and he was trying to sell me into the mastermind and I think at the time it was like thousand dollars a month or something I was like yo I don't even have like $30 a month so I can't do this but if I could go back in time on what it told myself do whatever you can to to join that mastermind and and that's what I would have done because I guarantee if I joined that mastermind in 2011 like I would be at eight figures a year by now yeah yeah that's crazy hindsight's 2020 or whatever even better than that sometimes isn't it no the only thing we can really do is like pass this knowledge forward to people and be like yo you don't have a coach eight years from now when you're looking back in time you're gonna be like damn I wish I wish I worked with that coach because I would be so for all right like I wish I didn't waste my time like you know it's it's crazy I know week Jason we don't have a ton more time I want to get a couple more nuggets out of you and one of the things you've talked about a lot is getting more customers and I know you're doing that through Instagram so in your killing on Instagram and that was part of that talk that I mentioned we started off it was like you were just like go to this exam and you got my thing so tell me like what is it what are the one or two things that that you're doing that that people need to be doing to build Instagram and use it and then like what's the big mistake people are making when they're trying to leverage Instagram social media for you know our new customers in business sure so the way that I built my Instagram let me just tell you like how quickly it grew so I started my Instagram in 2014 I'm gonna say it was like it was like around the time that Instagram came out because I was like I need to be on Instagram then I was like how do I build my Instagram and people are like well you just follow other people and then they follow you back so I hired an assistant to like post stuff on Instagram every day and then like a bunch of people and then unlike them if they don't follow me back and over the course it was like 2 to 3 years over the course of 2 to 3 years I got like eight hundred followers it's like not too bad but my facebook page was already at like 50k by that time and on my Facebook page I'd was just doing what I did when I was working with John Goodman to blow up the personal trainer Development Center which was posting content great content 3 times a day so I remember I was talking to Jordan Siot in August 2017 when I had 800 followers because I noticed that he blew up to like 250 K like quarter of a million followers yeah that's a lot of people so I said Jordan like what did you do and in the back of my mind I was thinking I was like well Jordan Siot trains Gary Vaynerchuk who has like over a million followers so Gary's probably just giving Jordan shoutouts all the time and I asked Jordan and Jordans like no easy Gary just told me to post three times a day so I started posting three times a day and then in eight months I had like 250,000 followers or something like that I was like really that easy a he's like yeah so I was like you know what this is what exactly what I did to blow up my Facebook page it's exactly what I did to blow up John Goodman's Facebook page so let's try it and literally within the first 24 hours I went from 800 followers to a thousand followers that was August 17th 2017 I had I hit a thousand followers so I was like wow this is great I just got 200 followers I've been stuck for the past you know six months at 800 followers this is crazy so then I told Vince my my mentor my coach I was like hey man my goal is to hit twenty thousand Instagram followers by the end of the year by December 31st he was a-ok and I could tell when I told them because he didn't even have twenty thousand followers and I could tell when I told him that he didn't truly believe I was gonna do it and in the back of my mind I didn't believe I was truly going to do it so then I remember New Year's Eve no it wasn't even New Year's Eve it was like January 31st at 10:34 a.m. est I opened up my phone and I hit a hundred thousand followers Wow so I literally crushed that goal of 20k by the end of the year and I got to a hundred thousand followers so the first thing I did was so there's three things you want to focus on content presence and networking content is just posting really good content that people can really understand and vibe with right away so for me I played around my content and I found out that the content that worked best was infographics so I was like I'm gonna go all-in on him for graphics so that was the content second thing I did was presence so with presence I was posting three to four times per day it's posting on stories every single day you know just being present on the platform being everywhere replying to all the comments on the posts replying to all the DMS going live at least once a week and there wasn't a GTV then now that there is I GTV be posting on IG TV because the Instagram wants you to use the platform to its fullest right and it rewards you fall for it so if your present like you're always there it's working and this is exactly what I did to build my Facebook page it's exactly what I did to build help build John Goodman's Facebook page and this is exactly what John Goodman taught me to do like what like eight years ago or whatever so it was I was so fortunate to be working with him because the exact things that built Facebook back you know four or five six years ago is what's working in Instagram now just hilarious yeah it's like history's repeating itself no that was the second thing and the third thing was networking so I would like repost these other big pages and they I would start getting on their radar like taking them in my stories and then we start having conversations in the DM and the next thing you know they they repost some of your stuff so I remember the first time a really big page reposted my stuff I just broken up with my girlfriend that I had dated for eight years there was a full month where I just couldn't sleep like I was an absolute wreck I remember I was like staring at at the ceiling it was like 2:00 in the morning just like staring at the ceiling 3:00 in the morning 4:00 in the morning I'm like screw it I guess I'm not sleeping tonight so I opened up my phone went on Instagram and I noticed you got six thousand new followers and remember I remember looking at this I was like this can't wait and I checked my stats and sure enough I had 6,000 new followers over the course of 24 hours so it was like what the heck happened I thought I was hallucinating because I wasn't sleeping so then I see that there was this big page of this guy he had like 400,000 followers he reposted one of my posts and from that rent one repost I got six thousand new followers Wow so that's the third part of it the the networking and when you focus on these three things and you layer that with consistency being very consistent you're gonna grow your Instagram mm-hmm that's incredible and it's gonna bring in a grow your Instagram and you're not just growing Instagram you're generating new customers and leads from it well if you know how to do that yeah so so I I just I look at my Instagram stories just like I was looking at my email list and I just treat it like that so like whatever the content is of my emails that day that's the content of my stories so I'm selling on my Instagram stories as well so I said essentially it doubled my business because it was like I just got a brand new email list ooh it's really cool yeah that's awesome so you've got a book an online fitness profits book which probably has a lot of good nuggets for anyone who's even not just a fitness professional but like a health care professional who wants to work online can you tell us a little bit about that and what were you sure in there and how to get it mm-hmm so that book is essentially the story of how I built up my fitness business to the first six figures and that was through like publishing ebooks getting affiliates ain't going that route so if they want to get a free copy of like if you're listening to this and you want a free copy of that book I highly suggest you go grab your free copy cuz you know what the book is free at free profits that's the story how I made my first six figures and it just tells everything that I did like you know writing the sales copy what to do for the upsells how to price the upsells how to how to do like continuity on the back end getting coaching clients things like that now in 2019 it's a lot harder to build a business that way but it's still 100% possible but now you can also build a business I would say much quicker like if I was to start a business now I would start off getting you know a couple online coaching clients so I so I get to my first like maybe like five thousand dollars a month from online coaching yeah I would do that you can do that with your own network and and with Instagram right away I would do that first and then when you really want to accelerate things I would come out with a with an e-book and go to affiliates and then you have all these customers coming in that way and then you actually have capital to work with so that's the that's the changes I would do in 2019 but like if you if you're looking to to release an e-book fitness free profits online fitness profits that book is uh stellar for that I also have another gift for your audience though because I was saying like if you're just starting out you're just looking to get clients first which is what I recommend in 2019 well I have the seven deadly sins of an online fitness professional but if you're not in fitness if you're in physiotherapy these seven deadly sins still apply to you so if you want to get those seven deadly sins it's a shot seven videos where I talk about these just go to GMAX fitness on instagram send me a DM and say hey can you send me the seven deadly sins and I'll send you the seven deadly sins awesome and thank you very much that's that's really great now make sure I put the links and everything in our show notes as well if you're listening or you're driving right now and you can't like go to Instagram right now humpy on the show notes but Jason is that the best way to find you Jay Max fitness on instagram or you have a website that we should also share just just find me on Instagram now it's the easiest thing like my websites G max fitness but you know Instagram is is where I'm at right now I think I have like two hundred and ninety five thousand followers right now something like that so so so that that's where I'm showing a lot of lot of my good stuff if you're looking to build your business I do have a private Facebook group called online fitness profits and that Facebook group is free as well and that that's where I give away a lot of my my marketing tips for building your business to the first six figures online awesome that's very valuable thank you for sharing that and thank you for being here today and sharing your knowledge I know there's a ton more questions that I want to ask and that we could dig really deep into some of these things and they're like for a lot people it's like this is great and you know there's so much more in there so thanks for providing some of those resources for everyone and thank you for spending your time with us today I really appreciate it yeah dude thank you so much for having me it was a lot of fun yeah awesome and I look forward to seeing you in person again soon and you know catching up so the cash preview lunch hour this is Aaron lab our and Jason Maxwell thank you guys very much you

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