The 3 Biggest Testosterone Destroyers in Men | How to Get Your T Levels UP!

– Hey, if you’d like to
know why your grandfather, your great grandfather’s
testosterone levels are higher than yours, then
stay tuned, because today, we’re gonna talk about
three of the main reasons why testosterone levels are
going down around the world. And hey, my name is Brian, a.k.a. Uncle B, and for the last 20 years, I’ve been a sexual performance
coach with African Fly, the liquid aphrodisiac, and during that time, I’ve done a whole bunch of
research on testosterone. And I wanna share this because
this is very important. This is an epidemic of low testosterone, and it’s affecting our
lives, our relationships, and everything else. And specifically, today, what I’m gonna talk about
are the three main things. We’re talking about electricity, and how it affects your sleep, we’re talking about water, and
the chemicals that are in it, and we’re talkin’ about meat, and the chemicals that are in that. And of course, as a bonus tip, I’m going to give your practical ways to avoid having your
testosterone being lowered, and hey, this can affect your kids too, so share this information. And I do wanna give a
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hit the like button, and what I’m gonna do is break this down till it cannot be broken anymore. (energetic upbeat music) All right, let’s talk about
this testosterone pandemic. The one thing that we have to realize is that we’re in a estrogen
soaked environment. That is the reason why
you have 13 year old girls who look like they’re goin’ on 23, and we have young men who seem a little bit more
effeminate than in past years. It’s like, what’s going on? It’s so much estrogen that’s out there, and with estrogen, it lowers
the testosterone in men, and with low T, you’re
talking about fatigue, low sex drive, loss of muscle tone, increase in fat tissue,
increased breast size, increased prostate, stroke, heart disease, increased risk of erectile dysfunction, depression, memory loss,
hair loss, and worst of all, all this leads to that
grumpy old man syndrome, because testosterone,
basically when it leaves, it’s starting to age you. And of course, that leads to
worst of all, penis atrophy. As in, you’re getting smaller. Yeah, that happens. So, around the world,
well in the modern world, we’re talkin’ about sperm counts that have gone down by
60% in the last 40 years. If you’re 55 and older,
then it’s a good possibility that your estrogen levels
are the same as your mate’s. This is just statistically true. And you have to remember that
women can process estrogen because it will pass through
them in the form of urine. Men, it does not happen that way. It stays in our bodies. Now, I’m hitting the three main reasons, but there are a lot of
issues we can talk about. Obesity, lack of activity,
pollutions, pollutants, things like that, but these are the main points. So, let’s hop into the first one. We’re talkin’ about electricity and sleep, because a lot of people
never think of this, but you know, electricity and
light is a new phenomenon, you know, in human history. Before, just a little over 100 years ago, the vast majority of the
world was in the dark. When it got dark out at
night, there was nothing left. It was just dark. And so, what you had was double sleep. It got dark, people would go to sleep, and they would wake up in
the middle of the night, and you know, there was nothin’ to do, no TV, you just had sex, if you had candlelight,
you could read your Bible. They actually had Bible verses
written for you waking up in the middle of the night. That’s how often and how
much of a culture this was, and then, you went back to sleep, and you woke up when the sun came up. And we’ve lost that. We’re now going, oh, I
can sleep for six hours, I can sleep for 8 hours, and doing this for long periods of time, when in our recent history,
we were sleeping for 12 hours. And as I mentioned before, testosterone develops while you sleep, and it also helps with reducing stress, and human growth hormone
forms while you’re sleeping. And so, that’s one of the
reasons why professional athletes take advantage of just sleeping. LeBron James sleeps for 12 hours, Venus and Serena, they
sleep for a good 10 hours. And one of the great things it does, it also increases your memory by 20%, so sleep is a great thing. So, the other thing that
affects us is the water. So, you’re hopefully drinking
your water every day, but things get into the water, especially if you’re
living near a sewage plant, something like that, it can
get into the groundwater. Pharmaceutical drugs, you know, people get their different pills, and the pills are out of date or whatever, and they take ’em, and
they flush them out, and it ends up into our water system, and these pills mimic estrogen. Also, a lot of people
getting those plastic waters, they’re going around
with the plastic waters, and a lot of plastic contains BPA. BPA causes testosterone levels to lower, along with sperm count. And in the United States,
there is a lot of fluoride. (chuckling) They’ve put fluoride in
the water since the 50s, and it affects your body. Fluoride actually lowers testosterone. This whole thing about it
helps with your teeth, nah. I’m not sure why they still do it, but it’s not helpful for you at all. And in fact, 97% of western Europe has rejected the idea of
adding fluoride to the water, just because it doesn’t
work, and it’s stupid, and also, fluoride us not a nutrient. And when it comes to meat, well, there’s a lot going on there. I’ve talked about meat, and trying to reduce
your consumption of meat for a lot of other reasons, but when it comes to chicken, chicken was injected with
hormones back in the day, you know, estrogen, so it
can get more breast meat, and they stopped that practice, however, we still have the offspring with their altered DNA in the food system. So, instead of you know, well, hey, we’re not going to inject them with any of this estrogen, we’ll just give ’em
genetically modified foods, and they’ll just eat it. (chuckling) That’s what? And the thing to understand
is chicken estrogen is identical to human estrogen. So, you’re eating chicken, and you’re getting all that
estrogen into your system. When it comes to milk, cow’s
milk has a lot of estrogen. Now, maybe that’s because
it’s a large female. Yeah. So, you can cut out the cow’s milk. It’s been shown that U.S. chicken and beef has a lot more estrogen than normal, and maybe that’s because
nine out of 10 U.S. calves are treated with hormone replacement pill. The thing to remember, there’s a huge list of drugs
that are given to animals, because of the way that
they’re industrial farmed, and they have to give them
antibiotics and drugs, so there’s a lot of these drugs that they would not give to a human, but they give to the cow,
who the humans then eat, and it messes with our hormones. So, let’s go ahead and talk
about some solutions to this, because basically, what
we’re trying to do, is stop estrogen from
getting into our system, keeping our testosterone up, and also using our liver as a
way to make sure the chemicals don’t get into the rest
of our bloodstream. So, one great thing to do
is to detoxify your liver, and the first way to detoxify your liver is not to drink as much. Mmm. But also, there are
different herbs out there. One that I recommend is called schisandra. It’s a herb that’s great
for detoxifying your liver, and it helps with a lot
of other things also. I’ll leave a link down below, so you can get more
information about that. Broccoli stops the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and there’s some other
fruits and vegetables that also help with that, but broccoli is very good with that. Now, as far as the water is concerned, I use boom! ZeroWater. There we go. Can you see that, can you see that? ZeroWater, what it does, it actually takes
everything out of the water. It’s a filtered water system. It takes everything out, it
also takes out the fluoride, and that’s really important,
as I mention before, because fluoride interrupts
your endocrine system, and messes with your
testosterone and sperm count. And if you wanted to
ZeroWater, go to I’ll also leave that link down below. Obviously, just go ahead and sleep longer. It’s free. Go for it. It helps your memory, everything else. And of course, cut back on the meat. I’ve talked about before how I used to eat like
200 animals a month. Go ahead and start counting. How many animals are you eating in a day, in a week, in a month, and start cutting back on that, and you know, I understand, if you’re just, oh, I
just have to have it! At least go forward in terms of getting the
grass fed, the organic. There’s still a lot of issues with that, but hey, at least it’s
a little bit better. It’s a little bit better. Go for that. Do not heat food in plastic. Most plastics, like I mentioned
before, have that BPA. The ZeroWater container is plastic, but it does not have the BPA. That’s the reason why I use it, and I recommend that you use it. Drink water from glass, or drink water from the stainless steel. They have different cups, go ahead, and look into getting that. And if you just have to drink the bottled water with the plastic, do not leave it out in the sun, do not let it get heated up. So, in a conclusion, we are in an estrogen soaked environment, electricity, and less sleep, chemicals in the water,
hormone riddled meat are the daily destroyers
of your testosterone. So, turn out the lights, and
shoot for 9 hours of sleep. Use a water filter like ZeroWater. Cut back on the meat, and shoot for organic, or grass fed meat, keep your liver clean. And the question of the day
is would you like for me to do a seminar on this? A webinar, if you will, because I can go into a lot
more of this information. I just want to make sure it’s something that you would be interested in. If you’d like for me to do that, please hit me up in the
comment section below. And as always, hit the like button, go ahead and subscribe,
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for joining me today. Get ya game up. This is Uncle B. sayin’ peace out. (smooth upbeat music)

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