That's Inappropriate Family Edition EPISODE 53

worked out day three five twelve strolling in for the 5:15 so it's quarter to five I have dinner in the oven which I just finished but my eyes are my eyes are ready to shut right about now my husband went to pick up the kids so that I could prep the chicken that has been placed into the oven but I just want to take a nap I want to take a nap and I'm struggling not to so we had the 100th episode of wines day and it's it's a disaster in here it's just a straight-up glitter that's been fantastic so here I'll show you of the floor my husband was like I love you oh my goodness I just left the hospital visiting my grandmother she looks like a million bucks compared to you know three days ago she is carrying on conversations she was laughing we were joking around she cannot process information or answer questions like who's the president or stuff like that but all those memories we believe are in there they just have to she just has to learn how to process them to get them out so she's frustrated because she can't tell you exactly what she wants but she knows who everybody is and she looks amazing so once again thank you guys for the messages and the emails and the prayers and the support this this has been awful but it is really I cried when I saw her today she looks amazed so this is fully day seven my forth 5:15 a.m. workout strolling in at 5:12 it's still not understanding why this is a good idea I also went to bed too late because I foolishly wanted to have some intimate time with my husband not sure that'll happen again wakey wakey eggs and Bakey come on it's Friday good morning good morning good morning to you we love you we love you but you better get up Forsman and there it is more glitter from the glitter bomb of Wednesday's 100th episode I've been finding it everywhere and we actually did this in the garage get out of that bed this is the perpetrator this right here is the little girl who got a bath last night and got really sad that she got a bath so she jumped into my bed and pee peed on my covers do you want to admit to your crimes and here is my covers that are I can't seem to get dry they've been in the dryer twice now I'm gonna stick it back in the dryer but she pissed all over this last night just because I gave her a bath because she's a turd I'm still finding glitter from Wednesday it's it's the herpes of the craft world glitter glitter everywhere just finished mowing the lawn right before the rain is getting ready to come in did not see my alligator friend so we're good to go there but I did get the long cut and I still have like 30 minutes for I have to get the kids what on earth am I gonna do with all of this free time [Laughter] 30 whole minutes and and I'm gonna get to drive in the rain to go get the kittens awesome the flood is happening tre it's happening it's happening just hanging out watching Daphne attempt to chase lizards that she cannot catch but you know she's sticking with it she's giving it a go don't eat that don't eat that so so my brother came to visit and he's got a little bit of a cold so my mom goes to the cabinet and as you can see that my mom my mom's name is Christine the this expired in 2008 2008 don't know about you but I'm gonna say that this is not this is not Christine tell everybody Christine is dad you should oh you hit me I'm gonna tell the authorities 2008 people so it was a nice weekend seeing my family it was rough with everybody going to the hospital grandma was super confused and then got really really upset when she wanted to leave which is understandable but now we have to deal with her wanting to not be in rehab and explaining that she doesn't have a choice so that is probably gonna get harder it's just going to I think take a lot of time and energy and effort explaining to her that this is the new norm for a while as she works to get better but you know I mean I feel bad for my grandfather

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  1. my mom is also in long term (permanent) care. Explaining to her the reasons why she cannot come home are a daily heartbreaking her case, her stroke caused permanent brain damage and she can no longer live alone or care for herself…also my dad died just 2 weeks after my mom was put in care, so she lost her home, her husband, and in her eyes , her freedom in a very short period of time….hang in there.

  2. OMG, Meredith! My siblings and I are going through things at my mom's house to clean out "storage" in her 4 bedroom house. She's 79 and has lived in the same house for 42 years. Our dad died 6 years ago. You would not believe the amount of over the counter expired medication and food we are finding! Like 20 years expired! And coupons from the 80s with NO UPS codes to scan!!! Hahaha!! "Save 10¢ on Cheerios". WHOOPEE!!!! 🤦 😂😂😂😂

  3. Just do it and take a 20 minute nap! They work wonders! I’m glad to hear gram is doing better. Congrats on your 100th episode of Winesday!

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